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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-07

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13:00 dfarning manusheel, alsroot what command are the seeta developers using to send patches?
13:01 manusheel, alsroot a couple of reviews have highlited the importantce of using 'git format-patch'
13:02 silbe dfarning: even better to use git send-email (which uses git format-patch internally)
13:04 dfarning silbe, ok thanks.
13:05 manusheel, ^^ there is a good tutorial for setting up git send-mail + gmail at http://morefedora.blogspot.com[…]to-use-gmail.html
13:06 silbe if anyone can't get git send-email to work with their mail provider, please ping bernie and me (on #sugar or #treehouse). we'll set up something to accept SMTP AUTH for sugarlabs.org then.
13:15 manusheel silbe, dfarning: Thank you. Will surely communicate this to the team.
13:17 silbe thx!
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14:44 dipankar silbe, ping
14:44 silbe dipankar: pong
14:44 dipankar silbe, hi
14:45 silbe, thanks for the pointers regarding the patch.
14:46 silbe, Wish if you could help me understand the part, where you suggested a way to do away with the class "TimeoutServerProxy()"
14:47 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2289
14:48 silbe dipankar: go on, I'll try to answer (have to prepare lunch soon)
14:50 dfarning ishan, how are you?
14:51 dipankar silbe, if I replace,  server = TimeoutServerProxy(url)
14:51 with  server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(url, transport=TimeoutTransport())
14:51 I am unable to trace out the function calls, leading to fault in code.
14:52 silbe, The value for timeout needs to be set somewhere or it can be passed with argument to TimeoutTransport()?
14:53 dfarning ishan, can you finish up SL#2285 -- it looks like you are very close:) and ping me when you start SL#305
14:53 ishan dfarning, hi
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14:53 ishan dfarning, hi
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14:53 dfarning ishan_, hi. network troubles?
14:54 ishan_ dfarning, i dont think so
14:54 alsroot, hi
14:54 around?
14:55 alsroot ishan_: hi
14:55 ishan_ alsroot, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2285
14:55 silbe dipankar: all TimeoutServerProxy does is pass transport=TimeoutTransport() to xmlrpclib.ServerProxy
14:55 dfarning ishan, can you finish up SL#2285 -- it looks like you are very close:) and ping me when you start SL#305
14:55 ishan_ alsroot, can you tell me where do i have to add the string?
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14:56 alsroot ishan_: but there is already patch submitted by lfaraone
14:56 dipankar silbe, ohk, so it means we need not have a class for sending timeout separately?
14:56 silbe dipankar: it's using some magic stuff (**kwargs) to achieve that, but we don't need all this generality here
14:56 dipankar: exactly
14:56 ishan_ alsroot, alsroot yes but they want some modification
14:57 dipankar silbe, then why send TimeoutTransport() as argument to ServerProxy()?
14:57 alsroot ishan_: what modification you mean?
14:57 dipankar silbe, let me guess, so that the timeout can be set at the time of ServerProxy call?
14:57 ishan_ alsroot, see the last comment by tomeu
14:59 dipankar silbe, otherwise the timeout will not work correctly right?
14:59 alsroot ishan_: got it, if some strings should be translated via gettext, you need to use _() function, e.g. _("text")
14:59 silbe dipankar: xmlrpclib.ServerProxy doesn't have a way for us to pass in our own HTTP class (TimeoutHTTP), so we need to override xmlrpclib.Transport.make_connection() to make it use our own HTTP class.
15:00 ishan_ alsroot, okay
15:00 silbe dipankar: thinking about it, we could even get rid of TimeoutTransport.__init__() and either use a global constant (preferred) or set the timeout directly in make_connection().
15:01 alsroot ishan_: btw, "_" is just a common practice, the function is named "gettext", use this "from gettext import gettext as _"
15:02 ishan_ alsroot, okay
15:03 dipankar silbe, thats what I was thinking
15:09 ishan_ alsroot, http://pastebin.com/XfzrMdzD
15:09 check ^^
15:10 dipankar silbe, btw how can we do away with TimeoutTransport.__init__() ??
