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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2019-05-10 14:34:13

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14:34 meeting Meeting started Fri May 10 14:34:13 2019 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:34 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:34 walterbender #topic agenda
14:34 1. regular meeting schedule
14:35 Hrishi_ Agenda is to discuss about project, and discuss how to achieve the solution.
14:35 walterbender 2. other communication topics.
14:35 3. the project
14:35 4. ideas for solutions
14:35 #topic regular meeting times
14:36 We should try to find a few times to all meet each week as a group.
14:36 Any suggestions?
14:37 jaskirat <jaskirat!75f26f89@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:37 Hrishi_ 230PM UTC every Friday. Here at #sugar-meetings
14:37 Ibiam It seems Friday is a favourable day for the majority
14:38 Hrishi_ Btw, when are we having regular meetings with all groups  combined?
14:38 Ibiam And the time is favorable too
14:38 Hrishi_ hi jaskirat
14:38 walterbender I can prob. do most Fridays at this time.
14:38 as far as the group meeting, I'd like to do it on Mondays,
14:38 jaskirat Hello everyone
14:38 walterbender 16:30 ET, 20:30 UTC
14:38 hi jaskirat
14:39 when is that IST?
14:39 Hrishi_ 10PM, favorable
14:39 walterbender nice
14:39 I'll try to lock that down. Should almost always work for me.
14:39 Hrishi_ well, most of the students agreed to have 1630UTC as a meeting time
14:40 walterbender I am uncertain if I can do 1630 with regularity, but I can try.
14:41 jaskirat_ <jaskirat_!uid272023@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-wbakuwrypzdywjmd> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:41 Hrishi_ I can always adjust if one or more mentors can't.
14:41 Ibiam walterbender: is there a time that seems more favorable
14:42 walterbender I will try to do 16:30 on Mondays for the group meeting...
14:42 and we will all meet re Dashboard on Fridays at this time.
14:42 #topic communication
14:42 Hrishi_ Alright
14:43 walterbender quite simply, let's use the devel list for all email
14:43 Ibiam +1
14:43 walterbender I am less sacrosanct about other channels
14:43 jaskirat +1
14:43 Hrishi_ So no private mail threads?
14:43 walterbender but obviously IRC seems to work for everyone :)
14:44 maybe we can do an occasional Hangout?
14:44 Hrishi_ Should I make a hangouts group?
14:44 walterbender sure
14:45 but let's default to IRC
14:45 Hrishi_ I really don't think that I should send an email for a small doubt to devel.
14:45 jaskirat walterbender, I have observed that few students hesitate to communicate publically where they are not interacted directly with the specified mentors and they fails to demonstrates the thing publically. So what should be in that case
14:45 Hrishi_ Yes, IRC + occasional hangouts (basic doubts, voice/video call)?
14:46 jaskirat I used to interact with students on hangouts when they had some minor doubts too.
14:47 walterbender jaskirat, I think that they need to learn to communicate publicly
14:48 oh course we won't prevent them from using private channels, but the community learns when the discussions are public.
14:48 jaskirat Okay
14:48 Hrishi_ I will use Hangouts when there is no mentor available on IRC. Is that fine?
14:49 walterbender OK... maybe to ping people to come to IRC :)
14:49 we should move on to the project
14:49 #topic project
14:49 Hrishi_, the floor is yours :)
14:50 llaske <llaske!~llaske@lfbn-1-3460-75.w90-127.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:50 Hrishi_ Ok :)
14:51 This project consists 3 parts. 1) Sugar Dashboard 2) The widget which will modify the XO icon on desktop 3) Journal-like activity
14:51 So I guess you have already seen a basic prototype working in one of the emails I sent.
14:52 The UI is a bit different then the one I showed in my GSoC application
14:53 walterbender I have but I don't remember :p
14:53 link?
14:53 Hrishi_ wait a sec
14:53 (old) https://usercontent.irccloud-c[…]vYV/dashboard.gif
14:53 (a screenshot from the work 3 days ago) https://usercontent.irccloud-c[…]lXyNuq4/10may.PNG
14:54 jaskirat This looks good. It would be great to match the UI with existing UI of Sugar activities.
14:54 Hrishi_ I haven't been working on this since a few days because my exams starts from 13th, ends on 25th. (But will be working in between and regularly after 20th)
14:54 Ibiam The new UI looks good
14:54 llaske has quit IRC
14:54 Ibiam But the overlapping of the figures don't
14:54 walterbender I am confused by the new UI
14:55 Hrishi_ walterbender : It is confusing indeed. There are no labels what is happening as of now
14:55 walterbender on the left, calculate is selected but the right is a pie chart of everything
14:55 I think the overview is a nice idea
14:56 and maybe a heatmap a la github would be good too
14:56 Hrishi_ walterbender : Sorry. Calculate is hovered, I didn;t click on it. The second image shows the home page
14:56 Ibiam Yeah, a heat map would be good
14:56 walterbender but the individual activities should be displayed with perhaps a grid showing their journal entries?
14:56 Hrishi_ walterbender : I searched a lot for github like heatmap, but didn't found any library.
14:57 walterbender I will find it for you.
14:57 Ibiam Hrishi_: can we get an image where you click on it like in the first UI?
14:57 Where you click on an activity
14:57 walterbender Hrishi_, but let's settle on the design elements before too much coding.
14:57 Hrishi_ walterbender : Yes, I am working on 1) when activity is clicked, show all journal entries, and files generated.
14:57 walterbender I think org.laptop.Calculate is not very friendly
14:58 why not the icon and a hover text of the actual activity name?
14:58 Hrishi_ 2) Use Gtk.Assistant for Home page and Activity detail's page
14:58 walterbender Hrishi_, can you make some mock ups to share?
