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#sugar-newbies, 2010-12-24

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09:22 mohit <mohit!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
09:34 mohit hi! one thing about ticket  #2004
09:36 it is working.. sliderPuzzle not blocking second activity .After opening slider puzzle and and loading a picture form journel , i started image viewer activity and it is working fine
09:37 is the bug was this or something else
09:42 alsroot mohit: open ObjectChooser dialog in sliderPuzzle to import an image, switch to journal and back switch to the activity. you'll not see object chooser
09:53 mohit alsroot: silderPuzzle -> My picture -> open Object chooser -> journel - > now not able to go back to activity before choosing an image
09:55 alsroot mohit: does your copy of SliderPuzzle passes parent to ObjectChooser?
10:03 mohit Not able to figure out :(
10:04 alsroot mohit: look to image_category.py file in activity sources directory
10:04 ..and search for "ObjectChooser"
10:05 mohit alsroot:ohk
10:11 In my copy i have following .py files --i18n_misc_strings.py ,mamamedia_modules.py ,SliderPuzzleActivity.py , SliderPuzzleUI.py ,SliderPuzzleWidget.py
10:11 should i check ObjectChooser in SliderPuzzleWidget.py file ?
10:15 alsroot mohit: oops, exact path is mmm_modules/image_category.py
10:19 mohit alsroot:ok
10:20 alsroot mohit: btw, try find command: find <start-path> -iname image_category.py
10:22 mohit prototype  ---
10:22 chooser = ObjectChooser(_('Choose image'), None, #self._parent,gtk.DIALOG_MODAL | gtk.DIALOG_DESTROY_WITH_PARENT,**filter)
10:23 alsroot : i guess parent is passed
10:23 alsroot mohit: hmm, parent is "None". what sugar version you are using?
10:24 mohit alsroot :0.88.1
10:26 alsroot mohit: I guess showing object chooser after back switching to the activity is just by accident, the core issue that SliderPuzzle passes None for parent argument (it needs to pass activity window object)
10:27 mohit alsroot:ok
10:27 alsroot mohit: look how it was fixed, eg, in TA http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2002
10:28 mohit alsroot:ok, is this the same issue ?, i will check it out ...
10:29 alsroot mohit: yup, it is the same issue, real window should be passed instead of None
10:29 mohit alsroot: yup ,it is ...  thanks for guidance..
12:20 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
12:22 mukesh_dce alsroot: hello
12:22 alsroot mukesh_dce: hi
12:24 mukesh_dce alsroot: hi i am trying to access an image from a activity ..i can access it when the image is in same directory  of the main program but cannot access it when image is inside another folder
12:24 alsroot: path of the image is provided as folder_name/image_name
12:25 alsroot: do i need to change the manifest file ?
12:27 alsroot mukesh_dce: it should not relate to the manifest file (it is being used only to list files that will go to .xo file), to get access to any file from your actiivty directory, try to use sugar.activity.activity.get_bundle_path()
12:27 it is the root of your activity
12:45 mukesh_dce alsroot: can't figure out how to make it work ..can you tell me how to get path to  image_name.jpg inside images folder ?
12:47 alsroot mukesh_dce: could you pastebin your code that tries to get access to that file
12:52 mukesh_dce alsroot: http://pastebin.com/LNHPDTvy
12:55 alsroot mukesh_dce: you can make you code more elegant using dict, ie, smile_files = {':)': 'smile.png', ':(': 'sad.png'}
12:55 mukesh_dce: about not working, what final path it returs? (add log output to your code)
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13:29 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:48 mukesh_dce alsroot: hello , can i return an exception from a function to the calling function in python ?
14:50 alsroot mukesh_dce: yes, http://docs.python.org/referen[…]_stmts.html#raise
14:51 mukesh_dce: also see Exceptions in python lang reference, http://docs.python.org/reference/index.html
15:09 mukesh_dce alsroot: how do i create a custom toolbar for a sugar activity ?
15:10 alsroot mukesh_dce: you mean sugar main toolbar?
15:10 ..sugar activity tool bar
15:11 mukesh_dce alsroot: i want to show a  small window which will show the available smileys
15:12 alsroot: this window will appear on clicking a smiley button in the toolbar
15:13 alsroot mukesh_dce: it does not relate to sugar specific code then, just use regular gtk toolbar http://library.gnome.org/devel[…]s-gtktoolbar.html
15:13 mukesh_dce alsroot: ok
15:14 alsroot mukesh_dce: btw, showing window does not fill well to sugar UI, use palettes
15:14 mukesh_dce alsroot: is palette sugar specific ?
15:14 alsroot s/fill/fit
15:15 mukesh_dce: yup, it is sugar.graphics.palette.Palette (see sugar or other activities code for examples)
15:17 mukesh_dce: http://en.flossmanuals.net/ActivitiesGuideSugar from  http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]ty_Team/Resources also may contain Palette examples,
15:22 mukesh_dce alsroot: do i still need gtk toolbar if use palette?
