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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-19

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00:54 dfarning_afk hey neeraj
00:54 neeraj dfarning_afk, hi :)
00:55 dfarning_afk neeraj, I wonder how to mark my self here.
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00:56 dfarning is away: Away
00:56 is back (gone 00:00:13)
00:58 neeraj, can you and manusheel_ go over the direction at http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sysadmin/IRC_Proxy so I can set up IRC proxies for you.  I think it will help with your conectivity issues.
00:58 neeraj dfarning, I was working on gtk icon issue. and trying to play with the gui.py code. I was try to get all option that needs to be display in control panel
00:58 manusheel_ dfarnin: Hi David. Sure. We'll do that.
00:58 dfarning: ^^
00:59 dfarning neeraj, can you try the irc think first.  If it work we will set it up for everyone tomorrow.
00:59 neeraj see line 239 onwards  http://paste.ubuntu.com/496184/
00:59 dfarning looking
01:00 neeraj, ok trying to iterate through every item in a folder?
01:03 neeraj dfarning, yes
01:04 dfarning, the problem is that os.path.join is not working properly when I tried to use it
01:05 dfarning, http://paste.ubuntu.com/496195/ I have comment out the line which is giving error
01:06 The error was: AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute isdir
01:06 dfarning, I tried to search on net also, but was getting the same error. Can u try it at ur end?
01:07 dfarning neeraj, have you tried googling for 'python iterate through files in directory'
01:09 neeraj, ok are you looking at the example in http://diveintopython.org/file[…]ng/os_module.html
01:11 neeraj dfarning, I tried to search the error but no help. I am able to use listdir. Looking at the above example
01:12 dfarning, I also copied the code from gui.py only. I meant --> for item in folder: onwards.. but still got the same error
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01:22 dfarning manusheel_, neeraj please try http://paste.ubuntu.com/496200/
01:23 manusheel_, neeraj I think you reversed os.path.join to make os.join.path :)
01:24 manusheel_ dfarning: Thanks for the pointer. Checking it.
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01:26 dfarning manusheel_, and never try to reuse the namespace 'os'.  But I am guessing meeraj just did that while trying to debbug the os.path.join
01:27 neeraj dfarning, can u elaborate above point?
01:27 manusheel_ dfarning: Ok.
01:27 neeraj dfarning, I am able to iterate through the folder is I use
01:27 os.path='/home/neeraj/documents'
01:27 path=os.path
01:28 but not able to use os.path.isdir or isfile
01:28 but when I set the path='/home/neeraj/documetns', then I was able to use these.
01:28 dfarning neeraj, in line 4 of your orginal patch you named a variable os.path.  I just got rid of the os and named it path .
01:29 neeraj, line four of your test rather^^
01:30 neeraj dfarning, ok. got it. Thanks for the help
01:30 dfarning neeraj, as a general rule overloading 'official namespaces' can cause confusion.
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01:41 manusheel dfarning: Some network issue with Neeraj. He is logging back.
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14:00 dipankar alsroot, hi
14:00 alsroot dipankar: hi
14:00 dipankar alsroot, how are you doing?
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14:02 alsroot is digging perl code
14:03 dipankar silbe, hi
14:04 silbe dipankar: hi
14:05 dipankar silbe, I was going through the e-mail you sent. Sorry, couldn't get back to you quick enough
14:07 silbe, http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/026975.html <- here you told something about newlines. I am unable to get that hint
14:13 silbe, ^^?
14:13 silbe dipankar: PEP8 tells us to add two blank lines before and after class definitions (except at the end of the file), but you only used a single blank line (before and after).
14:14 dipankar silbe, ohk.
14:17 silbe dipankar: if you run "pep8 --repeat" on the source file, it will tell you about this.
14:18 manusheel_afk is now known as manusheel
14:19 silbe (in addition to any pre-existing style errors - I'll try to get those sorted out once we have branched off sucrose-0.90)
14:20 dipankar silbe, ok. I got confused with the messages initially. I also need help in understanding a message: like schoolserver.py:36:1: E302 expected 2 blank lines
14:20 does 36 refer to line no. ?
