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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2018-01-05 19:02:42

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19:02 meeting Meeting started Fri Jan  5 19:02:42 2018 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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19:02 walterbender hi everyone
19:03 I have a few agenda items to cover to start
19:03 #topic GCI
19:03 We have two more weeks of Google Code In
19:03 the participation this year has been through the roof
19:04 over 1000 student and more than 600 tasks completed so far
19:04 and the mentor team has been very helpful
19:04 some great work by some familar faces and some newcomers
19:04 I'm very pleased we are participating again this year
19:05 any comments/questions re GCI?
19:05 a few GCI students are here: kipply and sidhant
19:05 wanna comment?
19:05 CanoeBerry What's the best link to see the most active mentors/projects etc?
19:06 walterbender CanoeBerry: behind the google firewall
19:06 CanoeBerry Ugh, ok.
19:06 walterbender CanoeBerry: I will send out a summary when we wrap up in a few weeks
19:06 eohomegrownapps hi, I really appreciate the work you and the other mentors are doing to help us :)
19:06 walterbender but sugarizer, music blocks, and sugar itself have all been popular
19:07 kipply Super great experience, I've just started working on some stuff with the Sugar core. I think the most exciting part has been learning Gtk+3 and music theory (I was quite musically inept)
19:07 sidhant Hey! I'm really enjoying contributing through GCI to SL, it gives a simple step into the open source world for us. Personally working on the GCI SL tasks, I find a bit of a focus on MusicBlocks and I'd personally prefer more design tasks.
19:07 walterbender kipply: everything I know about music I learned from Music Blocks :)
19:07 seriously
19:07 sverma <sverma!~sverma@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:07 jaskirat Hello everyone
19:08 kipply I was confused about time signatures on my first music blocks task haha
19:08 walterbender We'll have to keep this in mind for next year: more design tasks
19:08 llaske <llaske!~llaske@2a01cb00074daf00596c2bba3e8​e0056.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:09 jaskirat <walterbender>You are right ...GCI is touching great heights
19:09 sidhant Working with the mentors is amazing, the responses are really prompt. Compared to Zulip, from my experience last year. :P
19:09 walterbender sidhant: we have 40 mentors :)
19:10 jaskirat <sidhant> Sugarlabs is one of the most experienced organizations
19:10 kipply @sidhant +1
19:10 This is my first code in though, so I wouldn't know - but I do know that I'm never waiting for help or stuck too long :)
19:10 jaskirat <walterbender> This time too we miss some of the task ...Hope will come up with next time those
19:10 Hrishi Late
19:11 walterbender GCI naturally leads us to the next topic, Summer of Code.
19:11 #topic GSoC
19:11 The reason I bring this up now is because Google has pushed forward the application process
19:11 We need to apply in the next two weeks
19:12 jaskirat great waltebender ...
19:12 Hrishi walterbender: do we have project slots for GSOC?
19:12 walterbender so I wanted to get approval from the oversight board to participate again this year
19:12 Hrishi I mean do they give a Max limit?
19:12 walterbender Hrishi: we don't know
19:12 We had 9 last year
19:12 Hrishi All passed ;)
19:12 walterbender We can hope for the same this year
19:12 jaskirat <walterbender> agree with you
19:13 walterbender #motion: Sugar Labs will apply for Google Summer of Code 2018.
19:13 jaskirat it should be.....Yes
19:13 and should get good proposals for coder too
19:15 walterbender any SLOB members have any comments re GSoC?
19:16 I'll try not to read too much into the silence
19:16 CanoeBerry +1
19:17 walterbender I guess I will prepare the application and try to get consensus via email
19:17 CanoeBerry: could you please second the motion before we vote?
19:17 CanoeBerry Seconded. +1 too.
19:17 jaskirat <walterbender> That will be good
19:17 walterbender +1
19:18 ignacio llaske sverma ???
19:18 samsongoddy: ???
19:19 jaskirat they might be involved in something else
19:19 samsongoddy ping
19:19 walterbender is connected through a browser since I am away from my computer
19:19 samsongoddy +1
19:19 walterbender maybe that expains the lag?
19:20 We should move on in the agenda.
19:20 CanoeBerry Sure. Channel & walterbender's messages are arriving promptly on this end.
19:20 walterbender I'll follow up with email
19:21 jaskirat <walterbender> do we have any minimum criteria for proposals in GSoC?
