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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-04-27 13:09:15

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13:09 meeting Meeting started Fri Apr 27 13:09:15 2018 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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13:09 GrannieB Claudia... most of us know you already, but could you just say a little about yourself as an introduction and tell us what you would like Sugarlabs and th education team to accomplish in the near future?
13:09 walterbender #topic introductions
13:10 Claudia_ Thanks, @walterbender
13:11 GrannieB Claudia?
13:12 Claudia_ Hello again. My name is Claudia Urrea. I work at Mit... I was at OLPC for a 5 years as director of learning and have also worked with Walter for a number of years.
13:13 My background is CS and education and I am super exifted about this effort
13:14 walterbender GrannieB, do you want similar intros from the rest of us?
13:15 GrannieB Yes.... why don't we just "pass the baton"....
13:15 walterbender I'll grab the baton :)
13:15 Claudia_ :)
13:15 walterbender I'm Walter and I build tools for learning.
13:16 I am hoping this group can explore how we can get those tools to be used more widely
13:16 hands the baton to tony37
13:17 tony37 I have been working with the XO and Sugar since 2007. My primary interenst is in the experience and needs of our user community
13:19 tony37_ <tony37_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:19 tony37_ Sorry lost interntetconection
13:20 baton to grannie8
13:20 Claudia_ has quit IRC
13:21 GrannieB I'm also an "old timer" with the XO and all varieties of Sugar. I've been advocating and promoting them since 2008
13:21 tony37 has quit IRC
13:22 GrannieB At conferences, with little projects in schools (even one in Los Angeles)
13:23 tony37_ ping
13:23 GrannieB My hope is also that we can get varieties of sugar into the hands of learners everywhere by making it more accessible and practical for parents, kids, and students.
13:24 We need to be able to convince them that it is something they will want to use and that it is easy to use to help them reach their educational goals.
13:24 jaskirat Sounds good
13:25 Nailah has quit IRC
13:26 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:26 GrannieB And, I forgot to mention, I live in Los Angeles, except in the summer when I live in Montana... and I am a real "Grannie"
13:27 jaskirat, I pass the baton to you now
13:27 Claudia_ Thank you all
13:27 jaskirat GrannieB: thanks
13:28 ibiam <ibiam!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:29 Claudia_ We should have a map with links to all the places we come from
13:29 GrannieB Great idea!
13:30 We could use the tool Nick Doiron uses
13:30 Who would like to set it up?
13:30 jaskirat Well , i am an open sourcer working with sugar labs since long working on programs promoting Sugar programs and make them reavh to every child to have good experience and better way of learning ....! Especially TB and MB
13:30 perrie <perrie!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:30 walterbender TB === turtle blocks
13:31 MB === music blocks
13:31 jaskirat Oh yeah , thanks walterbender
13:31 GrannieB ;-D
13:31 Who goes next jaskirat?
13:31 perrie has quit IRC
13:32 jaskirat Well i pass a baton to samsongoddy
13:33 Well i am from India ...! Forgot to mention
13:33 GrannieB What part of India... it is a huge country!
13:33 Claudia_ has quit IRC
13:34 samsongoddy User of Sugar Desktop since 2010, Became a Sugar Hacker, volunteer with Schlumberger SEED project to promote Edutech, promote free and open source tools
13:34 from Nigeria
13:34 jaskirat Haha ...! I am f4om Yamunanagar, Haryana, India😃
13:35 samsongoddy I live Port Harcourt, Nigeria
13:35 *in
13:35 GrannieB samsongoddy, don't forget to mention your GSoC experiences
13:36 samsongoddy Oh Google code-in Student, mentor and currently Gsoc mentor
13:37 I am really excited about this part of the Sugar Labs community (Education)
13:37 jaskirat samsongoddy: same here too
13:39 GrannieB It looks like Perrie and Nailah have lost their connections... we can pick them up when they get back. Was anyone missed?
13:39 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:39 GrannieB Next topic... membership
13:39 samsongoddy Nailah is on a meeting
13:39 walterbender #topic membership
13:40 satellit thomas gilliard
13:40 samsongoddy I will ping her
13:40 satellit satellit
13:41 GrannieB First thing... remember you don't have to be a member of Sugarlabs to be a member of the Education Team. We need to have a bit more geographic diversity! Right now we are mostly from USA and Nigeria.
