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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-06

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09:38 neeraj has joined #sugar-newbies
09:39 neeraj alsroot : ping
09:39 alsroot neeraj: hi
09:41 neeraj we wanted to add a button for bug reporting in frame of sugar-emulator. we have tried to figure out what will trigger the apport support but can you help me in setting up a button?
09:41 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubu[…]-0.88/+bug/617823
09:44 alsroot neeraj: just see how existed buttons were added, e.g., sugar/src/jarabe/frame/fra​me.py:_create_bottom_panel
09:48 neeraj: btw maybe having CP component will make more sense?
09:49 neeraj: i.e. CP components were designed to be added by downstream
09:49 neeraj i too was thinking about it and it seemed more easier to have a button there.
09:50 alsroot,  i will have to create another section for that in cpsection folder then?
09:50 alsroot neeraj: yup
09:51 neeraj: btw wadeb did somehting related (not not apport integration), you can browse bugs.sl.o
09:51 alsroot doesn't remember what particular ticket it was
09:54 neeraj alsroot,  were you by any way mentioning about this http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/407 ?
09:56 alsroot neeraj: but it was already implemented, /me is closing the ticket
09:57 ..it's already closed
10:03 neeraj: btw there is no need in mentoring :), developers pickup tickets and fix them, then send patches for review
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11:30 manusheel alsroot: Hi Aleksey
11:30 Around?
11:31 alsroot manusheel: hi
11:32 manusheel alsroot: There was comment by Sascha today - > On Fedora 13, git-send-email is not requires by sugar-jhbuild. If this is the official way to submit patches, then "git-email" should be added to sysdeps. Added (on all distros).
11:33 alsroot manusheel: well, I'm not sure what the current workflow is in sugar (except old one with submitting patches to bugs.sl.o)
11:33 manusheel: I guess it is not yet settled down
11:35 manusheel alsroot: Sure. So, we can continue with the workflow that you explained to the team members, right?
11:35 alsroot: No changes to worry about at this juncture.
11:35 alsroot manusheel: well, I guess the right answer is: what you prefer :)
11:38 manusheel alsroot: Ok, sure :-)
11:41 sumit has joined #sugar-newbies
11:41 manusheel sumit: Hi Sumit.
11:44 sumit manusheel: Manusheel, hello.
11:44 manusheel alsroot: Sumit is testing Kandarp's patch, and has some questions for you.
11:45 alsroot sure
11:45 sumit alsroot: Hello Aleksey.
11:45 alsroot sumit: hi
11:45 sumit alsroot: How can we mark activities as protected in GConf?
11:46 alsroot sumit: you mean within patch that was submitted to bugs.sl.o?
11:47 sumit: whats the number of ticket about protected activities?
11:47 sumit alsroot: SL #2087
11:49 alsroot sumit: hmm, there is no patches submitted by Kandarp
11:50 alsroot looks to inbox
11:51 sumit alsroot: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/026546.html
11:52 dfarning sumit, are you wokring on a liux system?
11:52 linux
11:52 sumit dfarning: Hello.
11:52 dfarning: Yes.
11:53 dfarning sumit, first install 'gconf-editor'.  do you know how to do that?
11:53 sumit dfarning: Yes, of course.
11:53 sumit: Installing it.
11:54 alsroot sumit: or use gconftool-2 tool e.g. gconftool-2 -s /desktop/sugar/protected_activities "[bundle_id_1, bundle_id_2]" --type list --list-type string
11:54 dfarning sumit, sorry i don't mean to be insulting.... we are bring together people with many differerent backgrounds
11:55 sumit dfarning: Sure. No issues at all.
11:56 dfarning sumit, ^^ is the quick CLI method of manipulating gconf.  some people perfer gconf-editor until they get the big picture of how gconf works:)
11:56 sumit alsroot: Thank you.
11:57 dfarning: What are bundle_id_1 and bundle_id_2 here?
11:57 dfarning: Are they service ids in activity.info file in activities structure?
11:58 alsroot sumit: yup, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]/Activity_Bundles#.info_file_format
11:58 dfarning sumit, yes -- usually something of the form org.laptop.browse
12:00 sumit dfarning: Right. Activity development in Sugar has been made pretty simple actually.
12:01 alsroot: Thank you. Yes, it is the same page, which has been shifted from wiki.laptop.org. Correct?
12:01 dfarning sumit, +1 Sugar is really an activity development and presentation framework.
12:01 alsroot sumit: yup, Almanac was moved to wiki.sl.o from wiki.laptop.org
12:03 sumit dfarning: Why would it be practical to deal with the problem when we move to Gsettings/Dconf. A developer named Tomeu Vizoso wrote that in his review - http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/026568.html
12:04 alsroot sumit: we can move to Dconf only after gnome and all major distros do it, for now we have to use gconf
12:05 sumit alsroot: Ok. Tomeu Vizoso further says that Sugar should be able to deal with incorrect GConf values. Does it do that?
