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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-04

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13:53 dipankar wonders why everybody is afk :P
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14:31 dipankar dfarning, hi, around?
14:40 anuragc alsroot: around?
14:40 alsroot anuragc: hi
14:40 anuragc alsroot: hello, Can you tell me if gtk.main() is always required in a program to make gtk actions work?
14:41 alsroot anuragc: yup, it start event processing loop
14:42 anuragc anuragc: but recently i ran into a sort of error , ie (although it never happened before)  but programs involving gtk are run even without gtk.main
14:43 alsroot anuragc: gtk.main starts glib mail loop, you can start it directly
14:43 s/mail/main/
14:44 anuragc i am pasting  a snip at pastebin can you please check that out and let me in on some pointers/
14:46 alsroot
14:46 alsroot: http://pastebin.com/M8jkmahd
14:47 alsroot anuragc: is it the only code in your gtk app?
14:47 if it is it shouldn't work w/o gtk_main
14:47 anuragc yes it is
14:47 strange it never worked before but today its working
14:48 alsroot: apart from that do you think there could be a better option to call the shutdown function?
14:48 better way*
14:50 alsroot anuragc: not sure how pastebined code is intended to work, update_cur() exits right after set_cursor()
14:50 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@dhcp-18-111-14-101.dyn.mit.edu> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:50 anuragc well its regarding bug #2151
14:51 the issue in which we need to change cursor to busy cursor right after clicking on the shutdown button
14:51 alsroot anuragc: code you pasterbined never calls session_manager.shutdown(), it just exits after set_cursor()
14:52 anuragc: also there is a mess w/ glib.timeout_add and glib.idle_add, I guess you need only of of them
14:52 anuragc but it seems to call shutdown because other wise after clicking the shutdown system would never shut but it does
14:53 and true glib.timeout is not needed
14:53 only glib.idle is needed to make the shutdown process possible
14:53 it calls the shut () when pygtk is idle
14:54 alsroot anuragc: it never reach glib.idle becaus of "return False"
14:54 anuragc: also better to use gobject instead of glib
14:55 anuragc ok , thats a nice pointer
14:56 but how do you think then my system is shutting down properly even after this wrong bit of coding? I am a bit confused...
14:57 alsroot has not ideas
14:57 anuragc: could you pastebin new, cleaned, code
14:58 anuragc yes sure
14:59 this is the new code and is workin properly on my system, Please suggest some pointers.   http://pastebin.com/Vqx48aPW
15:02 alsroot anuragc: "self,menu_item" seems redundant
15:02 anuragc: why you are invoking "gtk.main()", it is already called on sugar startup
15:03 anuragc: also you forgot to use gobject instead of glib
15:03 anuragc alsroot: then you mean to say i wont need gtk.amin to run this script?
15:03 and yes i will use gobejt
15:03 sry frgot..
15:04 ayushg <ayushg!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:04 alsroot anuragc: nothing will happen w/o gtk_main, so it was called on sugar startup (otherwise you never reach __shutdown_activate_cb)
15:05 anuragc then i think we will need gtk.main()  , sry im a bit new to gtk
15:06 alsroot anuragc: we have it, on sugar startup
15:06 anuragc because removing gtk.main stops the cursor from changing onto busy cursor
15:07 alsroot anuragc: what current code does(w/ gtk_main) is starting new (nested) main loop, so sugar never stops (because assume that there is only one main loop)
15:08 anuragc ok I got it, and it solved my first question of the day too, when my code warking even without gtk.main
15:08 alsroot anuragc: http://library.gnome.org/devel[…].html#Description
15:08 anuragc thanks
15:09 dipankar alsroot, hi
15:09 free?
15:09 alsroot anuragc: I means  http://library.gnome.org/devel[…].html#Description
15:09 *meant
15:09 dipankar: sure
15:09 anuragc thanks , anyways your pointer cleared my doubts
15:10 dipankar alsroot, I am still on the jabber_server related task. :)
15:10 alsroot, I specifically working on this : http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]-July/025739.html
15:10 alsroot, The patch being referred here is : http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/atta[…]_server_url.patch
15:12 alsroot dipankar: whats the problem?
15:15 dipankar_ <dipankar_!~dipankar@> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:15 dipankar_ alsroot, sorry about that, got d/c
15:16 alsroot, the second case is: what if I enter an invalid address or a blank in settings->network->server?
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15:18 alsroot dipankar: whats the problem w/ wrong url? it should just return en error
15:19 dipankar alsroot, ok. thats working too. :P It just crossed my mind, if user leaves the text-box blank, we can set the jabber_server to default "schoolserver"
15:21 alsroot dipankar: but why not using only jabber server (and do not complicate user experinece) eg sugar might popup an alert on empty jabber server
15:21 dipankar: btw REGISTER_URL seems redundant in that case
15:22 dipankar alsroot, yeah, actually, we want to get rid of REGISTER_URL
15:22 alsroot, thats what the sl #1976 is about. remove the hardcoding
15:26 is away: Away
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15:36 dipankar is away: Away
15:36 is back (gone 00:00:06)
15:36 alsroot, did I miss anything? damn internet!
15:38 alsroot dipankar: nope, I guess
15:40 dipankar alsroot, it might be annoying for you :(, but what does this mean:
15:40 def have_ofw_tree():
15:40    return os.path.exists('/ofw')
15:43 alsroot dipankar: np, I guess XO has this path, it is just checking is sugar on XO
15:43 dipankar alsroot, ohk. thanks.
15:44 is off for dinner
15:44 alsroot, see you soon
15:44 :D
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