14:59 Hrishi_ Yes, activity bundle id's are not friendly. I just need to test that the pie chart works.
14:59 jaskirat has quit IRC
14:59 jaskirat_ is now known as jaskirat
14:59 Hrishi_ walterbender : I can do that over the weekend. We need something like wireframes?
14:59 walterbender yes
15:00 Hrishi_ walterbender: "why not the icon and a hover text of the actual activity name?" So should I remove activity names? And use tooltips instead? That'd look cleaner if I can imagine
15:01 llaske <llaske!~llaske@2a01cb00074daf00b84eae40e70​1eb8b.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:01 Hrishi_ ibiam: I will try to send a image later. I need to uncomment some code
15:03 walterbender Hrishi_, where is the repo for all of this work?
15:03 Hrishi_ I created it today. I will push the code after I clean up the code.
15:04 jaskirat Hrishi have you seen stripe dashboard ?
15:04 It can be inspiring for developing sugar dashboard in terms of UI
15:04 Ibiam Hrishi_: "So should I remove activity names? And use tooltips instead? That'd look cleaner if I can imagine "  from the UI, there's just activity bundle id's so instead of having that, why not have the activity icon and the activity name
15:05 walterbender Hrishi_, FYI https://codepen.io/Kaperstone/pen/wrZqOV
15:06 Hrishi_ Ibiam: Sorry, I was referring to the activities' list on the left. I will definitely change to not show bundle ids. This is just temporary
15:07 walterbender : I've started working on creating a custom heatmap widget. I am using a Gtk.Table. I am still figuring out, but will definitely take inspiration from this one
15:07 walterbender +1
15:08 anything else for today? I need to jump off soon.
15:08 jaskirat I know some javascript bundles that has been designed for heat map and can be used and integrated with other softwares. I will ahare a link with you
15:08 Hrishi_ Let's discuss the remaining part quickly. About the Tamagotchi widget
15:08 jaskirat : okay. Thanks :)
15:08 walterbender I was thinking about that lately...
15:09 Hrishi_ walterbender, ibiam: I guess I have to probably work on this (/src/jarabe/view/buddyicon.py) and CanvasIcon?
15:09 walterbender Let's start by figuring out what it should do and how it should look
15:09 then we can worry about how to integrate it
15:10 Hrishi_ I will need some help for this part. How can I change the XO icon real-time without (make/make install).
15:10 Ok
15:10 walterbender I don't know that it has to be "realtime"
15:11 Hrishi_ walterbender : to put simply, how can I change the computer-xo icon without restarting the PC.
15:11 walterbender but we can update the icon... there is a change icon activity that Ignacio wrote for me as part of GCI years ago.
15:11 qwebirc5057 <qwebirc5057!27280f1f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:11 Hrishi_ I need to make/make install after I make the change
15:11 walterbender it has all the necessary glue, I think
15:11 Hrishi_ Yes that is what I need.
15:11 walterbender it is for any icon, but esp. for the XO icon
15:12 Hrishi_ I did manage to change the icon. I was just trying it before the meeting :P
15:12 walterbender : okay. Where can I see the src?
15:12 We will discuss about the Journal activity later?
15:13 Ibiam For the buddy icon, I think that it'll be nice to have it show the battery percentage at all times
15:13 A similar implementation is in browse activity
15:14 Where the download icon updates as there's a download
15:14 Hrishi_ Ibiam: How can I emulate battery with a VM? I do not have a XO laptop.
15:14 Ibiam Showing the download progress
15:15 walterbender Hrishi_, I am still looking for the activity...
15:16 Ibiam Hrishi_, the code needed would be to update the image with the battery life, you don't need to have an xo for that
15:17 walterbender http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]/sugar/addon/4683
15:17 Hrishi_ I've never seen a battery indicator in the Sugar UI. So that makes me think how it would work?
15:17 walterbender not sure where the GH repo is...
15:17 needs to take off... I'll peek in when I get a chance. Thanks everyone.
15:18 Hrishi_ walterbender : Thank you!
15:19 Ibiam Hrishi_, when you move your mouse toward the edge of your vm, the screen reduces a bit and shows some icons below and above it
15:19 Below by the right
15:19 There's a battery indicator
15:19 Hrishi_ Ibiam: by pressing f6?
15:20 Ibiam Nah
15:20 Move your mouse to the edge of your screen
15:20 While in sugar
15:20 And the screen would shrink a bit
15:21 Revealing some icons above and below the screen
15:21 Hrishi_ Yes, that can be done by F6. But it doesn;t show battery
15:22 Ibiam Yeah, I just checked
15:22 I think it did
15:22 That was in the XOs
15:22 Yeah you're right
15:22 jaskirat @Hrishi_: I am not officially a mentor for this project but this project is something I would love to get involved. So ThOugh I won't have a check on mentor dashboard unless I become mentor but please keep me posted about things. And let me know if I can be of any help
15:23 Hrishi_ walterbender: Can we add jaskirat as a mentor too?
15:23 walterbender yes
15:23 Hrishi_ Any other suggestions for the widget?
15:23 Or we could discuss more over another meeting
15:25 walterbender done
15:25 Ibiam Hrishi_, for the battery life
15:25 We can get it
15:26 Using psutil
15:26 I'll send you a link
15:26 That's all from me
15:26 jaskirat Oh thanks @walterbender
15:26 Hrishi_ Alright. We will discuss more over the next meeting/email thread/hangouts. For now, it is done
15:26 How do you end the meeting?
15:27 walterbender #end-meeting
15:27 meeting Meeting ended Fri May 10 15:27:03 2019 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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15:27 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]19-05-10T14:34:13

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