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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-05-25 16:30:36

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16:30 meeting Meeting started Fri May 25 16:30:36 2018 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
16:30 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
16:30 rdrsadhu Hello :)
16:30 vaibhavdaren hello :D
16:30 walterbender vipulgupta2048, are you there?
16:31 amanharitsh123 Hello :)
16:31 vipulgupta2048 Yep
16:31 walterbender please tell us about your week
16:32 vipulgupta2048 Well, after the draft of the analysis script, I have started the real work of fixing the activities
16:32 Hence made a PR regarding that.
16:32 walterbender vipulgupta2048, did everything get resolved on that PR?
16:32 vipulgupta2048 Quozl, suggested me some material to go through and research. Thus, reading GPLv3
16:32 It's interesting.
16:32 jaskirat Hello everyone !!!
16:33 vipulgupta2048 I am still working on it.
16:33 walterbender vipulgupta2048, we are in the midst of a general discussion of licensing
16:33 it is complicated
16:33 vipulgupta2048 Will do it by Sunday, if my personal matter gets resolved.
16:33 walterbender but the bottom line is we need to respect the choice of the author
16:33 vipulgupta2048 Not sure, it's of a serious nature.
16:33 walterbender vipulgupta2048, take your time
16:33 manki11 <manki11!~mankirats@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:33 vipulgupta2048 I have been following up on that discussion
16:34 walterbender you'll find a good rhythm once you get over these bumps in the road
16:34 vipulgupta2048 Also, still writing blog post updates www.mixstersite.wordpress.com
16:34 walterbender vipulgupta2048, anything else to report?
16:34 vipulgupta2048 Yes
16:34 As per the advice of the mentors, I would like to inform of an absence that I would be taking from 17 June to 24 June
16:35 This is not confirmed yet. But still would like to inform of the same.
16:35 walterbender I heard from the mentors... it is OK
16:35 vipulgupta2048 All other updates are on the Sugar Tracker https://docs.google.com/docume[…]/edit?usp=sharing
16:35 Yep, I feel I am on track. Will do some work beforehand
16:36 Even with some bumps on the road.
16:36 ibiam thinks every bump is meant to be crossed
16:36 vipulgupta2048 vipulgupta2048, can't agree more with ibiam
16:37 Nothing more from my side.
16:37 walterbender thx
16:37 vaibhavdaren, your turn
16:38 vaibhavdaren Hello, this week I have worked on porting the example samples from turtleart from turtleblockjs.
16:38 jaskirat vaibhavdaren: sounds good
16:38 vaibhavdaren Problems faced:-
16:38 1) some of the initial examples are not working on turtleart itself.
16:38 mohayon <mohayon!~mohayon@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:38 vaibhavdaren 2) there is difference of how shade and colour blocks are implemented in turtleart and turtlblockjs. So some of the examples dont give desired output.
16:38 Current Progress:- https://drive.google.com/open?[…]PIy-ljtJlDMgEw_rG
16:39 mostly all the graphics examples have been ported.
16:39 Next weeks tasks:-
16:39 1) unit test the shade , clour blocks in both the versions and find out the implementation differences and make necessary changes if needed.
16:39 jaskirat vaibhavdaren: i guess you going write ...as per the discussion!!
16:39 vaibhavdaren 2)there is issue with plugins on turtleblockjs
16:40 nameley:-https://github.com/sugarlabs/t[…]ocksjs/issues/352
16:40 walterbender vaibhavdaren, a couple of comments re the work you have already done
16:40 (1) please click on the home button before saving your projects to the planet
16:40 it makes things neater, easier to read
16:40 Abdul <Abdul!d4af9668@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:41 Abdul Hello guys
16:41 vaibhavdaren walterbender:+1
16:41 should i collapse the blocks aswell?
16:41 walterbender (2) please avoid hard-coded numbers, e.g. -600 to 600... use left, right, top and bottom blocks instead
16:42 jaskirat That would nice and easy to track properly ...!
16:42 walterbender (3) please create an issue on turtle blocks with a list of the examples that don't work
16:42 vaibhavdaren, I don't think you need to collapse
16:42 vaibhavdaren walterbender:turtleart?
16:42 walterbender vaibhavdaren, in some cases, you may want to define some action blocks to make the code easier to read.
16:43 vaibhavdaren walterbender:the samples are not working in turtleart
16:43 vipulgupta2048 has quit IRC
16:43 walterbender vaibhavdaren, https://github.com/sugarlabs/turtleart-activity
16:43 create an issue here ^^ for samples that don't work
16:44 vaibhavdaren the math ,media, sensor examples will not work unless the plugins issue is resolved
16:44 walterbender:+1
16:44 walterbender vaibhavdaren, one more thing...
