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#sugar-newbies, 2011-12-20

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04:49 <icaritox-es> meeting
04:49 <icaritox-es> @*meeting
04:49 <icaritox-es> *startmeeting
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04:49 <icarox-es> #startmeeting
04:50 <icarox-es> #endmeeting
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22:01 meeting * Yannick_-es has joined
22:08 <icarito-es> hello *laura And I (*sebastian) are for arriving to *Escuelab
22:08 <icarito-es> I go in the car she goes handling and I in *reunion of the board of *Sugar *Labs in #sugar-meeting
22:09 * David-es has joined
22:09 <David-es> Hello To all!
22:10 * David nick changed to Guest37326
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22:11 <Guest37326-es> Me *cmabiaron the *nick
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22:11 meeting <Yannick_-es> Hello To all
22:11 <icarito-es> Hello Guest37326, Yannick_
22:11 alsroot Guest37326: use different nick, "David" is already in use by someone else
22:12 meeting <Guest37326-es> I am David :)
22:12 <icarito-es> We begin in some minutes, patience *porfavor
22:13 <Guest37326-es> *Ok
22:13 <Guest37326-es> They look this: http://www.khanacademy.org/ it is a web with *videos educational
22:13 <Guest37326-es> Of all the '*areas
22:14 * Daniel-Francis-es has joined
22:14 <Guest37326-es> I create  in USE and  this using in schools of all the world. The big advantage is that the neither;you *peuden see the classes *teoricas
22:14 <Guest37326-es> Of his courses and afterwards go to classes with a base been used to of knowledges
22:15 <Guest37326-es> I think that if we use this idea, and translate them to *quechua, and improve the art of the presentations
22:15 <Guest37326-es> With *ppt of high impact *podriamos create a big impact!
22:15 <Yannick_-es> Somebody already commented the of *Khan *Academy in the page Facebook of Educate *XO does a while, even there was a plan (that I did to fail by my absence) to translate some videos to the *Quechua during the *Drupal *Camp
22:16 <Guest37326-es> This I did it! :)
22:16 <Guest37326-es> But I could not go to the events of *escuelab :(
22:16 <Guest37326-es> If you like we can coordinate to see this :)
22:17 <Guest37326-es> The serious idea find people that can speak *quechua and that explain subjects of *matematica, history, literature and *demas
22:17 <Guest37326-es> We can provide the subjects *segun the needs of each community
22:20 icarito is now known as icarito_away
22:20 cjl meeting: We need to finish Sugar in Quechua
22:20 meeting cjl: Error: "We" is not a valid command.
22:22 cjl We need to finish Sugar in Quechua  http://translate.sugarlabs.org/quz/
22:22 meeting <Yannick_-es> It could be, but my availability is scarce and tend to not to engage me more to less than being sure to be able to do it. For now  that can not engage me before measures of January 2012
22:23 <Guest37326-es> *ok Understand, can begin with the *planificacion and afterwards begin it
22:23 <Guest37326-es> Your are translator?
22:25 cjl cjl = Chris Leoanrd from SugarCampLima
22:25 You are David from Puno?
22:27 Frank__ <Frank__!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
22:28 icarito_away is now known as icarito
22:28 meeting * icarito_web-es has joined
22:29 <icarito_web-es> We are preparing the technical details for the virtual collaboration
22:29 * jclema-es has joined
22:29 <icarito_web-es> hello jclema
22:31 <jclema-es> Hello Welcome!
22:31 icarito_web <icarito_web!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
22:31 meeting <icarito_web-es> hello To all
22:32 <jclema-es> First General Assembly Place: *Escuelab Lima Centre [0] Date: Tuesday 20 December Hour: 5*PM until the 7*PM  remember Them that *SomosAzúcar is a community of Free Software member of the global network *Sugar *Labs. We are an organisation decentralised with an open model of management which works developing, spreading and loaning support to the constructive use of free technologies, especially the surroundings of learning for boys
22:33 <jclema-es> The subjects of the diary for this First General Assembly are:
22:33 <icarito_web-es> #startmeeting
22:34 * kokecontreras-es has joined
22:34 <icarito_web-es> #topic First General Assembly Somosazucar.org
22:34 alsroot icarito: "#startmeeting" needs to be called from the primal channel
22:35 meeting <icarito_web-es> alsroot, it is very initiated the *reunion now?
