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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-20

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00:00 alsroot mulawa1: yup, and also activity.info content
00:03 mulawa1 I've just posted the error log: pastebin.org/958501
00:03 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
00:03 mulawa1 I've just posted the error log: http://pastebin.org/958501
00:03 actvity.info next
00:06 activity.info: http://pastebin.org/968561
00:07 sorry - got the log pastebin # wrong - brb
00:08 error log: http://pastebin.org/968501
00:09 hard to copy&paste between machines :o)
00:09 alsroot mulawa1: you should have also activity.py file in your activity directory (according to exec from actiivty.info)
00:10 mulawa1 coming up
00:12 activity.py: http://pastebin.org/968678
00:13 ayush has quit IRC
00:14 mulawa1 getting a coffee ... brb
00:17 b
00:19 alsroot mulawa1: well, not sure how code you posted should work but I just copypasted launch from maze activity http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/maze and it works, /me is pasterbining
00:19 mulawa1: activity.py http://pastebin.org/968827
00:20 mulawa1: after using activity.py I posted and having your code in test.py, it works in my case
00:21 manusheel: and I also use olpcgames which is bundled to maze activity (don't have it installed in my system)
00:22 mulawa1 alsroot: trying your edit
00:23 may take a while - I'm not good with vi :o)
00:23 I take it the only change is dropping the ":main"
00:25 and when I check the 1st app it doesn't have the ":main" either !!!!
00:25 thx a heap for yr patience and help ...
00:25 is this the best way to get help as I stumble along my path to the perfect sugar app?
00:26 alsroot mulawa1: you can always ask wuestions here and on #sugar, also emaling to sugar-devel@
00:27 mulawa1 I started out at #sugar but kevix suggested here might be better
00:27 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
00:28 mulawa1 is that e-mail sugar-devel@sugarlabs.org ?
00:31 alsroot mulawa1: nope, sugar-devel@lists.sugarlabs.org and you need to subscribe to it at first, http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/sugar-devel
00:33 mulawa1 thx again - have made a copy of this extremely valuable interchange - off to do battle with vi
00:36 tabs has quit IRC
00:36 tabs <tabs!~Tabitha@> has joined #sugar-newbies
00:49 mulawa1 alsroot: hmm ... I spoke too soon
00:49 used your exact activity.py -> same error
00:50 also I was confused between activity.info and activity.py ...
00:50 I now see that my 1st app activity.py DOES HAVE the ":main"
00:51 not sure where to go now ...
00:51 alsroot mulawa1: activity.info's exec passes activity.Activity class to sugar-activity, so you should have activity module(activity.py) and Activity class in it
00:51 mulawa1 it seems to me that you did the test manually ...
00:51 is there instructions how to do that somewhere?
00:53 and I'm afraid yr last post lost me ... remember I'm a n00b!
00:53 alsroot mulawa1: you can test my .xo, http://people.sugarlabs.org/~a[…]oot/tmp/Test-1.xo
00:53 mulawa1 thx ... I'll give it a go
00:53 alsroot mulawa1: what I changed is only new activity.py and bundling olpcgames (not sure is your versions the same)
00:54 mulawa1 I just type that url into my sugar browser?
00:54 alsroot mulawa1: yup
00:54 mulawa1 here I go then
00:58 hmm ... installed ok but I still get the same error message!
