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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-02-27 22:00:09

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22:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Feb 27 22:00:09 2018 UTC. The chair is Quozl_. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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22:00 Quozl_ #topic quorum
22:00 walter__ hi
22:00 Quozl_ #agreed quorum
22:00 #topic what we have been working on
22:01 walter__ has mostly been working on Music Blocks
22:02 chasing down more bugs in anticipation of the next release
22:02 and rebasing to Tone.js v11
22:02 Quozl_ i've fixed speak and memorize again for disruptive API changes in espeak-ng, reviewed and merged lots of patches to activities, and planned out a Python3 port based on vague ideals.
22:02 walter__ I did a few workshops as well and got good feedback
22:02 yashagrawal3 hello all! I've been working recently on porting activities to Gtk3, updating sugargame and fixing some bugs in various repositories.
22:04 Quozl_ (in other stuff i've worked on testing a deep issue with realtek wireless devices on mini-PCIe bus that wsa recently fixed by kernel developers, helped a Nepal deployment of Sugar to build an operating system, and established a backup in australia of all critical content and git repositories.)
22:04 walter__: thanks.  yashagrawal3: thanks.  ... anybody else awake here?
22:06 (pause for a couple of minutes waiting for others, then i'll move onto the next agenda item)
22:07 IfeanyiEkperi <IfeanyiEkperi!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:08 dzho glances in
22:08 Quozl_ IfeanyiEkperi: dzho: what have you been working on?
22:09 IfeanyiEkperi Currently, Nothing. @Quozl_
22:10 Quozl_ #topic port to Python 3 and Six, see GitHub issues
22:10 thanks.
22:10 dzho Quozl_: I have a proposal in my email drafts to send to sugar-devel to match up the pinned repos at github.com/sugarlabs with the list of repos you indicated in recent email are either core to sugar, or core activities. The proposal is to create a meta-repo pointing to one or more of these sets, since we are restricted to 6 pinned repos.
22:10 Quozl_ dzho: thanks.
22:10 dzho I've also been reading a little about Six, but not much, and probably not in a way that will be helpful soon.
22:11 IfeanyiEkperi I have a question, have been in my head for a long time.
22:11 Quozl_ so i created a set of repository issues to formally describe the port to Python 3, and this was in response to private mail with a potential contributor who proposed a draft project response for GSoC, which didn't have any scheduling or division of the work.
22:12 IfeanyiEkperi: if question is not to do with Python 3 could you hold off until we finish talking about Python 3?  that would help avoid confusion.
22:12 IfeanyiEkperi Ok
22:13 Quozl_ what do people think of my description of the python 3 work in the issues?
22:13 walter__ seems rational
22:13 I am not sure what the scale of the changes are
22:14 yashagrawal3 I've also been reading python's documentation about porting to Python3, that supports both python 3 and python 2 dependencies.
22:14 Quozl_ #link https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]t-gtk3/issues/382
22:14 walter__: thanks.
22:15 yashagrawal3: in this issue, it is far too large for me to accept one person to work on the issue, so could you possible delete that comment so we can keep this issue as a tracking issue only?
22:15 yashagrawal3 sure!
22:15 Quozl_ thanks.
22:16 #link https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/issues/787
22:16 while a port to Six is needed for the toolkit, it isn't needed for the shell.
22:17 #link https://github.com/sugarlabs/h[…]rld-fork/issues/2
22:17 walter__ Quozl_, as an asside... it seems we should use issues to track the progress of all of the GSoC projects
22:17 Quozl_ a port of the sample activity needs the toolkit ported first.
22:17 octamois Quozl_: I've started Porting code in Python 3 for Sugar-artwork
22:17 Quozl_ walter__: you anticipate a one to many relationship between GSoC project and issues, i guess.
22:18 walter__ yes
22:18 Quozl_ #link https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]atastore/issues/7
22:18 walter__ Quozl_, what are the implications for GTK2 activities in regard to https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/issues/787
22:18 Quozl_ the datastore is a special case, since it is very isolated in own process.
22:18 walter__ should we add a test for that?
22:19 presumably they will not be converted w/o a GTK3 port as well
22:19 Quozl_ walter__: there is a test in 787 for that.
22:19 walter__ looks again
22:19 Quozl_ walter__: oh, you mean gtk2.
