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#sugar-newbies, 2016-06-13

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10:54 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:43 iamutkarshtiwari <iamutkarshtiwari!67ebc63a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:56 tony37 <tony37!~tony@> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:57 tony37 hello
15:07 Hello
15:14 iamutkarshtiwari hello
15:15 tony37:hi
15:16 #startmeeting
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15:18 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: hello
15:23 tony37, icarito: Hello everyone
15:24 tony37 Hello, how is it going in Nepal
15:24 iamutkarshtiwari I am good. I have been provided here with a room to stay but there has been some confusion.
15:25 tony37 How so?
15:26 iamutkarshtiwari When we had first chat about "Nepal" trip, we decided that my on site expenses would be bore by the OLE Nepal. But they are not sure about it, I think you should discuss with them about it.
15:27 Keeping that in mind, I didn't carry much cash with me :(
15:27 tony37 I will. My understanding with Rabi is that OLE Nepal will handle the expenses and then OLE Nepal will be re-imbursed.
15:28 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Oh.. Thank you very much Mr. Anderson.  :) (sigh of relief)
15:29 tony37 Did you get my comments on version 13?
15:29 iamutkarshtiwari I got hands on a real XO4 and tested my activities on it today!
15:29 Yes, I got it. I'll fix the console and send you the new version.
15:30 tony37 Great! What is next?
15:30 iamutkarshtiwari I have also started working on porting the 'screenshot' modal popup today but I found some bug in the module so I had  generated a PR for the same.
15:31 tony37 Is this PR based on 0.106 or a later version?
15:31 iamutkarshtiwari It seems Sam didn't pay much attention to the integrity of the module because he was to eager on gettting it merged.
15:32 https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]kit-gtk3/pull/323
15:32 tony37 I assume these pulls are against the current 'master' which may include changes even after 0.108
15:32 iamutkarshtiwari This is the module I would be using to port my screenshot module- https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]kit-gtk3/pull/313
15:33 I guess so..
15:33 How was the match?
15:34 tony37 Superb! Spain won on a great header on a corner kick. Croatia (where I am) is in the same group and won its first game against Turkey. However, now it must find out how to beat either Spain or Czech Republic
15:35 I haven't figured out how to implement the screenshot patch in 0.106 which I have installed on the XO.
15:37 iamutkarshtiwari I'll send you a mail with detailed instratuctions on how to test it on your XO, but before that I"ll port it to the new 'popup module' written by Abhijit Patel.
15:38 Let's first discuss the fiddler because we need to finish it soon.
15:38 #JSFiddler
15:38 tony37 Ok
15:38 iamutkarshtiwari Current issues to be fixed- Toggle console (as you mentioned in your latest mail)
15:38 Any else?
15:39 2) Use html5print for all prettifying. ?
15:40 tony37 The important point is that BeautifulSoup is included in Sugar (currently BeautifulSoup not bs4). You can use that by a direct import. If you need html5print, this will need to be in the bundle. You should probably only use one of these for pretty print, if possible.
15:41 iamutkarshtiwari html5print >> bs4 since it prettyfies allmost everythin.
15:41 tony37 You would use bs4 for both cases?
15:42 iamutkarshtiwari html5print
15:42 tony37 Ok. Can you get me version 14 with html5print in the bundle?
15:43 iamutkarshtiwari How shall I include html4print in the bundle? I mean, we need to install it separately using the terminal- pip install html5print
15:45 tony37 Hopefully, if you include html5print.py in the bundle directory and import it, it will work. If not there some additional dependencies which
15:45 will have to be in the bundle.
15:45 iamutkarshtiwari I'll see to it.
15:45 tony37 It may take some experimenting to get it to work.
15:46 iamutkarshtiwari Besides prettifying and console toggler, is there any other issue you faces while testing?
15:46 faced*
15:46 tony37 I haven't done any serious testing, but if I remember version 12 worked well. I think, that what you should do is get these fixes in (and let me test). If ok,
15:47 iamutkarshtiwari Sure.
15:47 tony37 then you can post a PR and move on.
15:47 iamutkarshtiwari #RestoreandBackup
15:47 tony37 Afterwords, we can handle 'issues' against the PR
15:48 I think we should let Manash handle that one. If it looks like he won't have time to do it, we can revisit the issue.
15:48 iamutkarshtiwari I have been tracking the progress of Manash on the Sugar/Backup and restore. He doesn't to be working on it well.
15:48 tony37 He has had similar time constraints as yours - exams and so on
15:48 iamutkarshtiwari Last commit 26 days ago.
15:48 :(
15:49 Should you find any disinterest from his side, let me know, I'll start working on the same.
15:49 tony37 Exactly. He has code 'remotejournal' but it doesn't handle the server side well. This is understandable since he doesn't have a server.
15:50 If you assume that he delivers the capability, what do you propose to work on?
15:50 iamutkarshtiwari Apart from that, today I saw how "epustakalay" works and how XO access the local files from online servers.
15:50 tony37 Great!
15:51 My sense is that the 'save as' feature should be completed next.
15:51 iamutkarshtiwari Infoslicer and getbooks
15:51 Yup! My next priority after "screenshot' patch is "save as"
15:51 tony37 That is important to assist with the remotejournal feature
15:52 iamutkarshtiwari Do we need to provide the "Sugar backup/restore" options in "Save As" dialog?
15:52 tony37 No!
15:52 This is independent in implementation although related for the user
15:53 iamutkarshtiwari Then how is "Save As' dependednt on "Sugar backup and restore" ?
15:53 oh..
15:53 tony37 The key to the 'save as' is that it is the same as the 'screenshot' except the save occurs in activity.py
15:54 iamutkarshtiwari I get it.
15:55 Which XO model do you use for testing purpose?
15:55 tony37 So, I need to go. The next game starts on the hour. Try to finish fiddler and give me a new version. Then let's meet on IRC to go over the details on the save as feature.
15:56 Use any XO, your code should not depend on the model
15:56 iamutkarshtiwari Tomorrow?
15:56 tony37 If you have a new Browse version to test.
15:57 iamutkarshtiwari Let's meet tomorrow  then. Enjoy the match!
15:57 Goodbye
15:57 tony37 Ok, see you at 1500 UTC
15:57 tony37 has quit IRC
15:57 iamutkarshtiwari has quit IRC

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