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#sugar-newbies, 2011-03-14

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16:02 shan_ alsroot: hi, i wish to contribute to this organisation for the google summer of code program. Wish if you could elaborate on the details. I haven't been an active patch commiter of late, but have already worked on quite some issues for this organisation.
16:03 alsroot shan_: hi, if you are interested in org details, you need to ling dirakx on #sugar
16:03 *ping
16:03 shan_: he is gsoc guy this year
16:04 shan_ alsroot: Sure, thanks.
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16:20 ibansal_ alsroot, hi
16:20 around?
16:20 alsroot ibansal_: g'evening
16:21 ibansal_ alsroot, g'morning
16:21 alsroot, can you suggest me about any particular things which i must brush up before applying for sugar org?
16:22 any particular component or any language?
16:25 alsroot ibansal_: in general, well.. sugar itself is not about creating something for ... but rather learning/doing, so there is no need in studying something before, because learning is the exactly the purpose of sugar..
16:25 ibansal_: in particular, it depends on what you are keeping in mind
16:25 ibansal_ alsroot, true.
16:26 alsroot ie, coding, helping w/ trnaslation, documantaion, design etc.
16:26 ibansal_: you can find something on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]/Getting_Involved
16:27 ibansal_ alsroot, thanks
16:27 alsroot ibansal_: or you mean exactly gsoc?
16:28 ibansal_ alsroot, i was talking in particular regarding gsoc. I was just thinking of preparing myself before it
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16:29 alsroot ibansal_: well, for gsoc I can talk only about project I proposed for gsoc on the wiki
16:29 *projects
16:29 ibansal_ alsroot, sure no problem. i would be glad to hear abt them
16:31 alsroot ibansal_: what project you are thing about from http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Summer_of_Code/2011 list?
16:31 *thinking
16:32 ibansal_ at present i am inclined towards sdk
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16:34 alsroot ibansal_: what exact project? there are 3 options
16:34 ibansal_ alsroot, the second one
16:35 alsroot ibansal_: actually it is the high level wrapper around 0install (look more info on http://0install.net/)
16:36 ibansal_ okay
16:36 alsroot ibansal_: also see sweets particular info on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/P[…]m/Sugar_Doers_Kit
16:36 ibansal_ alsroot, okay that would be helpful
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