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#sugar-newbies, 2016-06-16

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15:04 iamutkarsh Hi
15:05 #startmeeting
15:05 meeting Meeting started Thu Jun 16 15:05:16 2016 UTC. The chair is iamutkarsh. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:05 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
15:08 tony37 hello
15:09 iamutkarsh #Jsfiddler
15:09 tony37 Go
15:09 iamutkarsh today I managed to include html5print in the bundle
15:09 and prettified all the contenet successfully ;)
15:09 content*
15:09 tony37 Great!
15:10 iamutkarsh now there is no need for beautifulsoup anymore.
15:10 tony37 Super!
15:10 iamutkarsh I still have to figure out how to get that 'toggle' console work.
15:10 I'll possibly do it by tomorrow.
15:10 tony37 I think it isn't hard.
15:11 First move the toggle outside of the html and console panels
15:11 Then have two divs that overlap - one for html and one for the console.
15:11 Have the toggle switch the display attribute
15:12 iamutkarsh It seems like that
15:12 But there is a problem- the iframe contains the webpage created after processing the user's code
15:12 tony37 OK, what is the problem?
15:12 iamutkarsh but the current webconsole is it's a webpage.
15:12 so if I move the toggle button outside.
15:12 tony37 Yes
15:12 iamutkarsh It' might not be able to control the visibilty of the console area.
15:13 since it is inside iframe
15:13 which contains the user's processed
15:13 code
15:13 tony37 The webconsole is an html file with header and body. You own what is displayed
15:14 iamutkarsh Yes.
15:14 But there is some glitches which I might face.
15:14 But I'll get it done by tomorrow.
15:14 #SugarOffline
15:16 tony37: Are you there?
15:17 tony37 yes - trying to find the web-console files on my xo
15:17 iamutkarsh oh..
15:18 You copy the contents from your computer to the XO via flashdrive?
15:18 tony37 The point is that she has an index.html. You can change this as needed.
15:18 Yes
15:18 iamutkarsh using the terminal commands - cp, mkdir, ls, etc .. ?
15:18 tony37 Yes
15:19 iamutkarsh I'll try to figure out a solution. I am very to close to it.
15:20 tony37 I agree. Your last example was ok but the toggle needs to be outside of the html and console panels. The current console panel is too small - it should be the same size as the html panel.
15:20 Once the toggle is outside, then changing the display attribute is enough.
15:20 iamutkarsh I get it.
15:21 tony37 #save as
15:21 iamutkarsh Shouldn't be too hard. But trick
15:21 There is another important feature we need to discuss
15:21 first
15:21 tony37 Yes
15:21 iamutkarsh #SugarOffline
15:21 tony37 OK
15:21 iamutkarsh Since you asked me to visit Nepal to understand the real interaction of XO with servers.
15:22 I need to make most out of my stay here.
15:22 tony37 Yes
15:22 iamutkarsh I am planning on starting working on this feature... so that I can take necessary help from the OLE team.
15:23 tony37 And hopefully, you can help them
15:23 iamutkarsh Because I won't be able to interact much with them after I come back to India as I can do now.
15:23 Yup.. I showed them my patches and stuff and they were kind of impressed!
15:23 ;)
15:24 tony37 Actually, they use irc continuously. I think you will be in a timezone where you can join the irc chat
15:24 iamutkarsh But taking help in person is better than that on text.
15:24 tony37 Actually, I think the gif animation may be the most important contribution to their training effort
15:25 Yes, but it sure helps to have met the participants in person
15:25 iamutkarsh Could you please elaborate on this feature a bit. What exactly needs to be done?
15:25 tony37 The offline feature?
15:25 iamutkarsh yes
15:26 I'll start with it from tomorrow. 'save as' is not dependent much on server interaction so can be accomplished back in India.
15:26 tony37 I think the problem is to find where the activities get the url they use. This is built in as an internet url. We need the option to have a url which refers to the schoolserver.
15:27 Agreed.
15:28 iamutkarsh So the main scenario here is to allow activties use offline url in case if they don't find an internet connection?
15:28 offline url ~ school server
15:29 tony37 Actually, I would have the activity look first for a schoolserver url.
15:30 iamutkarsh But if the activity has access to internet (which has much large database of knowledge than schoolservers) won't it be better to prefer internet over schoolservers?
15:31 tony37 What makes this interesting is that the school server has multiple urls that
15:31 get books
15:31 Yes, but school servers are in some way the exception. If there is a connection to the school server it should be used.
15:31 Probably the activity should give the user a choice of available sources.
15:32 iamutkarsh Yes. That would be better, providing user the choice to select from where he would like to fetch data.
