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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-10

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07:41 ayushg <ayushg!~ayushg@> has joined #sugar-newbies
07:42 ayushg manusheel: sir i m having problem with xo its not booting and giving a 'Boot failed' error message at startup
07:49 mukul is now known as mukul_afk
08:36 ayushg alsroot: the nand of my xo is showing too many bad blocks can it be fixed
08:37 alsroot: xo can't boot nor can i reflash it as there are not enough good blocks
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09:08 ayushg <ayushg!~ayushg@> has joined #sugar-newbies
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12:18 shan_ mukul: around?
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13:00 manusheel_afk is now known as manusheel
13:05 manusheel alsroot: Hi Aleksey.
13:05 Around?
13:05 alsroot manusheel: hi
13:06 manusheel alsroot: How are you doing today?
13:06 alsroot manusheel: fine, how are you
13:07 manusheel alsroot: Very well, thank you.
13:08 alsroot: Wish to ask you if you could review the patch submitted on SL #2164 by Shanjit - http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]tober/027579.html. Please let me know if you see any error in it. It has been 3+ days, and we haven't received a review on it.
13:10 alsroot manusheel: will do
13:10 manusheel alsroot: Thank you Aleksey.
14:25 ayushg <ayushg!~ayushg@> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:33 manusheel alsroot: Thanks for the feedback on the patch. Appreciate it.
14:34 alsroot manusheel: dunno was patch workflow settled down or not, but CCing maintainers could be useful in some cases :)
14:37 manusheel alsroot: Yes. We have started doing that. Not sure, whether the patch workflow has been settled or not.
14:38 alsroot: Thanks for the pointer. Aleksey, there are many of our patches that are lying on sugar-devel unreviewed.
14:38 alsroot: Should we re-send them to the maintainer, CCing sugar-devel.
14:38 alsroot manusheel: well, I'm not sure how other people will consider CCing (even if they are maints)
14:55 anuragc <anuragc!~anurag@> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:57 manusheel alsroot: Ok.
14:57 anuragc: Hi Anurag.
14:57 anuragc hell o sir
14:58 manusheel Did you get a workaround for SL 2080?
14:59 anuragc yes , i now understand the point that daniel pointed out , but nonetheless when applied practically the solution we have tried seems to improve the situation
14:59 manusheel: i will work this issue from the different and newly understood angle now
15:00 manusheel anuragc: Can you elaborate on your approach?
15:00 anuragc manusheel: but it would be great if someone else can also test the previous change on their XO
15:00 manusheel: sure
15:01 manusheel: I think modifying any thing in the icon characteristics wont solve anything
15:01 manusheel anuragc: Ok.
15:01 anuragc: Where will you be making changes then?
15:01 anuragc manusheel: as we have to counter the delay which is part of the preprocessing directive of the pulsing icon
15:02 so we need to cut on the processing on the tasks that take place just before the start of the pulsing icon
15:02 manusheel anuragc: Ok. At the code level, what does that lead to?
15:02 anuragc and if to put it in technical terma we need to check the processes(loops and conditions) that are invoked just before the function call of the pulsing icon
15:03 manusheel anuragc: Ok.
15:03 anuragc manusheel: i think i can work around this tonight and we can have a patch in a better approach
15:03 manusheel anuragc: Which methods are you planning to modify?
15:03 anuragc: Sure.
15:04 anuragc manusheel: that is the part to be determined now , i.e. which are the portions that need to be modified
15:04 manusheel: Also i got to know that the nand memory of Ayush's XO has gone bad
15:05 so his xo is not booting now
15:05 manusheel anuragc: Ok. Ask him to write an e-mail about it at devel@lists.laptop.org.
15:06 anuragc manusheel:sure
15:08 shan_ has quit IRC
16:17 manusheel anuragc: Around?
16:17 anuragc: Let us discuss the final action plan on SL 2080 now.
16:18 anuragc manusheel: yes , sure
16:18 manusheel anuragc: Are you ready with your analysis?
16:19 anuragc manusheel: i was now working in the launchey.py in jarabe.view because it is where the animator.py is imported and the function is called for setting up the pulsing icon .py
16:21 manssheel: so i think that i have tp make the changes in this file to get it done in the right way , i cant see any  sort of memory heavy task being done in this part of the code , by memory heavy i will count caclulations or recursive function calls
16:21 but our only lead to solve this bug is to reduce the memory usage just before the pulsing icon starts
16:23 manusheel anuragc: Ok.
16:23 anuragc: Did you get an idea on how to do that?
16:23 anuragc: Also, did you have a word with Bernie on it?
16:24 anuragc well , my idead was to lower the recursions or calculation that we find in this pre operation part but there is no such operation that was present there
16:24 well last time i had a word with him he was also clueless at this matter and whatsoever our last patch was madde incorporating his ideas only
16:25 i would be back in 15 mins . Going to have dinner
16:25 manusheel anuragc: Ok. I just pinged him. Please be back in 15 minutes.
16:26 anuragc: Join our conversation at #sugar.
16:26 ayushg: Did you go through the patch for SL 2064?
