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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-03

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14:28 dipankar alsroot, hi
14:28 alsroot dipankar: hi
14:29 dipankar alsroot, I am working on this bug: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1976
14:29 alsroot, Its related to the jabber server not being changed through control panel
14:30 alsroot, I found the file for control panel at: cpsection/network/
14:30 model.py and view.py
14:32 alsroot, how can I cross-check that the gconf value is _really_ being changed by Control Panel or not?
14:33 *gconf value -> /desktop/sugar/collaboration/jabber_server
14:33 alsroot dipankar: read gconf value directly eg via gcontool command
14:38 dipankar alsroot, this is strange... although I changed the server from jabber.sugarlabs.org to jabber.laptop.org, the gconf value didnot change
14:39 alsroot, whats even strange is that the server in control panel shows "jabber.laptop.org"!
14:40 alsroot dipankar: use `sugar-control-panel -g jabber` then
14:41 dipankar alsroot, whats the above command for?
14:41 alsroot dipankar: retrun jabber server
14:42 dipankar alsroot, I am encountering an error
14:43 alsroot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/505150/
14:43 alsroot dipankar: whats the error
14:44 dipankar: skip this error, just use last line
14:45 dipankar alsroot, ok. Still the same
14:45 alsroot, can you please open this file: sugar/extensions/cpsection/network/model.py and view.py
14:45 ?
14:46 Have some doubts
14:46 alsroot dipankar: whats the problem
14:48 dipankar alsroot, if i got this correct, in view.py, from line 162 onwards, if i change the server, then it should prompt for restart, right?
14:50 alsroot dipankar: look where 'jabber' might be added to self.restart_alerts, it happens on on erros while setting jabber server
14:51 dipankar alsroot, just a minute, checking...
14:54 alsroot, found. in the same file, line 241
15:03 alsroot dipankar: yup
15:04 dipankar: btw if it doesn't set jabber server, look for errors in shell.log
15:05 dipankar alsroot, checked that. No errors in shell.log
15:06 alsroot dipankar: well sugar doesn't make magic, it doesn't work there is an error somewhere
15:06 s/it/if/
15:07 dipankar alsroot, :) agreed
15:07 alsroot, how about telepathy-gabble?
15:08 alsroot dipankar: but in your case it doesn't setup even gconf value?
15:08 dipankar alsroot, yes
15:09 I mean "no, It doesn't set the gconf value"
15:09 alsroot dipankar: add debug output before "client.set_string" to check if sugar really sets gconf value(and what values and how many times)
15:09 dipankar alsroot, ok, doing it
15:14 alsroot, added at line 244:
15:14 logging.info('Jabber set to %s', widget.get_text())
15:14            self._jabber_valid = True
15:14            self._jabber_alert.hide()
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15:17 dipankar alsroot, ohk. That code is reachable
15:17 * changed logging.info to logging.error
15:19 alsroot dipankar: and gconftool still returns wrong value?
15:19 dipankar alsroot, yes it is still not chnaged
15:21 alsroot dipankar: you are using the same gconf for usgar and gconftool, it sounds like either goncf fail or misconfigured env
15:21 ..if you
15:22 dipankar alsroot, how can I check that same gconf is being used for both sugar and gconftool?
15:23 alsroot, also how can it be misconfigured env :P. I haven't changed anything in the env code.
15:23 alsroot dipankar: are you using sugar-emulator?
15:23 dipankar alsroot, yes
15:24 alsroot dipankar: just start it w/o any jhbuild?
15:25 dipankar alsroot, I am running it w/o jhbuild only
15:27 alsroot dipankar: then no ideas... it sugar doesn't log errors
15:27 s/it/if
15:27 dipankar: you can try to set goncf value and check if CP shows it
15:27 ..set via gconftool
15:27 dipankar alsroot, just a sec.
15:31 alsroot, the value changes in emulator if I change it manually by gconftool-2
15:32 but not vice-versa
15:39 alsroot got the same
15:39 dipankar alsroot, +1
15:39 alsroot,  so there is some problem in setting the gconf value itself
15:40 alsroot, I will be back after dinner
15:40 is away: Away
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17:13 dipankar alsroot, around? I am back
17:14 alsroot dipankar: the problem w/ gconf was that there were two gconf daemons, just run gcontool from sugar-emulator to use the same gconf daemon that sugar uses
17:15 dipankar alsroot, sorry did not get you. You want me to run gconftool from terminal inside sugar-emulator?
17:16 alsroot dipankar: yup
17:16 dipankar alsroot, just a sec
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17:18 dipankar alsroot, ok. Its working now.
17:18 alsroot, how did you figure this out?
17:19 -- just curious to know
17:19 alsroot dipankar: `ps aux | grep gconf`
17:21 dipankar alsroot, o/p is:
17:21 dipankar@dipankar-laptop:~$ ps aux | grep gconf
17:21 dipankar  1179  0.0  0.2   7580  4308 ?        S    22:39   0:00 /usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfd-2
17:21 dipankar  1219  0.0  0.1  10748  2996 ?        S    22:39   0:00 /usr/lib/pulseaudio/pulse/gconf-helper
17:21 dipankar  1718  0.0  0.2   7512  4232 ?        S    22:46   0:00 /usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfd-2
17:21 dipankar  1939  0.0  0.0   3324   868 pts/1    S+   22:50   0:00 grep --color=auto gconf
17:21 alsroot, so we have to instances: 1179 and 1718 ?
17:21 alsroot dipankar: yup
17:23 dipankar alsroot, thanks for the explanation :)
17:24 alsroot, so is this is a new bug I guess, or shall I add it to #1976?
17:24 manusheel, around?
17:25 alsroot dipankar: it is not a bug, just gconf behaviour
17:25 dipankar alsroot, Then this will not make any process work for Sugar on Ubuntu (setting gconf property)
17:26 * The whole purpose of storing and retrieving settings may not work.
17:26 alsroot dipankar: why, it works well within sugar-emulator session
17:27 dipankar alsroot, aah. ok... got it
17:29 alsroot, so for this bug http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1976; I just need to modify the schoolserver.py, right?
17:31 alsroot dipankar: dunno, better to talk w/ people who develop/support schoolserver, btw there is already ML thread, you need to discuss this bug there
17:33 dipankar alsroot, thanks again for all the help. :)
17:33 alsroot yw
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