14:22 silbe dipankar: yes, it does. And the next number (1 in your example) is the column number.
14:23 src/jarabe/desktop/schoolserver.py:40:23: E203 whitespace before ':'
14:24 that means there are spaces (or TABs) before the colon at pos. 40 in line 23, though PEP8 says there should be no whitespace in this case.
14:24 dipankar silbe, but I didn't touch that portion of code!
14:25 :(
14:25 silbe dipankar: then ignore this particular message.
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14:25 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:26 silbe As I wrote above, the current source is not PEP8-clean. I have worked on this before, but due to bad timing (freezes) it didn't get merged.
14:26 dipankar silbe, got it
14:26 silbe I'll fix it once we have branches for 0.90 and master is for 0.91/0.92.
14:26 dipankar silbe, give me some time (half an hour) I will send the corrected code soon
14:28 silbe dipankar: Take all the time you need. I'm not your boss. :)
14:28 dipankar silbe, this just came to my mind, can the patch be modified itself instead of modifying the code and making the patch?
14:30 silbe dipankar: In theory yes, but I would advise against it. Too easy to screw up and it's not significantly easier than just making the changes and recreating the patch.
14:30 dipankar silbe, ok. :)
14:30 silbe dipankar: you know about "git commit --amend" and "git reset" (without --hard)?
14:31 dipankar silbe, I didn't come across this much
14:31 so haven't used much
14:31 silbe if your patch isn't on HEAD (i.e. the last commit) "git rebase -i" comes in handy as well.
14:32 dipankar: they allow you to "change" (or rather: redo) a commit.
14:32 dipankar silbe, but I use git format-patch HEAD^1
14:33 silbe let's assume the patch you want to change is the one you last committed (i.e. HEAD)
14:33 then you can just make your changes to the code and call "git commit --amend"
14:35 dipankar ok
14:39 silbe if your patch is "buried" beneath others, you can call "git rebase -i origin/master". It will give you a list of commits that are not in mainline yet (i.e. your pending patches). Search for the patch you want to change and change the "pick" to "edit".
14:40 git rebase will set up everything in a way that you can just edit the files and call "git commit --amend", like above.
14:41 after that you just have to "git rebase --continue" to get "back" to HEAD.
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14:53 qwebirc50653 neat can use http://webchat.freenode.net/?r[…]-newbies&prompt=1  link in browser to get here ( satellit testing
14:54 dipankar silbe, I think I have removed most of the problems : http://paste.ubuntu.com/496508/
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14:55 dipankar manugupta, ^^
14:55 manusheel dipankar: Looks neat.
14:56 dipankar is happy that git has --amend ans rebase :P
14:57 *s/ans/and
14:57 manusheel dipankar: Great.
14:57 dipankar manusheel, thankas to silbe, patching is not a big process now
14:58 manusheel dipankar: Can you send the patch for review? We'll get started on the new bug.
14:59 dipankar manusheel, just waiting for silbe's approval here.
15:00 manusheel dipankar: Sure.
15:00 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@209-6-218-51.c3-0.nwt-ubr2​.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:01 silbe dipankar: try running pep8 again. I smell another whitespace error in the TimeoutHTTP.__init__() definition ;)
15:02 dipankar silbe, oki dokie
15:03 silbe BTW, the reason we use PEP8 as a style guide is because you can run pep8 + pylint prior to patch submission, so you wouldn't have to rework your patch as much during review.
15:03 dipankar silbe, negative. that line that doesn't have any error
15:03 silbe, ok
15:04 silbe before we pep8 we did manual style checking so reviews took much longer just due to minor stylistic issues
15:04 *before we used
15:05 dipankar: strange, it should have complained about "host = ''" instead of "host=''" (and a few more).
15:06 WTF? pastebin.ubuntu.com wants me to log in just to view the patch as plain text!?!
