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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-09

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15:11 manusheel kandarpk: Can you join #sugar.
15:11 kandarpk manusheel sir: I am there
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17:37 anurag has joined #sugar-newbies
18:20 manusheel anurag: Hi anurag.
18:20 anurag: Around?
18:23 anurag: Fine, can you help me the line of code that you had inserted?
18:24 anurag sure
18:24 self.window.set_cursor( gtk.gdk.Cursor(gtk.gdk.WATCH) )                  LINK:  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Sugar_almanac
18:25 manusheel anurag: Which directory?
18:26 anurag wait
18:27 /home/anurag/sugar-jhbuild/install/lib/pytho​n2.6/site-packages/jarabe/view/buddyicon.py
18:29 manusheel anurag: Checking it
18:30 anurag sure
18:37 manusheel anurag: Did you get what class buddy icon does?
18:38 anurag: Also, can you explain what all you understood in buzzy cursor functionality?
18:38 ishan has quit IRC
18:38 anurag manusheel :sorry the file was buddymenu.py
18:41 manusheel anurag: Where are you adding this function?
18:42 anurag let me send you the changed file with comments
18:43 manusheel anurag: sure
18:43 anurag: use pastebin.com
18:43 anurag ok
18:44 manusheel and also e-mail me the file
18:44 anurag http://pastebin.com/PH4fETmW
18:45 sure i am mailing it too
18:46 manusheel anurag: Which line did we make the change in pastebin?
18:47 anurag i have added comments after the new line
18:48 I have added the new line at three places
18:53 manusheel anurag: can you tell me the line numbers?
18:54 anurag sure
18:54 101 , 106, 111
18:57 manusheel anurag: Can you copy paste those lines here?
18:57 anurag; Some confusion.
18:57 anurag sir i just added the line i have posted here before hand
18:57 #
18:57 def __shutdown_activate_cb(self, menu_item):
18:57 #
18:57        self.window.set_cursor( gtk.gdk.Cursor(gtk.gdk.WATCH) )  # newline
18:57 #
18:57        session_manager = get_session_manager()
18:57 #
18:57        session_manager.shutdown()
18:58 here the funtion controls the shutdown process call
18:58 and the new line changes the cursor
18:59 manusheel Ok, great.
18:59 It looks fine to me.
18:59 Do you have an XO-1?
18:59 with you?
18:59 anurag: Ok, before that, did you get what buzzy cursor does?
19:00 anurag yes it invokes the function which sets the cursor file for use
19:01 and buzzy cursor must mmean busy cursor
19:03 manusheel anurag: Ok, Can you add this code in the dextrose (XO-1)?
19:03 anurag: Use terminal activity
19:03 anurag sure i did this before making the patch , but that led to system crash on my XO
19:03 manusheel to go to that directory and file
19:03 and see if it works
19:05 Ok
19:05 That means there is a bug somewhere
19:05 anurag yes
19:06 so needed to reflash my xo to get it running again
19:06 manusheel anurag: Can you go to #dextrose and discuss it with bernie once?
19:06 anurag ok
19:33 alsroot:  i was working on the bug #2151 and i change the file /home/anurag/sugar-jhbuild/install/lib/pytho​n2.6/site-packages/jarabe/view/buddymenu.py                 to     http://pastebin.com/PH4fETmW      but it didnt work althoubh it seems ok to me. Can you suggest any tips?
19:50 alsroot anurag: could you pastebin only patch, it hard  to see what was cnhaged
19:50 anurag ok
19:51 manusheel anurag: around?
19:52 anurag alsroot:http://pastebin.com/Qv25hQUL
19:52 manusheel: yes sir
19:53 manusheel anurag: Can you come back at gtalk?
19:53 Assim is there too.
19:53 anurag sure
19:54 manusheel alsroot: Around?
19:56 alsroot: One question.
20:01 alsroot manusheel: yup
20:02 manusheel alsroot: For importing ZOOM_FACTOR, we need to import style.py. Can we use - import ZOOM_FACTOR from style.py
20:04 alsroot anurag: but in within BuddyMenu, self.window is just a window on this palette, you need to use window of entirelly shell
20:04 anurag alsroot: can you please elaborate on the change required .
20:05 alsroot anurag: you your patch, self is BuddyMenu object thus you are setting cursor for its window, but you need shell's window
20:07 anurag alsroot: ok understood that part . So can you please quote the code change required?
20:09 alsroot anurag: you can get shell window object from from sugar/src/jarabe/desktop/ho​mewindow.py:get_instance() method
20:10 anurag alsroot: thanks
20:15 alsroot yw
20:41 anurag has quit IRC
20:44 shan alsroot: if we build the jhbuild with some errors in files say for example in palette.py , after that my sugar-jhbuild emulator doesn't run....
20:49 manusheel shan: Can you show us the logs?
20:51 shan http://pastebin.com/zN5hMpyL
20:54 i have already changed the 'h' , and then have rebuilt it, it shows the same thing.
20:55 sir i am planning to continue the rest tommorow....felling sleepy...
20:55 manusheel shan: Sure. Take rest.
20:55 Good night.
20:55 shan gn
20:56 shan has quit IRC

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