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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-29

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00:03 mulawa1 all seemed to go ok - new version in place - http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]/sugar/addon/4331
00:04 all I need now is more testers - any suggestions on how to find them?
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11:22 dipankar alsroot, ping
11:22 alsroot dipankar: hi
11:27 dipankar alsroot, brb in five
11:29 alsroot, I am working on this bug http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2152
11:29 alsroot, I want to view the code of 'About Me', where the text box takes entry
11:31 I tried grep -r 'About Me' /usr/shared/
11:31 alsroot dipankar: see aboutme CP component
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11:53 dipankar alsroot, with the same bug http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2152
11:54 alsroot, I am thinking of adding re.sub(r':', '_', .. ) in the aboutme CP component
11:54 file : model.py
11:54 alsroot, will this work?
11:56 alsroot dipankar: the fix for this bug could be too invasive in case of user experience, I think it would be more useful to discuss it in sugar-devel@
11:57 dipankar: btw we could already have nicks w/ wrong symbols in the field
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12:34 dipankar alsroot, I didn't get the above statement ^^
12:35 alsroot dipankar: if you add checking for wrong symbols on entering new nick you will skip already existed ones
12:36 dipankar alsroot, then how about putting a check for first time entry too?
12:37 alsroot dipankar: you mean add check for already existed nicks on sugar startup?
12:38 dipankar alsroot, that can be done, but what I meant was to add a check for first time boot of XO...
12:40 alsroot dipankar: well, it could not so obvious if already created nick will be changed from some time, I meant exactly something like this when talked about discussing it more widely on sugar-devel@
12:41 dipankar alsroot, ok, but where can I find the file where nick have been stored? from /desktop/sugar/user/nick ?
12:42 alsroot dipankar: just grep for "sugar.user.nick" :)
12:43 dipankar alsroot, ok :)
12:55 alsroot, the search is taking awful long time, can you give me a hint please :)
12:55 ?
12:57 alsroot dipankar: sugar/extensions/cpsection​/aboutme/model.py:set_nick
12:57 dipankar: btw where you are looking, sugar is just a bunch of .py files
12:57 dipankar alsroot, I am looking for where the nick is stored (So that the already wrong nick can be modified)
12:58 the command I used is : grep -r 'sugar.user.nick' /usr/shared/
12:59 alsroot dipankar: "/usr/shared/", you are very patient then :)
12:59 dipankar: just grep within close sugar repo
12:59 s/closed/cloned/
13:00 dipankar alsroot, ohk
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13:10 dipankar alsroot, sorry got d/c
13:10 my message:
13:10 <dipankar> alsroot, I found this:
13:10 <dipankar> /home/dipankar/test-s/mainline/exte​nsions/cpsection/aboutme/model.py:    client.set_string("/desktop/sugar/user/nick", nick)
13:10 <dipankar> but still, I cannot find this path , /desktop/sugar/user/nick
13:10 <dipankar> alsroot, the only close place I could reach is : ~/.sugar/default/gconf/desktop/sugar/user
13:10 <dipankar> but couldn't find nick
13:11 is away: Be Right Back
13:11 is back (gone 00:00:01)
13:11 alsroot dipankar: "client.set_string("/desktop/sugar/user/nick", nick)" is what you need
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13:13 dipankar alsroot, ok :) but you want me to check whether the already existing nick is a wrong one or not.
13:13 so what process shall I follow?
13:14 alsroot dipankar: that was just question, not sure how it could be implemented better, getting feedback from sugar-devel@ will be useful here
13:14 dipankar alsroot, ok thanks :). I better move on to next bug then :P
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13:57 shan alsroot, can you recommend someone who might be having idea of working with gtk.
13:58 alsroot, i am still working on adding search to View Source
14:00 alsroot shan: about well, many people might have some knowledge about gtk, gtk is too big for "might be having idea of working with gtk" :), btw did you find a method how to mark search terms in viewsource?
