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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-08

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00:04 alsroot GeeXain: 8.10 might be a problem, look for recent 10.10 or for 9.10/9.04/8.04 from http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/C[…]tributions/Ubuntu
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00:29 satellit_ GeeXain: also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Sugar
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01:03 GeeXain i see
01:05 well i'm trying to basically run the activities developed for Sugar on the OLPC, but using Teapot's Optimized version of 8.10 Intrepid.
01:09 i was reading on line that I can convert rpm files to deb format using an app called ALIEN whichi'm currently installing on my OLPC laptop
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09:34 dfarning arjs, good morning Arjun:)  good to see you here.
09:37 arjs dfarning: good afternoon :) good to see you here also
09:37 dfarning: how are things pulling along in PY
09:38 dfarning arjs, I don't know.  That part of the puzzle is now up to Anish.
09:39 arjs dfarning: ah yes, sure...im sure things will work out well
09:39 dfarning arjs, you will be able to find me here from 6am to 2pm eastern time.  My part of the puzzled is ramping up our ability to fix the bugs that Anish reports.
09:40 arjs dfarning: sure, i understand....my part of the puzzle is to streamline, strengthen communication and coordination between India and Anish
09:41 dfarning arjs, another channel that you might be interested in is #dextrose .
09:41 arjs ok, will check it out...
09:41 dfarning arjs, exactly:)
09:41 arjs :)
09:42 dfarning arjs,  on this channel and dextrose and #ubuntu-sugarteam we have the initial group of developers.
09:43 arjs ah,...i see...
09:43 dfarning arjs, our primary resources are alsroot and sible.... they have been and awewome mentors
09:43 arjs dfarning: yes ive seen lot of activity from them on lists
09:44 and ofcourse bernie is also there but hes a bit caught up with things in africa these days i guess
09:44 dfarning arjs, for planning purpose we are working from  http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]nt&keywords=$love
09:46 arjs, these are relatively easy bugs, once a developer has sucfully had 2-3 sugar-love bugs accepted, we move on to http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]rose/TODO/Patches
09:47 arjs, the patches list consists of patches that the PY and PY deployments wrote for dextrose by have not gotten a chance to up stream.
09:47 arjs, from there we move on to http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]keywords=$extrose
09:51 arjs, I have found it most effective if I meet with the team leader once a day to review bug status.  I have a white board which keeps track of who is work on what.
09:51 Mentor
09:51 Aleksey Lim      --
09:51 Luke Faraone     --
09:51 USR
09:51 -*Kandarp Kaushik -- SL#2087 Submitted for review -- SL#1858 starting
09:51 *Neeraj Gupta       -- LP#617582/SL#2280 Submitted for review needs to open bug in SL to push it upstream/ working with anish -- LP#617823 starting
09:51 *Dipankar Patro     -- LP#614394/ Submitted forneeds to open bug in SL -- LP#617813/SL#2289  needs to push upstream (upstream status ??)
09:51 *Ishan Bansal        -- LP#617805/SL#2285  submitted -- SL#305 read code and learn grep
09:51 -*Mukul Gupta        -- SL#2300 -- SL#1520 starting
09:51 -Ankur khurana       --LP#617823 w/neeraj
09:51 Shachi -- SL#1858 w/kandarpk
09:51 Sumit, Ayush, Shachi, Aseem.
09:51 DEX
09:51 *Anurag Chowdhury -- debug sugar-jhbuild -- SL#2151 good progress found howto turn on busy curser looking for shutdown code -- SL#245
09:52 *Shan Singh       -- SL#1169 -- delay pallet bug- inprogress
09:53 arjs, then everyday I review how the developers are coming on there assigned projects, what help they need, and how they can help others.
10:00 arjs, so anyone you bring on board will probable start with this work flow until they have a general understanding sugar development.
10:00 arjs, does that sound like a good place to start?
10:00 arjs dfarning: absolutely..makes a lot of sense indeed
10:02 dfarning arjs, well depending on your time.... I would like to meet with you once perday while we get things ramped up.
10:02 arjs, I think irc and skpye work best.  whatever time works for you is good.
10:04 arjs dfarning: sometimes i have problem accessing skype because of the proxy problems here..but irc has still been better
10:04 dfarning arjs, I have tried wiki and email status tracting.... but interactive status feedback seems to be a critial compenent in keeping things moving forwrard.... there are just so many place for a new developer to get stuck.
10:05 arjs, then IRC will work fine.
10:06 arjs dfarning: i agree on the real time communication...sometimes even a short phone call works fine...i have your number with me, dont be suprised if you get a call from me once a while :)
10:08 dfarning arjs, +1
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16:35 ('*** kandarp_ is now known as kandarpk', 'kandarp_', 'kandarpk')
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17:17 manusheel mukul: Can you go through  https://bugzilla.gnome.org/?
17:18 mukul manusheel sir: What do I have to look out for?>
17:19 manusheel sir: and is this a GNOME bug?
17:21 manusheel Yes, it looks like a GNOME Bug.
17:21 mukul: Kindly use your id to create an account over there.
17:22 mukul manusheel sir: That is fine. But I need a bit more clarification. I have not exactly understood what the comment said.
17:22 manusheel mukul: We need to learn how to get a patch accepted in GNOMe.
17:23 mukul: What it said was that the Alt+Tab issue was maintained under the aegis of GNOME project, not Sugar Labs.
17:23 mukul: Sugar derives MetaCity from GNOME project.
17:24 dfarning manusheel, which review are you looking at?
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17:25 manusheel dfarning: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2300, last line by Silbe.
17:26 dfarning manusheel, thanks
17:26 manusheel dfarning: Looks like a GNOME issue.
17:26 shan: Around?
17:27 shan manusheel: yes
17:27 manusheel shan: Kindly have a word with rgs__ at #sugar
17:27 on bug #1858
17:41 mukul manusheel sir: Should I also learn how to file a bug there?
17:43 manusheel mukul: I think it is the same process.
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17:48 mukul manusheel sir: What is the changelog in a patch. Is it the description and all that is written at the start of the patch
17:49 manusheel mukul: yes, very similar to what we did in packaging.
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21:09 manusheel silbe: Hi Sascha.
21:10 silbe manusheel: Hi! Sorry, going offline again soon (it's late here).
21:10 manusheel silbe: Sure. Just wish to thank you for reviewing the patches of our team, and giving them quality feedback. Appreciate it.
21:11 silbe you're welcome :)
21:11 manusheel silbe: Great. We'll talk soon.
21:12 silbe and FWIW, "even" I am regularly asked to change some stuff during review :)
21:12 we never stop learning, there's always room for improvement, no matter how "good" you already are.
21:13 manusheel silbe: Absolutely, +1
21:14 silbe: We'll have to learn, unlearn and relearn things as we move forward. That is an important aspect of life long learning.
21:17 silbe That's the phrase and it's easy to repeat, but not necessarily to apply. ;)
21:17 but we're getting off-topic...
21:19 manusheel silbe: Right. Implementations are most important.
21:19 silbe: Yes, it seem :-)
21:19 seems*
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