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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-08-03 20:00:00

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20:00 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug  3 20:00:00 2018 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
20:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
20:00 walterbender welcome everyone
20:00 Quozl nods
20:00 GrannieB <GrannieB!c0a14648@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:00 walterbender #topic irc spam
20:00 I have not seen any spam here today. Maybe freenode addressed the issue?
20:01 Quozl walterbender: it is cyclic; when freenode staff are not present the spam is more likely.
20:01 walterbender ok
20:01 what do people think? ignore it or add +r?
20:02 Quozl +r is unwelcoming to newcomers.  expect newcomers?
20:02 walterbender I'd be for ignoring, but since we have kids here...
20:02 we'd have to spell out how to get registered
20:03 anyone else have an opinion?
20:03 GrannieB Our intern was quite concerned by it yesterday. She pm'ed me to ask what was going on
20:04 Quozl we could at any moment see similar attacks via mailing list or github, minimum response is to react by informing our vulnerable.
20:04 jaskirat walterbender: it happens suddenly with a huge nonof msg since tom more than 100 messages recieved
20:05 samsongoddy I also remember some time
20:05 When a nick was sharing some disturbing post
20:05 Jaskirat_ has quit IRC
20:06 jaskirat Yup
20:06 Quozl jaskirat: i'm registered with freenode, so i don't get the hundreds of private messages.  i only see the channel messages.
20:06 GrannieB The nicks for these posters did not appear on the list
20:06 samsongoddy So i think we need to make the -r, but i am worried about new comers
20:06 Quozl GrannieB: yes, part of the attack method.
20:06 jaskirat Quozl: yeah ,i am talking of messages wiyhin the channel only
20:06 walterbender I think making a safe environment is more important than convenience
20:07 samsongoddy Zulip?
20:07 GrannieB +1
20:07 to Walter
20:07 samsongoddy Another alternative?
20:07 Quozl i know of many alternative environments.  i don't know of any safe alternative environment.
20:07 walterbender I don't see reason why one place would be safer than another
20:07 Quozl all environments are under attack.
20:08 samsongoddy Very true
20:09 walterbender so...
20:09 vipulgupta2048_ <vipulgupta2048_!~vipulgupt@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:09 Quozl i don't think we can offer constant supervision?
20:09 walterbender nope
20:09 Quozl that leaves disclaimers.
20:10 walterbender we can add them to our channel message I suppose
20:10 Quozl and awareness raising by members.
20:11 sverma +1 to raising awareness
20:11 samsongoddy +1
20:11 Quozl i suggest it is a hard problem and suggest moving on.  ;-)
20:11 walterbender +1
20:11 #topic MB in Japan
20:12 Devin and I just returned from a Music Blocks workshop in Japan.
20:12 samsongoddy Nice
20:12 jaskirat Sounds great
20:12 walterbender This was a follow up of the previous meetings with METI that Devin participated in on behalf of SL a few months ago
20:12 shivank_mob Yay
20:13 walterbender We did the first of a serious of pilots with the intention of developing a nation-wide program
20:13 There was interest beyond Music Blocks to other Sugary things
20:14 but one step at a time.
20:14 samsongoddy +1
20:14 walterbender They are covering all of the costs, so no need to spend more Trip Advisor funds on this.
20:14 (The seed we planted is growing.)
20:15 jaskirat ☺great
20:15 samsongoddy A new development for the community
20:15 walterbender I'll share the materials that are developed (they are informative, even in Japanese)
20:15 shivank_mob +1
20:15 Quozl is there an ipad app for musicblocks yet?
20:16 pescauriza <pescauriza!be689871@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:16 walterbender not an app... but it works in the browser on ipad
20:16 Quozl 'k, thanks.
20:16 walterbender I don't know how to make an ipad app
20:16 llaske Cordova
20:16 vipulgupta2048_ has quit IRC
20:16 samsongoddy +1
20:16 sverma Apache Cordova for making apps?
20:16 walterbender I have been making changes to make MB (and turtle blocks) more touch friendly
20:17 llaske It's what I'm using for Sugarizer. But you will need a Mac
20:17 samsongoddy Yeah
20:17 walterbender lots of pie menus, which are easy, fun, and more informative
20:17 samsongoddy That is the sad part
20:17 Quozl And you'll need to pay Apple for developer status, I think.  I was just wondering, not a serious inquiry.
20:17 llaske Yes, 100$
20:18 Quozl Keeps out the riff-raff.
20:18 llaske to be able to deploy via Apple Store
20:18 walterbender Quozl, they do need to support ipad for some schools, so I am sure they'll head down that path.
20:18 Right now, we are still working through UX changes to suit their needs.
20:18 jaskirat Great
20:18 walterbender Lots of cleaning up of the i18n to start
20:19 plus they had some nice ideas for some functional changes/improvements
20:19 (lots of coding on the flight home)
20:19 samsongoddy Best place to code
20:20 Quozl anything else?  i suggest moving on to next topic.  ;-)
20:20 walterbender #topic GSOC
20:20 we are coming to the end -- one more week
20:20 the students are finishing up their documentation
20:21 most of the projects were completed as far as was planned.