15:32 tony37 The problem is to give the activity a set of urls to use
15:33 iamutkarsh How to get the list of urls? Every school server must be having it's own set of urls?
15:33 tony37 Yes - at the moment I would assume a school server with xsce.
15:34 For e-books there are several alternatives
15:34 For wikis, there is the zim collection referenced as http://schoolserver:3000/ (with multiple paths)
15:35 iamutkarsh Do you think OLE would be able to help me with this?
15:37 tony37 Yes - in this case you need to be able to getbooks from e-pustakalaya. As far as I know they are not using kiwix to access wikis (but this is something they may be interested in implementing).
15:38 iamutkarsh What is kiwix?
15:39 tony37 Kiwix is a server (server service) that provides access to wikis in a compressed format (zim format) along with an index that enables a rapid search of the content.
15:39 XSCE uses this for the gutenberg collection of e-books and for wikipedias, ted talks, wiktionary. wikibooks and so on.
15:40 iamutkarsh And what does OLE currently use for accessing such content?
15:41 tony37 See http://www.kiwix.org/wiki/Spec[…]anguage/Main_Page
15:41 AFIK, they are not using wikipedia or gutenberg content on their schoolservers
15:42 iamutkarsh Do infoslicer and getbooks currently accesses the content only from the internet?
15:42 access*
15:42 tony37 Yes, you will need to look at the code to see how this is done
15:43 iamutkarsh Oh.. I'll then need to understand the complete working within the days of stay left with me here.
15:44 tony37 If you want to experiment using the e-pustakalaya server, yes.
15:44 iamutkarsh I'll start working on 'Save As' after I finish the 'Sugar Offline'.
15:44 tony37 Probably you should focus on using the GetBooks to access e-pustakalaya e-books as a starting point
15:45 iamutkarsh besides the backend, do we need to make changes to the UI ?
15:45 tony37 Naturally I would prefer the reverse sequence but after you get back home.
15:45 Probably - but you need to try this out and see. My guess is that the UI will need a way to select the source (url).
15:46 iamutkarsh I get it.
15:46 tony37 Did you show the folks there your gif animation technique?
15:47 iamutkarsh I shared it on there irc channel. Told them that you wanted me to share my technique with them.
15:47 I'll also talk about it tomorrow in person.
15:48 tony37 You need to walk them through making an animation. This could be a valuable technique for their teacher training.
15:49 iamutkarsh I'll need to find a better software for them for making a gif. The current technique is quite tricky.
15:49 tony37 Tricky is ok as long as you show them how you do it and it works.
15:50 iamutkarsh Ok
15:50 What is the exact difference between Infoslicer and Getbooks?
15:50 tony37 Infoslicer creates local copies of wikipedia articles. GetBooks downloads e-books to the Journal (AFIK).
15:51 iamutkarsh oh..
15:51 Will be provided with an XO on my return back to India?
15:52 Will I*
15:52 tony37 I hope so.
15:53 iamutkarsh I'll help me test my patches and my previously written activities.
15:53 tony37 When you get back, we need to emulate the school server. If you have an Ubuntu install it is easy to set up a lamp stack.
15:53 You could access by localhost or by an XO connected to your laptop.
15:54 iamutkarsh How can XO access connected to my laptop access content on my laptop via localhost?
15:54 Do you mean a LAN type connection between XO and laptop?
15:54 tony37 You can access by localhost from your laptop to your laptop. From an XO, you would need to set up an access point to your laptop.
15:55 iamutkarsh oh.
15:55 tony37 The XO only has a wifi connection
15:55 iamutkarsh We can do so by make a wifi hotspot from our laptop.
15:55 tony37 Testing on the XO is critical because the screen works differently from standard laptops
15:55 iamutkarsh like a wireless lan
15:55 tony37 Yes
15:55 iamutkarsh yes!
15:55 I tested some and 2 of my 6 activities were running too slow
15:56 with some glitches in the resolutions as well.
15:56 tony37 Exactly
15:57 iamutkarsh Mr. Anderson can I make you a request?
15:57 tony37 The XO-1, for example, has no graphics processing unit - all graphics are done in software.
15:57 Yes
15:58 iamutkarsh I need to go to washroom urgently (too much pressure) :D , let's discuss important points quickly ?
15:58 tony37 Oops! I need to leave - the next game starts in two minutes. Let's continue tomorrow.
15:59 iamutkarsh Sure :)
15:59 Bye
15:59 tony37 bye4/
15:59 iamutkarsh Thanks
15:59 tony37 has quit IRC
15:59 iamutkarsh has quit IRC

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