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14:03 shan alsroot, currently i am following the search method of 'log viewer', but since 'log viewer' uses gtk.textview and 'view source' uses gtksourceview2, i am having some problem
14:06 alsroot shan: I guess gtk.textview and gtksourceview2 don't have common things except that they inherit GObject... btw looks like you can use http://library.gnome.org/devel[…]tkSourceMark.html for marking searched text
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14:40 ishan_ alsroot, hi
14:42 alsroot ishan_: hi
14:42 ishan_ alsroot, check http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2060
14:42 alsroot, i have not been able to reproduce the bug
14:45 alsroot, sorry
14:45 i am now able to reproduce the bug
14:47 alsroot, can you provide me some pointers
14:47 alsroot ishan_: for what, I'm not sure it is a bug, btw
14:48 ishan_ alsroot, sorry
14:48 can you provide me some pointer on the above feature request
14:48 alsroot ishan_: if you think it will be useful to change current behaviour, we need to discuss such invasive things on sugar-devel@ anyway
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16:11 anuragc alsroot:Hello
16:11 alsroot anuragc: hi
16:12 anuragc alsroot: Can you lead me to any link on D-bus api, I needed to know about it
16:12 alsroot anuragc: which dbus service API you mean?
16:14 anuragc alsroot: Well I actually dont know much about the matter but i was trying to understand some parts of the _sync_friends()  in Friends.py  inside jarabe.model which had some reference to some D-bus.
16:16 alsroot anuragc: well, you have to learn too small things then :), http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/dbus and http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/
16:17 anuragc alsroot: thanks for the pointer :)
16:17 alsroot anuragc: btw if you are going to do that for educating purposes then ok, if just fixing sugar bugs better to skip it :)
16:17 anuragc alsroot: can you tell me some thing about the backup and restore feature of the journal
16:18 alsroot anuragc: I didn't look at this part at all.. maybe someone on #sugar
16:19 anuragc alsroot: sure and thanks
16:21 alsroot yw
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17:08 is back (gone 00:00:01)
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19:33 manusheel shan: Hi Shan.
19:33 Around?
19:33 shan manusheel, yes sir
19:34 manusheel shan: Did you send the 2 e-mails?
19:34 shan: at sugar-devel?
19:35 shan i sent the first one sir, of search issue, making the second one now, having a some problem with git diff. asking ishan to help me out
19:35 manusheel shan: When did you send it?
19:36 Did you copy sugar-devel on it?
19:36 shan manusheel, yes sir i had done that, i had sent it around 9 pm i think.
19:36 i did cc it sugar-devel
19:37 manusheel shan: Ok, yes. It was missing the one-line summary of the issue in the subject field.
19:37 Kindly do so you in your next e-mail.
19:38 shan oh.. yes sir, i had forgot about that. i will make sure of that in my next email.
19:38 manusheel In the subject, add the one-line summary of the issue with the bug number.
19:38 sure
19:38 that would be important
19:38 shan yes, sir i remember you had told me to do so, i will do so next time
19:45 manusheel shan: Great. Is Ishan around?
19:46 shan yes sir i will call him.
19:46 manusheel shan: Kindly ask him to send his e-mails to sugar-devel today too.
19:46 shan: sure.
19:47 shan he has gone out somewhere, i will let him know.
19:52 manusheel shan: sure.
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20:14 shan manusheel, sir, i got the copy part of it, :-) not thinking of mailing it to sugar-devel now, if can't complete the paste of it till now, would then send it.
20:15 till i sleep*
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21:04 manusheel shan: great.
21:05 shan: I believe we would be able to arrive at a good conclusion on this issue soon.
21:07 shan: Between, did you get the pointer by Neeraj and Dipankar on SL #415?
21:10 shan: Glad we had a productive hacking session today. Talk to you soon.
21:10 shan manusheel, no sir, haven't had a talk with neeraj sir and dipankar sir about that issue, i plan to solve it up at ishan's laptop
21:12 manusheel, yes it was a pretty encouraging session, this patch gives the required confidence boost. :-)
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21:27 manusheel shan: Great.
21:28 tabs The 2010 Global Education Conference will be held November 15 - 19, 2010, online and free - I am wondering how much Sugar community support I could get if I proposed a Sugar session, It would mean that before the session attendees would need to download Sugar on a Stick, I think it would be good if we had community involved and able to help with running it in more than just English and helping people, anyone want to be involved?
21:29 manusheel tabs: Glad to hear. Our team will be happy to be involved. 4 of our team members are doing a Sugar on a Stick deployment at a New Delhi school for 6th and 7th grade students.
21:30 tabs cool, meet an Indian guy at a conference earlier this week who wanted to know about Indian Sugar deployments :-)
21:31 manusheel tabs: Great. We would be starting another Sugar deployment in Pune in the coming month.