22:35 <icarito_web-es> *sugar-*newbies-Is if it is registered
22:36 cjl alsroot the primary channel is #sugar-newbies-es the bot is responding to commands there.
22:37 alsroot heh, that should me logged on http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]etings/2011-12-20
22:37 *be
22:38 cjl It is  http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-12-20T22:33:58
22:38 meeting <Yannick_-es> Still you are alone *Icarito?
22:39 * raulhugo-es has joined
22:39 <Yannick_-es> Before it arrive more people, wanted to say that anyway if they require of an available virtual classroom publicly for many, can support in this
22:39 <Yannick_-es> In the other is me difficult propose something concrete
22:39 <raulhugo-es> This *aqui
22:40 <kokecontreras-es> Thank you *Yannick
22:40 <raulhugo-es> *tambien Appreciates to *Yannick
22:42 * Esau-es has joined
22:43 <Yannick_-es> It does not listen  at all in case to case (with the *streaming)
22:43 cjl I see the video stream at http://escuelab.org/envivo but I do not hear sound.
22:43 meeting <raulhugo-es> *ok
22:43 <raulhugo-es> *ok
22:44 <jclema-es> Principles of the community *Sugar *Labs Peru pe.sugarlabs.org/go/principios
22:45 * KaiXo-es has joined
22:45 <KaiXo-es> *hi  hello  All
22:46 <jclema-es> @*icarito_Web us this speaking of the context of *Sugar in Peru and a statement of the *prinicipios
22:47 <Yannick_-es> Diary of the meeting: http://somosazucar.org/2011/12[…]-martes-20122011/
22:47 <raulhugo-es> *actuaklizen The browser
22:47 <Yannick_-es> It listens  sound with a *zumbido background
22:47 <Yannick_-es> *bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
22:47 <KaiXo-es> If there is a *sumbido
22:48 <KaiXo-es> Sure
22:48 <raulhugo-es> It follows the *zumbido??
22:48 <icarito_web-es> #link http://somosazucar.org/
22:48 <Esau-es> The *zumbido does not allow one listens clear
22:49 <icarito_web-es> raulhugo it is seeing the audio
22:49 <Yannick_-es> Better now (remains *lijero *zumbido but less strong and totally bearable now)
22:49 <Esau-es> Better!!!
22:49 <icarito_web-es> #link http://escuelab.org/envivo
22:49 <icarito_web-es> This meeting is being transmitted live in the *item previous
22:50 <raulhugo-es> ^^
22:50 <KaiXo-es> *okey
22:50 <KaiXo-es> We are connected from *Puno
22:50 <kokecontreras-es> Greetings *Puno, an embrace in the distance
22:50 <Yannick_-es> jclema, if have a *etherpad with the *log say me to help you fill it
22:50 <icarito_web-es> #link http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/somosazucar
22:51 <icarito_web-es> It is the list of post where articulate us
22:51 <KaiXo-es> well thank you
22:51 <icarito_web-es> Yannick_: the *bot "meeting" carries the record
22:51 <jclema-es> Yannick_ half east is the *backlog
22:51 <icarito_web-es> The *sigiuentes *hashtags result in a record:
22:51 <icarito_web-es> #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic
22:51 <icarito_web-es> #info gratitudes and presentations
22:52 <Yannick_-es> *ok *thx
22:52 <icarito_web-es> Any one can leave a *item in the record with these *hashtags
22:52 <icarito_web-es> The result sees  in:
22:52 <icarito_web-es> #link http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]ies-es/2011-12-20
22:53 <icarito_web-es> If any in the chat wants to say something, can any of the face-to-face presents warn us in high voice *porfavor
22:54 <jclema-es> Taking like base the activities and experience accumulated added to the *MOTIVACION existent, want to begin to scalar the pilots that have come iterating like a series of solutions that articulate  to the deployment of *XO in *Peru
22:54 <icarito_web-es> It is *dificil read and speak to the time
22:55 <icarito_web-es> And maybe we use the screen in *algun moment to share the strategic aims
22:55 <KaiXo-es> well
22:55 <jclema-es> They present  the assistants
