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#sugar-newbies, 2011-12-21

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
00:00 cjl s/th evote/ the vote/
00:02 meeting <kaametza_-es> #action define contours of the content
00:02 <Yannick_-es> neyder *ok, well! That it include the creation of account of user and the selection of language. Of my experience, brakes a lot the contributions
00:04 <Yannick_-es> I can mount a portal of courses on line that it serve also for the exchange of documents for the stage of construction of these contents
00:04 <icarito_web-es> #action when we decide that we go to carry out an action can use this *tag
00:04 <alfredo-es> Statement of the Rights of the Man, of the boy...
00:04 <Yannick_-es> Only I need a subdomain ;-)
00:04 <cjl-es> neyder *include http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/t[…]engua_alternativa
00:04 <neyder-es> Yannick_, *enb *escuelab *puno
00:04 alsroot cjl: btw, from the scaling point of view for the work that should be done within the Puno pilot, it might be really useful to have "off-line" translation option in the Sugar Network
00:04 meeting <icarito_web-es> jclema it offers  to help to find and collaborate with contents and *stakeholders
00:05 <Yannick_-es> And I can qualify the people to use it
00:05 <alfredo-es> Activities that help to delete the intolerance
00:05 cjl alsroot, yes, possible from Gnome boot with Virtaal
00:05 meeting <Yannick_-es> A course of chain in *frio and another of hygiene
00:05 <Yannick_-es> *tb Would be good
00:05 <icarito_web-es> raulhugo  *apropia like *lider of the team of contents with support of jclema and kokecontreras
00:06 alsroot cjl: not sure if it is possible on XO, nope I mean, eg, recruit students to that work as part of their classes, for example
00:06 meeting <raulhugo-es> It engages  with the contents
00:06 cjl alsroot that too.
00:07 alsroot cjl: ie, having simple GUI on students side, and uploading theirs work to pootle on server side
00:07 meeting * arli-es has joined
00:09 cjl alsroot, we agree
00:09 meeting <Yannick_-es> Have some educational friends in Uruguay
00:09 <Yannick_-es> That teach to primary educational futures
00:09 <jclema-es> This
00:09 <Yannick_-es> That they want to return to Peru
00:09 <Yannick_-es> They need a bit of budget for the passages
00:10 <Yannick_-es> But they won contests with his schools in the frame of the plan *Ceibal
00:10 neyder has quit IRC
00:10 meeting <Yannick_-es> By creativity and vision
00:10 <jclema-es> We speak with them
00:10 <Yannick_-es> Yes as
00:10 <jclema-es> We need to contact them
00:10 <jclema-es> And put to a *lider to *orquestarlo
00:10 <raulhugo-es> We need *recolectar experiences
00:10 <Yannick_-es> I will send you a post with his details of contacts
00:11 <jclema-es> Give him
00:11 <kaametza_-es> To all *yannick by *fa
00:11 <icarito_web-es> If ideally people that are already members of the community *Sugar
00:11 <icarito_web-es> Because it splits of the competitions that want to strengthen is the participation in the community of learning
00:12 <jclema-es> *Yannick, Alfredo *Gutierrez wants to lead the duties around the qualifications for educational
00:13 <raulhugo-es> I put me of second in the subject of qualification
00:14 <Yannick_-es> *ok
00:15 <raulhugo-es> alfredo: *Recolectemos experiences, adapt the good practise to the *multiples ours contexts
00:15 cjl alsroot We may need to see how we can improve Apertium, some of these words are not getting the best translation in chat.  I can tell by switching between channels
00:16 meeting <alfredo-es> #action I Confirm team of *colaboracion with Uruguay to end to do arrive the good practise *pedagogicas resultant *alla. Team of splice of the Uruguayan experience to the Peruvian with ends of *contextualizacion and others
00:17 <jclema-es> Or_or local Tongues need lead that they accompany the translations for *Quechua, *Aimara and Tongues *Amazonicas
00:18 <cjl-es> +1
00:18 <Yannick_-es> *Cual Is the best profile to do this (availability, competitions, affinities, experience)?
00:18 cjl not just leaders, but whole teams for translation.
00:20 meeting <cjl-es> We need you lead and but whole teams for translation.