15:06 *paste.ubuntu.com
15:07 dipankar silbe, I changed the "host=' '" to "host = ' '" from pep recommendations.
15:07 silbe, is your launchpad/ubuntu acoount open?
15:07 paste.u.com generally looks for openID,
15:08 silbe dipankar: I don't want to log in. If the HTMLified version of the paste is public (i.e. available without having to log in), then why not the plain text one?
15:09 that also means I can't download it with wget to apply the patch locally.
15:09 dipankar silbe, let me check for another site
15:10 silbe dipankar: if you have an account on sunjammer, you can just put it in public_html and it will be accessible from https://people.sugarlabs.org/<your account>/<file name>
15:11 dipankar silbe, I have just acquired an account. Will be learning to use it as fast as possible
15:12 silbe dipankar: don't worry about having to learn it. You'll get "training on the job" ;)
15:13 dipankar silbe, hehe :)
15:13 silbe all you need to do is "scp <local file name> <your sunjammer account>@sunjammer.sugarlabs.org:public_html"
15:15 dipankar is facing a jerky Internet. :( Having a hell of time
15:16 silbe, uploaded. I guess
15:16 silbe dipankar: IPv6 or IPv4 as well? FWIW, I have trouble with both from time to time, so I can quite relate to you. :-/
15:16 dipankar: file name?
15:17 dipankar 0001-Time-out-on-registration-pr​ocess-to-prevent-indefini.patch
15:17 the account is dipankar
15:17 silbe https://people.sugarlabs.org/d[…]nt-indefini.patch
15:18 dipankar wow!
15:18 this simple
15:18 :)
15:19 silbe glad you like it :)
15:20 dipankar silbe, so, how's the patch? (Its been quite some times now :P )
15:21 silbe dipankar: hmm, for some reason it doesn't apply for me. On what commit is it based?
15:22 git complains about trailing whitespace in the lines below "class TimeoutHTTP" and "class TimeoutTransport" resp., BTW.
15:22 "git config color.diff auto" will help you spot these.
15:23 do git diff HEAD^..HEAD and you should see the extra spaces highlighted in red
15:24 shachi__ <shachi__!~shachi@> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:25 shachi__ silbe, Hi.
15:25 silbe shachi__: moin moin
15:26 shachi__ silbe, I've build jh-build on my system but I'm unable to launch any of the activities.
15:26 dipankar silbe, commit?
15:27 shachi__ silbe, I already run a depscheck.
15:27 I've*
15:28 silbe dipankar: assuming that patch is your HEAD, what is HEAD^? I.e. what is the output of "git rev-parse HEAD^"?
15:28 dipankar silbe, I am not getting any red lines
15:29 silbe shachi__: what distro? did "./sugar-jhbuild build" finish successfully?
15:29 dipankar silbe, 9c6309ee77741ab50bb9ce7083346cee631aead7
15:29 shachi__ silbe, Ubuntu. Yes it did.
15:30 dipankar is going off for dinner.
15:30 silbe dipankar: I don't have that commit.
15:30 dipankar: bon apo!
15:30 dipankar silbe, how about I contact you after I have dinner ? :)
15:30 thanks
15:31 silbe, merci.
15:31 :P
15:31 silbe dipankar: after dinner please check the output of "git log -- src/jarabe/desktop/schoolserver.py"
15:31 dipankar silbe, sure
15:31 is away: Be Right Back
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15:47 aseem <aseem!73f27185@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:48 shachi__ manusheel, Hello Sir.
15:48 manusheel shach__: Hi Shachi.
15:48 Can you kindly tell me your questions?
15:50 shachi__ manusheel, Sir, after building jhbuild on my system, I tried opening a few activities. But all of them failed to start.
15:50 manusheel All your dependencies are installed, right?
15:50 shachi__ manusheel, I did a depscheck too. But it says that all the dependencies are already installed.
15:51 manusheel Ok.
15:51 shachi__ manusheel, yes sir.
16:03 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:03 manusheel ayush: Hi Ayush.
