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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-23

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00:39 shan12 alsroot, there?
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11:52 anubhav <anubhav!7ab163ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
11:53 anubhav alsroot: hi
11:53 alsroot anubhav: hi
11:53 anubhav alsroot: i was working on downgrade of activity (#2164)
11:54 alsroot: i the review you mentioned about removing static variables could you provide some pointers on how to implement it
11:55 alsroot: *in
11:55 alsroot: i created a new file http://paste.ubuntu.com/518601/
11:56 alsroot anubhav: I meant this one, http://pastebin.com/dpUB76qK
12:00 anubhav alsroot: this is returning a none type item when we tried this code . actually an instance of journal activity is created which is inheriring journal_window and second time when we call the function from the misc it again initiallizes itself to none as it is not static
12:00 alsroot: could you help on how to remove this error ? thanks
12:01 alsroot anubhav: I just missed "global" statement in that example
12:02 anubhav so we can use global variables actually in the v1 of the same bug everyone was against of using a global variable
12:03 alsroot anubhav: _journal_window is private to windowclass.py, "global" is just for assigning it from JournalWindow.__init__
12:04 anubhav alsroot: ok.. thanks.. let me try this ..
12:18 alsroot: could you also provide pointers on how o make force_to_downgrade ( argument passed to resume)  as it is called from the downgrade_alert_response_cb(based on whot the response is)
12:19 alsroot anubhav: you mean get rid of it?
12:19 ..how to
12:19 anubhav alsroot:..  * to make arg. passed to resume hidden as ..
12:19 alsroot: yes
12:21 alsroot anubhav: create new (private) function that will do the 2nd part(installing bundles), and call this function from resume() if there is not need in downgrade allert and from downgrade allert callback
12:21 anubhav alsroot: ok .. will rty it out
12:21 *try
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15:41 anuragc alsroot: where can i fing the languagemodel module of python?
15:41 find*
15:43 alsroot anuragc: dunno what languagemodel is
15:44 anuragc alsroot: I found it imported in pippy_app.py in words.activity
15:51 alsroot anuragc: you can ask people who committed this code (see `git annotate`)
15:55 anuragc alsroot:sure
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16:19 mukul alsroot: I got your msg you sent wherein you meant to introduce a mathematical and logical choice for the value of the maximum text length. But how to inter-relate pixels with no. of characters?
16:19 alsroot: Reply only if you are not busy :)
16:20 alsroot mukul: you mean issue w/ long text in clipboard palette?
16:21 mukul alsroot: Yes.
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16:43 alsroot mukul: sorry, had to restart X... well can just use width of one 'W' symbol, or propose a patch to sugar-toolkit to call set_max_width_chars on setting palette caption
16:44 mukul: last option might be more useful, i.e., not only for clipboard usecase
16:45 at least /me likes more that way
16:48 though setting exact size-in-chars might be set by several iterations..
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16:49 ibansal <ibansal!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:57 alsroot mukul: at the end calculating exact size-in-char is impractical, you can either use one(eg 'W') symbol to calcualate max len in advance or patch sugar-toolkit code to use max width in pixels not in chars
17:00 mukul alsroot: I didn't get you completely.
17:00 alsroot mukul: see Palette sources how it uses text_maxlen
17:01 mukul alsroot: Do you mean to say that getting width in pixels and then dividing it by pixels taken by a character....
17:03 alsroot: It uses pango and elipsize property.
17:03 alsroot mukul: text_maxlen = (<screen_width> - <gap>) / <width_of_W>
17:04 mukul 'W' symbol width?
17:05 alsroot mukul: yup
17:06 mukul alsroot: Ok
17:06 alsroot but it is only one option, another option is switching Palette from maxwidth-in-chars to in-pixels (that would be more useful)
17:06 ..I think
17:08 mukul alsroot: I agree that will be more useful as it can be used not just for characters. But I think it will be more difficult to implement.
17:09 alsroot: Won't it be changing the existing properties .ie using pango and elipsize?
17:09 alsroot: I'm sorry if I don't make much sense.
17:11 alsroot mukul: if you disable elipsize, it will try take all space
17:12 mukul alsroot: And what does pango do?
17:13 alsroot mukul: text rendering
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