16:44 by way of inspiration of what a turtorial page might look like
16:45 vaibhavdaren walterbender,yes
16:45 walterbender http://wheelnavjs.softwaretail[…]net/examples.html
16:46 vaibhavdaren so i have to create a separate website as a part of project
16:46 walterbender:+1
16:47 jaskirat walterbender: if he could also work on some open Issues !!!
16:47 vaibhavdaren a lot  to discuss in next meeting i guess :)
16:47 walterbender we should have a live page as opposed to links to examples
16:47 jaskirat After he is completed with porting
16:47 vaibhavdaren okay understood:+1
16:47 walterbender anything else for/from vaibhavdaren ?
16:48 jaskirat walterbender: if he could work on open issues also after porting
16:48 vaibhavdaren no,thats all for now
16:48 walterbender jaskirat, let's get to that once he is ready
16:48 riyalohia, your turn
16:48 vaibhavdaren, thx
16:48 jaskirat Okay ...!
16:48 vaibhavdaren walterbender:welcome :D :)
16:49 riyalohia walterbender, sure!
16:49 vaibhavdaren jaskirat:thanks :D :)
16:49 jaskirat vaibhavdaren: i guess we can discuss further in meeting
16:49 riyalohia This week I finished working on Temperament lookup table and set temperament block.
16:49 walterbender vaibhavdaren, my grandson enjoyed playing with the new examples last night.
16:49 riyalohia Link to the commit :  https://github.com/sugarlabs/m[…]4819e54b19ef0b4a3
16:49 I have also initiated the Temperament widget with basic layout and buttons.
16:49 jaskirat walterbender: turtle confusion!?
16:50 walterbender riyalohia, lots of progress
16:50 riyalohia Link to the pull request :  https://github.com/sugarlabs/m[…]cblocks/pull/1220
16:50 For the coming week, I am planing to work on circular representation of notes as well as the add note button.
16:50 walterbender riyalohia, I'll look at the latest widget code later today
16:50 riyalohia walterbender, thank you :)
16:50 walterbender, okay.
16:50 vaibhavdaren walterbender:glad to know :) :D
16:51 walterbender riyalohia, any concerns at this point?
16:51 seems that things are on track
16:52 riyalohia walterbender, there are no concerns.
16:52 walterbender great...
16:52 I'm enjoying playing around with the set temperament block...
16:53 rdrsadhu, can you go next?
16:53 rdrsadhu sure, hi!
16:53 (1) what I did during the week:
16:53 riyalohia walterbender, I am enjoying working on this project :)
16:53 rdrsadhu Completed migration of Turtle-Art tutorial pages. There were 66 of them(including duplicates).
16:53 walterbender riyalohia, that is the plan :)
16:53 rdrsadhu A total of 94 pages have been migrated so far.
16:54 walterbender rdrsadhu, Are you concerned it is going to overwhelm the help activity?
16:54 rdrsadhu The list is at https://github.com/rdrsadhu/beta-migration-script
16:54 we'll need to measure the impact
16:55 what do you think?
16:55 walterbender rdrsadhu, unfortunately, I don
16:55 t have merge privs on that repo... but I am following the commits
16:55 rdrsadhu, I am not sure about the value of 66 pages of turtle pages in help :P
16:55 rdrsadhu yeah. Maybe godiard will add you soon
16:56 walterbender maybe a separate turtle-help activity?
16:56 rdrsadhu me too. maybe.
16:56 walterbender let's discuss it this week
16:56 rdrsadhu there are 66 pages. almost half I would say. A lot of the pages are redirects and haven't been moved
16:56 sure
16:56 .
16:56 (2) what I plan to do in the coming week:
16:57 ibiam_ <ibiam_!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:57 rdrsadhu Move the pages for fructose set of activities.
16:57 walterbender +1
16:57 rdrsadhu and clean up the word for turtle-art
16:57 .
16:57 (3) any concerns/roadblocks/issues:
16:57 None
16:57 thanks.