16:04 ayush manusheel:hello sir
16:04 alsroot: Hi
16:04 alsroot ayush: hi
16:05 ayush alsroot: i was working on #2164 i tried to contact u yesterday but there was some problem with my network
16:05 alsroot: can u help me with that
16:06 alsroot ayush: sure, whats the problem?
16:07 ayush alsroot: actually the bug is that their is no notification shown if u try to install an older version of an activity from .xo file
16:08 alsroot: we want to show some kind of graphical notification showing that an updated version is installed also they want to give u option to downgrade it
16:09 alsroot ayush: you can use alert classes from sugar.graphics.alert
16:10 ayush alsroot: when i tried to downgrade version with .xo file downloaded from browser activity it doesn't work as reported but if we use sugar-install-bundle comand from terminal we can install an older version
16:11 alsroot: i want to know the command used when we install .xo file from journal
16:11 alsroot ayush: you'll have to tweak sugar/src/git/sugar/src/jarabe/bundleregistry.py code to allow downgrades
16:11 *sugar/src/jarabe/bundleregistry.py
16:12 ayush alsroot: thanks ,i will look into it
16:12 alsroot: also can u point me where can i find  logs for this
16:13 alsroot ayush: all shell logs are in ~/.sugar/default/logs/shell.log
16:13 ayush alsroot: thanks
16:14 alsroot yw
16:16 shachi__ has quit IRC
16:24 anurag <anurag!~anurag@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:26 manusheel anurag: Hi Anurag.
16:26 anurag: Sending you the logs on e-mail.
16:27 anurag manusheel: sure
16:27 ishan has quit IRC
16:29 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
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16:32 manusheel anurag: Send you the logs.
16:34 anurag has quit IRC
16:35 anurag <anurag!~anurag@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:35 manusheel anurag: Hi Anurag. Did you go through the logs?
16:35 anurag yes , i did
16:36 manusheel: I am working on accord of those logs at present
16:38 manusheel anurag: Ok. What all did you gather?
16:39 anurag i will be looking into the two paths that he suggested , then I will figure out the programming layout and then start with the recoding process
16:39 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:40 manusheel anurag: Ok.
16:40 shachi__ <shachi__!~shachi@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:41 manusheel shachi__: Hi Shachi.
16:43 shachi__ manusheel, Hello Sir.
16:43 manusheel shachi__: Did the issue get resolved?
16:43 dipankar is back (gone 01:12:05)
16:44 manusheel dipankar: Hi Dipankar.
16:45 dipankar silbe, around?
16:45 manusheel, hello sir
16:49 manusheel dipankar: Hi Dipankar.
16:50 dipankar: Can you check the output?
16:51 ayush has quit IRC
16:55 shachi__ manusheel, no sir. My terminal too isn't working in the jhbuild. I'm discussing it with Dipankar Sir as he too is facing the same problem.
16:57 manusheel Ok, can you touch base with Ishan on it.
16:57 shachi__: Working for him.
16:59 silbe dipankar: still eating, but fire away
16:59 dipankar silbe, take your time :). Here is the o/p you wanted: http://paste.ubuntu.com/496562/
16:59 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:59 silbe out of curiousity, what weekday is it for you?
17:00 manusheel silbe: It is Sunday in India :-)
17:00 silbe dipankar: ok, your "initial commit" is probably causing the problems
17:00 dipankar silbe, Its still Sunday! :P
17:01 manusheel silbe: Our week begins on Sunday at the calendar.
17:01 dipankar silbe, I think we are on different git repos!
17:01 silbe, just to confirm, are you referring to jhbuild?
17:03 ishan has quit IRC
17:03 silbe interesting. I'll ask you another time (on #sugar) more about that :)
17:03 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:04 silbe dipankar: I'm referring to sugar mainline/master.
17:04 which is what your patches should be based on, otherwise we can't merge them.
17:05 dipankar silbe, I think I made the mistake there
17:05 :(
17:05 sorry
17:06 silbe, could you please refer me the correct git repo to be used?
