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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-25

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14:33 shachi__ <shachi__!~shachi@> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:36 shachi__ anuragc_afk, Hello. I'm working on http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2324. I'd like to know how do I enable the result to be copied to the clipboard?
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15:53 anuragc alsroot : i tried to submit a patch yesterday at sugar-devel but it went without a  subject and i tried it again today still the problem was there.   i have pasted my patch at   http://pastebin.com/pcHQUEiA  . Can you help me out ..
15:56 alsroot anuragc: you can use --compose w/ `git send-email` to edit all email fields and intro message before sending
15:56 anuragc thanks
15:59 manusheel_ <manusheel_!3bb1c649@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
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16:12 dfarning dipankar, how is development going?
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16:40 manusheel <manusheel!7ab164c7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:42 dipankar dfarning, hi. Sorry for replying late. was of for dinner
16:43 dfarning dipankar, NP just checking in to see how sugar development is progressing?
16:43 dipankar dfarning, development is going great. Now, I can feel that I move around Sugar files much more better way as compared to my starting time
16:45 dfarning dipankar, nice.  Is the overall process starting to make sense?
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16:52 anuragc <anuragc!~anurag@> has joined #sugar-newbies
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17:00 dipankar dfarning, I got disconnected so.
17:01 s/so/sorry
17:01 dfarning, replying to your last question, yes I think I am getting the point of working on bugs
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17:02 dfarning dipankar, are you in the office?  We have an IRC proxy setup that will help keep you from getting cut off so much?
17:03 dipankar dfarning, no. Today I am at home
17:03 dfarning, I don't know how to use IRC proxy...
17:04 dfarning dipankar,ok when you get back into the office please ask someone to help you set it you.  It is easer to work directly with someone then try to explain it over IRC.
17:06 dipankar, On Monday.... or shortly after .90 will be release so the .91 window will open.  So I expect that you(Seeta) will have better luck getting patches approved.
17:07 dipankar dfarning, ok.. I thought the register patch will be accepted for .90 :)
17:11 dfarning dipankar, Ok, but in gereral more patches will be accepted into sugar.  So I just thought that it would be helpful to create a wiki page like Luke did for Sugar packaging task to keep track of outstanding and in-process patches.
17:12 dipankar, it would just be a temporary tool until everyone is more familiar with the debugging and patch submission process.
17:12 dipankar dfarning, ok. I get your point
17:14 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:15 dfarning dipankar, I thought that figuring out that wiki page would be a good way for you, alsroot, sascha, and tomeu to refine and articulate that patch submission process.
17:15 dipankar dfarning, agreed
17:18 dfarning dipankar, you saw how luke figured out a way to improve patch flow between developers and debian.   Now, I think _you_ are ready to do the same with upstream Sugar development.
17:19 dipankar, I the plus side it does not need to be perfect.... it just needs to work.  over time (future releases) we can evolve and improve the process.
17:22 dipankar dfarning, got it :)
17:22 dfarning dipankar, the important thing to remember is that _no_one_ will agree with you process at first:(  you just have to prove that it works better than the current system:)
17:22 dipankar, thanks.
17:23 ishan has quit IRC
17:24 dipankar dfarning, agreed to your statement. had some experiences of my own
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17:26 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:26 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
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18:32 anuragc alsroot: i was working on bug # 1742 , and i was looking in buddymenu.py to fix this bug , Is there anywhere else that i might need to look to solve this bug?
18:36 alsroot anuragc: did you fix it?
18:36 anuragc: afaik buddymenu.py is only one place where buddy palette is being used
18:38 s/buddy palette/add-remove friends palette/
18:39 anuragc no , actually the bug is a little tricky.  Its just not that the pallete doent register the addition of a buddy , It in fact does register it but only after a session restart . i.e. after adding buddy the remove buddy option would be there in neigbourhood view only after a restart
18:40 alsroot anuragc: what about updating menu "Add/Remove firend" entry on every palette popup
18:41 anuragc yes thats exactly what i want to do, but would require some pointers on how to do that
18:44 ishan has quit IRC
18:44 manusheel anuragc: Can you elaborate on what all you have gathered on the issue, and where you need pointers/
18:44 ishan_ has quit IRC
18:44 manusheel ?*
18:45 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:46 alsroot anuragc: just override Palette.popup method in your palette to check if current menu item is still valid
18:46 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:46 anuragc manusheel, alsroot: I figured that the pallete call must be placed again after the add/remove friend function call so that every time add/remove friend is called a pallete refresh is done just after that
18:46 ok let me see
18:46 ishan has quit IRC
18:47 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:49 manusheel anuragc: Ok, great.
18:56 ishan has quit IRC
19:00 anuragc alsroot: can you tell me where the signal and slots of right clicking the buddy icon in the neighbourhood view connected?
19:11 alsroot anuragc: that's the good question :).. and means looong answer..
19:11 anuragc: see palettewindow.py in sugar-toolkit
19:12 anuragc alsroot: thanks for the pointer
19:13 alsroot anuragc: start your exploration from invokers
19:14 anuragc alsroot: yes sure
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23:39 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk
23:41 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning

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