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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-08

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16:59 shan mukul, hey ! :)
16:59 mukul shan: hi
16:59 shan: Can you send me documentation for submitting patches at sugar-devel?
17:01 shan: Around?
17:03 ayushg shan:u submitted a patch on #2164
17:03 mukul shan: Leave it. I got it :)
17:04 ayushg shan:did it worked?
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17:05 ayushg mukul:hi
17:06 mukul ayushg: hi
17:08 ayushg mukul:u were workin on 2063 need any help on that
17:33 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:42 mukul ayushg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/507453/ This is how I was going to implement 2063
17:45 ayushg: However, the problem that I now face is that import logging statement doesn't import the logging.py in pylint/checkers. Instead logging is imported from the standard library. Therefore,any changes that I make in logging.py in pylint.checkers is not reflected. Yes, the file is not sugar related and thus, we will have to figure out some other way for the problem
17:48 ayushg mukul:can u tell me waht specifically bug means when it means unhandle python exception
17:49 mukul:does it means every exception raised or some specific ones
17:50 mukul:of course programming is done such that when exceptions are raised
17:50 anuragc well mukul wont it better to import pylint.checkers.logging
17:50 then it will import the file you want
17:50 ayushg mukul:they r handled so as to provide an alterntive route
17:51 mukul ayushg: I guess every. If we look at the comments we get to know that it is also talking of all the errors which get logged but user doesn't get any feedback.
17:51 ayushg mukul:ok
17:52 mukul ayushg, anuragc : Yes, I have tried that but it doesn't work because everyfile imports logging and uses functions like logging.error etc which are present in the standard library.
17:52 anuragc ok
17:52 mukul pylint.checkers.logging is not being used at all. I wonder why it is present there. Moreover it is also not part of sugar code.
17:53 anuragc mukul: apart from the import obstacle what is in our way presently?
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17:53 mukul We will have to find out an alternative way.
17:54 ayushg mukul:a gud way to implement this can be in my opinion creating a function which reads everything that is being dumped shell.log file and if any exception is raised it prints an error for that
17:54 mukul anuragc: If the logging was being imported from the file I mentioned then according to me, the code should have worked. But since we can't import that. We will have to use another approach/
17:56 ayushg mukul:coz not all exceptions raised are unhandled and only those which are unhandled get logged
17:57 mukul ayushg: seems a good one but I guess it is not very easy to implement. Moreover to raise an alert we also need a gui file.
17:58 ayushg mukul:so a way to implement can be to look for traceback encounter in shell.log which are generally followed by an exception raised statement
17:59 mukul: regarding the alert can u send tell me that besides creating the function def for alert what else needs to be done to view it
18:00 mukul: i was creating an alert but despite various efforts i m unable to even view it
18:00 can u send me a patch of yours or something so i can understand how to create an alert properly
18:01 mukul ayushg: The alert functions defined in the sugar.graphics.alert can be used in only those files which are GUI based. Not all files can be used to raise an alert.
18:01 anuragc ayushg: for that you need to learn a bit of pygtk to get it up running
18:01 ayushg mukul:and how can u differentiate those files
18:02 mukul ayushg: ok. sure
18:02 ayushg: grep for "def add_alert(" and you will get to know
18:03 ayushg ok
18:04 mukul ayushg: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/027168.html
18:05 ayushg: By the way, in which file are you trying to raise an alert?
18:06 ayushg mukul: it seems like to connect an alert created to some function requires some connecting to actions using pygtk
18:06 mukul ayushg: yes
18:06 ayushg mukul:in journalactivity.py
18:07 mukul ayushg: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Sugar.graphics.alert
18:07 ayushg: This might help. Which bug ?