21:31 tabs I will put the proposal in today, what language can I list you as speaking?
21:31 manusheel tabs: English
21:31 tabs any other?
21:32 manusheel tabs: Hindi
21:32 tabs okay, great, that is 2 languages so far :-)
21:32 manusheel tabs: :-)
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21:36 manusheel tabs: Between, I'll be at San Franciso on October 20-22nd for a presentation to some of our clients in bioinformatics. If I happen to stay for the weekend, will surely meet you at S.F. Community Summit.
21:36 tabs yes, will be great to put face to name
21:37 manusheel tabs: Great. Glad you are attending the Summit. Hope Samoa deployments are coming along well.
21:37 tabs they are quiet, need to follow up
21:38 Been asked to help at Cook Islands but not sure when one of our techie volunteers can come with me
21:38 one is free to come in december but that is quite far away
21:38 need to look at server performance, wifi issues and internet connectivity issues
21:39 I can do the rest of their request around integrating in curriculum and help them to be bold (the teachers are shy about trying to use the laptops apparently)
21:40 manusheel tabs: Yes, the change management issues are indeed challenging at times. Found the same, while working with Sri Lanka. Are you using Moodle for curriculum management?
21:41 jimt <jimt!~jim@> has joined #sugar-newbies
21:41 tabs personally I use moodle every day and it is the basis of my own website tabitha.net.nz
21:41 used Moodle in Samoa too but teaching them in very short space of time it was hard for teachers to cope with all the new knowledge
21:43 I wish I had known about the curriculum development team before I went, as we were only told about two IT guys - there are people who we should have been working with but were unaware until the day before we left the country
21:44 manusheel tabs: Ok. Great to hear that you use Moodle everyday. Yes, we have to take things step by step and slowly with educators. They need active engagement at all ends. Moodle has started to pick up in India too.
21:45 tabs I can help with Moodle questions from a teacher end - worked for Moodle Partner since 2004 and do teacher training for a job
21:46 manusheel tabs: Yes, this is another set of issues that are very common at deployments. Effective relationship building and coordination lacks at deployments many a times.
21:47 tabs: That is wonderful to hear. You have lot of experience with Moodle. What is the timeline you propose for doing teacher training through Moodle?
21:47 tabs: timeline -> estimated timeline
21:48 tabs In a perfect world, I would say you should do 2 hours a day and just teach one thing at a time, and at the end of two weeks they can do quite a lot
21:50 Day 1 - navigating a course as  a student, opening resources, and finding your way around. Get them to try activities as a student - add entry to glossary, make a choice, try a quiz
21:50 Day 2 - as the teacher, just work on putting in headings and the "add a resource" list - practice, practice, practice
21:51 Day 3 - make activities - I would start with choice activity and forum, practice as teacher and student on each others courses
21:51 Day 4 - make activities - glossary
21:51 Day 5 - make activities - quiz
21:52 Practice time again
21:52 Next using blocks  and more practice
21:52 The problem we all face is too little time at the deployment so we try to cram it all in too fast, then nothing sticks at all
21:53 If there are enough teachers and volunteers to split into two groups then you can teach half of them one set of activities and the other half the other activities
21:53 e.g. group 1 could learn glossary, database and wiki
21:53 group 2 could learn the rest of the activities
21:54 or something like that
21:54 I always put glossary and database together - database is a powerful tool to follow glossary
21:54 too hard if they have not used glossary first
21:55 manusheel tabs: That is simply great. Thanks for sharing your approach towards teacher training through Moodle. Will keep you copied if we come across any such opportunity in India, South Korea and Singapore on Moodle teacher training.
21:55 tabs The other thing I teach is some very very basic html for the most advanced teachers - only things like heading styles, format font size, bold, italic, adding links, and how to make a table
21:56 If they have connection to the internet then teach them enough to email or IRC and ask for help
21:56 manusheel tabs: Great. How has been the response on this front?
21:56 tabs Get their Moodle online and make an account for remote support person
21:57 It seems to work, I run these continuously for Unitec staff - tertiary education; and I present and run workshops at conferences throughout the year for primary, secondary and tertiary teachers
21:58 manusheel tabs: Getting the Moodle online - we mean configuration and customization of Moodle?