00:21 <jclema-es> If of agreement lead them can *orquestar to the teams
00:24 <jclema-es> On the profile, *deberia have appearances of availability, networks and contacts that can *influenciar and *ojala educational experience
00:24 neyder <neyder!~neyder@> has joined #sugar-newbies
00:24 meeting <jclema-es> Or to end
00:25 <icarito_web-es> #info the registers of these meetings remain in http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/
00:25 neyder has quit IRC
00:25 meeting <kokecontreras-es> #action Coordinate the teams of translation / Improve the *wiki of *SomosAzucar like tool for the work *colaborativo
00:26 <icarito_web-es> #action we propose the use of this mechanism for the official meetings of *SomosAZUCAR
00:26 neyder <neyder!~neyder@> has joined #sugar-newbies
00:26 meeting <raulhugo-es> neyder ^^
00:26 cjl Finally everyone is smiling :-)
00:27 meeting <raulhugo-es> *Sup /Or
00:27 <neyder-es> It went back the light!
00:29 <icarito_web-es> :-)
00:31 <cjl-es> *Please *contact Hipólito *Peralta *Ccama *about *Quechua http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/000638.html
00:31 <neyder-es> Without ends of lucre does not mean free
00:31 cjl Please contact Hipólito Peralta Ccama about Quechua http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/000638.html
00:31 meeting <raulhugo-es> *mmmm...
00:32 <neyder-es> Without ends of lucre: the "ganancias" go exclusively to the end of the organisation
00:32 <icarito_web-es> #info *Sugar *Labs is a mark registered which has to be used without spirits of lucre
00:32 <neyder-es> icarito, the *sugarcamp *puno realise  without encourage of lucre, the congresses subsidise  of part of this registration
00:33 <icarito_web-es> neyder +1
00:34 <raulhugo-es> We cover costs!
00:35 <raulhugo-es> *Open Company!!!!!
00:36 * arli has quit (Quit: Page closed)
00:38 <icarito_web-es> #info raulhugo it informs that in *APESOL follows  the political that the members carry out commercial activities to personal title
00:38 Frank__ has quit IRC
00:38 meeting * Esau has quit (Quit: Page closed)
00:41 * Frank__-es has joined
00:41 neyder aquí en puno, nos hemos conformado como ONg
00:41 meeting <Frank__-es> Hello *Neyder
00:41 <neyder-es> Here in *Puno have conformed us like NGO
00:42 <neyder-es> Precisely to be recognised in front of the state
00:42 <raulhugo-es> NGO *entoncesdeberia be the best way
00:42 <neyder-es> *Escuelab *Puno Is an Association recognised by the state and in registration in the Peruvian Agency of International Cooperation
00:43 <neyder-es> *osea NGO
00:43 <neyder-es> Frank__ to the private!
00:44 <neyder-es> To the association that was *SugarLabs Peru, can adhere other associations like *Escuelab , *Escuelab Lima, Are *Azucar etc, and natural people, as we
00:46 neyder has quit IRC
00:48 meeting <icarito_web-es> #info Somosazucar.org it is *Sugar *Labs Peru until the moment
00:48 <icarito_web-es> #action choose between the members 7 members of the board of supervision
00:49 <icarito_web-es> #info Somosazucar.org it is a mark
00:49 neyder_ <neyder_!~neyder@> has joined #sugar-newbies
00:49 neyder_ I prefer to name the group just SugarLabs Peru
00:49 meeting <icarito_web-es> #action Paul *Deza offered  to help us with the legal part
00:49 * KaiXo-es has joined
00:49 <KaiXo-es> *hi  To all  excuse  the *demora
00:50 <icarito_web-es> KaiXo, neyder_ if they want to can go  inscribing in http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/mie[…]embros_Declarados
00:51 * Yannick_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
00:51 <neyder_-es> A *asosiación can be members people *juridicas and natural
00:51 <raulhugo-es> ¬¬
00:51 * Yannick_-es has joined
00:51 <icarito_web-es> #info of *aqui to March there is quite time for the constitution
00:52 <icarito_web-es> #info * formal constitution
00:52 <KaiXo-es> Of *SugarLabs *Peru
00:52 <KaiXo-es> Or as we are *azucar
00:53 <raulhugo-es> #action Document, inform in the *wiki and by the list of post
00:53 <neyder_-es> *SugarLabs *Peru +1
00:53 <Frank__-es> +1 *too
00:53 <KaiXo-es> +1
00:53 <icarito_web-es> #info if it does not have to be confidential, coordinate by the *lsita of post todos@
00:53 <neyder_-es> all with CC if no *estan in the list (or suspect that they do not read them :*P )
00:54 <jclema-es> There is *algun another volunteer that want to be part of the board?