00:58 Let me try rebooting my SoaS box
00:59 ayush has quit IRC
00:59 alsroot mulawa1: restart sugar will be enough
01:00 mulawa1 I already tried that :o)
01:00 alsroot mulawa1: could you pastebin test.foo-1.log, just in case
01:01 mulawa1 sure
01:02 I'll just start up irc on my SoaS so I can copy & paste
01:03 mulawa-5fb4 <mulawa-5fb4!~urk@CPE-121-223-64-53.lnse2.woo.bigpond.net.au> has joined #sugar-newbies
01:05 mulawa1 has quit IRC
01:05 mulawa-5fb4 is now known as mulawa1
01:07 mulawa1 alsroot: requested error log: http://pastebin.org/969727
01:09 alsroot mulawa1: did you start my activity, looks like it starts system olpcgames, not bundled one
01:09 jimt <jimt!~jim@> has joined #sugar-newbies
01:11 mulawa1 alsroot: I tried to but it said "failed to start"
01:11 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
01:11 mulawa1 alsroot: I just clicked on the new maze icon on my sugar desktop
01:11 jimt_ has quit IRC
01:12 alsroot mulawa1: hmm, afaik olpcgames was outdated and sugargames was created instead(though dunno about its status)...
01:13 mulawa1: all pygame activities I know are bundling olpcgames, you can do the same, uninstall it from yum and try Test once more
01:15 mulawa1 I'll need instructions how to do that ... sorry to be so useless but I've tried very hard to master all this stuff without help
01:16 alsroot mulawa1: try to find out olpcgames package at first, in Terminal exec, `yum search olpcgame`
01:16 then just `sudo yum remove <package-name>`
01:22 mulawa1 all done except I had to use "become root" instead of sudo
01:22 now I try Test again?
01:22 alsroot mulawa1: yup, it should use bundled olpcgames
01:22 mulawa1 restart 1st?
01:22 alsroot mulawa1: no need
01:23 mulawa1 ok brb
01:24 same error but many of the pathnames have changed
01:25 alsroot mulawa1: are these /home/../Activities/Test.activity/olpcgames?
01:26 mulawa1 I'll post the log brb
01:27 ayush has quit IRC
01:28 mulawa1 http://pastebin.org/970085
01:29 alsroot mulawa1: hmm, try to rename activity.py to test_activity.py and Activity class to TestActivity (and so in acitivity.info)
01:30 mulawa1 ok brb
01:30 alsroot maybe "activity" interferes w/ olpcgames's names, though it works in my case
01:31 mulawa1 hang on ... where will these files be since this was a normal sugar install?
01:32 alsroot mulawa1: in ~/Activities/Test.activity
01:34 tabs has quit IRC
01:37 mulawa1 (blush) how do I get out of insert mode in vi?
01:37 alsroot mulawa1: i
01:38 mulawa1 that just adds "i" to my text
01:39 alsroot mulawa1: so, you are already in insert mode
01:40 mulawa1: btw there could be other editors I guess :)
01:40 mulawa1 exactly - how do I get OUT of it - ie write my file and exit?
01:40 alsroot mulawa1: <esc>:wq
01:40 mulawa1 I used to use vi all the time but it's over 10 years ago!
01:40 ty
01:41 ahh the magic Esc key
01:41 all done time to try again
01:42 same error ... trying a restart
01:42 mulawa1 has quit IRC
01:43 mulawa-5fb4 <mulawa-5fb4!~urk@CPE-121-223-64-53.lnse2.woo.bigpond.net.au> has joined #sugar-newbies
01:44 mulawa-5fb4 is now known as mulawa1
01:44 mulawa1 sorry ... no change
01:45 alsroot mulawa1: btw, according to backtrace you launch Test w/ '-s' in activitiy.info's exec, though I didn't place it there, could you recheck
01:46 mulawa1 ok
01:47 this is in your activity.info
01:47 exec = sugar-activity activity.Activity
01:48 I guess I need to change that?
01:48 tabs <tabs!~Tabitha@> has joined #sugar-newbies
01:48 alsroot is confused totally, code shows that there is "-s"
01:49 mulawa1: could you pastebin recent log
01:49 mulawa1 ok
01:50 http://pastebin.org/970517
01:51 alsroot mulawa1: ah sorry it seems that sugar sources are different, what is your sugar release
01:51 mulawa1 brb
01:52 0.88.0
01:54 alsroot tries Test in his 0.88
01:58 mulawa1 ...