12:07 alsroot sumit: well, that was only question
12:07 ..I guess
12:08 sumit: in fact, all current sugar code doesn't check gconf keys before getting values
12:08 sumit: but the minimal thing could be just use try block (what Kandarp did)
12:10 sumit alsroot: So, this means Kandarp's patch needs improvement. Correct?
12:11 alsroot sumit: in my mind nope, but other reviewer might have different opinions
12:12 *reviewer
12:12 s
12:14 sumit alsroot: Ok. A developer named Sascha Silbe had also written in her review that there were incorrect syntax at some point.
12:15 alsroot sumit: I guess Kandarp already fixed it (if he setup jhbuld)
12:16 sumit alsroot: He did and had some errors, which Manusheel would have pointed to you yesterday.
12:16 alsroot: Xephyr failed.
12:17 alsroot: We'll look into shell.logs for getting a better idea.
12:17 alsroot sumit: yup, thats probably consequences of syntax error, shell.log will show whare this error is
12:17 *where
12:18 sumit alsroot: Yes. How can we write a list to a gconf value? Can you provide some resources on it?
12:19 alsroot sumit: you write from command line or from python code?
12:19 sumit alsroot: Python code.
12:21 alsroot sumit: google for "python gconf"
12:22 sumit: or just use C API, http://library.gnome.org/devel[…]-GConfClient.html, python binding will use the same methods
12:23 sumit alsroot: Ok. Great. Will this work in Sugar code?
12:24 alsroot sumit: w/ obvious changing, e.g. gconf_client_set_list() C function will be set_list() for gconf.client object
12:25 sumit: btw, one useful method to explore methods for unknow python classes is runing python shell, if auto completion is setup you can use Tab-Tab notatoin to know about methods
12:27 alsroot does it all time
12:29 sumit alsroot: Can you elaborate on the useful method a bit? How can we check whether auto completion has been set up?
12:29 alsroot: What is a Tab Tab notation?
12:30 alsroot sumit: run "python" command, type "s='123'" then press enter, then type "s." and pres Tab two times
12:30 neeraj has quit IRC
12:31 alsroot *only one Tab is sufficient
12:31 and you will get all methods you can call for "s" string object
12:31 do the same for gconf object
12:32 sumit: btw, every python method has(at least should) __doc__ member which is obvious a doc string
12:33 ie "s.strip.__doc__" returns doc about strip string method
12:38 neeraj has joined #sugar-newbies
12:39 manusheel neeraj: Hi neeraj.
12:39 Around?
12:40 sumit alsroot: Thank you.
12:40 alsroot yw
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13:18 dfarning sumit, how are you coming?
13:39 sumit dfarning: Pretty well. Development and testing in Sugar is pretty interesting.
13:39 dfarning sumit, +1 any questions?
13:39 ls
13:43 sumit dfarning: Yes, can you direct me to a documentation on inserting doc strings in patches? We'll add this in the documentation on patch development.
13:45 dfarning sumit, see http://diveintopython.org/gett[…]ng_functions.html
13:47 sumit, in general, you don't insert a docstring into a patch.... you just make a new patch that inclues the docstring.
13:47 sumit dfarning: Yes, Dive into Python has been read by the team. I completely agree.
13:49 dfarning: Sorry, I am rephrasing my question again. Which documentation standard do we follow in patch development?
13:50 dfarning: I did go through the Code review wiki page. A developer named Sascha Silbe has been suggesting improvements on indenting and adding description in patches.
13:51 dfarning sumit, there is no formal documentation standard for sugar.  kandarp was working on it.
13:52 sumit dfarning: Yes, Kandarp was working on api.sugarlabs.org documentation. I am referring to the structure on indenting patches.
13:53 dfarning: Whenever I ask this question, I am directed to see sugar-devel examples on patch. But, it seems many of them have one or two issues too, which the same developer Sascha pointed.
13:55 dfarning sumit, there is not formal code style for sugar:(  That is the case for many open source projects.  instead you must look and the code above and below the patch and make it look the same.
13:56 sumit dfarning: Ok. We'll do that. Thank you. Can one of the reviewers document this part and put it at the wiki? This will help everyone to be on the same boat.
13:58 dfarning: Many of the reviewers themselves don't agree amongst themselves at sugar-devel, as we saw at the logs. It was been an interesting assignment for Manusheel Sir to help the developers understand the key points, and not get distracted by too much language.