15:11 alsroot ishan_: looks good, just a minor issue, code above uses append() not "+=" to add to cmd array
15:12 ishan_: never mind, at the end
15:12 silbe dipankar: simply set the timeout directly in make_connection() by either using a global constant or hardcoding the value. Once you don't need self.timeout anymore, there's no reason for to override xmlrpclib.Transport.__init__()
15:14 ishan_ alsroot, check http://pastebin.com/f9HcqKAz
15:15 dipankar silbe, so you are suggesting to remove function  xmlrpclib.Transport.__init__() only and set the timeout separately
15:15 ?
15:15 alsroot ishan_: fine
15:16 dipankar silbe, btw, then how will be sequence run?
15:16 ishan_ alsroot, thanks
15:17 dipankar silbe, I mean, lets suppose we remove the class and func  xmlrpclib.Transport.__init__() both
15:17 silbe, what will be mechanism of working after that?
15:17 silbe dipankar: which class? TimeoutServerProxy or TimeoutTransport?
15:18 dipankar silbe, TimeoutServerProxy
15:22 silbe dipankar: we pass an instance of TimeoutTransport to xmlrpclib.ServerProxy. When making a method call, ServerProxy.__request() will call TimeoutTransport.request() (unchanged from Transport.request()) which in turn calls TimeoutTransport.make_connection().
15:22 dipankar: the only purpose of TimeoutTransport.__init__() was to set self.timeout. If TimeoutTransport.__init__() isn't defined, Transport.__init__() will be used.
15:22 dipankar silbe, ok
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15:25 dipankar silbe, so finally, I have to make a global variable " TIMEOUT=10 " and pass it in the "return TimeoutHTTP(host, timeout=self.timeout)"
15:25 ?
15:27 kandarpk dfarning: none of the activities is getting launched
15:28 logs says
15:28 dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "GetActivity" with signature "s" on interface "(null)" doesn't exist
15:28 silbe dipankar: I would call it REGISTER_TIMEOUT, but otherwise yes, that's what I meant.
15:28 dipankar silbe, thanks
15:29 silbe dipankar: yw
15:29 dipankar silbe, I will get back to you after sometime with the required changes to be done
15:29 silbe dipankar: have fun :)
15:30 dfarning kandarpk, sorry I don't understand dbus well enough to help. maybe alsroot or silbe know more.
15:31 alsroot kandarpk: I got the same issue w/ recent sugar+tp, try to update tp stack to recent one
15:31 kandarpk silbe, alsroot: I installed sugar-jhbuild on debian right now
15:31 silbe kandarpk: tomeu might know better, but my guess is that you're running a non-bleeding edge version of Sugar (i.e. < 0.89.x) and can safely ignore these messages
15:32 kandarpk: ah, that's likely to be still broken
15:32 kandarpk alsroot, silbe: the emulator is launching but activities aren't
15:32 silbe: ok
15:32 alsroot kandarpk: you can't launch activities w/o dbus
15:32 silbe except for Fedora 14 (as I've been told, don't have F14 myself) no distros ship a recent enough Telepathy stack
15:32 kandarpk alsroot: hmmm
15:32 alsroot s/launch/proper-use/
15:33 silbe we're going to be building Telepathy inside sugar-jhbuild again, but don't have a working patch yet (there are open questions about dependencies)
15:35 kandarpk: I just checked Debian experimental, it seems to have recent enough versions of telepathy-gabble and telepathy-mission-control-5 (though not telepathy-salut). If you're feeling adventerous, you might give it a try.
15:40 kandarpk silbe: upgraded telepathy-gabble and libtelepathy-glib0 but still getting the same error
15:41 telepathy-mission-control-5 was upto date
15:42 dipankar is away: Be Right Back
15:42 silbe kandarpk: are you sure you have telepathy-mission-control-5 1:5.5.3-1 and telepathy-gabble 0.9.17-1?
15:44 kandarpk silbe: gabble > 0.9.15-1 and mission-control > 1:5.4.3-1
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15:48 silbe kandarpk: that's too old. You need the very latest versions I'm afraid.
