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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-05

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14:29 manusheel alsroot: Around?
14:29 alsroot manusheel: yup
14:30 manusheel alsroot: Abhinav was pushing the Zamboni code to gitorious. In the last step it showed an error "The remote end hung up unexpectedly".
14:30 alsroot: Any workaround for the same?
14:31 alsroot manusheel: is ssh setup well? it could be tested by `ssh gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org`
14:35 manusheel alsroot: It showed the message "The authenticity of host 'git.sugarlabs.org (' can't be established. RSA key fingerprint is 1f:8a:17:50:d0:1f:6d:34:83:3c:46:63:81:c0:cd:e2. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes Warning: Permanently added 'git.sugarlabs.org,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts. PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 Need SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND Connection to
14:35 alsroot manusheel: so it is ok, what project on git.sl.o?
14:36 manusheel alsroot: ASLO-DEV
14:37 alsroot manusheel: what is `git config remote.origin.url` output
14:38 manusheel alsroot: Goes to the prompt.
14:39 alsroot manusheel: well, git wasn't setup to push to git.sl.o..
14:40 manusheel: follow these instructions http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]rial#Push_project
14:40 manusheel alsroot: Sure, thank you.
14:40 alsroot np
14:58 manusheel alsroot: Thank you.
14:58 alsroot: It showed the messages
14:58 abhinav@abhinav-Laptop:~/zamboni$ git push origin master error: src refspec master does not match any. error: failed to push some refs to 'gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:aslo-dev/mainline.git' abhinav@abhinav-Laptop:~/zamboni$ git push No refs in common and none specified; doing nothing. Perhaps you should specify a branch such as 'master'. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly error: failed to push some refs to 'gitorious
14:59 alsroot: We were successful till the step before this one.
15:00 alsroot manusheel: get doesn't know how to merge local repo w/ remote one, try `git pull` before to fetch commits from remote repo
15:00 *git
15:01 manusheel alsroot: So, git pull should be used before git remote add origin gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:<slug>/mainline.git
15:02 alsroot manusheel: well, git can't do magic, if your local commits are based on old remote HEAD, you need to `git pull` first
15:07 manusheel alsroot: It asks for the path from where we need to pull.
15:08 alsroot manusheel: yup, you need to specify full path (it might setup somehow in config, but dunno) e.g. `git pull origin master`
15:08 manusheel alsroot: ok.
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15:09 manusheel alsroot: It shows " fatal: 'origin' does not appear to be a git repository fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"
15:11 alsroot: Any workaround on this.
15:12 alsroot manusheel: git clone from gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:aslo-dev/mainline.git, merge your changes locally and push from it
15:13 manusheel: btw there is good and short tutorial about git fundamental things http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~cduan/technical/git/, would be useful to learn how git works to understand its workflows :)
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15:49 ('*** xkcd is now known as xkcd_clone', 'xkcd', 'xkcd_clone')
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17:25 dfarning ishan, ok #305
17:25 ishan dfarning, yes
17:26 dfarning ishan,  the problem is that by default checkbox widgets in sugar have a gray outline.
17:26 ishan okay
17:27 dfarning, checkbox was present in which view
17:27 dfarning ishan, the mouseover action in sugar turns widgets that same shade of gray.   ooops
17:27 ishan dfarning, sorry can we reproduce the bug now?
17:28 dfarning ishan, now here is the interesting part of this bug. it can't be reproduced now.
17:28 ishan, but as simon says This is not a current issue anymore as the checkbox has been removed. However we should fix this as we might run into it again.
17:29 ishan dfarning, not sure but is it same as we move our cursor over any activity,it shows a box of grey colour around it
17:29 dfarning ishan, so to fix it you will have to go into the code with sets the outline for the checkboxs.
17:30 ishan, ahh I get it.  one minute.