20:21 a few have some more work needed
20:21 (e.g., python3 is mostly but not entirely done)
20:22 I think most of the students plan to continue their work after GSoC, but school has started up again so time is limited
20:22 We'll be sending mentors to the GSoC mentor summit. We get 3 slots and will apply for a 4th slot
20:23 GrannieB Our intern is committed to continuing work on Primero1°
20:23 walterbender +1
20:23 jaskirat +1 great !l
20:23 shivank +1
20:23 walterbender will share the blog links again that the end of next week
20:23 samsongoddy Nice
20:23 I have some questions
20:23 walterbender ask away
20:24 samsongoddy Our intern
20:24 We were thinking if SL will need to host the app
20:24 On playstore
20:24 Right now the beta version is on her account
20:24 Primero
20:25 GrannieB actually Primero1°
20:25 walterbender Is there an issue with our hosting?
20:25 GrannieB nonr that I know of
20:25 none
20:25 walterbender what action is needed?
20:25 Quozl samsongoddy: do you mean host the source, host the app, or publish the app?
20:26 samsongoddy I am referring to Google Playstore
20:26 Yes
20:26 Publishing the app
20:26 For Android users
20:26 GrannieB also the Kindle app store
20:26 samsongoddy And Apple store
20:26 Quozl so that will depend on the t&c of the stores.
20:27 samsongoddy I think so
20:27 GrannieB so we need to read all the legaleze?
20:27 Quozl does anybody read clickwrap?  ;-)
20:27 walterbender I assume that they accept FOSS programs
20:28 samsongoddy You mean these stores?
20:28 walterbender llaske, was there any issue when you did the same for Sugarizer?
20:28 GrannieB We would like to make sure it is known as a SugarLabs product
20:28 llaske I'm publishing Sugarizer as me, not as SugarLabs organization
20:29 Quozl do we have a sugar labs member who is developer and publisher for Primero1°?
20:29 GrannieB OK But this was under SugarLabs GSoC
20:29 walterbender llaske, but I assume you are publishing them under a FOSS license.
20:29 llaske walterbender, sure
20:29 Quozl (primero here in .au is a brand of salted pork, you can't imagine how often i giggle).
20:30 GrannieB Samson and I could register ... or Iqra could be a "member"?
20:30 llaske :-)
20:30 walterbender then I don't see a problem
20:30 GrannieB It means "first" in Spanish
20:30 samsongoddy I will look it up
20:30 walterbender seems like there is a solution
20:30 sverma +1 to salted pork!
20:31 Quozl GrannieB: is Iqra wanting to move onto other things or will they continue with the maintenance of the project?
20:31 GrannieB She is still in the university but is active in AI
20:31 llaske +1 Quozl, I'm afraid the source code is unmaintanable today
20:32 Quozl Sorry, because it hasn't been in sugarlabs github, i haven't noticed the source code is unmaintainable.
20:33 but i was more asking if it should be Iqra who publishes the app to the stores, or someone who will stay with sugarlabs longer.
20:33 samsongoddy I will do that
20:34 walterbender We should move on...
20:34 Quozl good.  samsongoddy: if you are happy with the t&c, then you don't need slobs to agree, you only need slobs not to disagree.  ;-)
20:34 GrannieB Let's ask Iqra first. If you all are willing to let her publish, let's give her the opportunity
20:34 llaske +1 GrannieB
20:34 samsongoddy I also agree on that part too
20:35 GrannieB Is it ok with the SLOBS for her to publish?
20:35 walterbender +1
20:35 llaske +1
20:35 samsongoddy +1
20:35 walterbender #topic Nigeria workshop
20:36 due to my insane schedule, I need to postpone the Nigeria TB workshops
20:36 We will try to reschedule for December
20:37 is really behind on several other projects right now
20:37 samsongoddy We are looking at the next Sugar/izer
20:37 Deployment
20:37 In Port Harcourt
20:37 walterbender +1
20:38 samsongoddy walter visit
20:38 Is gonna spark things up
20:38 As he was and still be invited to meet with the government
20:38 walterbender speaking of sparking things up...
20:38 samsongoddy Regarding their plans for education
20:38 walterbender #topic marketing newsletter
20:40 We never finished up this discussion. We had discussed a monthly newletter... community submission due by the monthly SLOB meeting; a week of copy editing (walter volunteers for that part) and then published by the marketing team
20:40 samsongoddy Oh I forgot too
20:40 I was supposed to give you access to mail chimp too
20:40 For the publication
20:41 How about we do that later this week or next?
20:41 walterbender I though the marketing team would do the publishing
20:41 llaske Mailchimp is easy, writing content need time and volunteers
20:41 walterbender We just need to agree on the process
20:41 jaskirat trying to outreach through in person within different schools
20:42 samsongoddy Okay
20:42 llaske BTW not sure Mailchimp is compatible with FLOSS. By nature it's a tool to capture data on users...
20:42 walterbender jaskirat, if we can get some community writing, it will give you more material for your school visits
20:43 llaske Same apply for Google Analytics currently embedded in SugarLabs home page...