22:20 walter__: gtk2 activities should still work if gtk2 is available on the operating system platform being used.
22:20 walter__ well... I suppose it is covered under Python 2 activity
22:20 Quozl_ walter__: i can add.
22:20 walter__ I think it is worth explicitly testing Python 2 under both cases: GTK2 and GTK3
22:21 Quozl_ https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/issues/787 updated
22:21 #link https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]rtwork/issues/102
22:21 DipanshKhandelwa <DipanshKhandelwa!9d202917@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:21 Quozl_ the sugar-artwork port is trivial, as it is only code used in build; but the build will have to be verified as well, all the way to deb and rpm packages.
22:22 updated sugar-artwork issue.
22:22 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:23 Quozl_ pikurasa: what have you been working on?
22:23 dzho has to duck out now. sorry. look forward to seeing folks around in #sugar
22:23 pikurasa hello, I just got done teaching
22:23 Quozl_ dzho: okay!
22:23 walter__ pikurasa, hi
22:23 DipanshKhandelwa has quit IRC
22:23 Dipansh <Dipansh!0e8b7a8b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:23 unimaro <unimaro!b5b054ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:24 octamois Six is used to provide a Python 2 and 3 compatibility. So is there any worry about Python 2 activities?
22:24 pikurasa Quozl_: per usual... I have been working on Music Blocks. Walter and I attended a class seminar at New England Conservatory yesterday.
22:25 Quozl_ pikurasa: thanks.
22:25 pikurasa I have also been preparing for my 2nd trip to Japan this year. I will present MB there, and hopefully get some kids involved.
22:25 Quozl_ octamois: please explain further?
22:25 walter__ octamois, these sorts of compatibility things always have quirks... we'll learn about them presumably
22:25 pikurasa ...and of course, we did some testing this week.
22:25 That is all! :)
22:25 Thanks!
22:26 walter__ I presume we'll want new activities written in native Python3
22:27 octamois As far as I know, six is module to provide compatibility to Python3 and Python2, if six is used to port anything, I think parallel support will help as no activity will be affected and subsequent changes in activities can be made.
22:27 Quozl_ walter__: yes, that is what we will desire, but the sugar-toolkit-gtk3 shall have both python2 and python3 bindings, so until python2 actually disappears from linux distributions both pythons should work for any activities.
22:28 walter__ +1
22:28 Quozl_ octamois: good, thanks.  i don't yet know enough about Six.  but the goal is to support both python versions in the toolkit package.
22:30 i'm imagining that the sugar-toolkit-gtk3 sources will be built twice by the makefiles and thus the debian and fedora packages; once for python2, once for python3.  debian have a strategy of naming packages python-foo for python2, and python3-foo for python3.  fedora probably don't have a strategy for mixing python versions, but i'm happy to lose fedora on this.
22:30 however that means losing many activities on soas, which the soas guys may care about, so we may get some movement on that.
22:31 unimaro Hi All. Walter i want to propose two ideas per this gsoc. 1 add a parental tool to support to teachers and family control the children activity . 2.-
22:31 Quozl_ unimaro: please wait.
22:31 are we done on python 3 port?  motion to move on to general business; all in favour?
22:31 walter__ +1
22:31 unimaro Sorry dont problem
22:31 octamois Please just a few minutes
22:32 Quozl_ octamois: holding on to python 3 topic, please proceed.
22:33 octamois Why don't we provide a separate branch for Python 3, and all future activities should use Python 3 toolkit
22:33 Quozl_ octamois: we are providing this.  and there are so few likely future activities that we need not plan for them so enthusiastically.
22:34 octamois: the separate branch is consequence of a version-split in makefile build.
22:34 octamois I agree
22:34 Quozl_ octamois: we can't afford the time to maintain yet a third toolkit, we already have two we are maintaining; gtk2 and gtk3.
22:35 octamois: are you done with topic?
22:35 octamois So we are having issue is that, we have activities and cannot move forward unless toolkits are ported with both Python versions
22:35 Quozl_ octamois: no, only the gtk3 toolkit needs to be ported; gtk2 is not available for python3.
22:36 octamois Please correct me if I'm wrong
22:36 OK, I'm in favor to proceed now.
22:36 Quozl_ octamois: thanks.