18:07 ayushg mukul: i was on #2164
18:08 mukul ayushg: This bug has been solved
18:09 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:14 ayushg mukul:thanks for the wiki page all this time i was looking at epydocs and sphinx documentation but this pictorial presentation seems more helpful to understand alert
18:15 mukul ayushg: :)   It is not that tough. I think you applied some extra brains which was not required
18:16 ayushg mukul: it seems like that thanks
18:16 mukul: i will read it
18:19 mukul: for 2063 do u hv any idea or pointers coz i m totally new to this bug and can u explain what u hv worked so far
18:20 mukul ayushg: Whatever I had worked was on the pastebin page I had sent earlier. From what I have learnt through the comments and description, I will tell you that.
18:21 ayushg mukul: ok
18:24 mukul ayushg: If any error occurs in sugar, the user has not clue whatsoever as nothing gets displayed to him. However, the error gets logged in shell.log. Therefore, what we want here is that if any error occurs, the user gets a feedback alert saying "The operation you requested could not be completed. Please check the logviewer activity for details." However, I recommend you to read the bug with comments atleast once as I m
18:24 ay have missed out on some pointers.
18:26 ayushg: Also, in the title it says unhandled python exceptions whereas in the comments , I interpreted that they were talking of all errors/exceptions that come up. Please clarify if I had misinterpreted.
18:26 ayushg mukul: actually exceptions are raised so that they can be handled
18:27 mukul: if they are unhandled then only it gets logged
18:27 mukul ayushg: Ok
18:28 ayushg: They are just not talking of the exceptions, they are also talking of the errors and warnings.
18:29 ayushg mukul: so if we will be using a try: except: kind of block we may capture an exception
18:29 mukul: it should be worked like this:
18:30 mukul: capture every line going in shell.log
18:30 mukul ayushg: Ok but there are too many exceptions to deal with
18:31 ayushg mukul: if u encounter words 'exception','warning'or'error' point that u need to look at logviewer
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20:38 mulawa1 <mulawa1!~Peter@CPE-124-185-139-114.lns10.cha.bigpond.net.au> has joined #sugar-newbies
20:41 mulawa1 I'm trying to use $SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT in my activity python program but os.environ.get('$SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT') returns None - help!
20:42 PS I'm using SoaS v3
20:44 dfarning alsroot, ^^ :) mulawa1 in the future when you have sugar-newbie questions please ping alsroot to get his attention.
20:45 mulawa1 ty - do I simply type 'ping alsroot' ?
20:46 dfarning mulawa1, to get someones attention just type their user name somewhere in the question.   Their computer will beep.
20:47 mulawa1 could you demo for me? I've just turned my sound up!
20:47 dfarning mulawa1, some times it take people a while to answer... so please leave your irc client running.
20:51 alsroot mulawa1: you dont need to use "$" in os.environ.get()
20:51 mulawa1: just os.environ.get('SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT')
20:52 mulawa1 ty - trying now
20:53 works fine - thx heaps!
20:54 alsroot yw
20:54 mulawa1 regards "getting attention" (I'm new to IRC) - should I hear a beep when you use my name?
20:55 alsroot mulawa1: it depends on your IRC client, for me it just write an info message to status bar
20:55 dfarning mulawa1, yes if your irc client is set up correctly it will beep
20:56 mulawa1 I'm using Pidgin but not hearing any beeps.
20:56 Sounds are enabled - I checked
20:56 dfarning mulawa1, sorry I don't know anything about pidgen:(
20:57 mulawa1 I'm open to suggestions :)
20:57 alsroot mulawa1: pidgin might blink by its icon in system tray, though I use weechat, dunnot much about how pidgin works
20:58 mulawa1 thx - will look at weechat
20:58 and ... how to you get my name at the start of yr reply? - I'm sure you don't type it each time :)
20:59 dfarning mulawa1, first couple followed by tab
20:59 letters ^^
20:59 mulawa1 dfarning: like this :)
20:59 dfarning mulawa1, +1
21:00 mulawa1 alsroot & dfarning: thx to you both :)
21:00 dfarning mulawa1, YW
21:00 mulawa1 I'm sure I'll be back soon with more noob Q's
21:01 dfarning mulawa1, great.
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