01:59 alsroot mulawa1: heh, still works
01:59 mulawa1 so what platform ru on?
02:00 alsroot mulawa1: I'm running sugar in gentoo
02:00 mulawa1: I guess your probelm is soas local issue, I need to have soas to investigate this issue..
02:01 mulawa1 forward them my e-mail - it states the problem very succinctly
02:02 it's still strange that my 1st app is still fine!
02:02 alsroot mulawa1: you mean fine right now?
02:02 mulawa1 u bet - just checked!
02:03 alsroot mulawa1: could you share .xo file
02:03 mulawa1 there isn't one - I haven't got that far yet
02:04 alsroot mulawa1: just run `./setup.py dist_xo` from activity root directory
02:04 mulawa1 and how will that help - my 2nd app runs fine 4 u!
02:04 ok will try - not totally exhausted yet :o)
02:06 alsroot mulawa1: well, forget then :), anyway I need to have soas to check the whole picture
02:08 mulawa1 no ... I'm learning lots!
02:09 but that should be python setup.py dist_xo
02:09 alsroot mulawa1: of course if you have setup.py in activity root directory
02:10 mulawa1 so I've now "become root" - how do I back out of that?
02:10 alsroot mulawa1: you don't need to be root, this command will just crate .xo file in dist/ sub directory
02:11 mulawa1: oops, just close Terminal
02:11 mulawa1 I realise that now BUT how do I back out of being root?
02:11 thx
02:12 alsroot ..and C-D also useful
02:14 mulawa1 result of build http://pastebin.org/970517
02:14 alsroot mulawa1: you after you run `./setup.py dist_xo` you got this error?
02:15 *you mean
02:16 ..or it just wrong pastebin
02:16 mulawa1 http://pastebin.org/970934 sorry still struggling in this environment
02:17 alsroot mulawa1: that's fine output, you'll found .xo file in dist/
02:17 mulawa1 yes - upload it to my website 4u?
02:17 alsroot mulawa1: yup, you can upload to wiki.sugarlabs.org for example
02:17 mulawa1: or just email
02:17 mulawa1 brb
02:20 http://mulawa.net/olpc/Spirolaterals-1.xo - understand this has a long way to go :o)
02:24 and I also tried it on my other soas box and it worked fine!
02:25 alsroot mulawa1: runs fine, not sure what the problem difference w/ 2nd one
02:26 mulawa1 exactly!
02:28 but u can see why the 2nd app is exploring screen sizes :o)
02:28 or maybe its ok on yr setup?
02:28 I'm using 1200x900
02:29 but my soas boxes are using 1024x768 - I think
02:30 alsroot mulawa1: well, both activities looks the same in my case
02:31 tries different screen sizes in sugar-emulatro
02:32 manusheel is now known as manusheel_afk
02:32 alsroot mulawa1: btw I used custom code in story-builder activity to change scale, /me looks
02:33 mulawa1 yes I plan to do that
02:33 ok ... what I need is someone who is familiar with the way I've worked (as per e-mail) to have a look
02:34 and tell me if there's anything wrong with my steps
02:34 and if there isn't ... to tell me why I get an error
02:35 alsroot mulawa1: btw whats the problem w/ continue coding 1st activity
02:35 :)
02:36 mulawa1 ru saying I'll be restricted to one activity for ever? :o)
02:37 alsroot heh
02:38 mulawa1: btw pygame based activity w/ scaling I meant is http://git.sugarlabs.org/proje[…]y-builder-branch/
02:38 mulawa1 ty
02:39 ty 4 all yr efforts - will u be able to put me in touch with someone who can help further?
02:39 or should I float it on the mailing list?
