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#sugar-newbies, 2012-07-05

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06:56 inkyfingers Is sweets distribution a complete non-starter in Debian?
06:56 FYI - I tested sweets distribution in Debian 6 and Wheezy and got a nice terse response, with no time wasting. Good :)
06:57 -- Not supported GNU/Linux distribution, Debian-testing
06:57 alsroot inkyfingers: SD is available/tested only on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/P[…]ted_platforms#Map
06:58 for new adding new distros, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/P[…]platforms#Summary
07:00 inkyfingers alsroot: I did read those, just checking it out to further the cause :)
07:01 I guess I am on the "contact you" phase
07:01 Would it be likely too hard for me to make any further progress?
07:02 alsroot inkyfingers: in fact, you need test SD packages, ie, just attach SD repo (sing sweets-distribution command or manually) and install SD packages
07:03 inkyfingers: what debian version you have in mind?
07:05 inkyfingers wheezy
07:08 alsroot: thanks for that, will give it a go - not today - and let you know how it goes.
07:09 alsroot inkyfingers: I'm too familiar w/ debian releases model, is wheezy a name for next stable release?
07:09 *I'm not too
07:09 inkyfingers yes, stable is Debian6, wheezy will be 7
07:10 alsroot when it is being planed to be stable, just curious?
07:10 inkyfingers I think Debian6 has been going 18 months so could be due ...
07:11 but last time they did not put squeeze (6) stable for a full year after many thought it ready
07:13 alsroot inkyfingers: the one thing w/ SD repos is that they are built against stable distro versions. the process of putting distro updates is not assumed (that is how open-build-service works, the system that builds SD)
07:13 inkyfingers I get the feeling there is a mind set of keeping them semi-stable, so that stable is really stable.
07:14 and OBS does not support Debian6?
07:15 alsroot it supports, but the problem is that debian is not the same level predictable (as, eg, ubuntu) and has a long releasing cycle. maybe I will try to add debian-7 repo..
07:15 ie, debian6 might be too old for users
07:15 ..if I'm getting it right
07:16 inkyfingers you sound right from what I learned so far.
07:16 I will test it on Squeeze 6 and let you know.
07:18 alsroot: reverting to Traditional Sweets on my raspberry pi,
07:18 what are the dependencies liberated by the -S option, which I cannot get in Debian Wheezy, on Rpi?
07:19 Is there some other way to get the dependencies?
07:22 alsroot -S brings fructose and additional deps, eg, pygame
07:23 inkyfingers so I installed pygame from Debian repos ...
07:23 should The Debian pygame be 100% compatible?
07:23 alsroot inkyfingers: you can use "sweets" command w/o -S and try to install deps (that activities need) from debian packages
07:23 for pygame, I think it should
07:24 inkyfingers depscheck did not seem to give me useful clues
07:25 If that is the way forward I will try that.
07:25 alsroot pygame in debian is named "python-pygame"
07:26 inkyfingers almost certain it was
07:27 I will double check
07:30 Yes: sudo apt-get install python-vte python-gst0.10 python-pygame
07:31 From: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]st_report_Sugar_0.94
07:32 Python manual also mentions issues with hard float
07:33 But that is on page 300, and I am only good to about page 60!
07:41 "so I installed pygame from Debian repos ..." What I mean of course is the Raspbian hard float repos!
07:43 I digress.
07:43 the -S option is a general known issue for Debian.
07:44 alsroot: where could I look for a list of deps liberated by the -S option.
07:45 Then I would test that on a pc before the Rpi
07:45 alsroot inkyfingers: try `sweets status -d -S sdk/sugar:emulator`
07:48 inkyfingers sorry, I do not have the machine going. I have two cards bricked trying ...
07:48 I think that is the command that should produce "e" lines - there were none.
07:51 confirmed and tried -vdd - nothing negative is mentioned.
07:51 It is as if -S is actually doing nothing at my end,
07:51 alsroot not "e" but "d", ie, download
07:56 inkyfingers "e" as in instructions, Sweets Usage, see the e lines in the output. (That was me gathering my thought in where to find the result of the command: sweets status sdk/sugar -vdd -> nothing negative is mentioned.
07:59 ok I see your command is saying something differest
08:00 I will try that suggestion when I've made a new card, thanks
08:18 alsroot: http://www.fpaste.org/EF8L/ just tried it on a rather overful card
08:20 alsroot inkyfingers: try to install all deps from debian packages whose 1st symbol is different to "-"
08:25 inkyfingers: in case of debian packages in SD, I'm super busy this week w/ SN/HD. will take a look next week
08:26 inkyfingers alsroot: thanks - that will move me forward. Will not work on this over full card, will try on a nice clean one. Many thanks. and thanks re SD :)
08:27 alsroot np
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