17:30 ishan dfarning, okay
17:31 dfarning ishan, a 'checkbox' is a particular type of widget used in gtk. see http://www.pygtk.org/docs/pygt[…]kcheckbutton.html
17:32 ishan dfarning, okay
17:32 can you point in which file could i find the use of check buttons
17:32 dfarning ishan, one of the apis that sugar provides is the ability to use checkboxes in sugar.  So even though no one actually uses the checkbox currently we must still fix it.
17:33 ishan dfarning, sure
17:33 dfarning ishan, do you have sugar jhbuild installed?
17:33 ishan dfarning, yes
17:35 dfarning ishan, we will have to use grep.  I'll look to
17:35 ishan, it is somewhere under sugar-jhbuild/source/
17:35 ishan dfarning, okay
17:36 dfarning, what colour should appear instead of grey
17:37 dfarning ishan, A white, lighter or darker gray outline could be used or revealed on the highlight action to visually polish this panel.
17:37 ishan dfarning, okay
17:38 that would help
17:39 dfarning ishan, :~/sugar-jhbuild/source/sugar-artwork$ grep -r checkbutton *
17:39 Binary file gtk/engine/.libs/sugar-style.o matches
17:39 Binary file gtk/engine/.libs/libsugar.so matches
17:39 gtk/engine/.deps/sugar-drawing.Plo: /usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkcheckbutton.h \
17:39 gtk/engine/.deps/sugar-drawing.Plo:/usr​/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkcheckbutton.h:
17:39 gtk/engine/.deps/sugar-style.Plo: /usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkcheckbutton.h \
17:39 gtk/engine/.deps/sugar-style.Plo:/usr/​include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkcheckbutton.h:
17:39 gtk/engine/.deps/sugar-info.Plo: /usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkcheckbutton.h \
17:39 gtk/engine/.deps/sugar-info.Plo:/usr/​include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkcheckbutton.h:
17:39 gtk/engine/sugar-style.c:    } else if (DETAIL ("radiobutton") || DETAIL ("checkbutton")) {
17:39 gtk/theme/gtkrc.em:style "checkbutton"
17:39 gtk/theme/gtkrc.em:widget_class "*<GtkCheckButton>*"      style "checkbutton"
17:39 gtk/theme/sugar-72.gtkrc:style "checkbutton"
17:39 gtk/theme/sugar-72.gtkrc:widget_class "*<GtkCheckButton>*"      style "checkbutton"
17:39 gtk/theme/sugar-100.gtkrc:style "checkbutton"
17:39 gtk/theme/sugar-100.gtkrc:widget_class "*<GtkCheckButton>*"      style "checkbutton"
17:39 NEWS:* #2519 Fixed checkbutton text color in menus.
17:39 test/torturetest.c:#define CHECK_AND_RADIO_DETAILS "NULL:cellcheck:cellradio:ch​eck:checkbutton:radiobutton"
17:40 ishan dfarning, thanks
17:40 dfarning ishan, yw
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17:47 dfarning ishan, for a sense of the various graphic widgets that gtk developers use see http://www.pygtk.org/docs/pygtk/
17:48 ishan, no need to memorize them.... but they are the general componets used to make any gui with gtk.
17:48 manusheel ishan: Yes, please go through this tutorial in details. Important.
17:55 ishan dfarning, what i have understood is that i ahve to make changes in the file where checkbutton is defined separately and imported in other sugar files?
17:58 dfarning ishan, yes I think that you will make the changes in gtk/theme/sugar-*.gtkrc
17:58 ishan okay
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20:19 anurag alsroot: Hi
20:19 alsroot anurag: hi
20:19 anurag alsroot: Can you tell me how to create a working git branch?
20:20 alsroot anurag: just `git branch <name>`
20:20 anurag alsroot: Here name is ?
20:20 alsroot: cd into sugar-jhbuild/source/sugar is the first step.
20:21 alsroot: Then, we have to create a working git branch?
20:21 alsroot: I created a git branch in sugar-jhbuild/source/sugar and made some changes to some files in my private branch.
20:22 alsroot: Can we do that?
20:22 manusheel alsroot: Kandarp had a similar issue today - on running sugar-jhbuild even after switching to master branch generates http://paste.ubuntu.com/488841/ output.
