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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-03-27 21:00:07

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21:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Mar 27 21:00:07 2018 UTC. The chair is Quozl_. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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21:00 Quozl_ #topic quorum
21:00 walterbender hi
21:00 Quozl_ hey, who's here?
21:00 Pro-Panda hi
21:00 Quozl_ #agreed quorum
21:00 hello walter, hello rahul.
21:00 walterbender hi Quozl_
21:00 Quozl_ #topic what we have been working on
21:00 octamois Hello everyone
21:01 walterbender is super excited that we finally have the new music block server live
21:01 Pro-Panda (1) Researched on the possibility of porting to GTK+ 4. (2) Reviewing pull requests, reporting issues in fructose activities (3) Completing project proposals for GSoC application.
21:01 Quozl_ Reviewed proposals, reviewed a few pull requests, wrote about a social issue that affects coordination, ported from GConf to Gio.Settings (for Sugar, toolkit, Browse, Read and Write); https://github.com/orgs/sugarlabs/projects/2
21:01 Discovered a GStreamer Gst.Message deprecation; https://github.com/orgs/sugarlabs/projects/3
21:02 walterbender: is it public now?  linked from sugarlags.org?
21:02 octamois Worked on my GSOC proposal last week
21:02 walterbender musicblocks.sugarlabs.org
21:02 Quozl_ hello anmol.
21:02 walterbender Quozl_, I will move the repo later this week to gh/sl
21:02 Just want to get the Turtle version live
21:02 Quozl_ i think it would be good to have a link to it from www.sugarlabs.org
21:03 walterbender +1
21:03 Quozl_, one technical question
21:03 the new version uses iframes and cookies
21:03 so I don't think the embedded in Browse approach will work
21:04 I think launching a local server inside Sugar would be better
21:04 Are there examples of that in any existing activities?
21:04 Quozl_ hmm, i thought it was already a server.  shows how little attention i paid to it.  ;-)  yes, wikipedia activity.
21:04 walterbender OK. I will take a look
21:04 also, /me met a number of different educators at LibrePlanet and at an MIT edu conference
21:05 all interested in Suagr
21:05 Quozl_ cool.
21:05 walterbender gave out some Sugar on a Sticks
21:05 Quozl_ * topic is "what we have been working on".  any other comments or questions on topic?
21:05 walterbender there is a program running out of a college in upper state NY that is doing lots of after-school outreach
21:05 Pro-Panda that is great :-)
21:05 walterbender they are very interested
21:05 octamois We will be reaching out to more people. 😀
21:06 walterbender and I met a group at LibrePlanet with an office in Managua
21:06 will put them in touch with FZT
21:06 yashagrawal3 <yashagrawal3!9d29aa2e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:06 Quozl_ yashagrawal3: what have you been working on?
21:07 nothing after a minute, i'll move on now.
21:07 yashagrawal3 Quozl: Was busy with school work, tested a few activities on  which I proposed to work.
21:07 Quozl_ #topic port from GConf to Gio.Settings
21:07 yashagrawal3: thanks!
21:08 #link https://github.com/orgs/sugarlabs/projects/2
21:08 this came up from debian, who noticed that a gtk+ 2 library was being withdrawn, causing withdrawal of sugar from debian.
21:08 walterbender Quozl_, this'll impact some activities as well
21:08 e.g., Turtle
21:09 octamois This link is not working for me
21:09 Quozl_ it turns out we kept a bit of gconf in sugar as compatibility for old gtk+ 2 activities, and there are some gtk+ 3 activities where the porting neglected to shift to Gio.Settings.
21:09 walterbender: yes, very easy to find activities affected, just search for GConf
21:10 now while gtk+ 2 hasn't gone yet, it will soon, so this is just a kind of "last orders" call at the pub bar.  ;-)
21:10 yashagrawal3 Could have added this to proposal, but still can work on activities I might be working this summer
21:10 Quozl_ yashagrawal3: we weren't to know exactly when this would happen, and there are likely other deprecations yet to come.
