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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-24

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13:10 shan alsroot, where could i find gtksourceview2 documentation?? could you please provide a link?
13:12 alsroot wanted to say "just google :)" but looks like projects.gnome.org died
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13:14 alsroot shan: http://projects.gnome.org/gtks[…]tksourceview.html
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13:33 shan alsroot, what function would return the buffer bounds in gtksourceview2??
13:34 alsroot shan: not sure if gtksourceview2 works similar to what was used in Log, it could be different (though dunno, I didn't use gtksourceview2 before)
13:36 shan alsroot, okay , looking it up. thanks anyway.
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14:34 anuragc alsroot: can you guide me on the usage of gtk.main_quit
14:35 alsroot: i need to call it based on the value of a counter variable
14:45 alsroot anuragc: why you are going to use it? I mean there is already gtk.main_quit in sugar
14:46 anuragc alsroot: let me pastebin my issue
14:48 alsroot : http://pastebin.com/7JTmzhNz
14:49 alsroot: in this function the last two statements will never get executed as gtk.main() never exits , hence the system shut down wont take place
14:50 alsroot: and since i am new to gtk , I cant figure out the placement of gtk.main_quit()
14:50 alsroot: this solves the bug #2151
14:50 alsroot anuragc: but gtk.main just starts new(next) main loop not stops it, and you don't need to call gtk.main_quit directly, session_manager.shutdown() will does it
14:51 s/next/nest/
14:52 anuragc alsroot: but session_manger.shutdown() will not be executed so the sugar hungs up with a busycursor after pressing the shutdown button
14:53 alsroot anuragc: even w/o gtk.main()?
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14:56 anuragc alsroot; w/o gtk.main() , its shutting down properly but doing that will disable the busycursor as what i think and got is that gtk.main() runs the main loop
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14:57 alsroot anuragc: did you try idle_add instead of timeout_add?
14:57 anuragc alsroot: no ,  what will that do?
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14:58 alsroot anuragc: will execute function in next loop iteration, btw you can use idle_add callback to set ucrsor and initiate shutdown
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14:59 anuragc alsroot: by just replacing timeout with idle my bussy cursor is disabled and still shutdown doesnt take place
14:59 alsroot anuragc: did you try it w/ gtk.main()?
15:01 anuragc: anyway try to use scenario I mentioned, it could be better option
15:02 anuragc: i.e. in __shutdown_activate_cb, set cursor and intiate shutting down in idle_add claback
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16:12 ayushg alsroot: regarding #2164, u suggested calling journalactivity.get_journal() for winws instance argoment required for add_alert function
16:13 alsroot: regarding #2164, u suggested calling journalactivity.get_journal() for windows* instance argument required* for add_alert fun
16:14 alsroot ayushg: yup, the problem is that we have sugar.Window only for journal
16:15 ayushg alsroot: ok
16:16 alsroot: so we can't use it for bundleregistry?
16:17 alsroot ayushg: but how we can use for bundleregistry? it doesn't have add_alert() method and is not gtk.Window at all
16:18 ayushg: btw better to add alert out of bundleregistry, it is model and should not contain UI stuff like add_Alert
16:19 anuragc: let it raise an exception and catch it in place where install() was called
16:19 anuragc alsroot: ok, lets try that out then
16:20 ayushg alsroot: understood this much.but how to do  it then should i use journalactivity.py to manipulate values recieved from bundleregistry.py
16:21 alsroot ayushg: just use try..except block and catch exception class that will be thrown from bundleregistry.py
16:23 anuragc: then, on alert responce, call install once more w/ something like force flag to enforce downgrade
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16:24 alsroot anuragc: sorry, ayushg ^
16:24 anuragc alsroot: np, I am also looking at that bug so thats actually great help
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16:43 neeraj <neeraj!~neeraj@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:58 neeraj alsroot, hi. In reference to bug http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/415   I have modified the jouranl/misc.py file
16:58 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/415
16:58 Here is the modified code http://paste.ubuntu.com/499835/ ,  line 246 onwards.
17:00 alsroot, as it is clear from the code, Every time we are returning current xo color instead of looking up at old icons-color value.
17:03 alsroot, I wanted to ask, If at present you can think of any better solution, then let me know. :). I have tried to not to store the icons-color value at first place, by removing icon-color form PROPERTIES (model.py), but was not successful.
17:03 alsroot neeraj: but how it fixes ticket issue, if I got it right it is about storing buddy id in joiurnal entries and get color on demand (btw better to post patches, it is all time hard to figure out what was chaged)
17:03 neeraj: btw this ticket could be arguable..
17:05 neeraj alsroot, ok. Will post patch from now onwards.
17:06 alsroot neeraj: btw patch you posted breaks things, it returns current user color all time but items could be created by different buddies
17:06 neeraj alsroot, Ok. I got it wrong. Actually the jouranl entries were also not getting updated with new color. So I thought It might be 'the' bug. But I guess having journal entries of different color might be helpful
17:07 alsroot, yes. Agreed. Sorry will start working on original bug :)
17:10 alsroot neeraj: btw proper fix for this bug could be too invasive (ds, journal), and imho it is not so obvious (at least for me) that current behaviour should be "fixed", i.e. if I had one buddy color and created bunch of objects why after changing color all already created objects should change color as well
17:10 ..anyway you(and sugar maintainer) might think different
17:12 neeraj alsroot, ok.
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17:30 manusheel shan: Hi Shan.
17:30 shan: How are things coming along?
17:31 shan manusheel, hello sir, things are going are going pretty rough with the current bug
17:32 manusheel, the problem is that different functions have been used in both log and the 'View Source'
17:33 manusheel shan: Ok.
17:34 shan: Can you send an e-mail about it at sugar-devel asking for pointers and help if you are unable to solve it today?
17:34 shan gtk.TextView has been used in log while gtk.sourceview2 has been used in the other file, and since i m new to gtk as such it is taking time
17:35 manusheel, yes sir i would do that, meanwhile i have a comment on one of my previous submissions as well i need to reply in there as well
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17:37 manusheel shan: Right
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