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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-24

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17:34 mukul alsroot: With respect to bug 2201 relating to clipboard, I am not able to find a suitable function to measure the size of a character in pixels.
17:35 alsroot mukul: what what you've chosen, making a hack of 'W' or switching Palette class to size-by-pixels?
17:36 *what way
17:36 mukul making a hack of 'W'
17:37 alsroot mukul: what about using any_gtk_widget.create_pango_layout('W')?
17:38 to get width of one char, and calculate width-in-chars correspondingly
17:38 ..layout.get_pixel_size()[0] to get width
17:38 mukul alsroot: Won't it give different values for different screens? I was trying to implement it but since I'm new to pygtk was having some difficulty with it.
17:39 alsroot mukul: result will depend on current dpi etc., but it will be the same in the same env
17:39 mukul alsroot: Ok. I will try once more.
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18:06 shan alsroot: around ?
18:08 alsroot shan: hi
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19:48 shan alsroot, hi, sorry could not reply earlier, my net is very erratic today. Thanks for your review of SL#2164.
19:49 alsroot shan: what was the question? didn't get it
19:50 shan alsroot, oh, i had a doubt, then figured it out myself. Could you please have a look at the changes ? http://pastebin.com/8Y5rvaQQ
19:50 alsroot sees
19:56 shan: just minor issues:
19:57 shan alsroot, sure. what all ?
19:57 alsroot shan: in _downgrade_alert_response_cb better to call remove_alert() only once (which is right be meaning) at the top of method
19:58 shan: in bundleregistry.py, "if force_downgrade:" seems redundant (it could be "else")
19:58 shan: though, forgot about 1st issue
19:59 manusheel alsroot: Thank you for your continued feedback.
19:59 alsroot: Highly appreciate it.
19:59 alsroot is continuing to review..
20:00 shan: there is a probelem in _downgrade_option_alert, "'Do you want to downgrade to version" is being finished by "\", that means spaces in string
20:02 shan alsroot, sure will make change that appropriately, also, if we add remove_alert to the top of the function, then could we actually remove the logic of the cancel part?
20:02 will change*
20:03 alsroot shan: forgot about removing aletrt issue, I think you are right at the end
20:03 shan: _downgrade_install_bundle seems redundant (just move its code to invocation place)
20:04 shan: in resume(), there is no need in "version_downgrade", just call "return" in "version_downgrade = True" place
20:07 manusheel alsroot: Thank you. shan: Please make sure that we are incorporating all the changes.
20:08 shan alsroot, thank you, will be making the changes.
20:08 manusheel alsroot: Any further changes that you wish to suggest?
20:08 alsroot shan: the rest looks fine for me, after fixing make sure that all fucntionality you implemented works well and email new patch
20:08 shan alsroot: okay. :-)
21:18 alsroot: i have posted the patch could you please finally review it? Thank you.
21:19 alsroot shan: will do
21:22 manusheel alsroot: Thank you. Appreciate your continued feedback and guidance.
21:22 alsroot np
21:23 though I'll review it a bit later :) /me is seeing live video from OLPC SF, http://www.olpcsf.org/CommunitySummit2010/#remote
21:26 manusheel alsroot: Me too :-)
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