00:54 <KaiXo-es> *yop
00:54 <Yannick_-es> No me *nego but do not remain me clear the responsibilities
00:54 <neyder_-es> *escuelab *puno Can participate like legal person
00:54 <Yannick_-es> I listen you
00:54 <Yannick_-es> ah well, already it is then :-)
00:54 <raulhugo-es> ^
00:54 <Yannick_-es> *jeje
00:54 <raulhugo-es> ^^
00:54 <Frank__-es> It is true, but *Escuelab *Puno is in the Registers *Publicos?
00:54 <jclema-es> The *responsabilidadaes are
00:55 <neyder_-es> Frank__, if!
00:55 <neyder_-es> It is president of *EScuelab *Puno
00:55 <neyder_-es> \Or
00:55 <KaiXo-es> To  be members of the board
00:55 <neyder_-es> I raise the hand
00:56 <jclema-es> Responsibilities are: look after the welfare of the community, assist and contribute actively in the community
00:56 <jclema-es> Take care the *trade *mark *sugar *Labs so that it fulfil the international contours
00:56 <Yannick_-es> *ok, if it is missing somebody think that is not much more that what already am doing
00:56 <KaiXo-es> well  *nostros From *Puno want to engage our *participacion
00:57 <jclema-es> Main responsibility, assist to the meetings to be able to be present in the votes
00:58 <jclema-es> The one who but wants to be part of the board?
00:58 <KaiXo-es> well
00:58 <KaiXo-es>   I
00:59 <KaiXo-es>  *david  Cross  *herrada
00:59 <Yannick_-es> *Yannick *Warnier Offers  also but do not insist if it is that there are others
00:59 <jclema-es> If there is but of 7 people does  a *votacion type "Sugar Labs" *Sebatian us *enviaria the instructions to do it
01:00 <neyder_-es> Of agreement
01:00 <icarito_web-es> #info they offer  for the board: jclema , *Koke Contreras, *Neyder *Achahuanco, David Cruz, Paul *Deza , Sebastian Silva, Alfredo G, Jesus Flores, Laura Vargas
01:01 <icarito_web-es> And *Yannick also
01:01 <Yannick_-es> *sip
01:01 <icarito_web-es> #info and *Yannick
01:01 <raulhugo-es> :)
01:01 <kokecontreras-es> Merry Christmas!!!
01:01 <KaiXo-es> Merry Christmas
01:01 <neyder_-es> Happy *hanuka!
01:01 <KaiXo-es>  To all :)
01:01 <neyder_-es> :*B
01:02 <KaiXo-es> *Exitos
01:02 <Frank__-es> Merry Christmas to all and a good new year!
01:02 <KaiXo-es> *d:
01:02 <neyder_-es> Tomorrow we inaugurate venue of *Escuelab *Puno!!!
01:02 <icarito_web-es> #endmeeting
01:02 <raulhugo-es> I do not celebrate *navidad ^^ :D
01:02 <raulhugo-es> :
01:02 <Yannick_-es> Happy parties
01:02 <neyder_-es> It says that tomorrow *iauguran local of *escuelab *puno
01:02 <neyder_-es> There will be *transmisipon live (expect :*B)
01:03 <cjl-es> Happy solstice of winter
01:03 <Frank__-es> Congratulations neyder_, as we go in to the live transmission?
01:03 <Yannick_-es> I did not understand well the subject of the vote. Where votes  (for the board)?
01:03 <neyder_-es> cjl, +1
01:03 <Yannick_-es> *clap
01:03 <neyder_-es> *plash *plash *plash!
01:03 <raulhugo-es> Yannick_: Sebastian goes us send a post
01:03 <raulhugo-es> ^^
01:03 <Yannick_-es> *ok thank you *raul
01:04 <KaiXo-es> If serious well
01:04 <neyder_-es> Thank you *Escuelab, greater brothers!
01:04 <KaiXo-es>   *xq  Could not follow  the *hilacion of the *reunion
01:04 <KaiXo-es> *jajajaajaja
01:05 <KaiXo-es>  If  at any rate.  
01:05 <KaiXo-es> Now it touches   the moment to grow
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01:07 meeting <KaiXo-es> It is necessary to generate the conditions  to be able to articulate us with the state
01:07 * kokecontreras has quit (Quit: Page closed)
01:08 <icarito-es> *desconectandose
01:08 <icarito-es> Greetings to all the participants *onlie
01:08 <icarito-es> On-line
01:09 <icarito-es> We will publish the record in the blog and the list of post
01:09 cjl recruit more translators !!!
01:10 meeting <neyder_-es> cjl, this in the list of tasks!