02:42 alsroot mulawa1: dunno about who are pygames experienced people, I guess emailing to sugar-devel@
02:42 mulawa1 ok ... will do ... thx again ... bye 4 now
02:42 alsroot np
02:42 mulawa1 has quit IRC
02:59 mulawa-5fb4 <mulawa-5fb4!~urk@CPE-121-223-64-53.lnse2.woo.bigpond.net.au> has joined #sugar-newbies
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11:26 sugaroid changes topic to "Ask your n00b question about sugar development here (alsroot) || Start your exploration from http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]ty_Team/Resources (alsroot) || Logs on http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-newbies (alsroot) || Ask also on non-logged #sugar channel (alsroot)"
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15:13 ishan dfarning, ping
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15:24 dfarning ishan, pong
15:24 ishan dfarning, the bug almost solved
15:24 dfarning ishan, nice
15:24 ishan dfarning, i have done it presently for all the sections of the control pannel
15:25 do we need it for specific kanuguage section only?
15:25 kanguage/language
15:25 dfarning ishan I think that it will be most correct if applyed to every section of the CP.
15:25 ishan dfarning, +1
15:27 mukul_afk <mukul_afk!~mukul@sunjammer.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:28 dfarning ishan, one thing to consider is that bug reports generally only report a symptom.  As a hacker it is you job to figure out the disease(cause of the symptom) and find a cure for the disease.
15:28 ishan dfarning, okay
15:34 dfarning ishan,  In the open source development methodology there is no manager giving you a well defined problem with well defined constraints.  Instead you are make an engineering decision based on trade offs.  In this case the trade off is does the benifit of never have a user face a laptop that appears frozen out weigh the cost (in performance) of swithing a cursor every time you call a CP section..
15:35 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
15:35 ishan dfarning, true
15:35 will keep that point in mind
15:36 is away for dinner
15:48 mukul is now known as mukul_afk
16:06 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
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17:25 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:29 ishan alsroot, around?
17:29 alsroot ishan: yup
17:29 ishan alsroot, check http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2318
17:31 alsroot ishan: where are you stuck?
17:31 ishan alsroot, i am not able to figure out the file
17:31 i think some code has to be added only by comparing it to frame file
17:33 alsroot ishan: what code you are looking for?
17:35 ishan alsroot, i am looking for journal code which displays journal toolbar at the bottom of the window of journal so that i can compare it from journal code present in the homeview.py
17:36 alsroot ishan: see frame.py file, it creates all frames
17:36 ishan alsroot, okay
17:39 alsroot, isnt that file responsible for generating the frames on each side of window
17:39 i am refering to journal toolbar at bottom which is always visible
17:39 when we open journal
17:40 alsroot ishan: Frame class creates all frames including bottom
17:40 ishan alsroot, okay
17:45 dipankar <dipankar!~dipankar@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:46 cuil_ <cuil_!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:47 ishan alsroot, still cant find it.
17:48 cuil_ has quit IRC
17:48 ishan the bottom frame you are refering to is for the normal frame that appears in sugar window not for journal according to me
17:48 cuil__ <cuil__!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:49 alsroot ishan: got it, then look to src/jarabe/journal all journal related code are there
17:50 cuil__ has quit IRC
17:50 shan1 <shan1!~shan4@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:51 ishan alsroot, okay
17:53 shan1 alsroot,  i am working on bug 1442..how does one check compatibilty of activities with sugar versions?...is there some documentation available on which activity version compatible with which sugar version?...
17:55 alsroot shan1: the problem is that it doesn't impelmented in current sugar at all, afaik
17:55 *isn't
17:57 shan1: the only source could be ASLO, each actiivty version on ASLO has compatibility range
17:57 shan1: and satellit_'s list of actiivty
17:57 .ies
17:58 shan1 what exactly id an
17:58 ASLO?
17:58 is*
18:02 okay got it
18:02 dipankar alsroot, hi, busy?
18:03 alsroot dipankar: nope
18:03 ishan has left #sugar-newbies
18:04 dipankar alsroot, I am working on this bug : http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1742
18:06 alsroot, I am having trouble with understanding the comment by timclicks
18:07 alsroot dipankar: well, not sure as well
18:09 dipankar alsroot, As far as I could figure out, When I click on add as friend, it should send a message
18:10 that menu needs to be updated accordingly
18:11 alsroot dipankar: agree w/ last statement
18:11 dipankar alsroot, how should I search for the menu?
