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#sugar-newbies, 2011-02-01

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16:51 mohit6052 <mohit6052!~mohit@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:52 mohit6052 hello guys
16:52 i know programming and am good with software development in C# and java
16:52 can i some how be a part of OLPC project
16:53 as a developer
16:53 probably get some good project for working on it
16:54 someone reply please
16:56 alsroot mohit6052: you can ask on sugar-devel@ if there are ongoing java/C# sugar related projects, or at least on #sugar....
16:57 though most of sugar related projects are gtk and most of them are pygtk
16:58 mohit6052 i know C also and i can learn to use GTK also in short time
16:58 so after that should i ask for that in #sugar or here
17:00 alsroot mohit6052: as you can see, here is only a few people :)
17:01 mohit6052: if you are looking for projects to participate, one of easiest ways is looking for open bugs on bugs.sugarlabs.org (or other sugar related bugs tracker)
17:01 mohit6052 actually one of my seniors who have just did an intern with sugarlabs on OLPC gave me the link to join this channel
17:04 alsroot mohit6052: actually, sugar labs/sugar is community driven project, if you want to participate, start monitoring sugar related resources like mailing lists, bugs tracker, etc and see how you can help..
17:04 mohit6052 thanks
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