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#sugar-newbies, 2011-06-30

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00:15 satellit_ is now known as satellit_afk
00:20 adborden alsroot: is there a way to get sweets to print out required packages its missing?
00:21 alsroot adborden: `sweets show` show prefix such deps w/ something that is different to "-"
00:21 eg "D" to download
00:24 adborden well, i? looking at the distro dependencies... for example the verbose logs print out things like dev-python/python-xlib .. PackageKit transaction failed (empty resolve)
00:25 so i'm thinking there are things to install before sweets can take over
00:26 does that make sense?
00:28 alsroot adborden: can you ask PK directly for "dev-python/python-xlib" package
00:37 adborden: if PK can't resolve dev-python/python-xlib then it is something wrong w/ PL installation. everying you need (in theory) to launch sugar on bare system is sweets command and proper PK
00:42 adborden alsroot: on gentoo, how do you have packagekit installed? it looks like its not in the portage tree, so i was installing from tarball and configuring manually
00:43 alsroot adborden: I built it from downloaded tarball as well, the exact configure args were:
00:43 --with-security-framework=dummy --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-portage --disable-cron --disable-gstreamer-plugin --disable-browser-plugin --disable-networkmanager --disable-qt --disable-tests
00:45 adborden alsroot: yeah, i'm installing to /usr/local which is causing some issues
00:46 alsroot adborden: and btw, PK's gentoo plugin is not too smart, it uses python portage code for resolving, so it is too slow. eventually I disabled it moreover I had all deps installed for 3 years..
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