15:49 kandarpk silbe: update-manager and synaptic aren't showing the latest versions
15:49 silbe: how do I get them ?
15:51 silbe kandarpk: you need to add the Debian experimental repo
15:51 bbl
15:57 kandarpk alsroot, dfarning, silbe( if you are still around) : my sources.list file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/489887/
15:59 alsroot kandarpk: just check if you have the same tp versions, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]otes#Dependencies
16:01 dfarning kandarpk, to use expermental you need to add 'deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian experimental main contrib non-free' to sources.list
16:01 kandarpk dfarning: thanks.
16:07 dfarning: I appended it to sources.list and reloaded from synaptic but still cant see the latest versions
16:08 synaptic had some failures as well http://paste.ubuntu.com/489892/
16:16 ('*** ishan_ is now known as ishan', 'ishan_', 'ishan')
16:18 dfarning kandarpk, try a couple of time the error you showed seemed to be related to mirrors -- sorry I don't know much about debain mirrors.
16:18 kandarpk dfarning: I got how to install experimental packages
16:18 dfarning kandarpk, +1
16:18 kandarpk they need to be force-installed
16:19 dfarning: but that isnt working somehow
16:19 dfarning silbe, ^^ sorry don't use debain experimental so I can't help
16:33 kandarpk silbe, updated telepathy-mission-control-5 to 1:5.5.3-1 and telepathy-gabble to 0.9.17-1, still the same error
16:33 dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "GetActivity" with signature "s" on interface "(null)" doesn't exist
16:47 manusheel dfarning, silbe: Any pointers on the above exception?
16:48 kandarpk: Did this sort out?
16:50 kandarpk manusheel sir: nope.
16:50 manusheel kandarpk: Ok.
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16:53 manusheel alsroot: Around?
16:54 alsroot manusheel: yup
16:55 manusheel alsroot: On Kandarp's machine - jhbuild is running but activities aren't getting launched
16:55 kandarpk http://paste.ubuntu.com/489915/
16:56 manusheel alsroot: He is getting the following exception - dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "GetActivity" with signature "s" on interface "(null)" doesn't exist
16:56 alsroot: Any pointers on the above?
16:56 alsroot manusheel: with git sugar, recent tp stack should be used, see versions on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]otes#Dependencies
16:57 kandarpk alsroot: I am having the latest version of tp installed
16:58 manusheel alsroot: Kandarp is having its latest version
16:58 alsroot kandarpk: whats the version of tp-gabble?
16:58 kandarpk manusheel sir, alsroot, silbe: all the log reports have this in common
16:58 http://paste.ubuntu.com/489915/
16:58 manusheel kandarpk: What is the version of tp-gabble?
16:59 kandarpk manusheel sir, alsroot: 0.9.17-1
16:59 silbe kandarpk: looking
16:59 kandarpk: can you upload the full activity log somewhere?
17:00 kandarpk silbe, http://paste.ubuntu.com/489920/
17:00 for pippy activity
17:01 alsroot kandarpk: does your tp-gabble use gnutls?
17:01 silbe kandarpk: anything you copy to sunjammer:public_html will show up on https://people.sugarlabs.org/<user name>/, BTW.
17:01 (in case scp is easier for you than uploading in a web browser)
17:01 kandarpk silbe: ok
17:02 alsroot: how can I check if it does ?
17:02 silbe kandarpk: can you upload shell.log as well, please?
17:02 alsroot kandarpk: `ldd <path-to-telepathy-gabble> | grep gnutls`
17:03 in my system it is /usr/libexec/telepathy-gabble, not sure about yours
17:03 kandarpk silbe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/489923/
17:04 silbe hmm, looks ok
17:04 tomeu: maybe you have some idea?
17:04 oops, he's not here
17:05 kandarpk alsroot: I'll need to search the path, libexec doesn't exist in /usr
17:06 alsroot kandarpk: see content of tp-gabble package
17:07 kandarpk alsroot: depends on libgnutls26
17:07 alsroot kandarpk: whats the version of gnutls?