17:06 silbe dipankar: no problem. You're the one who needs to sort it out. <g> ;)
17:06 dipankar: git://git.sugarlabs.org/sugar/mainline.git
17:10 ishan has quit IRC
17:11 silbe anurag: no idea how you created your patch (re. shutdown/logout), but it won't apply because the paths are incomplete: diff --git a/buddymenu.py b/buddymenu.py
17:12 anurag i created it using the proper method of git init and git branch , anyways i will look into it
17:13 silbe anurag: git init certainly isn't proper in this case
17:13 ayush_ <ayush_!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:14 silbe you should clone the upstream repository and base all your patches on that: "git clone git://git.sugarlabs.org/sugar/mainline.git"
17:14 anurag silbe:Ok , let me see
17:15 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:15 ayush has quit IRC
17:20 silbe @everyone: if you post revised patches, please remember to include a version number in the subject (e.g. "[PATCH v2] fix foo") and a changelog below the marker line ("---"), e.g. "v1->v2: rebased on mainline/master"
17:22 ayush_ has quit IRC
17:22 ishan silbe, i have to reinstall sugar-jhbuild
17:23 so is there any command to be run or can i directly remove the sugar-jhbuild folder present on my system
17:28 silbe ishan: what exactly do you want to reset? or maybe: why do you want to do it?
17:28 ishan silbe, my sugar emulator is not working
17:29 silbe ishan: and why do you think reinstalling sugar-jhbuild will fix it?
17:30 ishan silbe, it was working fine till yesterday
17:30 silbe ishan: and what did you change before it broke?
17:31 ishan silbe, i dont think i made any changes
17:31 it suddenly started giving metacity problems
17:31 dipankar silbe, I have done as req.: please check it: https://people.sugarlabs.org/d[…]nt-indefini.patch
17:32 silbe ishan: then reinstalling sugar-jhbuild is unlikely to help. What exactly are the problems?
17:32 ishan silbe, http://pastebin.com/2z8EmHYR
17:34 dipankar silbe, sorry, that may not work: it that case: https://people.sugarlabs.org/d[…]-out-on-reg.patch
17:35 silbe dipankar: much better now. It applies fine and the whitespace errors are gone as well. No new pep8 complaints either. After you tested it, this is ready to go in.
17:36 dipankar silbe, I have already tested it by directly changing the files. Is there anyother way to check?
17:38 silbe dipankar: adjust the commit to include "Reviewed-By: Sascha Silbe <sascha-pgp@silbe.org>" right before(!) the marker line ("---") and send the new patch to the mailing list (using git send-email). Once you get another Reviewed-By, this can go into next. When you get the ACK from the maintainer (Tomeu in this case), it can go into mainline (after 0.90.0 is released - we're currently in hard code freeze).
17:39 dipankar: the easiest way is to use sugar-jhbuild
17:39 dipankar silbe, ok.
17:40 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:40 silbe dipankar: if you use sugar-jhbuild and do the patches in source/sugar*, all you need to do is "./sugar-jhbuild buildone -n sugar" (resp. sugar-toolkit) and run sugar-emulator inside sugar-jhbuild (as usual).
17:41 that's the whole purpose of sugar-jhbuild :)
17:42 dipankar silbe, ok.. now I get it. I screwed up jhbuild by doing something
17:42 now no activity is running in it
17:42 shachi__ is also having the same problem
17:43 silbe, btw i didnot get this marker line part in : Reviewed-By: Sascha Silbe <sascha-pgp@silbe.org>" right before(!) the marker line ("---")
17:43 (!)
17:43 ?
17:45 silbe dipankar: if you screwed up, you could just move sugar-jhbuild aside ("mv sugar-jhbuild sugar-jhbuild.old") and start over with the instructions from https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/[…]ment_Team/Jhbuild . Keep the old installation around so you don't loose your patches.
17:45 dipankar silbe, ^^ thanks for the suggestion
17:46 silbe dipankar: sorry, thinko on my part. The commit doesn't include the marker line because everything that's below the marker line is not part of the commit, but in the email only.
