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#sugar-newbies, 2011-06-29

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23:18 adborden alsroot: still seeing the issue with sweets
23:20 alsroot adborden: the same w/ csound?
23:20 adborden alsroot: yeah
23:21 with the -R switch
23:22 alsroot adborden: could you pastebin output of `sweets -DDdd show sdk/sugar`
23:22 just rechecked and it is fine in his new env
23:26 adborden alsroot: http://pastebin.com/bqJAWZEw
23:26 is there a way to clear my cache or something?
23:29 alsroot adborden: yup, `sudo rm -rf ~/.cache/0install.net/`
23:29 adborden why sudo?
23:29 alsroot "sudo" should be used because 0install sets -w for owneres for downloaded implementations
23:30 adborden so should sweets be run as root too?
23:32 alsroot adborden: nope, it is non-root entirely. 0install remove "w" from the owner to make sure that these files won't be changed
23:32 adborden: is http://pastebin.com/bqJAWZEw the full log? /me can't figure out what feed wants sdk/csound
23:33 adborden yeah, it's the full log, but i also notice it is much shorter with the -DDdd option, in the past i have just been using -DD
23:34 alsroot adborden: ah, got it. it might be cached selections, in ~/.cache/0install.net/selections
23:34 adborden hmm, i take that back... its just shorter than it was yesterday, but not because of the -dd
23:34 don't have ~/.cache/0install.net/selections only interfaces
23:35 should i just nuke it?
23:35 alsroot adborden: backup interfaces, then try w/ removing ~/.cache/0install.net/
23:36 adborden: or better, grep interfaces for 'sdk/csound[^-]'
23:37 adborden sdk/sugar is pulling it in
23:37 .cache/0install.net/interfaces/http%3a%​2f%2fsweets.sugarlabs.org%2fsdk%2fsugar
23:38 alsroot adborden: and you have sdk/csound[^-] in downloaded http://sweets.sugarlabs.org/sdk/sugar ?
23:38 *newly downloaded
23:39 adborden there is no csound in .cache/0install.net/interfaces, only csound-python
23:43 alsroot adborden: do you have local sweets?
23:43 sdk/sugar in particular
23:44 adborden not sure what you mean by local sweets, so i assume no
23:44 alsroot hmm, its weird..
23:45 adborden: sweets still tries to download sdk/csound?
23:45 adborden yeah, but if i remove the cache then it seems all is good
23:45 alsroot adborden: sorry, my bad. grep in ~/.config/0install.net/injector/feeds
23:47 adborden: so, it works for now?
23:47 adborden yeah... well it atleast downloaded stuff. i'm getting a new error now about missing  required implementations
23:48 i'll look into it, i might not have packagekit configured right
23:48 btw grepping 'sdk/csound[^-]' in ~/.config/0install.net/injector/feeds doesn't find anything... but maybe it's too late
23:48 alsroot np
23:49 adborden: you can all time use `sweets -dd sdk/sugar` to see the deps and its statuses
23:49 adborden alsroot: thanks for the tip
23:49 alsroot adborden: oops, I meant `sweets -dd show sdk/sugar`
23:50 adborden: and due to the log you posted, you really don't have PK (you need to have PK auth agent launched, actually if install PK and logged to gnome is should be launched)
23:55 adborden: btw, whats your distro? I just built binaries for fedora-14 and ubuntu-10.10, so would be good to see if it works..
23:55 adborden i'm running gentoo, so this is all kinda experimental anyway
23:55 alsroot also uses gentoo :)
23:56 adborden alsroot: but can you get sugar working on it?
23:56 alsroot for sure :)
23:56 adborden alsroot: sweeeet
23:59 alsroot adborden: though, I have most of sweets local (since I'm coding them)..
23:59 is starting sugar in new env to test

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