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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-06-07 15:00:54

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Time Nick Message
15:00 meeting Meeting started Thu Jun  7 15:00:54 2018 UTC. The chair is samsongoddy. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:01 perrie Yeah
15:01 GrannieB Why don't we start with an update from Iqra...
15:01 samsongoddy Hi iqra_, how is the power issues going?
15:02 iqra_ Pakistan is facing shortage of water. power issues are terrible
15:02 Cuisenaire rods addition activity
15:02 Currently working on this task.
15:03 Basically, Caryl send me a couple of mock ups
15:03 to explain the addition commutative prpoerty
15:03 *property
15:05 I will be updating my blog and github repository and send the updated links by tonight.  I am working on the addition activity for numbers 1-9. ran into a couple of issue with drag and drop javascript library
15:05 working on it at the moment to fix it
15:06 samsongoddy okay
15:06 iqra_ *I have a couple of things to from caryl
15:06 *ask from caryl
15:07 Should the rods game be timed? like a kid has to complete all possible combinations within a certain time
15:08 *all addition combinations for a number
15:08 GrannieB That might be stressful... maybe just give it a time and let them see if they can beat their own previous record
15:08 walterbender +1
15:09 samsongoddy +1
15:09 GrannieB Is MathStiX "sugarized" or is it just a prototype?
15:09 perrie +1
15:09 samsongoddy GrannieB, I agree
15:09 iqra_ No its a prototype
15:10 GrannieB OK why don't you start on getting it into Sugar?
15:11 iqra_ ok, agreed. ok will do that
15:11 MathStiX do you want an animation before the game?
15:12 *MathStix animation appearing before the start of the activity
15:12 llaske has quit IRC
15:13 iqra_ Caryl, asking you..
15:13 before the activity begins, do you want a name MathStiX written or some animation?
15:14 GrannieB Well....
15:14 iqra_ just like in turtle blocks
15:14 before the activity starts
15:14 there is a  turtle
15:14 GrannieB Since many children may be working with limited bandwidth and old devices... simple is good
15:15 iqra_ ok then, simple is good then
15:15 GrannieB Probably
15:17 iqra_ Plan for next week that when I get done with this addition, I will move to the subtraction of Cuisenaire rods
15:17 I was searching for ideas on youtube and subtraction seems a bit tricky
15:17 with the rods
15:18 GrannieB Let me see what I can find... and I'll get back with you on that...
15:19 iqra_ sure.
15:20 Cuisenaire rods. I have never used them during my school years. so it was new for me
15:21 GrannieB I was wondering if we might want to put dots or some little pictures on the rods.... for very young children who are learning their numbers and counting, one dot for one, two for two etc?
15:21 What do the rest of you think?
15:21 iqra_ dots on the rods?
15:22 counting dots on the rods, so that they can recognize the number
15:22 nice idea
15:22 perrie +1
15:24 samsongoddy +1
15:25 iqra_ +1
15:27 perrie has quit IRC
15:27 llaske <llaske!~llaske@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:27 samsongoddy should end meeting?
15:28 perrie <perrie!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:28 iqra_ *yes. I will send you the updated blog and github links by email
15:28 *tonight
15:28 GrannieB Iqra, could you send us an updated timeline as well since you are working on the Math Activity first?
15:29 iqra_ okay, I will do that too. sure will send an updates timeline
15:29 *updated
15:29 GrannieB Great!
15:30 iqra_ will have a chat soon again then.
15:30 should get back to work.
15:33 samsongoddy #end-meeting
15:33 meeting Meeting ended Thu Jun  7 15:33:50 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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