22:36 octamois Welcome
22:36 Quozl_ #topic general business, IfeanyiEkperi's question
22:37 IfeanyiEkperi: go ahead with your question?
22:37 unimaro: you're next, please wait.
22:38 unimaro Okok
22:38 IfeanyiEkperi Ok. Thanks Quozl. I am not too sure this should be asked here but since it is a development meeting. I think so.
22:40 walter__ IfeanyiEkperi, ???
22:41 Quozl_ IfeanyiEkperi: just in case it's not obvious; i'm waiting for your question.
22:41 IfeanyiEkperi The design team is among development but the last time i checked the leadership or group team leader is not active
22:41 Quozl_ IfeanyiEkperi: define active.
22:41 IfeanyiEkperi: my definition of active is "responding to [DESIGN] tag messages on sugar-devel@"
22:41 IfeanyiEkperi Yes
22:42 Quozl_ IfeanyiEkperi: nobody has raised issues for design team this year.
22:42 IfeanyiEkperi: actually, as far as I can see, nobody raised issues for design team last year either.
22:43 IfeanyiEkperi: but my understanding is that they are available when needed.
22:43 walter__ IfeanyiEkperi, maybe you can bring this up at Friday's SLOB meeting? we can appoint a new liaison and perhaps you can organize a meeting?
22:43 IfeanyiEkperi Secondly, the design team should be responsible for ui/ux of the SugarOS, and i might be wrong but Sugar has not been improved since 2014 for user interaction and experience.
22:43 yashagrawal3_ <yashagrawal3_!~androirc@2405:205:22ac:88f5::21d8:38a4> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:43 walter__ there is at least one outstanding design issue on the table: color icons
22:43 Quozl_ IfeanyiEkperi: and in this context, design is (a) for Sugar, not Sugar Labs, and (b) having to do with appearance and user experience.
22:44 walter__ raised by icarito last year
22:44 IfeanyiEkperi Walter: I sure will if I can attend the meeting
22:45 Quozl_ IfeanyiEkperi: where there are specific deficiencies in user interaction and experience, these should be raised and debated, via sugar-devel@ ... whether they require design team may vary.
22:45 IfeanyiEkperi Ok. Noted
22:45 Quozl_ okay, moving on.
22:46 #topic general business, unimaro,
22:46 unimaro Great
22:47 Then i have two ideas to implement in sugarlabs 1 is a parental tool per teachers and parents
22:47 Quozl_ unimaro: in sugarlabs or sugar or sugarizer?
22:47 unimaro Sugarlabs
22:48 Quozl_ unimaro: but it doesn't exist yet; i'm not sure how a developer team meeting helps with that, but go ahead.
22:49 unimaro I will apply that like my idea because is very import to help school implement pilot projects
22:50 Quozl_ unimaro: bypass your justifications for the moment and get to the functional design please?
22:50 unimaro: what will it _do_?
22:51 unimaro Give some control feature to a person like to a supervisor
22:51 walter__ control over what?
22:51 Quozl_ unimaro: so a sort of anti-feature collection?  disable features in sugar?
22:52 unimaro I for example is any student got to a website to play o watch videos in a classroom time the teacher  send message
22:52 Or block the screen
22:53 Quozl_ unimaro: oh, okay, it sounds like you need to write up your ideas more fully and post to sugar-devel@ for comment, i don't think it is something we should talk about in developer team meeting yet.
22:53 unimaro: unless you are looking for developers to join the project?
22:53 unimaro Ok great then i will devel more my idea in sugar-devel
22:53 Quozl_ great.  thanks.
22:53 unimaro Yes
22:54 Quozl_ motion to close meeting, all in favour?
22:54 #topic closing meeting
22:54 walter__ +1
22:54 IfeanyiEkperi It's a nice idea unimaro, but details are lacking
22:54 yashagrawal3_ +1
22:54 IfeanyiEkperi +1
22:55 Quozl_ dzho: octamois: pikurasa: unimaro: motion to close meeting, all in favour?
22:55 unimaro Yes
22:55 +1
22:56 Quozl_ dzho: octamois: pikurasa: motion to close meeting, all in favour?
22:57 okay, they've apparently gone, probably because we went a bit over time ... proceeding anyway.
22:57 #endmeeting
22:57 meeting Meeting ended Tue Feb 27 22:57:13 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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