14:00 dfarning sumit, ok I will ask on the wiki for coding standards.
14:05 sumit dfarning: One more question. I read Sascha Silbe's comment on having one stop shop for all reviewers to submit reviews. I think the SEETA developers should first submit patch to sugar-devel, get it reviewed, add changes if necessary, and then upload the final patch to Sugar Labs bug tracker.
14:06 dfarning: Do you want them to upload the patch at the Sugar Labs bug tracker side by side? Or, after review at sugar-devel?
14:09 dfarning sumit, with regard to the lack of agreement among developer reviews.  That is pretty common whenever things are peer reviewed.
14:11 sumit, the key is to get acked-by, reviewed-by, and tested-by added to the patch. That means they have been approved.
14:12 sumit,  tested by means someone tested it.
14:13 sumit, reviewed by means someone reviewed it--this is peer review to help inprove the overall quality of the code base.
14:14 sumit, the key is Acked-by, That means that someone with the authority to commit the code has approved it.  That authority is usually limited to one or two module maintainers.
14:14 ishan has joined #sugar-newbies
14:16 dfarning WRT, to work flow -- this has been a huge issue - we are the first group of non-olpc/Sugar Labs core developers to make significant code contributions:)
14:17 sumit, so no one know how to handle the situation.  just like code review it is a general process of consensus until a good solution emerges.
14:34 sumit dfarning: I highly appreciate your explanations. Thank you so much for explaining them in detail.
14:35 dfarning sumit,  anytime -- that is what I am here for:)
14:38 sumit dfarning: Thank you.
15:09 dfarning ishan, I don't think you need to worry about fixing the problem in ubuntu.... as long as it is fixed in sugar via a patch against jhbuild.
15:14 ishan dfarning, sure
15:19 dfarning, like i made the changes in the file in sugar-jhbuild folder but can i test it somehow or do i have to make the patch directly
15:21 dfarning ishan, if you change the code in sugar-jhbuild you need to rebuild and run sugar-jhbuild using
15:21 ./sugar-jhbuild build
15:21 ./sugar-jhbuild run sugar-emulator
15:21 ishan dfarning, okay
15:28 dfarning, done but still i am not able to see any visible changes
15:29 dfarning ishan, can you find an example of where a checkbox is used in sugar?
15:30 ishan dfarning, i think for enabling radio in network
15:30 in control pannel
15:32 ishan is away for dinner
15:33 dfarning ishan, I am not sure will need to ask alsroot.... I don't know when, where and how the themes are applied n the various parts of sugar
16:08 ishan is back
16:08 ishan dfarning, sure
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16:43 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
16:52 dfarning shan ping
16:53 shan, how are you coming?
16:55 dipankar has left #sugar-newbies
17:00 shan dfarning: i now know how to make code changes and build it on sugar-jhbuild.
17:00 dfarning shan great.
17:01 how about applying a patch.
17:01 shan, like the one I sent you the other day.
17:02 shan i am currently making changes in the code, and building it...the same one which you had sent...
17:02 anurag has joined #sugar-newbies
17:03 manusheel anurag: Hi Anurag.
17:03 Around?
17:03 dfarning shan, do you have any questions?
17:03 anurag manusheel: Hello sir
17:03 manusheel anurag: Were we able to resolve the sugar-jhbuild issue?
17:03 anurag: Is it working fine now?
17:03 anurag manusheel: i am trying to reinstall jh-build
17:04 manusheel anurag: No workarounds worked?
17:04 anurag manusheel: no sir, I am currently working on it
17:04 manusheel anurag: Can you touch base with dfarning on it?
17:04 dfarning anurag, did you notice the permission on the sugar-jhbuild/ dir
17:04 shan dfarning: i would be recieving the documentation from the dextrose developers today....i'll get bck to you in case of any doubt...will just rebuild the sugar-jhbuild after making changes in the code?
17:05 dfarning:minus the ?
17:05 dfarning shan, what documentation?
17:05 anurag dfarning: I have added my normal user into the sudoers root user list , so i guess there is no permission related issue
17:06 dfarning anurag, you should not need to run sugar-jhbuild as root.
17:06 anurag, it should be run as a normal user.
17:07 anurag dfarning: yes true, but its not working either ways
17:07 dfarning: wait i will give you the logs
17:08 dfarning anurag, can you past the results of ls -la when run in the sugar-jhbuild/ dir
17:08 anurag dfarning : let me check and confirm
17:09 shan the documentation contains content on making a patch and sending it to sugar-devel
17:09 anurag dfarning : this is my yesterdays log  http://pastebin.com/bV8BugTj
17:11 dfarning: and this is the log after ls- la in the sugar-jhbuild /dir http://pastebin.com/LqjCUnYE
17:12 ayush has joined #sugar-newbies
17:12 dfarning anurag, yep that is your problem it looks like you ran the clone command as root. thus root is the owner of all the directories in sugar-jhbuild.