22:57 <KaiXo-es> If there is a register of series of the *laptops  delivered
22:58 <KaiXo-es> But well of the state *todavia there are not reports
22:59 kaametza_ <kaametza_!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
22:59 meeting <Yannick_-es> I do not think that there is a register of where is each *laptop neither more or less in what been neither
23:00 <jclema-es> Assistants:
23:00 <jclema-es> - Jose Strong
23:00 <jclema-es> - *kiko *Mayorga
23:01 <jclema-es> - *koke Contreras
23:01 <Yannick_-es> In Uruguay register a lot of technical problems after 2 years and say that repair them in rural field taking sometimes until 8 months by fault of commitment of the small companies commissioned
23:01 <jclema-es> - Paul *Deza
23:01 <Frank__-es> Frank Moreno
23:01 <jclema-es> - Julio *Atencio
23:01 <jclema-es> - Harrison Hidalgo
23:01 <Yannick_-es> - (*Yannick *Warnier To distance :-))
23:01 <jclema-es> - Victor *Janapa
23:01 <raulhugo-es> ^^
23:01 <KaiXo-es> :)
23:01 <jclema-es> - *Wilmer Lara
23:02 <jclema-es> - Sebastian Silva
23:02 <jclema-es> - Laura Vargas
23:02 <jclema-es> - Raul Hugo
23:02 <jclema-es> - Alfredo *Gutierrez
23:02 <jclema-es> - Juan Camilo Lemma
23:02 <icarito_web-es> #link http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/somosazucar
23:02 <jclema-es> - *Aleksey
23:03 <Yannick_-es> #link Diary of the meeting: http://somosazucar.org/2011/12[…]-martes-20122011/
23:03 <jclema-es> The subjects of the diary for this First General Assembly are:
23:05 <KaiXo-es> *cuales Are the subjects
23:05 <icarito_web-es> #link http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/miembros
23:06 <jclema-es> (1) Review and retrospective of short aims term
23:06 <raulhugo-es> *exit
23:06 <jclema-es> (2) Definition and *formalización of the *membresías http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/membres%C3%Ada to the community Somosazucar.org / *Sugar *Labs Peru
23:06 * raulhugo has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.4)
23:06 <Yannick_-es> #info To be member of *SomosAzucar, has to be  member of the community of *SugarLabs global
23:07 <Yannick_-es> (*dixit Laura Vargas)
23:07 <Yannick_-es> #info and belong to the list of posts
23:09 <Yannick_-es> #info and share his profile in the *wiki
23:11 * raulhugo-es has joined
23:12 * raulhugo-es has joined
23:18 <Yannick_-es> It does not listen  very that they speak...
23:18 <icarito_web-es> jclema it is explaining the history of the *chancho and the hen
23:18 <icarito_web-es> :-D
23:18 <icarito_web-es> We are speaking of the *membresía
23:18 <Yannick_-es> It spoke of the previous :-)
23:18 <Yannick_-es> *ok
23:19 <icarito_web-es> And of once documenting those who want to be members
23:19 <kaametza_-es>  *estan Declaring the members of *somosazucar
23:19 <Yannick_-es> I calm am to be member this year *eh
23:19 <icarito_web-es> We are editing in:
23:19 <jclema-es> The people that seat a vocation to the project, the principles and the community *SugarLabs have to manage his *membresía in the community here http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/miembros
23:20 * alfredo-es has joined
23:20 <alfredo-es> Hello
23:22 <jclema-es> All the people that want to do part of our local community please confirm his *participacion and commitment
23:22 <icarito_web-es> cjl: we are documenting the members, wish to be included in the first official list?
23:23 <KaiXo-es> well I me *apuntoi
23:23 <Yannick_-es> I confirm
23:23 <Yannick_-es> But that leave to edit the *wiki so that it can put me :-)
23:24 <jclema-es> *Kaixo By give us your complete name
23:24 <Yannick_-es> Yes, *Yannick, yes :-)
23:24 <kokecontreras-es> *Yannick Expects a touch
23:24 <jclema-es> Recording...
23:24 <jclema-es> *aca The listing of members
23:24 <jclema-es> http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/miembros
23:25 <jclema-es> Somebody but wants to splits ?