20:23 alsroot anurag: firstly, git all time have a branch, you create new branch by `git branch`, then switch to it `git checkout <new-branch>`
20:23 and do what you want
20:24 manusheel: logs seems ok except that Xephyr died
20:24 manusheel alsroot: Any workaround for the same?
20:24 alsroot: Not sure, why it died?
20:25 alsroot manusheel: shell.log would be more useful
20:25 anurag alsroot: What is shell.log here?
20:26 alsroot anurag: ~/.sugar/default/logs/shell.log, sugar shell logs to this file
20:26 anurag alsroot: So, we go to the directory where we have made the change and do $git branch <directory name>?
20:27 manusheel anurag: This is what you need to look at in such cases. Got it?
20:27 anurag manusheel: Manusheel Sir, yes.
20:28 alsroot: How do we apply the patch to make sure that it works? What are the steps involved in it?
20:29 alsroot anurag: was patch generated by `git format`?
20:29 *git format-patch
20:30 anurag: in any case you can apply a patch by "patch" command
20:31 anurag alsroot: We have been provided git-format-patch command.
20:31 alsroot: What do you prefer patch command?
20:32 alsroot: We followed http://www.kernel.org/pub/soft[…]format-patch.html
20:33 alsroot anurag: the only difference that you can call `git am <git-format-patch-file>` to apply this patch as git commit, w/ using "patch" command, you will patch only local sources w/o any commiting
20:34 anurag alsroot: So, the patch file generated by git-format-patch can be committed to git using git am <git-format-patch-file>
20:34 alsroot: Am I right?
20:35 alsroot anurag: yup
20:36 anurag alsroot: But, before committing it to git, we should send it for review isn't it? That is an important step in the workflow used in all projects.
20:36 alsroot: Right?
20:36 alsroot anurag: well, I was talking about applying patches only :)
20:37 anurag: if you are trying to test alread made changes in git directory, there is no need in preparing patches
20:37 anurag alsroot: But, patches should be applied only after review, right? Here Silbe reviews them, and then we can do git am <git-format-patch-file>
20:38 alsroot ..to test it
20:38 anurag alsroot: However, as Manusheel Sir said, Kandarp did make the changes in the sugar-jhbuild file. But, he was not able to see the change.
20:39 alsroot: Instead, Kandarp got an error.
20:39 alsroot: So, we make changes in sugar-jhbuild, we can test them on our local jhbuild by restarting it, right.
20:40 alsroot anurag: not sure about Kandarp issue, but in your case, I guess, there is misunderstanding, there is git repo on server and you need to follw patch workflow to see your pacthes there, in your local git repo you can do everything you want
20:41 anurag alsroot: Right. So, after I have tested the changes, I can straight away do git am <git-format-patch-file>
20:41 alsroot anurag: nope, git am applies patches, all you need is sending them by `git send-email`
20:42 anurag: see http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]_Team/Code_Review
20:42 anurag anurag: Right. This is the intermediary step that I was talking about.
20:43 alsroot: sorry. I copied pasted my name mistakenly. ^^
20:43 alsroot anurag: there is no need in patches applying before send-email (for what reason, you already have these changes)
20:44 anurag: just do your changes, test it, commit, send-email
20:45 anurag alsroot: For commit, what should I be using?
20:45 alsroot anurag: `git commit`, see `man git-commit` for detailed info
20:46 anurag alsroot: Ok, great.
20:46 alsroot: That is very helpful. Thank you very much.
20:47 alsroot yw
20:48 anurag alsroot: We have started using git systems. But, this is very easy.
20:48 alsroot: Just need some understanding. After that, it will be very simple.
20:48 alsroot: Thank you again and good night.
20:48 manusheel: Manusheel Sir, good night.
20:49 alsroot anurag: there is good tutorial which is named exactly "understanding git" :) http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~cduan/technical/git/
20:49 anurag alsroot: Thank you.
20:49 manusheel alsroot: Thank you. I'll be sending it to the team.
