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#sugar-newbies, 2011-12-30

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00:54 Iain-2e63 <Iain-2e63!~urk@> has joined #sugar-newbies
01:03 Iain-2e63 alsroot: Speak also fails to start, Chat starts, but my Chat baloon is not visible in F1. Firefox is sort-of-working, not correct.
01:04 alsroot Iain-2e63: for speak, it is most likely deps issue..
01:05 Iain-2e63: actually, the one major point of SN, is setting direct contact between people who use activities and its devs. so, it should look like: you run Speak, it fails, you click "Send report" and noting more; Speak devs see your reports
01:08 inkyfingers alsroot: that will be magnificent, I will try to follow protocol :)
01:35 alsroot: will "Send report" here be sufficient?
01:45 alsroot inkyfingers: yup, why not. devs will see these reports in their project
01:45 inkyfingers: well, having a message box for description will be useful
01:45 ie, it is not exactly a bug report
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