17:13 anurag dfarning: then what shall i do?
17:13 dfarning anurag, you will want to change the permission to anurag:)
17:14 anurag dfarning: any shorter way of doing this other than reclone?
17:15 dfarning anurag, see http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fileowner.html for information on file ownership.
17:15 anurag dfarning: yes thanks and i also got the way to change it.
17:16 dfarning anurag, sudo chown -R anurag:anurag *
17:17 anurag dfarning: thanks for the pointer , but i changed it using nautilus in root mode
17:19 dfarning: done, and its getting installed fine.
17:19 dfarning anurag, +1
17:19 anurag dfarning: :)
17:26 manusheel shan: around?
17:26 shan: Let us do the process of making a patch step by step.
17:26 shan manusheel:  yes
17:26 manusheel shan: First of all, congratulations on being able to solve the bug.
17:27 shan: You did tested the code change, and it was good right?
17:28 shan manusheel: yes
17:28 manusheel anurag, ayush: You also listen. If you have any issues, let me know.
17:28 shan its working absolutely fine....
17:28 manusheel shan: Great.
17:28 anurag anurag: sure
17:29 manusheel shan: The first step is cd into sugar-jhbuild/source/sugar
17:30 shan okay
17:30 manusheel shan: The second step is create a working git branch.
17:30 shan: For this we use the git branch command.
17:31 shan yea..tht would be the same thing which we covered tht day write?
17:31 manusheel shan: Just quickly read the example on this page. Sending you the link.
17:31 shan right?
17:31 manusheel shan: http://www.kernel.org/pub/soft[…]s/git-branch.html
17:32 shan: So, in our case, it will be $git branch Sugar0.88
17:32 shan: The next step is to create a patch and apply it so that it works.
17:32 shan: Telling you the steps for the same.
17:34 anurag manusheel: can you forward me the link that generates developers key for XO-1 , We are flashing ayush's XO
17:35 dfarning manusheel, shan as an aside.... after a while you may get to the point where you have several git branches in various states of development.  It is useful to get into the habit of using descriptive banch names-- like variable names.
17:35 manusheel dfarning: Ok. In this case, what could be a good name?
17:35 dfarning anurag, if you open browse on the xo there will be a link to get a developer key.
17:36 manusheel, reduce_pallet_delay
17:36 anurag dfarning: sure , but i cant connect the xo to internet, will it still work?
17:36 kandarpk has joined #sugar-newbies
17:36 dfarning anurag, nope
17:37 anurag, what is wrong with the network connection.
17:38 anurag dfarning: Its an older build which detects only router modems and mesh networks. Where as i have  an adhoc shared internet connection
17:39 manusheel dfarning: Ok.
17:39 dfarning anurag, http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Acti[…]nd_developer_keys should help
17:40 anurag dfarning: Thanks
17:40 manusheel shan: The next step is do a $git init repo-name
17:41 shan: Have you done this step.
17:41 ?
17:41 shan m going thru the link u sent me, gimme a sec, i will just do this...
17:42 manusheel shan: Which link?
17:42 anurag dfarning: here is the latest log of my sugar-jhbuild installation.   http://pastebin.com/tvJH6aNu
17:42 shan http://www.kernel.org/pub/soft[…]s/git-branch.html
17:43 dfarning anurag, what is the result of ls -la in sugar-jhbuild/?  I would guess that the ,git/ dir is still owned by root.
17:45 shan okay...empty repository initialised..
17:45 manusheel shan: Don't go through that link in detail now. You can do that later. Just do $git branch reduce_pallet_delay
17:46 shan manusheel:  i already did $ git branch Sugar0.88....got to do $git branch reduce_pallet_delay again..?...
17:47 dfarning shan, run the command 'git branch' it will show you which branch you are on.
17:48 shan dfarning:  in Sugar0.88
17:49 dfarning shan, try 'git branch reduce_pallet_delay' followed by 'git branch' and see what happens
17:50 anurag dfarning : yes, you depicted it alrght
17:51 dfarning anurag, you will have to change the .git (or any hidden dir) manually
17:51 anurag dfarning: sure
17:52 dfarning anurag, 'sudo chown -R anurag:anurag .git' should work.
17:53 shan has quit IRC
17:54 dfarning ayush, looks like we lost shan:( how are you?
17:55 manusheel dfarning: Shan has a network issue. Will be back in a minute.
18:00 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
18:01 shan manusheel: yes sir, sorry abt tht..