13:42 satellit original G1 G1  work on wiki and sugar creation kit do fedora-qa
13:43 walterbender thx satellit
13:43 satellit Bellingham WA
13:43 Claudia_ I was wondering about the educators from latam
13:43 GrannieB I am waiting to hear from others from a few other countries in the Americas, but we need people from other continents as well.
13:43 Rosamel has said she will be happy to participate but doesn't do IRC
13:44 tony37_ There are two points I would like to make in this meeting.
13:44 GrannieB Tony... yes go on..
13:45 tony37_ First, this is an auspicious day for the meeting. Today, Canionical released Ubutn 18.04 LTS which will be supported for five years. It is easu to install Sugar 0.112 as an alternate desktop. This version of Ubuntu uses Gnome as its default desktip
13:46 walterbender nice that Gnome is back on Ubunutu
13:46 tony37_ This means the environment is similar to the XO but is independent and available for easy installation on any standard laptop.
13:46 walterbender and Quozl has been diligent in his support of Sugar on Ubuntu
13:46 satellit I am unablr to install it get purple screen and cursor (wayland?)
13:47 unable*
13:47 tony37_ Second, we need to reach out to Sugar deployments - some of which have 10 years of hsitory and learn what works and what needs to be improved in Sugar as a constructive learning environment.
13:47 walterbender tony37_, I am all ears as to how we get that feedback
13:47 GrannieB Tony, Recruit for us
13:48 jaskirat tony37_: its amazing
13:48 GrannieB We could make a simple outreach survey
13:48 Claudia_ Constructive or constructionist learning environment?
13:48 tony37_ We have many known deployments - Uruguay (Plan Ceibal)., Peru, Rwanda along with smaller deployementns in Cambodia. Pakistan, Philippines, and many other locations.
13:49 samsongoddy Nigeria also
13:49 tony37_ ;Indeed
13:49 samsongoddy And we have some incharge here in the ed team
13:49 Henry
13:49 tony37_ I think Henry's input is incredibly valuable
13:49 GrannieB We need some volunteers to 1) update the Education Team page on the Sugarlabs wiki (inactive for several years... maybe archive it)
13:49 samsongoddy Yes
13:50 but he doesn't do well with internet
13:50 he is in a remote area
13:50 someone in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
13:50 *somewhere
13:50 tony37_ This is the environment which Sugar was intended to address.
13:50 GrannieB 2) Make a map for all of us to put our mark on
13:51 tony37_ OLPC for some time has a map. I suspect that Adam Holt inows where that is archved.
13:51 satellit there used to be a map of sugar users
13:51 GrannieB Any takers for #1 and #2? We have 10 minutes more ...
13:52 Yes satellit! Nick Doiron found a tool on the internet and set it up for us
13:52 satellit also #schoolserver is a nice project
13:52 GrannieB It is probably still there and could be used to create a new one
13:53 School servers... yes! I had one in my LA school project ... the original IIAB
13:53 satellit had in linuxfest nw
13:54 it*
13:54 GrannieB Map anyone?  I'll help you get started
13:54 jaskirat GrannieB: never tried before
13:54 GrannieB Linuxfest NW
13:54 Yes! Can someone go?
13:54 When is it?
13:54 jaskirat GrannieB https://www.create.net/support[…]ns-on-google-maps
13:54 GrannieB May when I went
13:54 satellit signed up but may not go
13:54 jaskirat Maybe this could help
13:54 Claudia_ I can look into the map.. I used to have one
13:55 tony37_ Adam Holt was responsible to OLPC for interaction with deployments. He established a help line (and a support-gang) This apprars to have become dormant. We need new members to the support gang and a help email line
13:55 jaskirat I too signed up
13:55 satellit xsce-devel@googlegroups.com
13:56 GrannieB I will send a general note out to IAEP which has most of the old Support Gang people
13:56 tony37_ Sadly, xsce has effectively abandned Sugar
13:56 Claudia_ I have to disconnect in 2 min. I will read the notes of the meeting later
13:57 GrannieB Claudia, thanks so much for coming!
13:57 satellit schoolserver has sugar I think
13:57 walterbender tony37_, little if anything was ever passed along to the developer community from support-gang
13:57 tony37_ Agreed, it was an OLPC initiative
13:58 GrannieB Who wants to update the Education Team page on the Sugarlabs wiki???
13:58 tony37_ This is probably something you should take on
13:58 Claudia_ Thank you @GrannieB for leading this effort!
13:59 GrannieB Claudia... thanks and also thanks for volunteering to find a map for us!
