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#sugar-newbies, 2011-01-06

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17:05 mohit hi all
17:06 could any one suggest me any ticket for next work ?
17:18 hello all!!
17:19 alsroot mohit: btw, what about #1776, did you send your patch somewhere?
17:20 mohit alsroot:i think it is done
17:21 alsroot: as only change was there to change mime-types list in activity/activity.info
17:23 alsroot:although i haven't send the patch ...
17:23 alsroot mohit: heh, I added it by myself..
17:27 mohit alsroot: yes
17:29 alsroot: any easy or medium sl
17:29 alsroot:?
17:29 alsroot looks
17:29 mohit alsroot: ok
17:36 alsroot mohit: what about http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/856
17:37 mohit alsroot:checking
17:37 alsroot mohit: hmm, it is not so obvious... generating .pot file for lessons text might be not so useful..
17:40 mohit alsroot:ok
17:46 alsroot mohit: hmm, dunno about particular bugs..
17:47 mohit alsroot:Flipsticks is not strating ....
17:49 alsroot mohit: whats the log?
17:51 mohit alsroot: checking
17:56 alsroot mohit: about bugs to work on, well dunno.. I was in the same situation, there is lack of organization but it is too not obvious how to eliminate this lack (at least for me). In my case, I just found the task sufficiently big (and important, in my mind) to work on :)
17:57 mohit alsroot: i think , log file is not  even there
17:58 .~/.sugar/defaults/org.worldw​ideworkshop.olpc.SliderPuzzle
17:58 no log file is there
17:59 alsroot mohit: log should something like ~/.sugar/default/logs/org.world​wideworkshop.olpc.FlipSticks-*
17:59 mohit: did you download FlipSticks from aslo?
18:00 mohit alsroot: i have cloned it
18:01 alsroot:  ~/.sugar/default/logs/org.worldwi​deworkshop.olpc.FlipSticks-1.log  is an empty file
18:02 alsroot mohit: master branch in git contains remains initial implementation of 0sugar (which is the task I found, see may prev. post:). Will fix it
18:03 mohit alsroot: ok
18:08 alsroot: So exact issue regarding this activity is : It is not starting  ...do it need any kind of change in logic ... means any guess on error type ?
18:10 alsroot mohit: nope, just "exec" option in activity.info contains not working remains, I will fix it and commit
18:13 mohit: FlipSticks should start for now
18:13 mohit it shold be exec = .sugar/launch sugar-activity activity.flipsticksActivity  instead    exec = .0sugar/launch sugar-activity activity.flipsticksActivity
18:19 alsroot: it is not starting :( what changes i have to do ?
18:20 m_anish_afk alsroot, mohit sorry for being late to the party :) , here's something you could do (i've not yet uploaded this to dextrose/TODO) ... there is a file on OLPC laptops /security/lease.sig that contains information on when the laptop lease is expiring. When the lease expires, the laptop cannot be booted, so we need to (1) Display number of days remaining of the lease in the Settings -> My Computer control panel item
18:20 (2) Notify the user in case the lease expires soon (say 5 days before expiry)
18:20 tch has developed a superb notification system, you could apply those patches to your sugar-jhbuild env and use the notification system to warn the user that its about to become unusable... let me know if you're interested
18:21 m_anish_afk is now known as m_anish
18:21 mohit m_anish  : just figuring out..
18:22 alsroot mohit: did you `git pull` recent changes I commited?
18:22 mohit m_anish: it seems intersting
18:22 alsroot: yes
18:22 alsroot: doing agian
18:23 m_anish mohit, only thing is that won't have the lease.sig file, i could sen you one to test and you could store it in the /security/ directory
18:23 s/sen/send
18:24 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:25 mohit m_anish: do i need to make it exactly as of tch
18:27 alsroot mohit: I just recloned fresh flipsticks and it works fine in my case, what errors it logs in your case?
18:29 m_anish mohit, didn't understand your question? what I meant was that you could use the notification system written by tch to notify the user incase the lease was about to expire.