18:05 the command git branch shows sugar0.88
18:07 anurag dfarning: my latesst log : http://pastebin.com/r98RAKbZ
18:11 ayush dfarning:hi dfarning, sorry i was working .I am fine
18:12 manusheel shan: No worries.
18:12 shan: Great.
18:12 shan: Can you do $rm -rf .git
18:13 shan: Then do $git branch reduce_pallet_delay
18:13 dfarning anurag, I suggest deleting sugar-jhbuid and recloning
18:13 shan yes i already did tht..and did git branch reduce_pallet_delay
18:13 anurag dfarning:looks like the only way out
18:13 manusheel shan: Great.
18:13 shan: The next step is $git status
18:14 shan working directory clean...
18:15 manusheel shan: Ok. Can you tell me the exact output?
18:16 shan, the next step is $git add (filename.py)
18:16 shan: Here, the filename.py is the name of the file, where you have made modifications.
18:16 shan on branch master nothing to commit working directory clean
18:16 okay...
18:17 dfarning anurag, yes.  jhbuild is pretty unstable:(
18:17 anurag dfarning: true
18:19 dfarning anurag, jhbuild was orginally written to help gnome developers and we modified it to work with sugar. see http://live.gnome.org/Jhbuild
18:20 manusheel alsroot, kandarpk: On doing $git status, Shan's code changes should be reflected. Why are we getting nothing to commit working directory clean
18:20 alsroot, kandarpk: Any pointers?
18:21 shan has quit IRC
18:21 alsroot manusheel: did you exec `git add` for all files there were changed, fast command is `git add -u`
18:22 kandarpk has quit IRC
18:22 manusheel alsroot: We'll do that.
18:22 alsroot: Thanks. $git add -u would be faster.
18:27 kandarpk has joined #sugar-newbies
18:35 anurag dfarning: i tried to do it fresh , but again the same problem :  http://pastebin.com/Js1pUZcz
18:36 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
18:36 dfarning anurag, ahh this is a dfferent problem:)
18:36 shan manusheel: sorry sir, my netconnect is acting way too weird today...
18:36 dfarning anurag, which distro are you running?
18:36 manusheel shan: No worries.
18:37 dfarning: Anurag is running Fedora 13.
18:37 shan: Do $git add -u
18:38 dfarning anurag, I think you forgot to run depscheck....
18:39 shan manusheel : yes so i have run 1. git branch reduce_pallet_delay 2. git init repo-name
18:39 anurag has quit IRC
18:40 manusheel shan: Here, repo name was the repository name.
18:40 shan: You should have added the repository name here.
18:42 alsroot: Will $git init be enough?
18:42 alsroot: Or, do we need to add the repo-name too?
18:42 shan yes...yes.have already initialised empty repository
18:42 manusheel shan: Ok, great.
18:42 shan: Lets move to the next step then.
18:43 shan: Do $git add -u
18:43 shan yes yes
18:43 manusheel shan: try $git status now
18:44 shan: Do you see an output? Can you copy/paste it in pastebin.com?
18:45 alsroot manusheel: btw `git add -u` adds to commit only already tracked files, if files are not yet tracked by git, you need to add them by name (or by mask)
18:46 shan1 has joined #sugar-newbies
18:46 shan1 manusheel: manusheel: it shows nothing to commit, working directory clean.
18:46 manusheel alsroot: Ok.
18:46 shan1 theres some prblm with the previous one..
18:47 manusheel alsroot: Can you do $git add (filename.py)
18:47 here, filename.py is the name of the file.
18:47 shan has quit IRC
18:48 alsroot manusheel: just any regular paths to file(s) or dir(s)
18:48 ..valid paths from current directory
18:48 shan1 manusheel: but the file we made changes to, is in /graphics
18:50 manusheel shan1: Ok, let us do the steps again. I thought you were there in /graphics
18:51 shan1: Can you do $rm -rf .git
18:51 shan1 i was in .sugar wait, letme create the whole thing again....and i will just type in whatever i do...you could just check them..
18:52 manusheel shan1: sure
18:52 alsroot: $git add -u should be used after $git status right?
18:53 alsroot manusheel: `git status` just shows status of files in working copy, there are no any strict correlations with `git add`
18:54 manusheel alsroot: Sure.
18:56 shan1 okay i am in /graphics
18:56 manusheel shan: great.
18:56 shan: First step
18:56 git init
18:56 shan1 done with git branch reduce_pallet_delay
18:56 also with git init repository1
18:56 done
18:56 next..
18:56 manusheel git add (filename.py)
18:57 here filename.py is the filename.
18:57 shan1 done
18:57 kandarpk has quit IRC
18:57 manusheel Do git status now
18:58 shan1 now?