13:59 samsongoddy Thanks Claudia_
14:00 satellit support-gang@lists.laptop.org
14:00 Claudia_ :) bye all
14:00 jaskirat Claudia_: good bye
14:00 satellit bye
14:00 GrannieB Now,  the wiki... This isn't a good time for me to do that since I will be doing outreach for the Education Team and co-mentoring for GSoC and am rehabbing a house!
14:01 walterbender GrannieB, what needs to be done?
14:01 jaskirat GrannieB: i would help you to outreach !!!
14:01 Claudia_ Walterbender... I will be in touch to visit the babies
14:01 Bye now we
14:02 GrannieB walterbender, the old page is obsolete
14:02 jaskirat how about helping with the wiki?
14:03 jaskirat GrannieB: okay will do !!!
14:03 GrannieB Jaskirat . Thanks!
14:03 jaskirat GrannieB: but what exactly needs to be done ?
14:04 tony37_ Jaskirat - I think read the page and see how well it matches your underdatnding of the situation now
14:04 GrannieB Now ... Shall we ask the board next week to approve funds for 1) a Sugarlabs banner 2) some simple swag 3) Postage to ship them from person to person for conferences and fests?
14:05 tony37_ No
14:05 GrannieB Tony Why?
14:05 jaskirat GrannieB: tony37_ yes we need them !!! Outreaching is must for us
14:05 We cannot be limited
14:05 GrannieB If you have a booth at a conference, you have to have these things
14:06 tony37_ We need to establish goals and task. If those neet funding it can be addressed.
14:06 GrannieB They are not expensive
14:06 walterbender I agree with tony37_ : let's come up with a plan first
14:06 tony37_ This can be addressed as a conference opportunity appears
14:06 walterbender for example, are conferences the right approach?
14:06 Claudia_ has quit IRC
14:06 walterbender I don't know
14:07 jaskirat walterbender: would you like to work upon for updating the wiki page ?
14:07 walterbender jaskirat, I don't know what to put there
14:07 jaskirat walterbender: exactly the situation with me
14:08 satellit look at sugar creation kit link on left side
14:08 walterbender and maybe we want some static pages?
14:08 We need some high-level planning
14:08 tony37_ Jaskirat - the page is proabably clearly obsolete. You can look at it. If you see how it should be changed, do it. If you need help, send us an email.
14:08 Jaskirat - the page is proabably clearly obsolete. You can look at it. If you see how it should be changed, do it. If you need help, send us an email.
14:08 jaskirat GrannieB: it would be better that we once discuss on what to out on wiki
14:08 satellit also Toast
14:09 GrannieB OK. Agenda item for next time... conferences and other outreach opportunities. How about everyone making a list of all the things going on in their part of the world
14:09 satellit sugar works there
14:09 GrannieB ;-D
14:09 jaskirat GrannieB tony37_: yeah i am not fully sure that i would be able to do it !! Would need heLP if someobe could take up this responsibility
14:09 GrannieB Gotta close this meeting soon
14:10 jaskirat... I'll help you OK?
14:10 jaskirat Yeah !! Thanks GrannieB
14:10 tony37_ Do we communicate on iaep?
14:10 Do we communicate on iaep?
14:10 samsongoddy Yes
14:10 satellit I can help too I am familar with editing pages on wiki
14:11 jaskirat Jaskirat thinks this updating on wiki page will require the effort of all with appropiate discussion !!! Agrees ?
14:11 samsongoddy I was also thinking about newsletters too
14:11 walterbender jaskirat, maybe the first step is to make all of the dead links... for example, I went to the teaching matters page (looking for tutorials) and none of the content was still on the server.
14:11 tony37_ Yes, Jaskirat. We will help you as best we can.
14:11 satellit https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/[…]ing_distributions is nice also
14:11 jaskirat walterbender: tony37_ thanks
14:12 Then we can wwork upon this !!
14:12 GrannieB OK... anything else before we adjourn?
14:12 jaskirat Will start on it tom if its not an objection !!
14:12 tony37_ Thanks Grannie8, a very good first meetin
14:12 satellit +1
14:12 jaskirat GrannieB: yes
14:12 Just a bit
14:12 GrannieB We started on time but are ending a bit lare
14:13 late
14:13 walterbender ok... here we go...
14:13 #end-meeting
14:13 meeting Meeting ended Fri Apr 27 14:13:27 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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