17:07 kandarpk alsroot: 2.8.6-1
17:08 alsroot: installed on my system
17:08 alsroot kandarpk: then it is not the case I suspected, gnutls-2.10 has a bug
17:10 kandarpk: btw is mission-control launched?
17:11 kandarpk alsroot: not much knowledge about that :(
17:11 alsroot kandarpk: `ps aux | grep mission-control`
17:11 ..after starting sugar
17:11 kandarpk ok
17:13 alsroot: it is there
17:14 alsroot kandarpk: and you still getting org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "GetActivity" error?
17:14 kandarpk alsroot: will just check
17:15 alsroot: the error is still there
17:16 alsroot kandarpk: heh then dunno, I got the same errors due to out dated tp stack but after updating it was fixed
17:17 kandarpk: you'd better to ask tomeu
17:17 kandarpk alsroot: ok.
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17:18 shan manusheel: the steps are all in order
17:23 dfarning shan, what are you working on?
17:24 shan, rather what part of 1169 are you working on?
17:24 shan manusheel: i just finished making that patch myself
17:24 dfarning: i just finished making that patch myself
17:25 dfarning shan, did you use git send-mail?
17:26 shan dfarning: there was some problem with that..so i had sent it as an attachment to manusheel sir
17:26 dfarning shan, what was the problem?
17:27 shan dfarning:  it shows the status as 'ok' , but the email actually never goes..
17:27 dfarning shan, did you set up .git/config
17:28 shan yes i did....
17:28 dfarning shan, can you ask alsroot for help.  he has debugged git send-mail issues several times this week.
17:30 alsroot shan: did you checked that your smtp git parameters are the same as your email client ones?
17:32 dipankar silbe, around?
17:32 silbe dipankar: yep
17:32 shan has quit IRC
17:32 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
17:32 dipankar silbe, just a small question, if I change from xmlrpclib import Error
17:32 to import xmlrpc
17:32 *xmlrpclib
17:33 do I need to change the Error to xmlrpclib.Error too?
17:33 in the code
17:33 shan dfarning: sorry my net still seems to be erratic
17:33 silbe dipankar: yep
17:33 dfarning <alsroot> shan: did you checked that your smtp git parameters are the same as your email client ones?
17:34 dipankar silbe, thanks
17:36 shan yes they were same, i did check
17:36 silbe dipankar: you might be interested in http://effbot.org/zone/import-confusion.htm . I didn't read it myself, but a quick glance suggests it might be useful.
17:36 dipankar silbe, thanks again :)
17:37 silbe yw :)
17:38 alsroot silbe: did you get any bouced emails after git send-email?
17:38 shan: ^
17:39 shan yes i did
17:40 alsroot shan: could you pastebin it
17:41 shan alsroot: be right back....
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17:47 kandarpk dfarning, alsroot: how can I apply the patch submitted on the mailing list ?
17:47 alsroot kandarpk: `git am <path-to-patch>`
17:59 dipankar silbe, I have sent the patch through git send-email
17:59 quite a time back
18:00 silbe, does it generally take time for the email to get accepted?
18:01 manusheel dipankar, silbe: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/026659.html
18:02 silbe dipankar: just a few seconds usually
18:03 dipankar: depending on you subscription options it might not get sent back to you.
18:05 dipankar silbe, :), strange thing is, I still didn't receive it myself. Doesn't matter, it has reached mailing list :)
18:06 silbe dipankar: there's an option for that. some people prefer not to receive back their own mails.
18:06 dipankar: check out http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/sugar-devel
18:06 dipankar silbe, ohk, so that must have been the second input of git send-email :)
18:07 silbe enter your email address in the last text entry and follow "Unsubscribe or edit options"
18:07 after confirming with your password you can configure your mailing list subscription
18:08 there should be an option that lets you receive even mails you sent to the list yourself
18:08 dipankar silbe, done that. now worries :)
18:08 silbe ok :)
18:09 dipankar has quit IRC
18:16 kandarpk alsroot: ./sugar-jhbuild build is giving error
18:16 checking for NICE... configure: error: Package requirements (nice >= 0.0.11) were not met:
18:16 alsroot: I installed nice
18:17 alsroot kandarpk: for what package?