17:46 dipankar: so just add the Reviewed-By as the last line of the commit description.
17:47 dipankar silbe, do I need to leave a line for that?
17:47 silbe dipankar: (!) is something like heads-up.
17:48 dipankar: a single blank line before all Reviewed-By:, Tested-By:, etc., yep. And each on their own line.
17:48 dipankar silbe, also, is there a need to add [PATCH v2]?
17:48 as mentioned here:
17:48 @everyone: if you post revised patches, please remember to include a version number in the subject (e.g. "[PATCH v2] fix foo") and a changelog below the marker line ("---"), e.g. "v1->v2: rebased on mainline/master"
17:49 silbe dipankar: that's something to change when you send the email. To modify the mail before sending, pass --annotate to git send-email.
17:51 dipankar silbe, I have changed the commit
17:52 silbe, now I am sending e-mail.
17:53 anurag has quit IRC
17:53 dipankar silbe, do I need to add v2?
17:54 I don't think I need to :), as this is the first version of patch!
17:54 silbe dipankar: from memory it's probably already v5 or something like that :)
17:54 dipankar ohk!
17:55 silbe, let me put v3 then to be on safe side
17:55 :P
17:55 or V5 as you say
17:55 silbe dipankar: each time you send the patch to the mailing list or upload it to Trac, you need to increment the version number and append a changelog entry
17:56 dipankar silbe, changelog?
17:56 silbe dipankar: take my recently posted patches as an example
17:56 https://patchwork.sugarlabs.org/patch/253/
17:57 Subject: [PATCH v2 sugar-toolkit] set window icon
17:57 --- src/sugar/activity/activity.py |   47 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------- 1 files changed, 38 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)
17:57 v1 was Reviewed-by: James Cameron <quozl@laptop.org>
17:57 v1->v2: Rebased on current mainline/master
17:57 (pasting dropped the blank line, sorry)
18:00 dipankar ohk
18:00 silbe, then lets consider it as v3
18:01 I can't remember the previous versions
18:01 :P
18:01 silbe no problem :)
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18:04 dipankar silbe, is this good:
18:04 src/jarabe/desktop/schoolserver.py |   27 ++++++++++++++++++++++++---
18:04 1 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
18:04 v1 was Reviewed by: Sascha Silbe <sascha-pgp@silbe.org>
18:04 v2 was Reviewed by: Sascha Silbe <sascha-pgp@silbe.org>
18:04 v2->v3: Rebased on current mainline/master
18:06 silbe dipankar: you only got Reviewed-By: (-, not space) for the last version you posted on sugar-devel ("v2"), not for v1.
18:08 dipankar silbe, I thought that since you were guiding me from starting
18:08 silbe dipankar: Reviewed-By: is only "granted" if the patch is considered ready to go in by the reviewer (plus maybe some minor changes as mentioned in the email).
18:08 dipankar silbe, ohk
18:09 silbe, so whats the best way to put it?
18:09 silbe dipankar: the meaning of Reviewed-By: is that the reviewer has _positively_ reviewed the patch, i.e. not requested (significant) changes to be made.
18:09 dipankar: at least in this case there's no need to mention it.
18:10 dipankar silbe, what if  multiple people reviwed?
18:10 silbe dipankar: Documentation/SubmittingPatches in the linux kernel source might have some advice on what to do in the general case.
18:10 dipankar like tomeu also sent in some suggestion
18:11 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk
18:11 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
18:15 dipankar silbe, how about this:
18:15 silbe dipankar: I would probably just reply to the review to thank the reviewer and mention that I'll rework and repost the patch.
18:16 dipankar v1: not accepted due to code deficiency
18:16 v2 was not accepted due to code deficiency
18:17 v3: Reviewed by Sascha<email>
18:17 silbe, ^^
18:19 silbe dipankar: no reason to mention that it got rejected. If you repost a patch, that's implicit. ;)
18:19 dipankar oh yes :)
18:20 dfarning dipankar, one cultural thing is to not focus on 'code deficiencies' but instead focus on what you improved between versions.  The goal of peer review is to help each other write better code.... not point out errors.
