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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-03-13 21:00:13

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21:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Mar 13 21:00:13 2018 UTC. The chair is Quozl_. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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21:00 Quozl_ #topic quorum
21:00 hey ho who's here?
21:00 Pro-Panda Hi
21:00 Quozl_ hi
21:00 yashagrawal3 Hello!
21:00 Quozl_ #agreed quorum
21:00 #topic what we have been working on
21:00 Pro-Panda I have been working on adding accessibility features to journal and testing my Python3 port of Sugar-Toolkit and fixing issues in it.
21:01 rdrsadhu_ <rdrsadhu_!~rdrsadhu@2402:3a80:a43:e182:acb0:a9e9:efd:f007> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:01 yashagrawal3 I have been working on my Proposal, deciding activities and other details.
21:02 Quozl_ i've been reviewing patches, tested sugar 0.112 on fedora 28 and wrote issues and a report, and testing wireguard.
21:02 received two reports from others;
21:03 1.  <pikurasa> Quozl_: I have been on the computer for the better part of today, so I will opt to spend time with family. My report is that I am leaving tomorrow for Japan. I am making final preparations for my Music Blocks talk and workshop at a "science" high school in Yokohama. After that, I meet with some educational leaders. Also, helped with "good enough" Japanese translations for Music Blocks.
21:03 samarsk Hi
21:03 Quozl_ 2.  carlos mauro; Only for inform the last week and yesterday i was made two meeting with potencial students in Lima Peru for the gsoc and suggested apply here hope which we will have more proposal than we have in the wiki.
21:04 samarsk: hello.
21:05 samarsk: my sugar-devel@ post after this meeting uses first names, what's your first name?
21:05 samarsk Quozl_: samar
21:06 Quozl_ samarsk: thanks, have you been working on anything sugar this week?
21:06 samarsk I am interested in contributing to the sugar labs community.
21:06 Quozl_ samarsk: thanks.
21:07 samarsk Quozl_: I came across the Sugar Labs social project on GSoC 2018 ideas list and would like to work on it.
21:07 Quozl_ yashagrawal3: please for gtk3 ports put priority on activities included in fedora soas?  you'll see my test report last 24 hours for fedora 28 beta.
21:07 yashagrawal3: otherwise those activities may drop from fedora as soon as fedora drops gtk2.
21:08 yashagrawal3: i was really surprised to find Record still in Fedora 28, given that it requires GStreamer 0.10.
21:08 ... but I didn't get time to check it fully.
21:08 yashagrawal3 Quozl_, sure! I will test on on federa also before submitting PR in future
21:09 Quozl_ any other comments on topic? any topics after this one? speak up now.
21:10 samarsk Quozl_: I've started working on the information architecture of Sugar Labs Social and also started making mockups for the website.
21:10 dzho briefly
21:10 rdrsadhu_ Hi I'm Rudra. New to the Sugar Labs community. I've been preparing to port the activity wiki pages to their respective git repositories. I've also prepared a GSoC project proposal for the same and sent out the details via the developer mailing lists. Please have a look, when you are free.
21:11 Quozl_ samarsk: dzho: rdrsadhu_: thanks.
21:11 dzho I've been letting my proposal for a metarepository for wayfinding simmer a little bit but haven't yet abandoned it. Still trying to figure out how to reply in a politic way :) That's all.
21:11 returns to idling, and off to walk the dog etc
21:11 Quozl_ any other comments on topic? any topics after this one? speak up now.
21:12 rdrsadhu_ The proposal is available at https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/[…]vity_pages_to_git. Please review. thanks
21:15 Quozl_ is carlos here?  he seems to have just posted an e-mail suggesting that he will be here, but maybe didn't know about US/Eastern time change.
21:16 now i'm doubting my own timezone calculations.  ;-)
21:16 okay, if there's no other topics ...
21:17 motion to close this meeting.  all in favour?
21:17 Pro-Panda +1
21:17 rdrsadhu_ +1
21:18 yashagrawal3 I want to discuss some doubts I have regarding my proposal.
21:18 Quozl_ yashagrawal3: go ahead
21:18 #topic proposal questions from yash
21:19 yashagrawal3 Quozl_, Regarding Project 'GTK4 exploration', it has not been made clear what do they expect from this project. Designing a workflow essentially seems to be documentation task.