16:57 walterbender ok. thanks rdrsadhu
16:57 lots of progress
16:57 ibiam has quit IRC
16:57 ibiam_ is now known as ibiam
16:57 walterbender Pro-Panda, your turn
16:57 Pro-Panda Hi everyone
16:58 Here is my blog post for this week: https://www.pro-panda.tech/201[…]GSoC-Maltose.html
16:58 I got an unexpected personal issue for 2 days, now resolved
16:58 I had been working on porting Telepathy code. My understanding of Telepathy is improving
16:58 Progress of the same is here: https://github.com/orgs/sugarlabs/projects/4
16:58 ibiam Pro-Panda: great work
16:58 ibiam has quit IRC
16:58 Pro-Panda I _hope_ to complete this by mid/end-next week and move to working on Datastore
16:59 Quozl, walterbender and my mentors have been constantly guiding on how to proceed
16:59 walterbender Pro-Panda, glad you are making headway on telepathy
16:59 ibiam <ibiam!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:59 Pro-Panda walterbender: there are still a few points to hit on , but I'm optimistic ;-)
16:59 octamois thinks telepathy has been handled marvellously
16:59 Pro-Panda I got a lot to learn during this time :-)
17:00 walterbender glad you are learning :)
17:01 Pro-Panda nothing else from my side for now
17:01 walterbender OK. thx
17:01 octamois, can you please go next?
17:01 octamois sure
17:02 This week: I have looked into a couple of activities like terminal-activity so that porting of new activity will also be able to test any bug for toolkit(in-progress).
17:02 Approach to follow for next week: I am thinking to port fructose set of activities first as discussed with Pro-Panda.
17:02 Difficulties faced: In docs, if a person is installing sugar-native by hand, there are some dependencies to be installed first and it is distro dependent and changes for URL are also distort dependent, probably there will be some doc enhancement at later stages.
17:02 ""Next 12-14 days target is at least 2 set of fructose activities.""
17:02 Suggestions: If some .deb packages can be rolled out by Pro-Panda, I will be obliged, else I will do it on my own.
17:02 I will try drafting the blog for this week by tomorrow evening.
17:02 think toolkit testing will be more effective once porting of activities is paced up.
17:03 Pro-Panda octamois: While I'm completing porting telepathy, maybe you can complete porting the make files in the toolkit
17:03 octamois +1
17:03 llaske <llaske!~llaske@LFbn-1-3443-24.w90-127.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:03 Pro-Panda That'd help in wrapping up Toolkit completely
17:04 octamois Can I do make files after this week?
17:04 walterbender: any suggestions?
17:04 Pro-Panda I don't think it will affect my work. As per your convenience
17:04 ibiam has quit IRC
17:05 ibiam <ibiam!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:05 walterbender I think the make files are the hang up for the bundles... so it is up to you
17:06 Pro-Panda octamois: For your reference, this explains what is expected from the make files https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]2#issue-300412068
17:06 octamois There is some errand to follow up this week, I'll wrap up make files in Week 3 coding period.
17:06 Pro-Panda: Thanks
17:06 walterbender octamois, if you can join the devel meeting this week, it will help re coordination
17:07 octamois I have a flight that time so it is very much unlikely to join this week.
17:07 llaske has quit IRC
17:08 octamois Apologies for that. (Maybe some time alteration may help, some time delay please)
17:08 walterbender ok
17:08 ibiam has quit IRC
17:08 walterbender anything else for/from octamois ?
17:09 iqra, are you next?
17:09 octamois That's all, Thank you
17:09 ibiam <ibiam!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:09 iqra Hi!  This week I worked on two activities, tam tam micro activity & paint activity. The sugary icons have been changed to the traditional icons of sugarizer and two activities have been redesigned. The icons of paint activity have been redesigned as well as the tam tam micro background tiles have gone through some changes.  For the next week, I have moved on to the development of a new activity called Cuisenaire rods. This activ
17:09 manki11 walterbender? you missed me
17:09 iqra All screenshots and youtube video can be seen on my blog. The link to github repository can be seen below:  https://iqragsoc.wordpress.com[…]/gsoc-fifth-week/  https://github.com/iqraceme/Su[…]mero-Sugarizer-1-
17:09 walterbender sorry manki11
17:09 you are next
17:09 ibiam nice job iqra
17:10 iqra +1
17:10 walterbender iqra, funny to hear the word "traditional" in association with something as new as Sugarizer :)
17:10 jaskirat walterbender: Pratul will nit be able to attend the meeting due to his week health ....! He is suffering from chicken pox !!!
17:10 walterbender ouch
17:10 any questions for iqra ?
17:11 iqra I guess I should use a more appropriate word. not traditional apologies
17:11 walterbender iqra, it is fine... just funny to me
17:11 ibiam iqra, the image behind the activities in the home view is the background, right?
17:11 iqra ok.
