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#sugar-newbies, 2012-03-01

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20:00 rgba Hi, this is about chosing a development environment for Sugar. I use Ubuntu (10.10). It appears that Sweets and 'virtual appliance' are the two options for running Sugar on my system. Which one, would you suggest, I chose to use as a development environment? I've run a guest os using qemu, but it turned out to be rather slow. So I'm not sure the emulation option will work for me.
20:03 satellit_ neither may work as sweets adds a separate repo. but ask alsroot on #sugar
20:03 or here
20:06 rgba: ^
20:09 rgba ah I see
20:10 Installing Fedora should be the best option then?
20:11 (I can have the jhbuild too)
20:11 satellit_ yes I think so...I am mainly a tester do not program ask on #sugar
20:12 rgba sure, I'll ask at #sugar, and thanks for the pointer
20:13 satellit_ also ask about virtualbox emulation for writing...
20:14 rgba: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]ualBox_Appliances
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