15:23 alsroot mukesh_dce: palette is just a window/submenu that will popup, ie, an analog of hint window. so, you need a widget that will be an "owner" for the palette
15:24 mukesh_dce alsroot: ok got it
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16:44 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:52 mukesh_dce alsroot : i created a toolbar button ..how do i attach a palette to it ?
16:56 alsroot meeting: see eg memorize activity sources, how it uses SpeakPalette in createcardpanel.py
16:56 meeting alsroot: Error: "see" is not a valid command.
16:56 alsroot mukesh_dce: ^^
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18:39 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
19:12 mukesh_dce alsroot: http://pastebin.com/CskVbMks this code creates a button in the toolbar and associates  a palette with it .but the contents of palette are not visible on left click
19:12 alsroot: is it the correct way how palettes are used ?
19:14 alsroot mukesh_dce: see Palette sources, there is method to popup palette immediately
19:17 mukesh_dce alsroot: SpeakPallete of Memorize also uses does it the same way..any other example ?
19:19 alsroot mukesh_dce: Memorize doesn't need opening the palette by left click, if you need it in your code, just popup palette directly (see Palette code)
19:22 ..from _smiley_button_cb
19:41 gangil <gangil!~gangil@unaffiliated/gangil> has joined #sugar-newbies
20:04 mohit <mohit!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
20:13 mohit alsroot:Hi!!
20:13 alsroot mohit: hi
20:14 mohit alsroot: I have checked patch of #2002
20:14 alsroot : so  previously --  chooser = ObjectChooser(_('Choose image'), None, #self._parent,gtk.DIALOG_MODAL | gtk.DIALOG_DESTROY_WITH_PARENT,**filter)
20:15 alsroot :now should --  chooser = ObjectChooser(_('Choose image'), self, #self._parent,gtk.DIALOG_MODAL | gtk.DIALOG_DESTROY_WITH_PARENT,**filter)
20:17 alsroot mohit: yup, but it in TA context
20:19 mohit alsroot: So in this context parent is not self...and one more thing all the changes needed only in image_catgory.py file ,..? as object_chooser is there
20:21 alsroot mohit: it depends on implementation, you just need to pass Activity window to ObjectChooser
20:21 mohit alsroot:ok
21:01 alsroot:ObjectChooser is defined form Class for GUI ImageSelectorWidget, so this class is the parent for the ObjectChooser is it?so it should pass its id..
21:02 alroot: sorry!!
21:03 alsroot: ObjectChooser is called in this class method
21:05 alsroot:ObjectChooser is called in the Class for GUI ImageSelectorWidget, so this class is the parent for the ObjectChooser is it?so it should pass its id..
21:06 alsroot mohit: "parent" in context of ObjectChooser's arguments does not relates to parent classes, it is the parent window for ObjectChooser window
21:07 ..so the window of slider-puzzle activity
21:09 ie SliderPuzzleActivity object
21:09 mohit alsroot:means , who is actully calling it...
21:09 alsroot mohit: SliderPuzzleActivity?
21:13 mohit alsroot: I am checking
21:30 mukesh_dce alsroot: hi, is there any gtk container which organizes widgets into grid unlike hbox and vboox which organize either in row or column?
21:30 mohit alsroot:SliderPuzzleActivity connneted to SliderPuzzleUI ,SliderPuzzleUI connetced to SliderPuzzleWidget
21:30 alsroot:SliderPuzzleWidget connected  Image_catgory ,Image_category had add_image method which uses ObjectChooser
21:31 alsroot:so ultimate parent is SliderPuzzleActivity
21:33 alsroot mukesh_dce: see GtkContainer docs, http://library.gnome.org/devel[…]GtkContainer.html "Object Hierarchy"
21:34 mohit: yes, SliderPuzzleActivity is the main class, it inherits Activity, which inherits sugar.Window, wich inherits gtk.Window
21:36 mohit alsroot: i think , so self.parent should come there,,,,to casacde the relationship....
21:37 alsroot mohit: "self.parent" in what context?
21:37 mohit parent of image_category
21:38 alsroot: ohh, anything like ,self.parent.parent
21:39 alsroot:not sure if this type posible
21:39 alsroot mohit: if not sure, see the source code :)
21:39 ..try and see errors
21:40 mohit alsroot:is it posibal to make self.parent.parent means multiple level....
21:41 alsroot:is this the right direction to  resolve the issue ? i am a newbie :)
21:41 alsroot mohit: see what self.parent is and does it have "parent" attribute
21:43 mohit: the common suggestion here is looking what exact piece of code is, ie, not guessing and trying this code and analyze errors/wornings
21:47 mohit alsroot: ok , well i just want to say like , by  finding appropriate  parents object this could be done and which code can tell
21:49 alsroot mohit: "parent" is not internal feature of pygtk (or so), it is only slider-puzzle specific code from its sources
21:50 mohit: you can effectively track it looking only to slider-puzzle sources
21:50 mohit alsroot:yes
21:51 yes , that what i mean .by tracking the hierarchy ,,
21:53 alsroot mohit: btw within ImageSelectorWidget, there is no any "parent" attributes
21:54 mohit alsroot:opps , my mistake :(
21:54 alsroot mohit: oops, sorry "parent" is exactly the gtk prop (but slider-puzzle uses its own prop in some places, which is really bad)
21:56 ..and there is not short hierarchy of widgets and using gtk's parent is not so obvious
21:57 mohit alsroot : so the exact issue is - we have to figure out -way to  sliderPuzzleActivity .....and to pass it in ObjectChooser method
21:58 alsroot mohit: SliderPuzzleUI has _parent attr, you can pass it to ImageSelectorWidget ctor
21:59 mohit alsroot: is there anything  related to explanation of this code , any doc that would be helpfull
21:59 alsroot : ?
