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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-09

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14:18 ayushg <ayushg!~ayushg@> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:19 manusheel ayushg: Hi Ayush.
14:19 Around?
14:19 ayushg manusheel:hello sir
14:20 manusheel ayushg: How has been the progress on SL 2063?
14:22 ayushg manusheel: i talked abt it to mukul.
14:22 manusheel: We worked out an idea of how to proceed on it
14:28 manusheel: In ubuntu i think there is a process d-bus which relays a message each time there is a notification
14:29 manusheel: do we hv anything like that in sugar
14:31 manusheel: coz what we need here is a process which continously evaluates if any exception is being raised so it must be a process which is run continously and independently
14:47 manusheel ayushg: Right.
14:47 ayushg: You need to do this at the API level.
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15:19 ayushg <ayushg!~ayushg@> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:22 shan <shan!7aa3e8c3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:23 shan ayushg: hi
15:23 ayushg shan: hi shan
15:25 shan ayushg: i am actually trying to make a package. however when installing the prerequistes, a blue screen comes up, with the heading Package Configuration. I am kind of stuck there.
15:26 ayushg shan: i hvnt dealt with anything like this can u explain more
15:26 shan: i mean the blue screen
15:28 shan ayushg: i tried the debuild -S -sa command, after doing everything in the previous steps. now since i did not have devscripts installed, when i try installing that using the usual command this blue screen pops up.
15:30 http://www.dushare.com#1589b
15:30 ayushg: thats a screen shot
15:31 ayushg shan:the link u sent isn't working
15:32 shan ayushg: lets try again
15:32 http://www.dushare.com#f6e48
15:35 ayushg shan: did u tried clicking ok
15:36 shan ayushg: yes i tried. nothing happens
15:37 ayushg shan: No configuration option seems suitable
15:37 shan: try using page down or down arrow seems like there might be something else below
15:38 shan the screen shot is of the last line
15:38 the first line reads please select the mail configuration type that best meets your need
15:39 ayushg there shud be some selecting button try tab key
15:41 shan okay, !! thanks worked
15:42 ayushg shan: is ur patch on #2164 complete
15:43 shan yes
15:43 i submitted it for a review
15:43 not got any response till now
15:44 ayushg shan: gud can u mail it to me too coz i was working on it too but cudn't complete it
15:45 shan: may be i can take some pointers from it
15:45 shan: my id is perfectayush@gmail.com
15:45 shan okay
15:46 cuilyahoo would be me
15:46 ayushg ok
15:49 shan: thanks
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19:07 shan <shan!73f01f38@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
19:26 manusheel shan: Hi Shan.
19:26 shan manusheel: hello sir.
19:27 manusheel shan: Did you analyze Daniel's review on SL 2063?
19:28 Sorry, review for SL 2080.
19:29 shan manusheel: i am planning to have a word with anurag sir about the issue. will be writing to him.
19:30 manusheel shan: Ok. And, how is the activity packaging coming along?
19:31 shan going through the tutorial and the links given. will be ready by post lunch tommorow. Planing to study some signals and systems too,
19:31 would 3 pm be fine?
19:34 manusheel shan: Sure.
19:34 That will be good.
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19:57 timClicks <timClicks!~tim@219-89-80-120.adsl.xtra.co.nz> has joined #sugar-newbies
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