18:58 manusheel Sorry
18:58 $git status
18:58 Tell me the output
18:59 shan1 on branch master changes to be commited...
18:59 modified: palette.py
18:59 changes but not updated (...and more stuff.....)
18:59 in the end modified : palettewindow.py
19:00 manusheel Ok
19:00 great
19:00 Did you modify paletterwindow.py
19:00 Right?
19:00 shan1 yes
19:00 manusheel Great
19:00 Let us move to the next step
19:00 shan1 yes yes....
19:01 manusheel Write git commit
19:01 $git commit
19:01 shan1 okay
19:01 dine
19:01 done
19:02 manusheel Does an editor open up?
19:02 shan1 yes
19:02 its says please enter a commit message
19:02 manusheel Yes.
19:02 the normal format for a commit message is one line summary, blank line, paragraph description.
19:02 shan1 okay
19:03 manusheel What are you writing in summary here
19:03 ?
19:04 Shan1 around?
19:04 shan1 yes...
19:05 manusheel Ok, what is your one line summary
19:05 ?
19:06 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
19:07 manusheel Shan, around?
19:07 shan manusheel: some prblm with that, window..a here.....so what summary should i write?..
19:07 yes yes.....
19:07 manusheel Ok, what is your issue number?
19:08 shan1 has quit IRC
19:09 manusheel shan, around?
19:15 sumit shan around?
19:15 shan YES
19:15 yes
19:16 manusheel Shan, in the description write the
19:16 bug number too
19:16 shan okay\
19:16 manusheel SL #number of the bug
19:17 After you have saved your commit, do $git format-patch HEAD^1
19:18 This creates and places the patch besides the bugged file.
19:19 Shan, after this, we have to do git send e-mail.
19:20 I have send you the steps.
19:20 In an e-mail. Kindly copy paste them in a text pad.
19:20 These steps were written by Neeraj and are correct.
19:22 shan, around?
19:26 shan manusheel : on the phone brb...
19:27 manusheel ok
19:36 shan yes sir, sorry for the interruption, its actually my bro's birthday...just had to call him up..
19:36 manusheel Sure, absolutely fine.
19:36 Wish him birthday from my side too.
19:37 shan yes yes..
19:38 manusheel Ok.
19:38 Did you complete the git commit message mentioning the bug number?
19:38 shan one line summary: Drop down menus are now more quick and take lesser time to load
19:38 ?
19:38 would tht summary be fine?
19:39 manusheel Make it simpler: Reduction in lead time for loading drop down menus.
19:39 Then add description.
19:41 ayush has quit IRC
19:44 manusheel shan, what have you added in the description?
19:45 shan the drop down menu was too slow in loading up. The menu took time to load up even after hoovering over the icon in the middle.
19:46 Changes are introduced in the files palette.py and palettewindow.py in /graphics of sugar-jhbuild
19:46 manusheel Ok. Do mention the exact change here.
19:47 That is reduction in lead time.
19:48 Also, add SL #<bugnumber> before adding "Changes are introduced...."
19:49 shan i need to mention the exact reduction time too..?
19:50 manusheel You can skip that.
19:50 Mention what you have reduced.
19:51 The reduction time might not be 50% exact.
19:51 shan okay.....
19:51 done with that
19:53 manusheel great.
19:53 After you have saved your commit, do $git format-patch HEAD^1
19:56 Coming in a minute. Tell me the name of the patch file that gets generated once you have run this command.
19:56 This creates and places the patch besides the bugged file.
19:58 shan has quit IRC
20:01 manusheel alsroot: around?
20:01 alsroot manusheel: yup
20:02 manusheel alsroot: Thanks for the steps. Things are coming along pretty well. One question from Sumit for you.
20:03 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
20:03 sumit alsroot: When we do $git commit, an editor opens up.
20:04 alsroot sumit: you can use "-m your-comment" instead
20:04 sumit alsroot: I need to add a summary followed by description.
20:04 shan manusheel: back online, i m really frustrated with my net now..
20:04 manusheel alsroot: Shan is facing same problem.
20:05 shan: No worries.
20:05 sumit alsroot: When I do git commit, I see the editor opening up in the terminal.
20:06 alsroot: How do I save the message?
20:06 dfarning alsroot, shouldn't we use the standard: one line summary, blank line, description for commits that will be submitted as patches.
20:06 sumit, which editor is opening up?
20:06 alsroot sumit:  I guess it should vim editor, if so, press :wq
20:07 sumit alsroot: Did try that. Familiar with vim.
20:07 alsroot prefers -m command line argument
20:08 sumit alsroot: But, in that case, we'll not be able to follow the patch guidelines. That is adding the description after one line summary.