21:59 alsroot mohit: I guess nope
22:00 mohit alsroot: ohk! So it 3:00 AM in India , quite late in night(or early morning)...i am going to sleep
22:01 alsroot: thanks for support and guidance , will catch u tmrw.. bbye
22:02 alsroot np
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23:03 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-newbies
23:04 mukesh_dce alsroot: i have created a patch file for the smiley support but my the ticket has not been yet approved
23:04 alsroot: should i send it to ml
23:04 ?
23:06 alsroot mukesh_dce: is your account "scholar"?
23:06 mukesh_dce yes
23:07 alsroot mukesh_dce: I've accepted your ticket, your further patches won't need to be accepted
23:07 mukesh_dce alsroot: can i send the patches now?
23:08 alsroot mukesh_dce: about sending to ml, it is up to you.
23:09 mukesh_dce: I'm current Chat maint, for it is ok if you attach your patch to the ticket
23:09 s/for it/for me it/
23:11 mukesh_dce alsroot: attached
23:12 alsroot mukesh_dce: will check it tomorrow
23:12 mukesh_dce alsroot: np
23:16 alsroot: when trying to send patch using git send-email i  am getting " patch contains a line longer than 998 characters " error
23:20 alsroot mukesh_dce: dunno, I guess these files are .png but they are should be treated as binaries...
23:21 mukesh_dce: btw are icons in svg and only transfered to png?
23:22 mukesh_dce alsroot: didn't get you
23:22 alsroot mukesh_dce: do you transfer smiles from .svg to .png
23:23 mukesh_dce alsroot: no
23:23 alsroot mukesh_dce: but svg and png look similar
23:24 mukesh_dce alsroot: i downloaded them from wikimedia ..they had svg files whose thumbnails were png
23:24 alsroot mukesh_dce: and you use both png and svg in the code?
23:25 mukesh_dce alsroot: yes svgs are used for icons of the buttons in toolbar and pngs are used for embedding into hippo canvas
23:26 alsroot mukesh_dce: what about using only png (to speed up the process) but make them on the first start from svg (like TA does)
23:26 mukesh_dce: also is it possible to avoid hippo in your patch?
23:27 mukesh_dce: I mean w/o rewriting the Chat :)
23:27 mukesh_dce alsroot: you mean using gtk.Textbox ?
23:28 alsroot mukesh_dce: ok, I got the issue w/ using the hippo
23:29 mukesh_dce alsroot: what?
23:29 alsroot mukesh_dce: I meant I got the reason to use hippo
23:30 mukesh_dce alsroot: what is  that ?
23:30 alsroot mukesh_dce: what I got is that you can't avoid using hippo since smiles go to the text box
23:31 mukesh_dce: so, what about using png and convert them from png on demand?
23:31 XO-1 is not so fast
23:31 mukesh_dce: will you change the patch to implement this feature?
23:31 mukesh_dce alsroot: will you please elaborate ?
23:32 alsroot mukesh_dce: what about using png smiles and convert them from svg on demand while first startup
23:34 mukesh_dce alsroot:it can save space  but  how will it enhance speed ..
23:34 alsroot mukesh_dce: rendering svg is too resources consumption for XO-1
23:35 mukesh_dce: for example TA, keeps art in svg and convert it to png (and save on disk)
23:36 mukesh_dce alsroot: currently i am using pngs for smilies and svgs for icons in palette..can i use pngs in toolbar anyhow ?
23:37 alsroot mukesh_dce: why not, everything goes though gtk's pixbux, it supports both svg and png
23:38 mukesh_dce alsroot: then won't it suffice to use pngs in palette and do away with svgs completely
23:40 alsroot mukesh_dce: it might be not useful in case of launching Chat on XO or on regular desktop, XO has 200dpi when regular desktops may have much smaller. see style.zoom() from sugar-toolkit sources
23:42 mukesh_dce alsroot: i am still confused if we ultimately use pngs or not ?
23:44 alsroot mukesh_dce: will be useful to have svg and convert them to png into two different sizes (at least, one for XO and for regular desktops) techicaly, final size will be style.zoom(size)
23:45 mukesh_dce: so, Chat will cache pngs for several final sizes
23:46 mukesh_dce alsroot: how do we convert svgs to png ?
23:46 alsroot mukesh_dce: you can look to TA sources and/or ask walterbender_ on #sugar, he is TA developer
23:46 TA does the same
23:47 mukesh_dce alsroot: ok
23:48 alsroot:thanks , will catch you later ..got to sleep ..bye
23:50 mukesh_dce has left #sugar-newbies

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