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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-02-13 22:00:09

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Time Nick Message
22:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Feb 13 22:00:09 2018 UTC. The chair is Quozl. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
22:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
22:00 Quozl #topic quorum
22:00 walterbender hi
22:01 Quozl #agreed quorum
22:01 eohomegrownapps hi
22:01 Quozl #topic what we have been working on
22:01 walterbender has been quashing bugs in Music Blocks
22:01 and working on GSoC topics/tasks
22:01 eohomegrownapps doing that project mining he promised walterbender he would do a few days ago...
22:02 Quozl cleaned up the various specifications of the activity metadata format, and today moving some more of developers.sugarlabs.org over to github.com
22:04 walterbender +1
22:04 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@c-71-232-12-24.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:04 Quozl that's all from me.  noted we have walter, james, and euan here.
22:05 walterbender has been in discussion with Jatin about ALSO-v3
22:05 which is all about more clean up in our github repos
22:06 Sam is back and hopefully we can move quickly on some server side issues
22:06 Quozl for which i think nothing can really fix it except activity maintainers.
22:06 pikurasa hi, I guess I missed the beginning
22:06 Quozl oh, good, i'll resubmit my systems@ access problem.
22:06 walterbender pikurasa, http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]etings/2018-02-13
22:07 has access to sunjammer again :)
22:08 Quozl walterbender: Sam or Samuel?
22:08 walterbender same diff.
22:08 Quozl walterbender: scg vs samdroidapps.
22:09 walterbender oh. sorry.
22:09 Quozl nullus anxietas, i'll find out eventually.
22:09 walterbender scg
22:09 Quozl heh.
22:09 nothing further from me for the meeting, motion to close ...
22:09 pikurasa What have I been working on? Music Blocks as usual. We had a triage yesterday and I did some testing.
22:09 Quozl pikurasa: okay.
22:14 pikurasa I have some workshops coming up for Music Blocks, so trying to look at issue priorities from that perspective, and then resolve issues/design for clarity going into GSoC
22:16 walterbender anything else?
22:18 Quozl motion to close ... any +1's?
22:18 walterbender +1
22:18 pikurasa +1
22:18 eohomegrownapps +1
22:18 pikurasa thanks Quozl
22:18 Quozl no worries.
22:18 #endmeeting
22:18 meeting Meeting ended Tue Feb 13 22:18:26 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
22:18 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-13T22:00:09.html
22:18 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-02-13T22:00:09

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