20:08 shan alsroot: i am facing similar problem...can't exit the editor
20:09 alsroot sumit: you can use several line comments in commanline as well, just start your comment with " and use enter
20:09 dfarning sumit, it also might be nano try ctrl-x
20:09 alsroot anyway git opens editor which is mentioned in EDITRO environment variable
20:11 sumit alsroot, dfarning: Thank you for the pointers. I am trying it. More familiar with vim. But, this should be pretty easy to work out. Hacking.
20:12 dfarning sumit, there is a option in the git conf file to set your editor to vim.
20:12 alsroot sumit: if you prefer opening editor, just add "export EDITOR=vim" to your ~/.bashrc and relogin
20:13 yup, or set it on git level `git config core.editor vim`
20:16 sumit dfarning, alsroot: Great. Thank you so much. You are very helpful.
20:17 shan sumit: how did u exit the editor after saving?
20:17 sumit shan: I can use :wq now.
20:18 shan: dfarning suggested a very useful pointer about which I should have thought at first go.
20:19 dfarning: My apologies for the trouble. I lack common sense past 1:00 am.
20:19 shan: Go to ~/.bashrc
20:19 shan: Follow the following steps.
20:19 shan okay
20:20 sumit shan: First be at your home folder ~
20:20 shan am there
20:20 dfarning sumit, np -- the about new information you have to learn to start hacking sugar is huge.
20:20 sumit shan: Then do, $vi ~/.bashrc
20:21 Type i once
20:22 This means you are in insert/append mode.
20:22 shan wait it says permissoin denied..
20:22 sumit shan: What says permission denied?
20:22 shan thts when i enter in ~/.bashrc
20:22 in home folder
20:23 sumit shan: Did you do $vi ~/.basrc
20:23 bashrc*
20:23 shan yes
20:24 a editor has opened up..
20:24 similar to the previous one..
20:25 sumit shan: Ok, that is so cool.
20:25 shan: That means you were using vi editor when using $git commit.
20:26 shan but then :wq doesn't work
20:26 for saving and exiting
20:26 sumit shan: Right. I got it why it wouldn't have worked. Manusheel Sir would have assumed that you would have typed i when the editor opened.
20:27 shan: Ok, go back to the terminal where you have git commit opened.
20:28 shan: Go back to that path and type $git commit
20:28 shan okay
20:28 sumit shan: Then type i
20:28 only once
20:28 shan: Then add your online summary and description
20:28 shan: And, then do :wq
20:29 shan: Are you following what I am saying?
20:29 shan yes ....doing it..
20:29 one sec..
20:33 yes now typing in the summary and description
20:33 sumit shan: Ok, do :wq quickly after typing it.
20:37 shan i still am not able to use :wq...what exactly am i  supposed to type in ?..:wq only right?
20:37 sumit shan: Yes, absolutely.
20:37 shan it still is not exiting..
20:37 sumit shan: When you typed i, were you able to insert the text.
20:37 shan yes
20:38 sumit shan: Ok, type :q
20:38 shan sumit: nothing happened
20:38 sumit shan: Sorry, I assumed one step. Type Ctrl + C
20:39 shan: This will take you to command code.
20:39 shan okay done tht..
20:39 sumit shan: Then type :wq
20:39 shan yeah now exited...
20:39 sumit shan: Great.
20:40 shan: Now try, Manusheel Sir's pointer on patch creation.
20:40 shan sumit: thanks a lot....am a sheer beginner this side..
20:40 sumit: yes
20:40 sumit shan: After that, Manusheel Sir will tell you.
20:41 shan okay...
20:41 manusheel shan: Once you are done with this step, do the git format patch command.
20:41 shan okay
20:42 sir could u just give me command again?..
20:43 manusheel shan: git format-patch HEAD^1
20:43 shan: This creates and places the patch besides bugged file.
20:44 shan okay...done..
20:44 patch created..
20:45 manusheel shan: Congratulations. Open a fresh terminal and do $yum git-email
20:45 yum install git-email
20:45 I meant
20:45 shan i did tht already read your previous email...
20:45 done
20:45 manusheel $yum install git-email
20:45 shan done
20:46 manusheel shan: Go to ~/.gitconfig file
20:47 shan: Sending you a private message on how it should look like.
20:47 shan: I have also send this to you in an e-mail.
20:47 shan yes yes
20:47 manusheel shan: Use your e-mail id and name over there.
20:48 shan: In the directory where patch is present use
20:49 shan ~/.gitconfig file is to be entered in the directory where the patch is right?..
20:49 manusheel shan: No, shan.
20:49 dfarning shan, ~ is a shortcut for your home dir:)
20:50 manusheel shan: Can you do $vi ~/.gitconfig
20:50 ?