18:20 silbe dipankar: and the Reviewed-By: just appears in the commit description, not the changelog.
18:20 dipankar: plus what dfarning wrote
18:20 dfarning: very well put, BTW.
18:21 dipankar dfarning, :)
18:24 silbe, then I am writing this finally:
18:24 2 was Reviewed by: Sascha Silbe <sascha-pgp@silbe.org>
18:24 v2->v3: Rebased on current mainline/master
18:26 mukul <mukul!~mukul@> has joined #sugar-newbies
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18:31 silbe dipankar: v2 was Reviewed-by: Sascha Silbe <sascha-pgp@silbe.org>
18:31 (note the leading "v" and the "-" in "Reviewed-By")
18:33 dipankar ohk
18:33 silbe, I accidentally sent a wrong email :(
18:34 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
18:35 dipankar silbe, also : should the subject contain [PATCH v3 sugar] or [PATCH v2 sugar]?
18:35 silbe dipankar: since your last changelog entry was v2->v3, it should read v3.
18:36 dipankar and that is also reviewed by you :P
18:37 silbe, done
18:37 sent the e-mail to sugar-devel
18:40 silbe, thanks for your review and support.
18:41 silbe dipankar: yw. Thank you for working on Sugar!
18:41 dipankar silbe, Glad I can contribute to a project like Sugar
18:43 dipankar has left #sugar-newbies
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23:23 mulawa1 I successfully installed my first activity on my SoaS box but it took a lot of trial and error! I thought I wrote down all the steps but when I tried my second activity it failed. Can anyone spot what I'm Missing?
23:24 I have all the info in a text file - how do I post that here?
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23:37 alsroot mulawa1: to post long texts use pastebin services like http://pastebin.org/
23:37 mulawa1 @alsroot: I have sent you an e-mail about my problem.
23:39 alsroot looks
23:41 mulawa1: btw there is no need in setup.py to run activity in current environment, just copy test.activity to ~/Activities directory
23:41 mulawa1 ty
23:42 alsroot mulawa1: also, if olpcgames skeleton was generated properly, after starting your activity you'll find logs in ~/.sugar/default/logs/<bund​le_id-from-activity.info>* files
23:43 mulawa1 looking
23:45 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #sugar-newbies
23:45 mulawa1 alsroot: that's the same log as I saw when I looked via Sugar - that's where my error message comes from
23:47 alsroot: I had the same error with my 1st app but somehow I made it go away and the 1st app works fine now
23:47 alsroot mulawa1: well, looks like python buildskel.py doesn't work(didn't try it before for myself), you can take any pygame based activity and try to do the same amnually
23:48 mulawa1 but this method worked ok 1st time!
23:48 alsroot mulawa1: so, why not to do the same for your 2nd activity then :)
23:49 mulawa1 I did and you see the result!
23:49 alsroot mulawa1: you can just copy&paste sugar related code manually from your 1st activity
23:50 mulawa1 surely the error message means that we're not even getting to my code?
23:51 alsroot mulawa1: I coded pygame based activity only once, so can't say something w/o seeing the code, could you pastebin it
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23:52 mulawa1 the code is at the start of my e-mail
23:53 alsroot mulawa1: code you emailed doesn't contain any sugar related stuff, not sure how it can be launched from sugar
23:54 mulawa1: could you pastebin your 1st activity that you managed to run under sugar
23:54 mulawa1 I realise that but neither did my first app - I've yet to proceed to that next step
23:55 alsroot mulawa1: whats your activity.info content?
23:55 mulawa1 can I just e-mail it? I've never used pastebin
23:55 looking
23:56 alsroot mulawa1: just paste your text and click Send button, then post an url it gets
23:57 mulawa1 ok - will try
23:58 http://pastebin.org/968437
23:59 is that what u mean?

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