20:43 jaskirat walterbender: sure
20:43 samsongoddy I will investigate
20:43 Quozl llaske: yes, i'm worried about the analytics too.
20:43 walterbender defers to the marketing team to work out the details of distribution
20:43 jaskirat Ok sure
20:43 samsongoddy: !?
20:43 samsongoddy Back to walter discussion
20:43 llaske And there is link on Facebook on SugarLabs website too. Another issue in my mind
20:44 samsongoddy llaske, are there any documentation you could share to me
20:45 GrannieB Are there any other GSoC project mentors to report today?
20:45 samsongoddy So I can investigate
20:45 walterbender, what process should we follow
20:45 Re marketing
20:46 walterbender I have no issue with marketing team using social media
20:46 samsongoddy Me too
20:46 jaskirat samsongoddy: i would say scheduling a marketing meeting would help to ellaborate more on this marketing !! What do you say ? samsongoddy
20:47 samsongoddy We never finished up this discussion. We had discussed a monthly newletter... community submission due by the monthly SLOB meeting; a week of copy editing (walter volunteers for that part) and then published by the marketing team
20:47 This sounds like the plan
20:47 Sure jaskirat
20:48 jaskirat Ok
20:48 walterbender We should move on... a couple of quick topics
20:48 jaskirat Ok
20:48 Quozl i'm fine with using social media, just don't use it to create software, 'cause that goes against what we're part of sfc for.
20:49 walterbender Quozl, +1
20:49 jaskirat holds to make a talk regarding book for indian market
20:49 Quozl (that is the software has to be open source, and software you create inside a proprietary platform such as facebook has restrictive t&c).
20:49 walterbender: go ahead, next topic.
20:50 walterbender #topic SFC communication
20:50 this is for Adam, when he reads the meeting log
20:50 (1) please let Bradley know that SLOB approved my trip the the GCI summit
20:51 (2) please let Karen know that we'd like to discuss with her how to make the communication/interactions with Nigeria smoother
20:52 She allegedly has some ideas.
20:52 #topic Packaging
20:52 We discussed last time getting someone to work on packaging
20:53 GrannieB Can you pay? Perrie Fidelis might be interested
20:53 walterbender I have not asked anyone yet but would like to get a sense from SLOB and the community if we are interested in exactly that
20:54 samsongoddy Perrie is a designer
20:54 walterbender Something on the scale of a GSoC project
20:54 in scope, $ and time
20:54 samsongoddy I remember the SSoc
20:55 I agree to that
20:55 jaskirat Umm even i can also help in designing
20:55 llaske has quit IRC
20:55 Quozl walterbender: you mean packaging for fedora or ubuntu?  skills needed are deep awareness of what goes into making an operating system, and use of many system-level tools.  if not that sort of packaging, then what sort?
20:55 walterbender This would be specific to flatpack
20:55 Quozl oh, okay.
20:56 llaske <llaske!~llaske@host157-181-dynamic.31-79-​r.retail.telecomitalia.it> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:56 walterbender We may well want to do some design project as well... but I am not aware of the specifics
20:56 samsongoddy We have
20:56 Perrie
20:56 jaskirat Yup
20:56 samsongoddy Started one already
20:56 (walterbender) We never finished up this discussion. We had discussed a monthly newletter... community submission due by the monthly SLOB meeting; a week of copy editing (walter volunteers for that part) and then published by the marketing team
20:56 Sorry my bad
20:57 (samsongoddy) https://drive.google.com/folde[…]P6mExdaUKt9s6vNfE
20:57 walterbender If we have consensus on the packaging idea, I will soicit proposals
20:57 and we can decide.
20:57 samsongoddy I agree on the packaging
20:57 jaskirat walterbender: i had a plan to move with other versions of MB and TB
20:57 samsongoddy Idea
20:57 walterbender samsongoddy, I suggest we all look at the videos and then discuss over email.
20:57 We don
20:57 samsongoddy Yeah
20:57 walterbender t have much time left today.
20:58 Quozl walterbender: cosimo has begun flatpak for turtleart.
20:58 walterbender I noticed that
20:58 Quozl https://github.com/sugarlabs/t[…]-activity/pull/64
20:58 good.  i'm done.
20:58 walterbender he should check with the Endless folks, who may have done some work on that already
20:59 needs to go on the hour... any else for today?
20:59 Quozl often packaging is not upstreamed; anyone could have already done what you suggest.
20:59 walterbender Quozl, yes... but Endless may help us... lots of former SL developers there
21:00 Anything else for today?
21:00 shivank_mob walterbender:  me and jaskirat were discussing and wanted to get a clearer image on gsoc summit thing? Is the 4th slot possible for SL team?
21:00 walterbender 4
21:00 llaske has quit IRC
21:01 walterbender shivank_mob, we will apply
21:01 if we get it, all of you go.
21:01 if not, 3 out of 4
21:01 needs to go
21:02 samsongoddy Good meeting
21:02 walterbender I'll end the formal meeting now... feel free to keep discussing.
21:02 jaskirat walterbender: when is the approval expected for it ?
21:02 walterbender jaskirat, not for a while, but I will let Steph know our intentions
21:02 #end-meeting
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