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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-07

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00:02 shan alsroot, hi , i found the file, it was located in misc.py , i have also added everything except the last part, how to get the alert to be displayed at the moment when the user clicks the .xo  link ? could you please provide pointers?
00:02 file was misc.py in journal
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00:07 shan alsroot, hi around?
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15:04 manusheel ayushg: Hi Ayush.
15:04 Around?
15:04 ayushg manusheel:Hello sir
15:07 manusheel ayushg: Ayush, did you get a chance to look at me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/507453/
15:07 12:22 AM
15:07 I have tried to explain the problem I am facing in the pastebin. Wish if you could review the same. According to me, the changes that I have made are correct but I am not able to figure out how logging.py has to be imported and the file which is being imported now, where is it located. How can I make changes in that particular file.
15:08 ayushg: This message is by Mukul ^^
15:08 ayushg: Can you kindly review it, and get back to me?
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15:09 ayushg manusheel: sure sir
15:14 manusheel ayushg: The issue number is SL http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2063
15:14 ayushg: Kindly go through it, and let me know your feedback.
15:15 ayushg: Between, did you go through http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2206?
15:19 ayushg manusheel:sure sir
15:19 manusheel:i will look into these
15:19 manusheel:also can u tell me if #2164 has been solved
15:20 manusheel ayushg: Sure. SL 2164 has not been solved completely yet. There seems to be an issue as I see with the patch.
15:20 Can you apply and review it?
15:21 ayushg manusheel:actually i was working on it on my own
15:21 manusheel When we click on OK for choosing downgrade in alert box, it should not ask us to click on xo package.
15:21 ayushg: Great. Where did we reach in that issue?
15:22 ayushg manusheel:nd will complete most probably in an hour if any problem doesn't crops up
15:22 manusheel:if it doesn't work i will look into the patch that has been submitted
15:23 manusheel ayushg: Sure.
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