18:17 kandarpk but still the error is being reported
18:17 alsroot: No package 'nice' found
18:18 alsroot kandarpk: I mean for what sugar package, can't find where we use it
18:19 kandarpk alsroot: telepathy-gabble
18:19 alsroot: I applied the patch at http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/026656.html
18:20 that increased packages being build from 23 to 28
18:21 alsroot kandarpk: anyway, if it is autotools project (that requires nice) see its config.log file
18:22 there should be detaild info about error
18:22 kandarpk pk
18:22 *ok
18:24 silbe for the next round of patches, please include version numbers after refining patches
18:25 in the subject, use [PATCH v2] and in the mail body include a changelog below the "---"
18:25 e.g.: "v1->v2: improved subject and description"
18:26 "v2->v3: simplify patch by eliminating TimeoutServerProxy"
18:27 kandarpk: remember you need to install -dev packages when compiling from source
18:27 anurag has joined #sugar-newbies
18:28 kandarpk silbe: found libnice-dev
18:29 silbe: and installing that worked :)
18:29 need to install uuid now
18:30 manusheel kandarpk: Ok.
18:30 Neat.
18:32 silbe kandarpk: BTW, if you used the sugar-jhbuild patch from Tomeu, "./sugar-jhbuild depscheck" should have told you the packages you need to install
18:33 kandarpk silbe: OK.
18:33 silbe: thanks for the pointer
18:33 silbe kandarpk: yw :)
18:34 We don't run depscheck automatically as it's rather slow. You should run it from time to time after updating sugar-jhbuild, especially if something fails to build.
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18:37 mukul hi alsroot
18:37 alsroot mukul: hi
18:39 mukul Can you help me in finding the equivalent of display.c,keybindings.h,keybindings.c(in fedora)  in jhbuild?
18:40 alsroot, Actually I was studying the patch http://sascha.silbe.org/patche[…]keybindings.patch
18:43 alsroot mukul: but do we build metacity in jhbuild?
18:43 silbe: ^
18:44 shan has quit IRC
18:44 silbe mukul: on most distros we don't build metacity in sugar-jhbuild
18:46 mukul alsroot, silbe : By the way , the patch that I mentioned above is for enabling the Alt+tab and related keys to work on sugar right?
18:46 manusheel silbe: +1
18:48 silbe mukul: it makes "metacity-message disable-keybindings" work again, which allows Alt+Tab to work in Sugar.
18:50 mukul silbe: Ok
18:50 silbe: I want to make a similar patch on ubuntu. Which files should I target>
18:50 silbe mukul: the patch should work as-is.
18:52 mukul silbe: I was asking as I don't see any src/core/display.c file
18:53 silbe: I mean where exactly should I make changes.
18:56 kandarpk dfarning, silbe, alsroot: the activities are getting launched now :)
18:56 dfarning: but now, it is not asking for the password.
18:56 alsroot kandarpk: what you did to fix it?
18:57 kandarpk alsroot: tomeu posted a patch on the mailing list
18:57 http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/026656.html
18:57 alsroot: applied it^^
18:58 alsroot kandarpk: hmm, so last time you checked one versions in your system but used old versions from jhbuild?
18:58 manusheel mukul: Any issues here?
18:59 kandarpk alsroot: the jhbuild I used was latest
18:59 manusheel mukul: Around?
18:59 kandarpk alsroot: the patch is to be applied in the git repo.
18:59 manusheel kandarpk: Can you check if there is a src/core/display.c file?
18:59 in your jhbuild?
19:00 mukul manusheel sir: Actually the files used in the patch are not present in either jhbuild or usr
19:00 manusheel kandarpk: Mukul is working on http://sascha.silbe.org/patche[…]keybindings.patch
19:00 kandarpk: Is it present at your system?
19:00 kandarpk manusheel sir: let me check
19:01 mukul manusheel sir: Therefore I was asking alsroot, silbe for the equivalent files.
19:01 manusheel mukul: No worries.
