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#sugar-newbies, 2016-06-17

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05:43 iamutkarshtiwari <iamutkarshtiwari!ca3ff2b4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
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15:00 iamutkashtiwari <iamutkashtiwari!a32f9767@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:01 iamutkashtiwari icarito: Hi
15:02 icarito hi iamutkashtiwari
15:02 how are you doing?
15:02 I read the backlog of today's gsoc meeting
15:03 iamutkashtiwari I am doing great!
15:03 I had resolved the dependencies of html5print in Browse.
15:04 I have updated my 'screenshot' patch with Sam's popup module.
15:04 Today I figured out how to make an alert on activity close.
15:09 icarito: There?
15:10 icarito great so you're on your way to meet Tony's requirements?
15:10 iamutkashtiwari I think so, will try to finish this patch as soon as possible.
15:10 JSFiddler is almost done.
15:11 I would be needing help with figuring the backend mechanism of 'InfoSlicer' and 'GetBooks' activities.
15:11 icarito i think tony is your backend guy since he admins XSCE servers which he is targetting
15:11 i think Getbook uses OPML which is a standard
15:12 InfoSlicer I don't know look if they use a library to pull from Wikipedia
15:12 iamutkashtiwari What is OPML?
15:12 icarito i wonder what it would look like to do it offline
15:13 or is it OPDS...?
15:13 iamutkashtiwari By offline, Mr. Anderson means to provide user a choice to decide b/w online and offline(on school servers) content.
15:14 What is OPML and OPDS?
15:14 icarito i'm not sure which one it is, but its a protocol to query for ebooks
15:14 iamutkashtiwari oh..
15:15 icarito it will be in getbook's source
15:16 iamutkashtiwari "Make Sugar compliant with Freedesktop standards"
15:16 You proposed this project. what is it about?
15:16 icarito please point me to your repo clones is there something you'd like me to test?
15:17 there are a number of standards which Sugar doesn't respect
15:17 iamutkashtiwari JsFiddler - https://github.com/iamutkarsht[…]wse-fiddleFeature
15:17 Screenshot popup- https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/675
15:18 like what?
15:18 icarito from notifications, system tray apps, making some functionality unavailable such as bluetooth
15:18 startup notifications also are non-standard
15:19 there is also no way to start system applications such as a regular browser or libreoffice
15:19 this makes Sugar not very usable outside XO
15:19 beyond very basic usage scenarios
15:19 also the journal is hidden to these apps
15:20 so I'd like to make it so that regular linux apps would feel more integrated into sugar
15:20 iamutkashtiwari But out XO Sugar is used for testing/development purpose like in sugar-build ?
15:21 icarito i don't understand your question :-)
15:21 iamutkashtiwari outside*
15:21 icarito still don't understand
15:21 iamutkashtiwari I meant to say that we use Sugar outside XO on regular PCs for testing and developement purpose?
15:23 icarito no
15:23 XO is just one computer manufacturer
15:23 sugar is meant to run on any laptop
15:24 When other laptop models arrive to schools I'd like them to come with Sugar
15:24 but Sugar is currently lacking in my opinion
15:24 because it misses out on all the development going on on the Linux side
15:24 Sugar expected itself to be a 'platform' because OLPC thought they'd sell billions of laptops
15:24 iamutkashtiwari It's need be technologically updated.
15:25 icarito yes it is quite outdated but some things are not that hard to achieve
15:25 besides it's the only ethical option we have currently
15:26 so we better make it work
15:26 iamutkashtiwari For that Sugar needs to work on community consensus.
15:27 icarito i think the icons are all wrong in the jsfiddler toolbar - it is not clear what they do, they look recycled and don't look well next to each other - not sure the scaling is right, did you use SVG icons? I don't think this feature stands a chance of integrating into Browse
15:27 I think tony should give it up and put it in a separate activity
15:28 iamutkashtiwari I have a lot number of days on this feature :(
15:28 have worked*
15:29 icarito why is there a download icon in the middle of the toolbar? i.e. not to the right or the left?
15:29 iamutkashtiwari I made each and every change as Mr. Anderson asked me to do.
15:29 icarito yes I am not saying you did a bad job
15:29 iamutkashtiwari He asked me to integrate download Icon feature into the latest version. He wanted to test it.