21:20 Quozl_, I am not quite sure in what direction will coding be done in this.
21:21 Quozl_ yashagrawal3: no, designing a coding workflow is the result of coding.
21:22 yashagrawal3: someone who does this project will try to port to gtk4, if gtk4 is available in any form, even very primitive development branch (i don't know if it is).
21:23 https://wiki.gnome.org/Project[…]K%2B/Roadmap/GTK4 has some interesting items, and pointers to branches.
21:23 yashagrawal3 Quozl_, It is under development right now, but they have released the Documentation regarding the changes they  will be introducing.
21:23 Quozl_ yashagrawal3: the project would be very close working with gtk4 project team at gnome foundation.
21:24 yashagrawal3 Quozl_, OK!
21:25 Quozl_, Another thing,
21:25 Quozl_ yashagrawal3: i can't speak for walter, he's the gsoc coordinator, but the gtk4 project for gsoc at sugar labs would be very forward looking, very leading edge, very risky, and might not work properly at the end, but yet progress may have been made.  it is speculative, with little surety of result.
21:26 yashagrawal3: go ahead.  be quick though, i'm hoping to leave on a trip across the desert within 20 minutes.  ;-)
21:27 (if anyone else has anything to say about yash's question, speak up)
21:27 yashagrawal3 Quozl_, I have discussed about this with you earlier also, I was shortlisting the activities that I will be porting in Gtk3, I didn't find few of them github.com or anywhere else
21:27 Quozl_, only way to get it is to decompile .xo file
21:27 sum2it Nope, I have a question about MB.
21:27 Quozl_ yashagrawal3: yes.
21:28 yashagrawal3 Can these be added to sugarlabs on github?
21:28 Pro-Panda I remember a discussion with Quozl_ on the same.
21:28 Quozl_ yashagrawal3: my preference is that you add them to your own github account and once they are proven to work with sugar 0.112 we can move the repository to sugarlabs.
21:29 yashagrawal3 Quozl_, Okay Great!
21:29 I am done, thanks!
21:29 Quozl_ okay.  sum2it: your turn?
21:29 #topic quesiton about music blocks, sum2it
21:29 sum2it What projects are seen as a logical next-step for MB? I see lot of projects are about exploration.
21:30 Quozl_ sum2it: i don't know, sorry.  good question for devin or walter, but they are not here at the moment.
21:30 sum2it Alright, thanks!
21:30 samarsk Quozl_: I have some doubts about Sugar labs social
21:30 Quozl_ #topic quesiton about sugar labs social, samarsk
21:30 samarsk Quozl_: Where do I put up mockup designs for Sugar Labs Social for feedback?
21:30 sum2it Can you pass them on to @walterbender?
21:31 Quozl_ sum2it: please mail walter, cc sugar-devel@
21:31 sum2it Alright!
21:31 Thank you.
21:31 llaske has quit IRC
21:32 Quozl_ samarsk: guess that depends on your mentor preference, but my preference is that you post them on a page (github, gist, something else) and post URL to sugar-devel@
21:32 samarsk Quozl_: OK, sure.
21:32 Quozl_ samarsk: because we have maximum attachment size limit on sugar-devel@ to prevent problems for people in distant lands with slow internet.
21:33 samarsk: you might use a github repo for your project, and add mockups as images that you link README.md to?
21:33 ccosse <ccosse!~mwalim@97-123-29-174.albq.qwest.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:34 Quozl_ i'm running low on time.  motion to close this meeting. all in favour?
21:34 samarsk Quozl_: OK, I'll do accordingly. Thanks.
21:34 Quozl_ samarsk: thanks.
21:34 Pro-Panda Quozl_: +1
21:35 yashagrawal3 +1
21:35 samarsk +1
21:36 ccosse Hello, I wanted to participate but missed the time, myself ... next time I guess
21:36 Quozl_ ccosse: next week then.  ;-)
21:37 i've got to go, bye everyone, thanks for turning up.
21:37 ccosse I will be here! Thx
21:37 Quozl_ #endmeeting
21:37 meeting Meeting ended Tue Mar 13 21:37:31 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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