19:01 mukul: Let me check too.
19:01 silbe mukul: apt-get source metacity
19:02 kandarpk manusheel sir: not found
19:03 alsroot, silbe: the emulator was asking for password on getting launched
19:03 mukul silbe, thanks. Can you give me a little more idea on what exactly is metacity
19:04 kandarpk after applying the patch it directly gets me to the home view
19:04 alsroot kandarpk: you mean, sugar asks?
19:04 *asked
19:04 silbe kandarpk: that's expected currently. it's your GNOME keyring password.
19:04 I don't like it either ;)
19:05 mukul: apt-cache show metacity
19:05 ;)
19:05 kandarpk alsroot: when the emulator was launched, it said ""Enter password to unlock your login keyring"
19:05 mukul kandarpk sir: It does that everytime when I run sugar through jhbuild
19:06 kandarpk mukul: it did for me too before applying the patch but not now
19:06 manusheel mukul: Did it work apt-get source metacity
19:06 mukul Yes I downloaded the source of metacity
19:07 *it downloaded the source of metacity
19:07 manusheel mukul: Great
19:08 kandarpk has quit IRC
19:11 mukul silbe, How does metacity influence sugar if it is a separate package in itself
19:13 silbe mukul: it gets started in "sugar". Where it comes from (installed from distro package or using sugar-jhbuild) doesn't matter as long as it's in PATH.
19:15 anurag silbe: can you tell me why my cursors in sugar jh-build  doesnt look or behave like sugar cursors instead they are just normal destop cursors?
19:17 silbe anurag: icon-slicer missing while sugar-artwork was built? try "./sugar-jhbuild depscheck"
19:18 anurag silbe: sure and thanks
19:21 silbe anurag: so was that the reason?
19:22 anurag silbe: my result for ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck    came to be   : http://pastebin.com/5UrJLusp
19:23 silbe anurag: ok, so that wasn't your problem :)
19:24 anurag silbe: yes , but the cursors are still not ok .  :|
19:26 silbe anurag: that's because you didn't change anything :)
19:26 depscheck tell you what you need to install. It doesn't install anything of its own.
19:26 *tells
19:27 anurag: does sugar-jhbuild/install/share/icons/sugar/cursors/ contain a bunch of files?
19:28 manusheel silbe: Right. Any reason, why this would not be working on jhbuild? Works on emulator.
19:28 silbe like "circle", "close", etc.
19:28 anurag silbe: yes true
19:29 silbe: yes the cursor files sre present there
19:29 *are
19:29 silbe manusheel: that sentence doesn't make sense. sugar-emulator is an executable that's part of Sugar and can be installed either using native distro packages or by using sugar-jhbuild.
19:30 anurag: ok, that's a start. :)
19:31 anurag: please enter the following commands in order:
19:31 ./sugar-jhbuild shell
19:31 echo "$XCURSOR_PATH"
19:32 you can exit the shell by pressing Ctrl+D or entering "exit"
19:32 anurag anurag: ok
19:32 silbe: ok
19:32 manusheel silbe: Sorry. I used a quick shortcut. My apologies for the same. Yes, what I meant was that this feature didn't work in emulator installed using jhbuild, but worked fine in emulator installed through jhbuild.
19:33 silbe "./sugar-jhbuild shell" will set up the environment exactly the same as for "./sugar-jhbuild run <foo>" and starts your favourite shell (usually bash) so you can poke around.
19:33 manusheel silbe: sorry "worked fine in emulator installed through distro packages"
19:34 silbe manusheel: ok, that makes much more sense now :)
19:35 you don't happen to have both Sugar from distro packages and sugar-jhbuild installed in parallel on the same host, do you?
19:35 because that has caused troubles in the past
19:36 sometimes files from the distro packages were used instead of those in sugar-jhbuild
19:36 in theory, it shouldn't happen, but in practice it does
19:36 anurag silbe: yes i do have both of them on the same machine.
19:37 silbe anurag: Then I suggest first uninstalling the Sugar distro packages. It might solve your cursor problem.
