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#sugar-newbies, 2010-09-02

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Time Nick Message
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06:54 alsroot sugaroid: Services op
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09:06 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
09:17 alsroot shan: all these shell stuff start from sugar/src/jarabe/desktop/, e.g. F3 view is homebox.py
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10:36 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
10:50 shan alsroot: i should be searching for events generated  by pressing the rotate button, right?
10:55 alsroot shan: nope, it anyway will trigger regular gtk/dgk stuff, just run sugar-emulator w/o "-f" flag and try to "xrandr -o <0-4>"
10:55 ..to reproduce-issue/check-code
10:56 "regular gtk/dgk stuff" to resize/repaint current widows
10:57 shan: btw, in sugar-emulator(in my case) it works fine
11:03 shan: did you manage to reproduce bug?
11:08 shan no i could not, could you please throw sme light on the commands used in the sugar terminal for rotation
11:08 som*
11:08 some*
11:15 alsroot shan: "xrandr -o <0-3>"
11:21 anurag has joined #sugar-newbies
11:22 anurag alsroot: i am currently working on the bug #2195
11:22 alsroot
11:23 alsroot: the problem is that in timezone calculation  GMT+10 is calculated as GMT-10
11:23 alsroot: better say GMT+x is calculated as GMT-x
11:24 alsroot: so I reversed the display of time zone to fix the issue . i.e. I made sugar to print GMT+x as GMT-x and vice versa
11:25 alsroot: but still the bug remains'
11:26 alsroot anurag: well, these are only consequences, the core issue that, python returns time in the same TZ (only time value changes)
11:27 anurag alsroot: can you elaborate please
11:28 alsroot rechecks it
11:45 alsroot anurag: try this:
11:45 import time
11:45 os.environ['TZ'] = 'UTC+2'
11:46 time.strftime('%X %x %Z')
11:46 TZ name will be UTC, not UTC+2
11:47 but use "AEST-10AEDT-11,M10.5.0,M3.5.0" instead of "UTC+2", TZ name and time will be ok
11:47 anurag alsroot: Sure, I will try this
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11:59 shan has joined #sugar-newbies
12:00 shan alsroot:yes i am able to reproduce the bug
12:01 alsroot shan: on XO or on regular desktop?
12:01 shan on desktop
12:02 alsroot shan: wand what is test case
12:06 shan alsroot : could you please elaborate
12:06 alsroot shan: how did you reproduce it, I tried to call xrandr in Terminal and XO menu was all time well centred
12:09 anurag has quit IRC
12:10 shan its getting reproduced in mine, the bottom part of the screen goes blank
12:14 alsroot shan: w/ what xranrd's -o value?
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12:37 manusheel dfarning: I'll be back online in 20 minutes. Going back home from the office.
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