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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-21

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13:30 ayushg alsroot: hi
13:31 alsroot ayushg: hi
13:32 ayushg alsroot: i was working upon #2164 regarding downgrading the activity
13:33 alsroot ayushg: where are you stuck?
13:34 ayushg alsroot: i hv edited the code for giving option to user to downgrade the activity if ok is clicked using ConfirmationAlert from sugar.graphics.alert
13:34 alsroot ayushg: yup, would make sense
13:35 ayushg alsroot: but when i run it in jhbuild no popup  dialog box is shown
13:35 alsroot ayushg: in fact, jhbuild has its own copies of sugar sources, you need to change them
13:35 ..afaik
13:36 ayushg alsroot: i used refrence from api.sugarlabs epydocs
13:36 alsroot ayushg: what files you changed?
13:36 ayushg alsroot: bundleregistry.py
13:37 alsroot ayushg: what exact path, in /usr?
13:37 ayushg alsroot: sugar-jhbuild/install/lib/pytho​n2.6/site-packages/jarabe/model
13:38 alsroot ayushg: not sure (you need to ask people on #sugar who use jhbuild) but it looks like install path not sources one, somewhere should be git clone w/ sources
13:40 ayushg alsroot: actually i hv implemented downgrading without using the confirmationalert() by editing the bundleregistry.py
13:40 alsroot ayushg: well, I think alert would be useful for downgrading(in comparing w/ upgrading)
13:41 ayushg alsroot: but i think i am unable to implement  confirmationalert() properly
13:42 alsroot: do i need to use a pygtk function to show the popup alert from confirmationalert()
13:42 alsroot ayushg: there is useful way to get new experience, git clone most of existed acitivites from git.sl.o and grep for ConfirmationAlert
13:43 ayushg alsroot: ok
13:43 alsroot: may be looking upon its implementation will help me to understand its ude
13:44 alsroot ayushg: look for sugar-toolkit sources, all alerts implemented there
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14:29 dipankar <dipankar!~dipankar@> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:30 dipankar manusheel, ping
14:36 ayushg alsroot: can you cite me an example of ConfirmationAlert() as in jhbuild there is none
14:37 alsroot ayushg: you can find it in infoslicer activity, http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/infoslicer
14:37 ayushg: just git clone all activities and use grep
14:38 ayushg alroot: ok
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16:37 ayushg alsroot: regarding #2164 i hv made changes in bundleregistry.py as on http://pastebin.com/xEG68hwE from lines 1to 6 and 17 to 27
16:38 alsroot: in shell.log i am getting :AttributeError: 'BundleRegistry' object has no attribute '_alert_confirmation'
16:38 alsroot ayushg: could pastebin patch, in case of pure text it is hard to recognize chnages
16:39 ayushg alsroot:ok
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16:43 alsroot ayushg: about error, well message is quite descriptive, BundleRegistry object doesn't have _alert_confirmation funciton
16:44 ayushg: you created local method not class method
16:45 anuragc <anuragc!3bb1c311@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:47 ayushg alsroot: can you elaborate
16:48 alsroot: we hv defined it inside the class
16:50 anuragc alsroot: We did declare this function _alert_confirmation inside the main class only , so i guess its all the same.  Can you please clarify our doubt here/
16:51 alsroot ayushg: it is local method not class memeber, see python documentation
16:52 anuragc: using "self" means calling class object methods
16:52 anuragc alsroot: sure , we would look it up and thanks for the pointers
16:52 alsroot well, it is python basic
16:52 anuragc alsroot: sure
16:52 ayushg alsroot: ok
16:53 manusheel <manusheel!3bb1c311@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:53 alsroot ayushg: btw you can omit method at all, you are calling it only once
16:55 anuragc alsroot: Ok, let us try it then.
16:56 alsroot ayushg: also there is "self.add_alert" but self here is BundleRegistry object (add_alert is a member of sugar Window class), you need to call it for journal window
16:58 ..see get_journal() in journalactivity.py
16:59 anuragc alsroot: ok
17:05 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:06 shan manusheel, m here
17:14 manusheel shan: Hi Shan.
17:14 shan: Did you complete the patch?
17:14 shan its the same as the one u sent me, except one minor change.
17:15 manusheel shan: ok
17:15 shan: Did you test your patch?
17:15 shan a separate try - except should be in place for importing ZOOM_FACTOR, else everythng same
17:15 manusheel shan: Yes,
17:16 shan yes, it works....
17:16 manusheel can you make your patch, and send it across?
17:16 Also, you need to have Patch v2 when you send the revised patch.
17:16 Let me send you the meeting logs between Sascha and Dipankar this weekend. They discussed on it.
17:17 shan sure will do that, currently reading next two bugs....okay
17:19 manusheel shan: Sure.
17:23 shan: Please go through the meeting logs over here - http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]ewbies/2010-09-19
17:23 shan okay
17:24 manusheel, what do i do for the previous activity/sugar version bug?....
17:26 anuragc alsroot: We tried to import add_alert from  /sugar/graphics/window.py  but still it says in logs that globalname add_alert is not defined
17:27 alsroot anuragc: but you can't import add_alert, is it class method. you need to call #
17:27 ..add_alert for journal window object
17:29 anuragc alsroot: What is # add_alert ? Is it anything differnet from the basic alert method?
17:30 alsroot anuragc: "#" is just wrong C-v :)
17:31 manusheel_afk <manusheel_afk!~manusheel@sunjammer.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:31 shachi__ <shachi__!~shachi@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:35 shachi__ alsroot, hello. I'm working on http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2093. I'm having problems comprehending this bug. What exactly does it mean by 'loading sample python code' into the journal?
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17:38 alsroot shachi__: thats the good question :), I can only guess, but better to ask walterbender(when he appears), he is TA dev
17:39 shachi__ alsroot,  sure.
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18:10 shan manusheel_afk, for the #398 bug, which window does the view source window refer to//?
18:28 alsroot, i am currently working on http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/398  , which window does the View Source window refer to?
18:30 alsroot shan: open palette for activity icon in activities tray, there will be "View source" option which will open window w/ activity sources
18:32 shan alsroot, okay
18:32 thanks
18:32 manusheel shan: Kindly send me messages at manusheel when I am at IRC.
18:38 shan manusheel, okay
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