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#sugar-newbies, 2010-12-27

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08:49 mohit_ <mohit_!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
08:51 mohit_ alsroot: in refernce to #2004
08:52 SliderPuzzleUI has _parent member
08:54 _parent conatain Activity object(SliderPuzzleActivity Object) ,which can be passed to ImageSeletorWidget class in its constructor , and can be further accesd in ObjectChooser Method
08:54 *contain
08:55 alsroot mohit_: yup, thats the option
08:56 mohit_ alsroot: Ok..how can i try this ? means making changes and then trying ..
08:57 alsroot mohit_: git clone activity sources to ~/Activities/slider-puzzle.activity directory, change the code, start activity in sugar
08:59 mohit_ alsroot : ok! I am trying..
09:23 alsroot: activity failed to start
09:25 alsroot:  self.thumb = ImageSelectorWidget(self._parent​,frame_color=COLOR_FRAME_THUMB, prepare_btn_cb=prepare_btn, image_dir='images',) -- new(first argument is parent) in SliderPuzzleUI class
09:27 alsroot:and Constructor if ImageSelector is     def __init__ (self,parent,
09:27                  width=IMAGE_SIZE,
09:27                  height=IMAGE_SIZE,
09:27                  frame_color=None,
09:27                  prepare_btn_cb=prepare_btn,
09:27                  method=RESIZE_CUT,
09:27                  image_dir=None
09:27                  ):
09:27 alsroot mohit_: whats the full error message?
09:27 mohit_ alsroot:failed to start
09:28 and added stement self.parent = parent
09:28 alsroot mohit_: I mean in logs, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/BugSquad/Get_Logs
09:29 mohit_ alsroot: ok ,
09:30 alsroot mohit_: see python errors in activity logs, they are quite descriptive, so you can fix the code accordingly
09:30 mohit_ alsroot: ok
09:36 alsroot:  self.parent = parent
09:36 alsroot:AttributeError: attribute 'parent' of 'gtk.Widget' objects is not writable
09:36 from log
09:36 alsroot: should i change var name
09:36 alsroot:?
09:38 alsroot mohit_: AttributeError is descriptive, "parent" is already exist, use another identifier
09:38 mohit_ alsroot: ok
09:40 alsroot: its running now .changed parent = > _parent
10:04 alsroot: Now , i think after selcting object chooser - > going home - > selecting new activity  at this new activity is strating (object chooser screen come on fornt and it can be  closed)
10:04 alsroot: and new activity is running
10:05 alsroot mohit_: ok, you can attach your patch to the bugs.sl.o ticket
10:06 mohit_ alsroot:ohk
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13:14 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
13:15 mohit alsroot: one thing , #2004  although  i passed the parent  window object in ObjectChooser but i think in case of new activities launching , there is not much differance than the previous case
13:16 alsroot mohit: what you mean? in my mind there is no difference in case of ObjectChooser between new or not launches
13:16 mohit in case  select ObjectChooser->Home->New Activity(lets say TA) it is opening same (after or before the changes)
13:18 alsroot:means what differace really comes , after passing ParentWindowObjectid ...not getting
13:21 alsroot mohit: could you publish your patch, not sure I'm getting the issue what you mean
13:21 mohit alsroot:ok
13:24 mukesh_dce alsroot:
13:24 alsroot: hi
13:25 alsroot mukesh_dce: hi
13:26 m_anish is now known as m_anish_afk
13:26 mukesh_dce mukesh_dce: you said under rainbow activity directory is not accessible for writings
13:27 alsroot: so only root/data is accessible for writings
13:28 so do i need to put all icons under data/icons?
13:30 alsroot mukesh_dce: in any case, under rainbow you can write only to http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]table_Directories (and also to dirs like /tmp, but it is another case)
13:31 for any dirs activity will just fail
13:31 *any other
13:36 mukesh_dce alsroot: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Suga[…]aphics.toolbutton this link says that i should put icons of toolbutton in icons directory...how do i change it to data/icons
13:37 alsroot: also i can't see any icons directory in TA
13:38 alsroot mukesh_dce: 'icons' is because you can just pass icon name not full path, but since you need to place icons to SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT, you need to pass full path, thus exact directy name is not important
14:02 mukesh_dce alsroot: get_activity_root() return the path "/home/mukesh/.sugar/default/org.laptop.Chat/"  whereas the chat directory i am working on is in /home/mukesh/Activities
14:03 now should i copy my icons to the former path or in the latter
14:04 alsroot mukesh_dce: you need to place newly generated png icons to /home/mukesh/.sugar/default/org.laptop.Chat/, because there is no other places you can write
14:04 mukesh_dce alsroot: i mean in /home/mukesh/.sugar/default​/org.laptop.Chat/data/icons or /home/mukesh/Activities/Chat.Activity/data/icons
14:05 alsroot: ok
14:32 alsroot: when i use button=ToolButton(icon_name=os.pat​h.join(get_activity_root(),'data', 'icons',str(count))) ..it gives the error "No icon with the name /home/mukesh/.sugar/default/o​rg.laptop.Chat/data/icons/12 was found in the theme."
14:33 m_anish_afk is now known as m_anish
14:34 mukesh_dce alsroot: i guess it still looks for icons in icons/  local icons folder
14:42 alsroot mukesh_dce: use icon-widget property instead of icon_name, http://library.gnome.org/devel[…]tton--icon-widget
14:48 mukesh_dce alsroot: it works
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17:22 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:30 mukesh_dce alsroot: http://pastebin.com/GekcYEmC ..what did you mean by this ?
17:32 alsroot mukesh_dce: adding new smiles for example, what about just searching for all smiles, one by one, instead of using common regexp
17:33 mukesh_dce searching for smilies in dictionary of smilies?
17:35 alsroot mukesh_dce: search in typed text using dictionary of smilies
17:35 mukesh_dce ok got it
17:51 mohit has quit IRC
17:59 mukesh_dce alsroot: you said that i should pass entire text to the "_add_smiley_to_entry " function instead of just indexes
18:01 alsroot: how will the function add the images to the hippocanvas which is a local object
18:02 alsroot mukesh_dce: the idea was avoiding having smile texts in two different places, in the dict and in _add_smiley_to_entry
18:02 mukesh_dce alsroot: yeah i have eliminated that thing
18:03 alsroot:  now there is only one global smiley dictionary which is used for smiley to image conversion
18:06 alsroot: bdw for the smiley icon palette i have restricted number of columns to 4 and no of rows are variable depending upon number of entries in the global smiley dictionary ..is that fine?
18:06 alsroot: because there is no point varying number of columns..we just want to provide flexibility for adding new smileys
18:07 alsroot mukesh_dce: sounds good
18:10 mukesh_dce alsroot: what was general way of importing style you're talking about
18:11 mohit <mohit!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:13 alsroot mukesh_dce: "style" modules is already imported, no need in importing particular members from it
18:13 mukesh_dce alsroot: i tried import sugar.graphics.style but it didnt work
18:15 alsroot mukesh_dce: there is "from sugar.graphics import style", so no need in "from sugar.graphics.style import  MEDIUM_ICON_SIZE"
18:16 mukesh_dce alsroot: dunnno but even that didn't work
18:17 alsroot mukesh_dce: following code should work fine:
18:17 from sugar.graphics import style
18:17 style.MEDIUM_ICON_SIZE
18:19 mukesh_dce alsroot: error log says ImportError: cannot import name style
18:19 alsroot: oh i think i got it ,i was using sugar.graphics.style
18:19 alsroot: instead of sugar.graphics
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