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18:33 mohit <mohit!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:37 mohit alsroot: it's working now
18:46 alsroot: Lesson text for Flipstick is not available for translation means need of embeding examples ...in lessons
18:48 alsroot mohit: that is the question, which should be addressed to people who maintains translate.sl.o, is it fine to have such big texts in .pot files (I'm not sure it is good)
19:46 m_anish mohit, would you be working on the lease.sig enhancement?
19:48 mohit m_anish:i was thinking about it
19:48 m_anish: i think , i have to build it from scratch ...
19:49 m_anish: i guess i would be working on it..
19:50 m_anish mohit, you'd have to tinker with the 'About my computer code' and using tch's notification api to just send an alert (maybe run the check once while booting and notify)
19:50 mohit, okay!
19:50 mohit m_anish: ok
19:54 m_anish : link to any helping content (including tch work)...
19:54 m_anish : ?
19:54 m_anish looks
19:55 mohit m_anish:to acess mycomputer code ?
19:56 m_anish mohit, grep 'About my computer' in the sugar source code :)
19:56 mohit m_anish:ok
19:56 m_anish mohit, i'll send you the lease.sig, standby
19:57 mohit m_anish : ok
19:58 m_anish mohit, email-id?
19:58 mohit m_anish:mht.nagpal@gmail.com
20:00 m_anish mohit, okay, sent, if look around on the laptop.org wiki you'll figure out what the different fields in lease.sig are... one of them is a time/date field.
20:00 mohit m_anish:ok
20:02 m_anish mohit, its pretty obv though. 20110308T090000Z stands for 8 march 2011 time 0900 , 00z=local time zone (IMHO)
20:02 :)
20:02 mohit, maybe you could learn some regular expressions while you're at it :), python has a re module
20:02 mohit m_anish: yes
20:03 m_anish:ok
20:04 m_anish mohit, good luck :-) (http://xkcd.com/208/)
20:04 mohit m_anish: thanks
20:05 m_anish: will certainly ping you sometime  for help :)
20:05 m_anish mohit, k
20:06 hmm, tch hasn't mailed the patch to the mailing list.
20:06 mohit, btw, are you subscribed to the dextrose mailing list?
20:07 mohit m_anish: i am subscribed to sugar-devel
20:07 m_anish mohit, http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/dextrose
20:08 pls subscribe here as well
20:08 mukesh_dce, ^^
20:08 mohit m_anish: ok
20:11 m_anish : in  lease.sig file , info regarding the lease date would be stored ?
20:11 m_anish mohit, yes
20:11 mohit m_anish: so work is like first read that info
20:12 m_anish: then call alarm api if needed
20:12 m_anish:or else run (boot)
20:12 m_anish mohit, yep
20:13 mohit, sayin something like ("Your lease is about to expire") :)
20:13 also display number of days left in the About my comp section
20:13 mohit m_anish: suger core code would be sugar/ ?
20:14 m_anish mohit, you need to figure that out yourself :)
20:14 grep is your friend
20:14 mohit m_anish : ok
20:16 m_anish:what about changing the lease means upating lease.sig file . i.e. if anyone want to chnage the lease ....
20:16 m_anish: need to replace the file ?
20:17 m_anish mohit, it happens automatically when the child goes to his/her particular school. the xo registers with the school server
20:17 mohit m_anish: means what about incoprating this function...
20:17 m_anish: ok
20:17 m_anish mohit, the problem is that children who leave their xo at home sometimes have their lease expired and are not able to boot their xo's
20:18 there are 9000 children, so the problem happens pretty often here :)
20:19 mukesh_dce has quit IRC
20:23 mohit m_anish: ok
20:24 m_anish: any idea regrading what tch has alraedy done ...?
20:24 *already
20:25 m_anish mohit, yep, i think he has a notification api... you can leave out that part (maybe print a logging.debug message instead) or there is already another existing api sugar.graphics.alert but it is more intrusive re: user experience
20:25 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
20:26 mohit m_anish: ok
20:32 m_anish:positon of this date-time is fixed in this lease.svg file , means at fixed location form beg.
20:32 m_anish:?
20:32 *from
20:35 m_anish mohit, i think so, you could double check laptop.org wiki
20:36 mohit m_anish : ok
20:37 m_anish: i think my lease for today (tonight) is about to expire  :) .. will see u again
20:39 m_anish: thanks for your guidance..
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