17:11 yes
17:11 walterbender all about point of view
17:12 iqra ibiam, yes its the background
17:13 ibiam kids can easily relate to that for sure
17:13 iqra Yes
17:13 walterbender iqra, any roadblocks? concerns?
17:14 iqra Concerns none so far
17:14 walterbender OK. thank you
17:14 manki11, your turn... sorry for missing you earlier
17:14 manki11 Last week i finished work on SprintMath activity for sugarizer, pull request: https://github.com/llaske/sugarizer/pull/195, more detail about the activity with screenshots: https://mankiratsinghtech.word[…]mer-of-code-2018/
17:14 progress of gsoc so far, is updated every week on the wiki: https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/ind[…]xerciser_Activity
17:15 this week, i worked on building the first ReactJS based activity for sugarizer
17:15 i was able to build a demo activity, in which users can add and delete recipes
17:16 walterbender that sounds like more fun that math worksheets :P
17:17 manki11 yes, it is, plus its integrated with presence, so multiple users on the server can play
17:17 just like a multiplayer game
17:17 walterbender manki11, any concerns/roadblocks?
17:18 manki11 none as of now, lionel and i did decide on building the exerciser activity on ReactJS
17:18 walterbender sounds like a good plan
17:19 I think we are up to amanharitsh123 ?
17:19 amanharitsh123 Yeah :)
17:19 Hi Everyone , i had my last university exam this week on Monday(21 May).So first thing first , I resolved the refactoring issue on my  repo , followed by some licensing issue too. So finally the repo is now compact,well organized and under apache v2 license. Now , Inorder to verify proper functioning on my docker installation on raspbian stretch bu
17:19 t enabling and connecting the wifi on raspbian stretch seems a little tricky . I am kinda struck with the wifi issue right now and trying to figure out a way to resolve this .I managed to connect my rpi through ethernet and verified that docker installation works as expected. I had some major issues with internet connectivity this week , so that hi
17:19 ndered my performance. For the coming week , I will resolve this connectivity issue by this weekend.Followed by attaching sugarizer and sugarizer-server to the rpi image and making changes to the script accordingly . If time permits , I will try to explore about the CI as suggested by mohayon.
17:20 walterbender looks forward to playing with this on RPi
17:21 amanharitsh123 grt :)
17:22 walterbender any questions/concerns?
17:22 manki11 has left #sugar-meeting
17:22 ibiam_ <ibiam_!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:22 mohayon Nope, we'll do as said
17:22 amanharitsh123 any suggestions to resolve this wifi connectivity issues are welcomed ,
17:22 :)
17:23 ibiam has quit IRC
17:23 ibiam_ is now known as ibiam
17:23 walterbender may be able to find someone who can help...
17:23 meanwhile...
17:23 a-ritwik, I think you are next?
17:23 a-ritwik Hi
17:23 As you advised in Wednesday's meeting I have made changes in meter block code in logo.js to check whether it is inside rhythm ruler,
17:23 and checking which meter block goes with rhythm block. It took some time to grasp the code.
17:24 walterbender it is a bit tricky that part
17:24 but it makes sense to you now?
17:24 a-ritwik yeah checking is tricky
17:24 yes, now makes sense
17:25 Used gcd and lcd functions defined in utils, and pushed on github.
17:26 walterbender ??? I thought you latest PR used LCD and GCD in the widget itself
17:27 a-ritwik that is wrong I think, I will correct it while doing part where we have to subdivide the ruler.
17:27 walterbender I will check it later
17:28 a-ritwik what is rhythmruler2 ?
17:28 rishabh42 has quit IRC
17:28 walterbender one sec
17:29 as I recall, the original rhythmruler was replaced
17:30 a-ritwik so by default we are using rhythmruler2 now?
17:31 walterbender I think so... I am checking
17:31 it is basically the same code path, but one took an extra argument
17:33 a-ritwik okay
17:33 mohayon has quit IRC
17:33 walterbender I don't recall what the extra arg was used for, but ignore it
17:34 iqra has quit IRC
17:34 walterbender a-ritwik, any issues or are you on track?
17:34 a-ritwik i am on track.
17:35 walterbender any other questions for a-ritwik ?
17:35 did I miss anyone?
17:35 Are we done?
17:35 thanks everyone... lots of great progress
17:36 ibiam really great progress
17:36 thanks
17:36 Pro-Panda Thanks all :-)
17:36 walterbender #end-meeting
17:36 meeting Meeting ended Fri May 25 17:36:44 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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17:36 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-05-25T16:30:36

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