20:50 shan yes
20:50 sumit dfarning: Shan did know that :-)
20:50 shan manusheel: yes
20:51 manusheel shan: What do see over there?
20:51 shan a new file...all empty
20:52 manusheel shan: Right. Type i
20:52 shan okay
20:52 done
20:52 manusheel shan: Sending you what you need to copy/paste there.
20:54 shan: Copy/paste this over there.
20:54 shan: Send you an e-mail.
20:54 shan okay
20:54 manusheel shan: Have you done this?
20:54 shan yes
20:55 :wq again?
20:55 for saving and exiting..
20:55 manusheel shan: Do Ctrl+C and then :wq
20:55 shan k done
20:55 back to terminal
20:56 manusheel shan: What is the name of your patch file?
20:56 dfarning manusheel, shan, sumit please take a look at http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/026618.html : ) It is an outstanding example of why we peer review.
20:56 manusheel shan: Can you send me the name of the .patch file?
20:57 dfarning: Sure. Reviewing it.
21:00 dfarning: Sascha just wrote today to either upload patch or send it to sugar-devel. Dipankar uploaded it at bugs.sl.org instead of e-mailing it to sugar-devel. I think he should have changed his subject of e-mail.
21:04 dfarning: Sascha has been very helpful. Will ask Dipankar to convey thanks to him.
21:04 dfarning manusheel, yea we will get that figured out.  I was impressed by the length sascha went through to help.... Dipandar is earning his respect.  and the patch is getting better each iteration!
21:05 manusheel dfarning: Yes. This is very good.
21:06 dfarning manusheel, there is not need to thank him..... thanks comes in the form of listening to the reviews advice and improving the patch.... which dipandar is doing.
21:06 reviewers.
21:13 manusheel dfarning: Sure. I like the support from the community.
21:16 alsroot: Shan tried $git send-email --to abc@seeta.in 0001-Reduction-in-the-lead-​time-of-loading-menus.patch
21:16 alsroot: The message was sent, but the e-mail id didn't receive it.
21:17 alsroot: Any pointers on what could be the problem?
21:17 alsroot manusheel: you email id in sent message wasn't set?
21:17 *you mean
21:19 manusheel: was message really sent? check /var/spool/mail/<user>
21:19 manusheel alsroot: The message was send. But, I didn't receive any e-mail. I asked Shan to send it to my other e-mail ids.
21:19 alsroot: Sure.
21:20 shan: Can you go to /var/spool/mail/<user>
21:20 shan manusheel: yeah i have messages in that location...
21:20 manusheel: i checked
21:20 alsroot manusheel: ..check /var/spool/mail if sendmail was used, if it was git's direct smpt sending, git shouldn't say ok if message wasn't sent
21:21 manusheel: and bounced email should be received
21:21 ..by shan
21:21 manusheel alsroot: Sure. Shan, can you check /var/spool/mail
21:21 ?
21:22 shan yes ..i have emails there
21:23 manusheel shan: Ok. Can you check you ~/.gitconfig file settings again http://pastebin.com/4t0PfX9u
21:24 shan manusheel: it is stil there, and my mail id and stuff is all there
21:24 manusheel shan: Are the settings correct?
21:25 shan yes
21:25 manusheel alsroot: Yes, Shan did receive e-mails at /var/spool/mail
21:25 alsroot: But, he received an ok message too.
21:26 alsroot well, maybe problem is not w/ git then
21:28 manusheel alsroot: Should Shan install sendmail then?
21:28 alsroot manusheel: nope, if git used smtp and said ok, this problem is not on shan side at all
21:29 manusheel alsroot: Ok, let me ask him to send an e-mail to himself.
21:29 alsroot shan: can you send emails via smtp (you used in git config) by regular email clients?
21:32 manusheel alsroot: Yes, he is able to do that.
21:32 tabs has joined #sugar-newbies
21:33 alsroot shan: recheck if all smpt related parameters are the same, in ~/.gitconfig and in your email client
21:33 like smtpserver, smtpserverport, smtpuser, smtppass, smtpencryption
21:34 shan has quit IRC
21:35 manusheel alsroot: Will communicate your message to Shan. He got disconnected.
21:37 alsroot: In any case, it would be very simple to get this worked out.
21:37 alsroot: Thank you for your help. Appreciate it as always.
21:37 alsroot yw
21:37 sumit has quit IRC
21:38 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
21:39 manusheel shan: Sending you a new file.
21:44 shan: Ok, great. Thanks. Talk to you soon.
21:45 manusheel is going for 30 minutes break
21:47 shan has quit IRC
22:09 tabs has quit IRC
22:23 tabs has joined #sugar-newbies
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22:40 dfarning has joined #sugar-newbies
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