15:30 icarito I'm just saying as I said in the beginning this feature is doomed because it adds a major feature without discussion or consensus from the community and to be honest, without design
15:30 I like the download iocn
15:30 icon
15:30 iamutkashtiwari Everybody has been saying the same.
15:30 icarito it is a much more reasonable feature to integrate
15:31 it seems nice but doesn't work for me - one thing, as I said, the icon is floating in the middle of the toolbar
15:31 iamutkashtiwari Could you please talk Mr. Anderson into making a separate activity of JsFiddler ?
15:31 icarito it ought to be next to the main buttons I think
15:32 iamutkashtiwari Coudl you please share a screenshot?
15:32 icarito do you know if Browse has a way to close the bookmarks palette? I opened and can't close it
15:33 here http://i.imgur.com/3RteszZ.png
15:33 the download arrow is floating in the middle of the toolbar not next to any icon
15:34 at 1024x768
15:34 iamutkashtiwari Oh...
15:34 what is it taking so much space in you toolbar?
15:34 why is*
15:35 It's quite similar problem to which Sam is facing.
15:35 icarito also it does nothing, maybe because I'm running outside sugar: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/380640/
15:37 iamutkashtiwari this should not happen.
15:37 https://github.com/sugarlabs/b[…]-activity/pull/24
15:37 it looks like this ^
15:38 icarito okay I see it now, I started the journal
15:39 but I only see the arrow completing, no palette with progressbar
15:41 yup no pop up palette, only a filling icon
15:42 iamutkashtiwari icarito: yes. There seems some issue with the integration in JSFiddler Browse.
15:43 But it works fine with normal browse version.
15:43 icarito it would be nice to add a way to close the bookmarks tray since you are working on Browse ;-)
15:43 btw we tried your updated games and there's still no support for using the touchscreen or the game keys only the keyboard (and ours is broken)
15:44 the kid's XO is stored because kids get frustrated with the bad keyboard :-/
15:44 :-)
15:44 iamutkashtiwari yes I tried one here in Nepal.
15:44 The keyboards are pathetic.
15:44 And my game resolution doesn't cover the whole screen.
15:45 icarito if sugar is to survive as a project we must look beyond the XO
15:45 iamutkashtiwari It'll soon push new updated with touchscreens support
15:45 icarito great
15:45 iamutkashtiwari and full screen gameplay.
15:45 OLE team at Nepal are working on moving Sugar to Raspberry Pi
15:46 icarito well it works for performance to have smaller screen but control exclusively with arrow keys is difficult for small children
15:46 iamutkashtiwari What alternative would you suggest?
15:46 icarito yes I am also looking into deploying some raspberries soon hopefully
15:46 XOs have game keys, some have touchscreens, even regular clicks would be good
15:46 for sonic jump / 2 cars ;-)
15:47 our XOs have the 4 arrow keys in one single row - really bad for small children to grasp
15:48 iamutkashtiwari I'll add click and tap support for feasible games. But for games requiring more than just arrow keys will have issues.
15:48 icarito hopefully we'll make more of those soon
15:48 iamutkashtiwari I am a little worried about my gsoc progress.
15:48 I doesn't seem to be making progress in right direction.
15:49 icarito in the meantime you seem to have tony satisfied which is good since you proposed to implement his ideas
15:49 trying to have a major impact on sugar can be frustrating but it's worth it in my opinion
15:50 iamutkashtiwari Did you have a look at my browse management feature?
15:50 icarito how are your other pull requests going - i'm particularly interested in the keyboard control
15:50 iamutkashtiwari https://github.com/sugarlabs/b[…]-activity/pull/26
15:51 Sam want's me to write an API for keyboard accessiblity to be available throughout sugar
15:52 icarito nice thing about browse bookmarks it looks nice - be sure to include a way to close the favourites tray as there appears to be none now
15:52 also two clicks for starring a page is probably too much
15:52 look at chromium, it will bookmark immediately when clicking the star
15:55 iamutkashtiwari I think Mr. Anderson forgot to join us today.
15:55 I have updated him with my progress. Will keep you updated as well.
15:55 icarito so regarding this https://github.com/sugarlabs/b[…]-activity/pull/26 did you issue an email to sugar-devel with [DESIGN] tag?
15:56 do rather keep sugar-devel updated ;-)
15:56 iamutkashtiwari Yess
15:56 icarito I put your blog in the planet but it appears to only pull new entries
15:56 iamutkashtiwari But nobody responded.