21:59 tabs URL that we can get to from another country so when they say "look at this course please" we can look
21:59 I help people with their Moodle sites in different cities and countries from my computer in Auckland
22:01 manusheel tabs: Wow. That is quite an effort. I believe these users provide you VPN/ssh/FTP/cpanel access to work on their sites. Am I correct?
22:02 tabs nope
22:02 just an admin account
22:02 i.e. username and password
22:02 manusheel tabs: Sure.
22:02 tabs I dont do server configuration for them, just site configuratoin
22:03 things like, changing the default course layout, enabling RSS, help with setting up metacourses etc
22:05 manusheel tabs: Great. How good have you found the user security in Moodle? I haven't looked at the code. But, I see a live teaching organization providing accessibility to paid content through Moodle in India.
22:05 tabs: The name of the organization is Tathagat Tutorials Ltd.
22:07 tabs looking up
22:08 manusheel tabs: This is their Moodle website - http://totalgadha.com/
22:09 tabs it has google ads
22:09 there are lots of free moodle courses that teachers can use
22:10 most are designed for use in places that have broadband internet and not much filtering as they have links to youtube etc
22:10 in New Zealand we have Moodle in Schools http://www.moodleinschools.org.nz/
22:12 On Moodle.org there is Exchange http://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=15 that has not only courses but glossaries, SCORM packages, quiz questions and databases
22:12 There was a competition a while ago that collected up lots of courses - http://coolcourses.moodle.org/
22:13 manusheel tabs: Great. What is the best free moodle on-line library center that you have came across?
22:13 tabs They had a primary school category and secondary school category, and the courses are in multiple languages
22:14 they are all a work in progress to be honest
22:14 http://mec.moodle.net/ should become a hub but it is early days for them too
22:16 manusheel tabs: Sure. Glad that things have been progressing well.
22:16 tabs the other place to look is in learning object repositories - there are some projects listed on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_object
22:16 I took a couple of courses from moodleinschools and moodle exchange to Samoa
22:18 I also tried to download lots of ebooks and put them on their school server but that was quite hard - not easy to download ebooks in bulk, only 1 at a time or using a download assistant a small sample at a time. We got about three hundred ebooks in the end. Some were from schoollibrary.com and from UNESCO
22:19 manusheel tabs: That is great.
22:20 tabs: So, you put the e-books at the XS Server, right?
22:21 tabs yes, made a link on the Moodle homepage to the ebooks directory
22:21 also put "Schools wiki" on XS and put link on Moodle homepage
22:22 Schools wiki is 5000 pages with images and in categories aimed at school curriculum
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22:25 manusheel tabs: Which documentation did you follow for the XS Server? Is the one on wiki.laptop.org upto date? Martin Langhoff told me when we talked last time that school server documentation was not upto date, and that he was working on it.
22:27 tabs we followed and updated some documention on wiki.laptop.org, some information from the mailing list and some discoveries of our own
22:28 manusheel tabs: Great.
22:30 shan manusheel, around?
22:33 manusheel shan: Hi Shan.
22:34 tabs: Can you share with us some pointers on the approach we need to follow for deploying and using XS server at the sites?
22:34 shan: I am here.
22:34 shan manusheel, the paste feature would also require the beads to rearrange themselves according the value pasted?
22:35 manusheel shan: That looks like the case.
22:36 shan manusheel, okay, i am planning to make git diff of the changes and sending to sugar-devel.
22:37 manusheel shan: Sure.
22:37 shan: Makes sense.
22:44 tabs Tom (the techie that did Samoa setup and my partner) says "don't try to be clever with test installations -- install on the first harddrive, installing anywhere else is very difficult (this won't be a problem when installing on the real hardware),  do get the updates, as the colaboration server is broken without them (ask on the mailing list for instructions if you can't find them on the wiki), join the mailing list (server-devel),  registering with teh
22:44 schoolserver is painful due to bugs in the XO (fixed in dextrose),
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22:54 tabs manusheel: is this a connected or disconnected site? discover how to mirror the olpc/sugarlabs wiki onto the server and how to update same without major pain
22:58 manusheel tabs: Thank you so much for the pointers.
22:59 tabs: Which website are we referring to?
23:00 tabs manusheel: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Installing_Software
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23:05 manusheel tabs: Looks like a connected site.
23:05 jimt <jimt!~jim@> has joined #sugar-newbies
23:06 manusheel tabs: Thanks for sharing this link.
23:11 tabs: Nice talking to you today. Will keep in touch. Regards.
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