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#sugar-newbies, 2011-01-08

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
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06:47 madhura no package 'libxul' found - error while building sugar-jhbuild. From where should I install this package? I use ubuntu10.10
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20:14 mohit__ <mohit__!73f06754@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
20:38 mohit__ m_anish : lease details should come in software section or Copyright and licence section ?(under - About my computer )
20:38 m_anish mohit__, wait a sec!
20:39 mohit__, put it under about my computer!
20:39 mohit__ m_anish : means at the top
20:39 m_anish: ?
20:39 m_anish mohit__, yep, there's another section in the dx based builds
20:40 i'll modify it accordingly
20:40 you put it in About my comp
20:41 mohit__ m_anish: and appropriate message would be like  "days left : 45 "
20:41 m_anish: ?
20:41 m_anish mohit__, yea
20:41 mohit__, sorry for slow responses
20:41 mohit__ m_anish:np, k
20:44 m_anish: i have done with staldalone pythone pgm for reading lease.sig(lease-UTC is 4th word in it) and getting lease-time and than calcuating difference from current utc
20:44 m_anish mohit__, good!
20:45 mohit__ m_anish:i didn't find the role of zone in UTC
20:46 m_anish:means it's like , i am ignoring Z in lease time ,, i guess it will be ok,,,,
20:47 m_anish mohit__, AFAIK, the lease.sig used local time
20:48 mohit__ m_anish: even it seems ok to me !!
20:49 m_anish mohit__, ok, go ahead and integrate it with sugar then :)
20:50 mohit__ m_anish: yes , thats left :( , just romaing in the code of sugar to find the appropriate place ... :(
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21:47 mohit__ m_anish: [Quit: good night]
21:47 m_anish mohit__, gnite
21:47 mohit__ has quit IRC
22:20 tabs <tabs!~Tabitha@60-234-149-159.bitstream.orcon.net.nz> has joined #sugar-newbies
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