16:27 ayushg manusheel: sir do u mean 2164
16:29 manusheel ayushg: Yes, did you look at both 2164 and 2080?
16:30 ayushg manusheel:sir i looked at 2080 in jhbuild but nothing significant is observed
16:30 manusheel:i forgot to look at 2164
16:33 manusheel:i will look at it ryt now
16:33 anuragc has quit IRC
16:33 anuragc <anuragc!~anurag@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:34 anuragc manusheel: sir i am back , lets continue our discussion
16:34 manusheel anuragc: Sure.
16:35 anuragc manusheel: so i was saying that , i my opinion the only points in a program that are processor intensive are where we do calculations or where we do repititive tasks like recursions
16:36 manusheel anuragc: Ok. That is agreed. But, we do need to find the functions for the same.
16:36 anuragc: Let us try to dig a solution out.
16:36 anuragc manusheel: because they are the only points where the load could be reduced by taking alternative paths , at other points any reduction would come at cost of a feature that we dont want
16:38 manusheel: because if we look at class launchbox and function __init__() we can see that it is the point where the launch process starts
16:39 manusheel : above class is to be found in jarabe.view.launcher.py
16:41 manusheel anuragc: Right. But, how do we take care of the starting frame?
16:42 anuragc: Daniel clearly mentioned that the starting frame was not taken into consideration/
16:44 anuragc manusheel: actually what i found out is that here the process starts like a cycle of pulsein and pulse out, and continues in this cyclic order and tahts why we cant partcularly point out the starting frame , we have to take care of the things just before the commencement of the animation , that is the only way to take care of the starting frame as , here we have only two frames that repeat in an cylic order one after another
16:45 manusheel: that is the reason we were working out in the calculations pertaining to those two frames
16:45 manusheel: in the last patch
16:47 manusheel: since modifying any frame wont work , because here our situation is like this A B A B A B A B A   where A and B are our two frames in the cyclic order , so if we change any thing in A then it affects the whole cycle and If we change any thing in the mid cyle that will affect the start too
16:48 shan12 <shan12!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:51 manusheel anuragc: Can you reply back to Daniel and copy sugar-devel on it?
16:52 anuragc anuragc: sure i plan on doing so
16:52 manusheel anuragc: I do get your analysis. We should explain what we were trying to do, and ask if there is a better approach for the same.
16:52 anuragc anuragc: yes ,sure
16:53 manusheel anuragc: Do copy James Cameron on it too. Kindly send me the e-mail for review before sending this one to sugar-devel. Wish to make sure that we are very clear on our explanation. We need to explain in detail.
16:53 shan12 has quit IRC
17:01 ayushg manusheel: sir i hv applied the patch submitted by shan on my jhbuild but it doesn't seems to be working
17:03 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
17:08 anuragc manusheel: sir i have sent you the mail that i intent to send to james , daniel and suar-devel
17:08 sugar*
17:18 ayushg mukul: hi
17:18 mukul ayushg: hi
17:24 shan12 <shan12!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:25 ayushg mukul: let's get started on 2063
17:26 mukul: i was talking about it to manusheel sir
17:26 mukul: he sugested it needs to be implemented on API level
17:27 mukul: coz a process as such will require itself to be continously running and independent from other processes
17:27 mukul: i suggest that we create it using pygtk rather than relying on alert classes
17:34 ayush_ <ayush_!~ayushg@> has joined #sugar-newbies
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17:38 ayush_ is now known as ayushg
17:41 ayushg alsroot: hi
17:41 mukul ayushg: That is fine. Raising alerts is the 2nd part. First we need to concentrate on something that helps us read the logs.
17:41 alsroot ayushg: hi
17:43 ayushg alsroot: is there a way using which we can access every new line being outputted to shell.log in programming
17:45 alsroot ayushg: you mean reading shell.log content?
17:47 ayushg ayush:yeah
17:47 alsroot: yes
17:47 alsroot ayushg: you file object, http://docs.python.org/library[…]html#file-objects
17:47 *use
17:48 ayushg alsroot: is there any other way of using it besides file handling
17:49 alsroot ayushg: shell.log is just a file, so you can read it as any other files
17:50 ayushg alsroot: ok
17:51 mukul shan12: Are you done with your packaging?
17:52 anuragc alsroot: hello
17:53 alsroot anuragc: hi
17:53 shan12 mukul, nope.have some problem with that. will talk about it tommorow
17:54 mukul shan12:  Ok. I recommend you to go through the procedure I had mailed. It has been simplified to save time.
17:54 shan12 mukul, okay. i did that. still have some problem. will call up and ask you tommorow
17:54 mukul shan12: ok
17:56 anuragc alsroot: i was working on bug #2080 (Pulsing icon delayed by 5 seconds or so) , i also submitted a patch for this , But i have some problems regarding this bug which i have pastebinned at http://pastebin.com/x6U6jM1y
17:56 alsroot: can you please have a look at it and provide me some tips
18:01 alsroot anuragc: it could be not trivial to "fix", because proper fix might be reimplementing pulse algorithm
18:01 ..to decrease cpu consumption
18:04 anuragc alsroot: true, i tried fixing the pulsing mechanism in my first patch but however the delay is caused by load on processor  ude to processes that are running before the start of the pulsing icon so i recieved poinetrs on my patch to take care of things happening before the first frame of animation appear because after that any change wont affect the preceding delay
18:04 mukul alsroot: How are exceptions reported in logs.... as ERROR...?
