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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2019-07-23 15:35:22

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15:35 meeting Meeting started Tue Jul 23 15:35:22 2019 UTC. The chair is Hrishi_. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:35 Hrishi_ #topic Work to be done in Phase 3
15:36 walterbender Let me jump in for a second.
15:36 My goal for you in Phase 3 is to make this something James would be willing to incorporate into the build
15:36 ibiam +1
15:37 Hrishi_ build?
15:37 ibiam Sugar
15:37 Hrishi_ Yes, what in what way?
15:37 walterbender so maybe a review of the current work with James to surface all of his concerns ASAP would be a first step
15:37 Hrishi_ walterbender: that is Dashboard and Tamagotchi right?
15:37 walterbender (I see two directions: added to the standard build or stand-alone apps
15:37 I think we need both)
15:38 But James is the release manager so we need to get his buy in.
15:38 samsongoddy Incorporating Dashboard as a feature or an app?
15:38 ibiam +1
15:38 walterbender I think Dashboard and Tamagotchi can be two separate decisions.
15:38 But his critique sooner than later is really important.
15:39 Are the scaling issues sorted out? That had been a blocker.
15:39 ibiam From one of James' emails he suggested we implement tamagotchi as a feature of sugar
15:39 walterbender anyway, that is my two cents re Phase 3
15:39 ibiam I haven't gotten the perfect cell sizes yet that aligns all cells
15:40 samsongoddy The scaling is still an issue from what I have tested
15:40 walterbender so maybe plan to fix that early in the week and try to schedule a review with James end of the week?
15:40 Hrishi_ walterbender: He did gave us two paths to follow. a) Make it a core part, which would require some effort as Dashboard won't act like an activity anymore 2) Continue as an activity and keep it optional
15:41 walterbender I think both options should be able to share most of their code.
15:41 ibiam Yeah
15:41 walterbender Would be great to have option A available
15:41 ibiam +1
15:41 samsongoddy +1
15:41 Hrishi_ ibiam: I did decrease spacing and decreased pie-chart radius, that should make a difference (if you tested this week)
15:41 (also samsongoddy)
15:42 ibiam A difference for the pie chart window?
15:42 samsongoddy I haven't tested this week
15:42 I will do that
15:42 Hrishi_ So what should I do about the Dashboard? Continue as an activity (or) Also start working on making it a core part
15:43 ibiam There's little work left to make it an activity, I think we can complete that while also implementing it as a part of sugar
15:43 Hrishi_ And if I am doing this, what about the Journal-like activity? Should it be ditched? Should I help in other's project if I complete early?
15:43 walterbender Let's make it super robust as an activity. But also do it in a way such that the code itself could be reused in a dashboard much like the control panels appear.
15:43 samsongoddy +1
15:44 walterbender Hrishi_, we can worry about other projects if/when you finish this one.
15:44 Hrishi_ walterbender: Yes, what about the Journal-like activity for phase 3 though?
15:45 walterbender In some sense, the dashboard as an activity solves some of that. It is an alternative view from the Journal and it can show the way for other Journal variations.
15:45 So really getting that right is critical path
15:46 ibiam Agreed
15:46 Hrishi_ Agreed
15:46 So..this week I will be finishing the Dashboard activity and move some of the parts to core?
15:47 But how should the Dashboard be launched if it's a core part? A button in Journal perhaps?
15:47 ibiam It won't be launched
15:47 walterbender Maybe to start, as a control panel option?
15:47 ibiam It can be part of the control panel
15:47 walterbender would be simple
15:47 and then we can discuss with James other integration points.
15:49 Hrishi_ A control panel option, so it will open as a window?
15:49 ibiam Yeah
15:49 How other parts of the control panel opens
15:50 Hrishi_ I could try to make a working prototype this week?
15:50 See how it goes
15:51 samsongoddy Gre
15:51 *great
15:51 Hrishi_ Any feedback about the Tamagotchi widget?
15:51 ibiam: Tests are fine right?
15:52 ibiam So far yes
15:52 Rebase your branch with the master branch so we can test collaboration along too
15:52 Your code doesn't change it but I noticed something some time ago
15:53 Didn't look into it though
15:53 Hrishi_ ibiam: Ok will do.
15:53 I did a rebase past week if I remember
15:53 walterbender: Any comments?
15:53 samsongoddy: Have you tested?
15:54 ibiam Hrishi_: I'll get you the values for the cell sizes but if I can't get the perfect values, we might have to let the cells get to the end of the screen
15:54 Also the scrolled window works as expected on the xo
15:55 walterbender No comments at the moment re Tomagotchi
15:55 Hrishi_ ibiam: Yes, scrollbar was fixed last week. I am fine unless the cells touches the edge of screen, that won't look good.
15:56 But if you test this week you might get different/better results because as James suggested that the issue was with heatmap cell, which I think I fixed by decreasing column spacing
15:56 So let's complete Dashboard this week (with the test results you provide) and start moving it to core
15:57 ibiam Agreed
15:58 Hrishi_ Anything else to discuss?
15:59 walterbender not from me
15:59 looking forward to seeing this work land in Sugar
16:00 ibiam Nothing from me
16:00 Hrishi_ walterbender: Thanks. I will try my best.
16:00 Thanks for your time
16:00 #end-meeting
16:00 meeting Meeting ended Tue Jul 23 16:00:33 2019 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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