18:12 alsroot dipankar: but there is no need in search, just keep created menu item
18:12 dipankar: anyway self.menu is regular gtk.Menu
18:16 dipankar alsroot, oops, I meant how to search for the code for the menu in neighbourhood view?
18:17 shan1 has quit IRC
18:18 alsroot dipankar: see src/jarabe/desktop dir
18:19 qwebirc7047 <qwebirc7047!29be5a96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:20 dipankar alsroot, thanks
18:20 alsroot dipankar: homewindow.py in access point
18:20 qwebirc7047 has quit IRC
18:21 dipankar ok
18:24 alsroot, :( I am not getting where the code for menu is..
18:24 the menu for adding friend in network view
18:24 cuil__ <cuil__!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:24 alsroot dipankar: but it is the same BudyMenu class
18:27 dipankar: BuddyMenu is a palette for BuddyIcon, BuddyIcon is being used as buddy representation
18:27 cuil__ has quit IRC
18:27 shan12 <shan12!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:28 dipankar ok..
18:31 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:34 dipankar alsroot, from my investigation (preliminary) this function is not working: friends.get_model().has_buddy()
18:34 * from buddymenu.py
18:35 alsroot dipankar: dunno, in case it works fine, e.g. try to add new friend and restart sugar
18:35 *in my case
18:36 ..has_buddy() will work fine in F1 view
18:37 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@n137-p33.kthopen.kth.se> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:37 dipankar alsroot, ohk..
18:37 alsroot, sorry about my last statement
18:38 alsroot, it means that the func is working.
18:38 but it needs restart
18:38 alsroot dipankar: yup, that was talking about recently :)
18:39 ayush has quit IRC
18:39 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:40 dipankar alsroot, then is there any way I can send the update of the friend added without restart?
18:41 alsroot dipankar: but do you need to send any updates? why not just checking friend status on every popup and change menu item accordingly
18:42 dipankar: you can override Palette.popup in BuddyMenu to add this check
18:43 anurag <anurag!~anurag@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:46 dipankar alsroot, I am unable to find popup
18:46 at BuddyMenu.py
18:46 alsroot dipankar: it is in its parent class - Palette
18:49 dipankar alsroot, do you mean props instead of pops?
18:51 alsroot dipankar: it is Palette.popup()
18:52 dipankar alsroot, I think I am not looking at correct place
18:53 alsroot, is it in jarabe/view/
18:53 alsroot dipankar: nope, Palette class is in sugar-toolkit
18:53 satellit_ is now known as satellit_afk
18:55 dipankar alsroot, I think I will continue this tomorrow. :) Its getting late here.
18:55 alsroot, thanks for your pointers and support.
18:56 is singing off
18:56 alsroot yw
18:56 dipankar has quit IRC
19:02 shan12 walterbender, i m working on http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1858
19:03 walterbender shan12: are you the one who submitted a patch last week? did you see my comment?
19:03 is happy to have more people working on the TA codebase :)
19:06 shan12 walterbender, yes i did submit the patch, some changes are to be made for the UBUNTU platform, since ZOOM_FACTOR isn't defined there.right?.?...:-)
19:06 walterbender shan12: yes. exactly.
19:07 shan12: you may want to look set a global based upon the result (or failure) of the import
19:09 shan12 so basically an exception hadler would solve it, where in if ZOOM_FACTOR could not be imported, then ZOOM_FACTOR should have the default value of 1.0 ...
19:09 walterbender shan12: I think so
19:12 shan12 okay, i did the same, and will be resubmiting the patch...:)
20:45 shan12 has quit IRC
21:03 ayush has quit IRC
21:04 anurag has quit IRC
21:11 satellit_afk is now known as satellit_
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