23:25 <Yannick_-es> #agree
23:26 <jclema-es> Please to forward any person that want to be part of the community send a post to the list publishes todos@somosazucar.org declaring the fulfillment of the requirements described
23:26 cjl has quit IRC
23:27 cjl <cjl!~chatzilla@c-98-204-202-184.hsd1.md.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-newbies
23:28 meeting * KaiXo has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:29 <Yannick_-es> It blocked  the video do like 3 minutes
23:29 <Yannick_-es> Already it returned the audio
23:30 <jclema-es> Following subject of the *reunion:
23:30 cjl sorry network problems, please include my name as a member
23:31 meeting <jclema-es> Retrospective of strategic aims of short term http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/objetivos_estrat%C3%To9*gicos_2011
23:31 <Yannick_-es> It returned everything
23:31 <Yannick_-es> *thx
23:31 <raulhugo-es> *you'*re *welcome
23:31 <raulhugo-es> ^
23:33 <jclema-es> On the aim 1, completed
23:33 satellit__ has quit IRC
23:34 meeting <jclema-es> On the aim 2, because of the changes of the Peruvian ministry, adhere us to the new political proposals like support to the development *sustentable of the deployment *Sugar - *XO in *Peru
23:35 * Daniel-Francis has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:36 <Yannick_-es> It exists *algun public article on the new political proposals about *Sugar - *XO?
23:36 <icarito_web-es> #idea propose to *DIGETE document the needs his needs directly in our *wiki
23:36 <icarito_web-es> Yannick_: that I know only what said us in the table of work
23:37 * Guest37326 has quit (Quit: Page closed)
23:38 <kokecontreras-es> *Yanick_: Still it does not exist an official proposal, this will go  building.
23:38 <Yannick_-es> *ok
23:40 <Esau-es> But by the law of transparency, *DIGETE no *podria offer all the information on the *XO?
23:41 <icarito_web-es> Esau: we have begun an open dialogue with *DIGETE in a table of work this week - have a report of this *reunion pending to be sent to the list of post
23:43 <jclema-es> Have reason Esau, the legal mechanisms in *peru to apply the Law of Access to *informacion are
23:45 neyder <neyder!~neyder@> has joined #sugar-newbies
23:46 neyder saludos!
23:47 meeting <icarito_web-es> hello neyder - you can go in to the channel #sugar-newbies-es to speak in Spanish :-)
23:48 neyder ok
23:48 but, i can talk in en glish
23:48 meeting <icarito_web-es> neyder, *kaixo, can declare his *membresía to Somosazucar.org today of agreement to http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/mie[…]embros_Declarados
23:49 <raulhugo-es> Although the subject of *digete is important does not have to be the central axis of this meeting
23:49 <icarito_web-es> raulhugo: of agreement
23:50 <alfredo-es> +1
23:50 neyder i'm getting off with my battery, the primary transformer of my square has exploded :-(
23:50 meeting <raulhugo-es> *NEYDER!!!!
23:50 <raulhugo-es> ^
23:50 <raulhugo-es> ^^
23:51 <jclema-es> On the aim 3, Still do not have dates it consolidated, the ideal is that the leader of this aim can consolidate the information
23:52 <jclema-es> On the aim 4, fact!
23:53 <alfredo-es> I support to *Koke in this point
23:53 <alfredo-es> Following subject
23:53 <raulhugo-es> It is that request of the state is the demand of technology in all the Peru is not alone *about *OLPC -
23:55 <jclema-es> Of the aim 4, remain us pending find the *financiamiento suitable, remains *tambien pending share the recommendations of *conteindo
23:55 cjl and continue translating
23:55 meeting <kaametza_-es> Forming of group of *interes regarding dates it statistical, jclema and *koke
23:56 <kaametza_-es> #action forming of group of *interes regarding dates it statistical, jclema and *koke
23:56 <Yannick_-es> #action do validate content translated to *Aymara by *UNICEF
23:58 <neyder-es> It went  the sound
23:58 cjl please make an action item of continuing encouragement and recruitment of translators for Aymara and Quechua
23:58 meeting <Yannick_-es> It would be well record a small video *tutorial of as translate
23:59 <neyder-es> Yannick_, I commission me of the *video *tutorial with *josé *aqui in *puno!
23:59 cjl Yannick possibly, but not with my Spanish :-)
23:59 I second th evote for neyder

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