15:56 icarito maybe you can try it with a small post
15:56 ah. let me look for it
16:08 iamutkashtiwari icarito: did you get the latest mail from Mr. Anderson?
16:08 icarito yes
16:09 so what is the problem with following sam's recommendation?
16:09 iamutkashtiwari What does he mean by - " I would like to give Walter a positive report on completion of the backlog of features." ?
16:09 icarito i guess tony always thinks of walter as a kind of project leader - he is gsoc admin too
16:10 in reality what matters for you is what he reports to google
16:10 he appears to have been rather accepting as last year's gsoc
16:11 iamutkashtiwari I have mostly been occupied with JSFiddler project because of which I cound't focus much on Sugar on the Ground.
16:11 icarito I don't think you are in danger of failing. I'd love to be able to know what you did each day and what challenges you faced.
16:12 look at your proposal and look what you promised for midterm - complete it or justify really well why it's not complete
16:13 and for jsfiddler if I were you I'd try to have Tony understand that it's outside the scope of your proposal to finish his last year's student's GSOC
16:16 I tried to checkout pull request 26 but got a conflict
16:16 you should take greater care with git commit messages devs are picky about them
16:17 commit messages such as 'souce code fixed' won't be happily accepted
16:19 ah the conflict is because I used your fiddlefeature fork
16:20 iamutkashtiwari, are there other design discussions where you got no answer? do maybe cc: me explictly next time
16:22 iamutkashtiwari icarito: I'll keep that in mind next time.
16:23 icarito: I need your little guidance.
16:23 :(
16:24 icarito so I did pull PR #26 and now I'm getting an error starting Browse
16:24 iamutkashtiwari icarito: http://docdro.id/zx9U1Vd  Please have a look my proposal
16:24 I have already completed screenshot.
16:25 I'll try to finish save as by 23rd of this month.
16:25 According to my proposal, I am still on time?
16:25 icarito does Browse#26 require another patch? https://paste.fedoraproject.org/380679/80737146/
16:26 iamutkashtiwari yes
16:26 https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]kit-gtk3/pull/311
16:29 icarito ouch I see this is a widget that was supposed to be used by other activities...
16:29 I don't know if any do, Sam asked the same
16:33 iamutkashtiwari It is browse specific
16:41 icarito it is harder to get PR merged if they depend on other PRs
16:42 iamutkashtiwari I'll move that into browse.
16:42 into a single PR.
16:42 icarito if you need a new feature in sugar-toolkit then merge that before using it I think it's better - but as quozl said, you'll end up having to add the code to Browse as well because otherwise it will break compatibility with older sugar
16:44 iamutkashtiwari I'll try to finish this 'bookmark' feature after I complete 'Save As'
16:44 My first priority is to finish 'Save As'.
16:44 icarito ok do focus on the bits in the proposal yes
16:45 iamutkashtiwari According to my proposal. I'll have to finish 'screenshot' and 'save as' by midterms
16:45 'Screenshot' is complete.
16:45 'Save as' is what I am working on with my full speed.
16:46 3 days is all I am left with to impress Mr. Anderson with my programming skills.
16:46 icarito ok and I guess `Activity Resume` is the [DESIGN] discussion we had a couple of weeks ago?
16:47 related to `save as` i guess
16:47 iamutkashtiwari No. It's independent of 'Save As'
16:47 icarito when you have PR without feedback ping me and I can try a look and a comment
16:47 it is a change in the home view
16:47 iamutkashtiwari I'll start a design discussion for 'Activity Resume' on devel-list
16:48 icarito a small but significant change
16:48 i think it was discussed already in the save as discussion that i started
16:48 tony argued activities shouls start new objects by default
16:48 *should
16:48 iamutkashtiwari icarito: I am facing a bug while developing 'Save As'
16:49 http://imgur.com/sdpdBVm
17:03 icarito it is confusing if yuo share an image of a log
17:04 i see
17:04 it looks like you are trying to import `from sugar.activity import alerts`
17:05 but sugar.activity is GTK2
17:05 iamutkashtiwari, you definitively CANNOT mix and match GTK2 and GTK3
17:05 iamutkashtiwari icarito: I resolved it :)
17:05 icarito it should be from sugar3
17:05 iamutkashtiwari I was using sugar3 module in sugar
17:07 icarito yes it happened to me too a few times
17:12 iamutkashtiwari has quit IRC

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