18:06 alsroot mukul: use logging.error()
18:06 mukul alsroot: Thanks
18:09 shan12 alsroot, hi around?
18:09 alsroot shan12: yup
18:10 shan12 alsroot, hi, thanks for the review on my patch. there are a few things which i would be requiring pointers for.
18:10 alsroot anuragc: sorry, I have no ideas
18:11 shan12 firstly, i don't see how i can implement the alert notification inside misc.py . I mean since there isn't gtk used anywhere there, there is no way of introducing it
18:12 there is no window, in misc.py . So no way to introduce the alert icon there.
18:13 alsroot shan12: use journalactivity.get_journal() to get journal instance
18:16 shan12 alsroot, but journalactivity.py imports misc.py. Not the other way round.
18:21 anuragc alsroot: no problem, Appreciate your pointers
18:23 alsroot shan12: well, in my mind having code in every misc.resume() invocation will be less useful rather then fixing import issue
18:34 shan12 alsroot, i could not get you . fixing the import issue? there seems no reason to do that. journalactivity.py has to import misc.py , to actually launch any activity, and changing that would require a big effort
18:36 alsroot shan12: not sure if adding an alert to 10 place in code sounds less efforts
18:40 shan12 alsroot, do correct me if i am wrong. Shouldn't all alerts to be displayed in journal activity be put into journalactivity.py ? The reason for this being it is the final window displaying to the user
18:40 alsroot shan12: yup
18:41 shan12 alsroot, and that is what i have tried to implement.
18:43 alsroot shan12: the simplest way could be just passing journalactivity object to misc.resume
18:44 ..but maybe not so useful way
18:50 shan12: btw there are 6 misc.resume() invocations in the journal code
18:54 shan12 alsroot, yes, are you thinking of importing journalactivity to misc.p/y
18:54 misc.py?
18:56 alsroot shan12: nope, misc could have something like set_alert_window() method to store window object for later usage and add_alert() to raise an alert in journal
19:03 shan12: or better, implement activitywindow.py with parent window class and implement activitywindow.add_alert() that will use privetly stored activity object to popup an alert
19:03 s/activity object/window object/
19:06 shan12 alsroot, okay, having a look at possible solutions
19:31 mukul is now known as mukul_afk
19:38 anuragc has quit IRC
20:12 shan12 alsroot, don't you think the pointer provided by you is almost similar to what the patch tries to implement? The only difference being that journalactivity import a window from misc.py now, whereas earlier it was just checking the values(checked & checker) in misc.py and based on them showing the alert.
20:17 alsroot shan12: the difference is that the logic scattered between misc.resume and misc() invocation (not all)
20:17 ..in your patch
20:19 shan12: btw, if I got it right, patch covers only one usecase (from list journal), there are at least two files that invoke misc.resume()
20:24 shan12 the other is favouritesview.py.
20:25 alsroot shan12: expandedentry.py and palettes.py
20:30 tabs <tabs!~Tabitha@> has joined #sugar-newbies
20:35 shan12 alsroot, what if in misc.resume, if a signal be emitted? and that be caught by journal activity ?, and that signal could activate the alert box code? just a suggestion.
20:40 alsroot shan12: but you don't have an object to emit event for, so you need to pass the activity or create "resume" signal for activity or create Activity.resume() instead of misc.resume
20:41 shan12: maybe, at the end, create JournalActivity.resume() will be most useful
21:00 shan12 alsroot, could you please explain what part of the code would JournalActivity.resume will execute ?
21:01 alsroot shan12: just moving misc.resume to JournalActivity.resume, so you will have a window to add alert
21:09 ayushg has quit IRC
21:11 shan12 okay, got it. So, basically , since misc.resume is used at almost every other place, we will basically limiting ourselves only to a limited part by calling JournalActivity.resume and not misc.resume. correct?
21:11 be limiting*
21:12 alsroot, okay, got it. So, basically , since misc.resume is used at almost every other place, we will basically limiting ourselves only to a limited part by calling JournalActivity.resume and not misc.resume. correct?
21:13 alsroot shan12: the rest of code will just call get_journal().resume instead of misc.resume
21:19 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@209-6-218-51.c3-0.nwt-ubr1​.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-newbies
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21:53 shan12 <shan12!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
21:55 shan12 alsroot, here's what i am trying to do. in listview.py on clicking an icon. control is transferred to get_journal.resume , instead of misc.resume. get_journal.resume has same implementation as of misc.resume
21:57 alsroot, sounds good?
21:59 alsroot shan12: there are more places where misc.resume is used (including out-of-journal code)
21:59 ..not only listview.py
22:00 shan12 alsroot,  yes , so i am assuming there too a change from misc.resume --> get_journal.resume will be required.
22:02 alsroot shan12: ok then
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