19:37 Alternatively use a chroot for sugar-jhbuild. schroot is a great tool for that.
19:37 anurag silbe: sure
19:39 dfarning silbe, so we can just append schoot before the command ./sugar-jhbuild run sugar-emulator
19:39 silbe dfarning: well, more or less :)
19:41 you need to install a system in a chroot first, e.g. using debootstrap. I use LVM, so I can just create one LV (logical volume) per chroot. For sugar-jhbuild 8 to 10GB are a good size.
19:42 you can then use schroot to "start" the chroot and "enter" it. e.g.:
19:42 schroot -c sugar-jhbuild -n sugar-jhbuild1 -b
19:42 schroot -c sugar-jhbuild1 -p -r
19:42 this will give you a shell inside the chroot
19:42 of course you need to set up schroot (/etc/schroot/schroot.conf) first
19:44 IIRC the schroot documentation was good. The author (upstream + Debian maintainer) is very responsive (uploaded a fix about 10 minutes after me reporting it this week).
19:46 If someone does set it up, please document the steps in a wiki page so it's easier for others.
19:47 (I do have it set up myself, but 1) I set it up a long time ago and 2) I might miss steps that are "obvious" to me, but maybe not to others)
19:48 anurag silbe :when i am using sugar-jhbuild which has latest source code from git will its matter if i am using fedora or ubuntu?
19:49 silbe anurag: It can make a difference, yes. Sugar should work on all distros so different behaviour is usually a bug (that should be reported and fixed), though.
19:51 anurag silbe: then the jh-build installed on both fedora and ubuntu running natively and separately on the same system will behave in different manner?
19:51 silbe Even if you use distro packages the behaviour can differ. Only the Sugar source code is the same, a large part of the system can be different (more recent or older versions, distro-specific patches, different paths, etc.).
19:51 anurag: it might, but should not
19:52 That's why we need to test Sugar on different distros, not just one.
19:53 anurag silbe : True and that would be really helpful for further development
19:55 dfarning silbe, thanks
19:56 silbe dfarning: if you (plural) need specific help with setting up a chroot, feel free to ask.
19:57 it's a good way to test Sugar, but it comes at some cost
19:58 e.g. unless you set it up specially, applications inside the chroot won't have access to the system dbus on the host.
19:59 Sugar can now run without a system dbus, but some features won't work.
20:01 You can start a system dbus inside the chroot, but that's risky. Components that are auto-activated by the system dbus (because something asked for them) might clobber the host state (e.g. networking).
20:02 It can be similar risky to give the chroot access to the system DBus on the host. You can even trigger a shutdown via DBus.
20:50 manusheel anurag: What was the issue with the description?
20:51 anurag manusheel: it was just formatting error
20:52 manusheel anurag: Ok. Did it get resolved?
20:53 anurag manusheel:yes
20:54 manusheel anurag: Great, which step are you on now?
20:55 anurag manusheel: patch made and now i will install git email to upload the patch
20:55 manusheel anurag: Great.
20:55 anurag: Sending you an e-mail on it.
20:55 anurag sure
20:56 manusheel anurag: In the meanwhile, can you e-mail me the patch too?
20:56 anurag sure
20:57 manusheel anurag: Send you the steps.
20:58 anurag got them
20:59 manusheel anurag: Did you e-mail me the patch file?
21:00 anurag manusheel:yes
21:07 tabs has joined #sugar-newbies
21:12 anurag manusheel: patch successfully upload
21:12 *uploaded
21:14 manusheel anurag: Great.
21:14 anurag: Add r?
21:19 anurag: Great
21:22 anurag has quit IRC
21:42 mukul has quit IRC
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22:31 tabs has joined #sugar-newbies
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23:17 tabs has joined #sugar-newbies
23:44 GeeXain has joined #sugar-newbies
23:44 GeeXain hey guys
23:46 had a quick question, hopefully someone can answer, is it possible to install & run Sugar developed activities on Ubuntu?  specifically Ubunt 8.10 Intrepid
23:48 manusheel GeeXain: Yes.
23:48 GeeXain: Would prefer you to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10

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