01:10 <cjl-es> thank you
01:11 * jclema has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
01:11 <KaiXo-es> But it is to prepare the conditions   so that the *actividaes  realised by the community  *enlazen with the *DIGETE
01:12 <KaiXo-es> Serious a good initiative
01:12 cjl neyder alfredo, visit #sugar if you want to discuss the Human Rights content
01:13 icarito_web has quit IRC
01:18 meeting <KaiXo-es> This that cuts   the  *streming
01:19 <Yannick_-es> Yes, and I listened "plataforma" that it is my subject :-)
01:19 <Yannick_-es> And I did not listen it whole
01:20 <raulhugo-es> :*S
01:20 <raulhugo-es> Platform of social network
01:20 <raulhugo-es> For *sugar
01:20 <Yannick_-es> *ok
01:20 <raulhugo-es> Yannick_: already the this developing *aleksey
01:20 <raulhugo-es> But it is not web
01:21 <Yannick_-es> *ok
01:21 <raulhugo-es> *well I *must *go
01:21 <raulhugo-es> *bye
01:21 <raulhugo-es> ^^
01:21 <Yannick_-es> *bye *bye
01:21 <KaiXo-es> *bye  *raul *hugo
01:21 <cjl-es> Good nights
01:21 * raulhugo has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.4)
01:22 cjl has left #sugar-newbies
01:22 meeting * alfredo has quit (Quit: Page closed)
01:25 * Frank__ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
01:25 icarito is now known as icarito_away
01:28 meeting <Yannick_-es> The *video now seems a *reality *show :-)
01:28 <Yannick_-es> well... *It is* a *reality *show
01:28 <KaiXo-es> well *despues Will converse
01:28 <neyder_-es> To the *cnfesionario!
01:29 <KaiXo-es> *jajajaja
01:29 <Yannick_-es> :-)
01:29 <KaiXo-es> I create *q already went  all
01:29 <KaiXo-es>  well  Neither way
01:30 <KaiXo-es> We speak in *pivado *ney
01:30 <KaiXo-es>   *bye
01:30 <Yannick_-es> Here it is where the participation to distance has disadvantages :-)
01:30 <KaiXo-es> This if
01:30 <KaiXo-es>  *nop Participate a lot
01:30 <KaiXo-es> And we do not use the voice
01:30 <KaiXo-es> Only the hands
01:30 <KaiXo-es> We shout in *sielencio
01:31 <KaiXo-es> well Boys  *bye
01:31 neyder_ has quit IRC
01:31 meeting <KaiXo-es>  Until  another *oprtunidad
01:31 * KaiXo-es has left ("Leaving")
01:34 * Yannick_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
02:09 Jzarecta <Jzarecta!~user@> has joined #sugar-newbies
02:10 Jzarecta hola como estuvo la asamblea?
02:10 la intente ver pero el audio no era muy bueno
02:27 Jzarecta has quit IRC
02:48 Jzarecta <Jzarecta!~user@> has joined #sugar-newbies
02:53 JZA <JZA!~guest@> has joined #sugar-newbies
04:30 adborden <adborden!~adborden@c-67-169-42-246.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-newbies
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08:08 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
10:59 meeting * Ignacio-es has joined
10:59 <Ignacio-es> *Holis
11:32 * Ignacio has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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18:39 inkyfingers <inkyfingers!~iain@204.175.pn.adsl.brightview.com> has joined #sugar-newbies
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18:41 inkyfingers <inkyfingers!~iain@204.175.pn.adsl.brightview.com> has joined #sugar-newbies
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19:03 inkyfingers <inkyfingers!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
19:06 inkyfingers alsroot: hi, reflecting on the help you gave me with Mint-12 - Did you make changes to the *sources*?
19:23 icarito is now known as icarito_away
19:52 martas_ <martas_!~martas_@> has joined #sugar-newbies
20:15 inkyfingers Did you make changes to the *sources* - at that time?
20:22 The reason for asking - I am working on documentation ideas here: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]rs/Testing_Sweets, thanks
20:24 icarito_away is now known as icarito
21:06 alsroot inkyfingers: Re: Did you make changes to the *sources* - at that time? -- nope, except i fixed launch sugar via sweets on mint-12, but I see you already started sugar
21:11 inkyfingers alsroot: thanks - Yes sweets is running fine for me on Mint-12, now i have moved back to Wheezy!
21:11 What I am driving at is why did the -R option work for me that day?