21:11 yashagrawal3 It can be tackled as it comes. :)
21:11 Quozl_ octamois: are you logged in to github?  perhaps github is not showing projects to you if not logged in.  if you are logged in, perhaps it only shows to members of the organisation.
21:12 (actually, that's an important point, if the URL is visible i'll have to refer to the text instead)
21:12 s/visible/invisible
21:12 walterbender had no problem with the URL
21:13 Quozl_ while working on this deprecation, i found another, for Gst.Message.structure.
21:13 octamois I am logged in to GitHub, I think it's only visible to members of organisation.
21:14 Quozl_ * any other comments on topic?  i'll move on in 30 seconds.
21:14 walterbender Quozl_, does the eprecation impact messageType?
21:15 e.g. Gst.MessageType.ERROR
21:15 Quozl_ walterbender: no, just access to the structure member of Gst.Message, used to be just .structure, now have to call .get_structure()
21:15 (probably so that it can be reference counted and cleaned up).
21:16 #link https://github.com/orgs/sugarlabs/projects
21:17 hmm, sorry, was distracted by github configuration.  can't seem to find a way to make the project visible.
21:18 #topic don't ask, just do
21:18 #link https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-docs/pull/148
21:18 i made a rant, walter backed it up with a doc change, ... discuss.
21:19 walterbender Quozl_, It drives me a bit crazy too...
21:19 I see it a lot with activities
21:19 Quozl_ to seed the discussion; is this a cultural difference we need to be aware of, and can others work within the open source culture of "code first, questions later."
21:20 walterbender or, show, don't tell
21:21 Quozl_ octamois: yashagrawal3: Pro-Panda: your opinions?
21:21 octamois A few organisation have a culture of work assignment, new comers tend to stick to that I think.
21:21 I made this mistake (personal view)
21:22 yashagrawal3 Any constructive thing can be figured out from idea and suggestion
21:22 Pro-Panda_ <Pro-Panda_!2a6bea67@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:22 Pro-Panda_ apologies, got disconnected
21:23 In my opinion, developers can announce that they are working on an issue and if they don't follow up on that in a day or so, someone else should be free to take it
21:23 yashagrawal3 Rather than discarding it all together or making him wait, allow them to show there work. Walter seems to have right opinion according to me.
21:23 Quozl_ Pro-Panda_: thanks, our topic is https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-docs/pull/148 and the question put;is this a cultural difference we need to be aware of, and can others work within the open source culture of "code first, questions later."
21:24 Pro-Panda_: thanks.
21:24 i've no problem with people announcing they are working on something; but (a) it can get noisy, (b) it won't stop me working on it too.
21:25 Pro-Panda has quit IRC
21:26 Pro-Panda_ Quozl_: agreed with both points.
21:26 Quozl_ incidentally, we've also shifted in the past couple of years from requiring a pull request author to make all the changes, to a shared model where some changes may be made by reviewer.
21:26 Pro-Panda_ personally, I am comfortable with "code first, questions later.", and thats what I observed in the around people me.
21:26 Quozl_ linux kernel development team is an example of model where almost all changes have to be made by the author of the commit series.
21:27 octamois Speaking of announcement, collaboration is meant to share, not to dominate or do a seperate work. I think Walter's point of view is appropriate.
21:27 Quozl_ yeah, when someone says 'i
21:28 yeah, when someone says "i'm going to work on this", one of my responses can be "here's what i've done so far, see what you can do."
21:29 * any other comments on topic? any topics after this one? speak up now.
21:29 Pro-Panda_ remembers announcing myself when I started contributing to Sugar Labs. But I soon realised that its not required.
21:29 octamois No comments
21:31 Quozl_ * motion to close meeting, agree with "+1"
21:31 thanks, it's been a helpful discussion.
21:31 Pro-Panda_ +1
21:31 octamois +1
21:31 yashagrawal3 +1
21:31 Quozl_ walterbender: ?
21:32 presumably walterbender has been called away by real life.  oh well.  ;-)
21:33 #endmeeting
21:33 meeting Meeting ended Tue Mar 27 21:33:01 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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