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20:50 alsroot manusheel: btw, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activity_Team/Git
20:51 manusheel alsroot: Thank you. This is a wonderful resource.
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20:53 manusheel shachi__: Hi Shachi.
20:53 shachi__ manusheel: Hello Sir.
20:54 manusheel alsroot: Shachi is looking into activity development till Kandarp is done with his patch. She is working on http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1858
20:54 alsroot: She wish to ask you some questions on it.
20:55 alsroot shachi__: hi
20:55 shachi__ alsroot: Hello Sir.
20:56 alsroot: It seems turtle art activity already has scaling fonts.
20:56 alsroot: Sugar also has font-size settings.
20:57 alsroot shachi__: well, I guess TA's code is a bit different
20:57 shachi__ alsroot: Does that mean we have to get TA to read those font-size settings?
20:58 alsroot: Can you elaborate, please sir?
20:58 alsroot shachi__: not sure how TA does it exactly (I didn't code it), for TA specific questions you'd better to ask walterbender and rgs on #sugar, they are TA devs
20:59 shachi__ alsroot: Sure, Sir. Can you give us an overview so that we can ask them specific questions?
21:00 alsroot shachi__: sugar has a pair of constants, e.g. FONT_SIZE and FONT_FACE
21:00 shachi__: when sugar needs to specify particular fonts, these constants are used
21:00 but in most cases sugar doesn't do it -- all fonts are regular gtk ones
21:01 shachi__ alsroot: Thank you Sir. This would help.
21:01 manusheel, alsroot: Good night Sirs.
21:01 alsroot shachi__: I guess ticket is about using ZOOM_FACTOR frm style module to scale TA fonts accordingly
21:01 shachi__ has quit IRC
21:02 manusheel alsroot: I'll inform about this to Shachi.
21:02 alsroot: Let me call her back.
21:03 shachi__ has joined #sugar-newbies
21:03 alsroot well, better to ask rgs, he is online right now
21:04 shachi__ alsroot: Sorry Sir.
21:04 alsroot ..on #sugar
21:04 manusheel alsroot: Sure. I'll ask him.
21:05 alsroot thinks we either need to add logging to #sugar or move #sugar devs here :)
21:05 alsroot shachi__: if you have TA questions, join to #sugar and ask rgs__
21:05 shachi__ alsroot: Where are sugar font settings stored? Didn't find any good documentation here.
21:06 alsroot shachi__: see src/sugar/graphics/style.py in sugar-toolkit
21:06 shachi__ alsroot: Can I do that tomorrow, Sir? It is 2:40 am here.
21:06 alsroot heh
21:06 shachi__ alsroot: Thank you Sir. This would help.
21:07 alsroot yw
21:08 shachi__ manusheel: Sir, so we need to understand how ZOOM_FACTOR scales TA fonts?
21:08 alsroot: ^^ Right, sir?
21:08 alsroot: Will surely touch base with Walterbender and rgs.
21:09 alsroot shachi__: I guess it is not yet implemented, ticket was excely about adding this feature to TA
21:10 but better to ping TA authors
21:10 shachi__ alsroot: Sure, Sir. Will do. So, TA fonts are regular GTK fonts, right now.
21:11 ./?*
21:11 alsroot shachi__: it should at least
21:11 shachi__ alsroot: That means, settings like ZOOM_FACTOR are not used by majority of sugar activities?
21:12 alsroot shachi__: well, by default most of activities, afaik, just don't specify fonts at all (i.e. use default gtk settings)
21:13 shachi__ alsroot: Ok, Sir. That means FONT_SIZE and FONT_FACE are not used by most of the activities.
21:13 alsroot: Right Sir?
21:13 alsroot shachi__: yup
21:14 dfarning shachi__, no need to call us sir.  Formality make us nervous:)
21:14 shachi__ alsroot: Great. Got it. Thank you so much.
21:14 alsroot yw
21:14 shachi__ dfarning: Sure :-)
21:15 alsroot, dfarning, manusheel: Good night.
21:15 dfarning shachi__, good night and thanks
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