21:13 alsroot inkyfingers: adding -R means refetch information about sweets, that was needed because I updated one of sweets (not directly sugar related)
21:20 inkyfingers I am only trying to improve my grasp of terms: updated one of sweets is *similar* to 2make changes to the *sources*". I am not being picky, but I feel need to know in order to contribute to documentation :)
21:21 "make changes to the *sources*" !
21:24 alsroot inkyfingers: using -R is similar to `apt-get update`
21:24 you only update information about sweets
21:24 inkyfingers Yes I realise what -R means and does!
21:25 alsroot btw, "sweets" here is an analog of packages in mint/ubuntu
21:25 inkyfingers why did it change that day?
21:25 alsroot the sweet "base/x11-libs" had a bug that was found on in mint
21:26 inkyfingers Ok Thanks - that was what I wanted to know - I guess I was asking the wrong question !!
21:30 alsroot: Can I paste you a debug file from Wheezy?
21:31 alsroot inkyfingers: sure
21:31 inkyfingers: does Wheezy have gnome-packagekit?
21:33 inkyfingers yes - that is all ok - an Xephyr would up for 3 seconds
21:34 alsroot: fpaste says:Error 500: Sorry, you broke our server. You might have reached the 512KiB limit! Create a new paste. ?? trying again
21:36 alsroot: here we go http://www.fpaste.org/CdvT/
21:36 alsroot inkyfingers: thanks, will investigate it asap, right now I'm a bit busy w/ other work. thanks
21:37 inkyfingers alsroot: np thanks
21:48 satellit_: Hi, I wonder what you were drawing attention to: look at : How to start 0.88 or 0.94 Sweets Sugar ? on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]rs/Testing_Sweets, thanks
22:40 martas_ has quit IRC
22:52 inkyfingers alsroot: Wheezy has done two big upgrades a few days apart. Behavoiur of sweets has changed back, now for the better. I think there is a Wheezy or my_machine bug in the area of E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running. E: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.
23:00 Last week my shutdown trace included WARNING: PulseAudio configured for per user session. Following an upgrade, that message stopped.
23:12 satellit_ inkyfingers: those are commands to use in sweet to start 0.88 and 0.94 sweets sugar
23:13 0.94 must be specified or 0.88 defaults
23:14 inkyfingers satellit_:  I see
23:15 satellit_ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]_GNOME_3_Terminal
23:19 inkyfingers satellit_: in dextrose only, I guess.
23:20 satellit_ I do not know
23:22 sweets status -v dextrose/sugar  tells you what versions are available
23:23 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/P[…]/Sugar_via_Sweets
23:25 I hid these in sck: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]k/Advanced_Topics
23:25 claims works in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE, and Gentoo
23:39 inkyfingers satellit_: ack
23:43 sweetssugar-781f <sweetssugar-781f!~urk@bbb72-0-177-190.bendbroadband.com> has joined #sugar-newbies
23:44 sweetssugar-781f inkyfingers: here is sweets -S dextrose/sugar:emulator -f  (full screen )
23:45 note the colon (:)
23:48 inkyfingers sweetsugar-781f: ack
23:48 alsroot: Following this upgrade, maybe that debug I sent is history now!
23:48 alsroot: Both sweets -S dextrose/sugar:emulator and sweets -S sdk/sugar:emulator respond:
23:48 alsroot: -- Cannot find requireed implementations for http://sweets.sugarlabs.org/base/abiword, http://sweets.sugarlabs.org/sdk/evince-python
23:49 alsroot: Also now both sdk and dextrose attempt to open a window, which closes with:
23:49 alsroot: ImportError: No module named hippo
23:49 alsroot: Window manager warning: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on display ':30'.
23:49 alsroot: I am closing now - I will work through all the permutations again when I am fresh!
23:50 satellit_ have a nice holiday....:  )
23:50 inkyfingers satellit_: and you :)
23:50 satellit_ try without the (S)
23:50 (-S)
23:51 inkyfingers ImportError: No module named hippo Window manager warning: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on display ':30'.
23:51 same result!
23:51 satellit_ S is a compatability mode for sugar-application (I think)
23:52 f16 Gnome works fine  sorry
23:53 inkyfingers satellit_:   -S, --force-suggested                         force using suggested dependencies
23:54 satellit_ yup  should avoid read dependencies etc (evince)
23:55 tried in Ubunto 11,04? or mint 11
23:56 s/?
23:57 inkyfingers sorry to bushed to continue ... good night :)
23:58 satellit_ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/C[…]u#Sugar_Desktop_0.94.1_on_Mint_11  (sweets distribution install)   good night

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