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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-07-19 15:40:52

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15:40 meeting Meeting started Thu Jul 19 15:40:52 2018 UTC. The chair is samsongoddy. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:41 iq I need some help regarding how do I move my repo to the sugar labs one. I dont have access to the sugar labs github meaning like creating a repo where I could upload my code.
15:41 samsongoddy You have a email James
15:41 GrannieB I sent a note to James C asking him to help you
15:41 iq oh email him ok
15:41 Work dont this week:  1. Corrected postion of homeview 2. corrected homview green,yellow dropdowns 3. Made web app changes in android app 4. corrected paint activity icons problem 5.Added sounds to math sticks 6. As making changes in the android app took most of the time, so I didnt make unecessary changes in math sticks when I know that the mathstick is fully functional.
15:41 *done
15:41 GrannieB is his email still at laptop.org?
15:41 samsongoddy I think so
15:42 He is also here I think
15:42 iq Plans for next week:  1. I will be spending the time left fixing issues in the android app. 2. Documentation of activities
15:42 I want to move the testing release date be moved to Saturday. There are some issues in the android version that I need to fix before the release.
15:42 GrannieB that's where I sent it. But it is the middle of the night in Australia right now
15:42 iq can you move it one day forward
15:42 GrannieB Hi is signed in ... but may be sleeping
15:44 samsongoddy iq, you mean to Saturday?
15:44 iq yes I mean this saturday
15:45 samsongoddy Sure
15:45 GrannieB iq: if I spend some time going through the web version today, will you have time to deal with any problems I might uncover?
15:45 samsongoddy You can
15:45 iq Paint activity is working
15:45 I guess
15:45 i checked it
15:45 samsongoddy Can i have an updated link for Android
15:46 .apk
15:46 So I can download?
15:46 iq APK:  https://drive.google.com/file/[…]/view?usp=sharing
15:46 can you download it
15:46 check plz
15:46 it has stop button issues
15:46 *the android version
15:46 samsongoddy Okay
15:46 GrannieB and the link for the web version is....?
15:46 iq https://appetize.io/app/vxatwp[…]ape&osVersion=7.1
15:47 there is this online emulator
15:47 I checked the apk on this online emulator
15:47 samsongoddy Oh okay
15:47 One question
15:48 iq yeah
15:48 samsongoddy Can you possibly look at making a version of Primero a chrome app?
15:48 Maybe when you are done
15:48 GrannieB what else has to be done to adapt it for Kindle? Do you want me to check for you?
15:48 iq I can have a look at chomr
15:48 *chrome
15:48 it is web based?
15:49 *chrome version
15:49 samsongoddy Chrome base
15:49 It means you can have an offline app using chrome
15:49 iq oh right offline
15:49 GrannieB Kindle is just an android with a funny "wall" that forces users to "buy" from the Kindle store
15:49 iq ok I'll have a look at chrome
15:50 samsongoddy Okay
15:50 iq *so it will run on chrome notebook?
15:50 GrannieB and Kindle?
15:50 samsongoddy Yes
15:51 It will look like a native app
15:51 iq Kindle-does kindle allow to use android apk?
15:51 samsongoddy Onces a user download it
15:51 iq for its store?
15:52 samsongoddy: ok when I'm done I'll have a look
15:52 GrannieB they have some special things you have to do. I'll collect some of the better links and send them to you
15:53 iq so apps on kindle store aren't free?
15:53 GrannieB Yes, many are free
15:54 here is the link to the 2018 version of the Kindle Developer Kit
15:54 https://developer.amazon.com/sdk-download
15:55 iq they have this separate thing for android I see on this page
15:56 GrannieB https://developer.amazon.com/a[…]uild/fire-tablets
15:57 this is a link for the tablets
15:57 iq https://developer.amazon.com/app-testing-service
15:58 GrannieB but it should be pretty easy since there is a way to go through a "back door" and run regular android apps on the fire tablets
15:58 iq this says we can use our existing android apk on fire tablet
15:58 ok I'll see about this fire-tablet thing
15:58 octamois <octamois!~octamois@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:59 iq Over 75% of Android apps are already compatible on Amazon's platform with no additional development work.
15:59 I guess then it shouldn't be a problem. I'll see what I can do
16:00 We can have another meeting tomorrow. Its quite late here. I have to go
16:01 GrannieB I think they just make you do something to put them in their "app store"
16:01 iq *yeah I guess so
16:01 samsongoddy Okay sure
16:01 GrannieB I may have to go to town tomorrow. I can meet on FB messenger though
16:01 iq you can let me know the time for tommorow
16:01 samsongoddy Me I will be online
16:02 iq ok
16:02 samsongoddy In Favour of ending the Meeting?
16:02 +1 from me
16:02 GrannieB ok
16:02 iq I'll keep on checking after before and after the 13 UTC
16:02 *before and after
16:03 GrannieB ok sounds good
16:03 iq bye
16:03 samsongoddy #end-meeting
16:03 meeting Meeting ended Thu Jul 19 16:03:44 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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