19:22 ?
19:23 walterbender The community comes up with project ideas
19:23 and we let the candidates come up with ideas too.
19:23 jaskirat Okay ...
19:23 walterbender and then pick the best match between ideas and skills
19:23 moving on
19:24 #topic Music Blocks workshops
19:24 jaskirat Yes...sure
19:24 walterbender Devin has written up a few reports on the workshops he has been running in Japan
19:24 He has a few more to write up
19:25 Hrishi All right, for Sugar Labs workshops, I have talked with some of my friends to help me with it. I will be visiting schools if I get some support.
19:25 walterbender They have gone really well and he has been invited to come back to do more, with the intent to design a larger program that can be nationwide in Japan
19:25 Hrishi Will be targeted yo primary schools here
19:25 walterbender which is a great opportunity for us.
19:26 sidhant Hrishi: I'm planning to conduct some under thegirlcode.co, although that'll be TurtleBlocks + Python. The target audience is Middle schoolers.
19:26 jaskirat <walterbender> i have started with from my own school ...and they wated to be involved
19:26 walterbender MITI is involved and will hopefully be the source of longer term support
19:26 samsongoddy MITI?
19:27 walterbender but we may have to cover some travel in the sort term through the Trip Advisor grant
19:27 I don't remember exactly what the acronym means, but ministry of information techmology?
19:27 jaskirat okay
19:27 walterbender something like that
19:27 I'll send details via email but wanted to give a heads up
19:28 Hrishi sidhant:great
19:28 walterbender things are really moving quickly
19:28 Hrishi I hope the school (s) accept this workshops in 2018. Seems a good year
19:28 walterbender Also I am in discussions to make Music Blocks an integral part of a Tata-funded MIT program in India
19:28 jaskirat <Hrishi> i have introduced with sugarlabs with my own school...and will trying to cover nearby me .......
19:29 walterbender I'll keep you all in th loop as things progress.
19:29 samsongoddy I have alot of things cooking in Nigeria too
19:29 around Sugar Labs
19:29 Hrishi jaskirat: I have introduced, but most of people use windows. That's why "Sugar for Windows" is in progress
19:29 walterbender samsongoddy: the floor is yours
19:29 Hrishi walterbender: I will share details by email soon. Will let you know if any progress happens.
19:30 walterbender +1
19:30 jaskirat <Hrishi> agree with you ....
19:30 samsongoddy I have a motion "Motion: Additional Reimbursement for Gsoc mentor Summit"
19:30 Sent to SLOBs mailing list for approval
19:30 llaske_ <llaske_!~llaske@LFbn-IDF1-1-217-5.w82-124.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:30 walterbender sidhant: let me know if you need any help re Python/Turtle
19:30 llaske: please read the backlog
19:30 samsongoddy SFC requested SLOBS should approve the funds before they can reimburse me
19:31 walterbender and chime in re GSoC if you have an opinion
19:31 did anyone have any thoughts re Samson's email?
19:31 I thought it was a reasonable accounitng
19:32 jaskirat <walterbender> should we go for marketing ....Music Blocks ...i think i should work on it ...make it really better
19:32 samsongoddy I have until Febraury 2
19:32 I will like if anyone can second the motion for voting
19:33 walterbender I will second samson's motion
19:33 jaskirat +1
19:34 llaske has quit IRC
19:34 walterbender seems llaske_ is not having much luck with his connection
19:35 samsongoddy: I will resend your motion again by email along with the fact that it has been seconded.
19:36 samsongoddy sure
19:36 walterbender seems everyone on the board is distracted today.
19:36 a couple of other things we need to work on ASAP:
19:36 finding a new ombudsman
19:37 I have a few candidates in mind but I want to get a sense of their level on interest before floating their names publicly
19:37 and Sameer has ideas about how to get the Goals for 2018 discussion kicked off...
19:37 sverma Hello! I'm teaching a class right now, so looked in, and keeping an eye when I can!
19:37 walterbender samsongoddy and I have been discussing it as well
19:37 sverma Logged in
19:38 Hrishi walterbender: I and samsongoddy have been discussing this week
19:38 walterbender: we are using some 2016 goals right?
19:38 sverma I'll introduce the goals conversation via email
19:38 walterbender Sameer has offered to get the discussion going by email, so we can share our thoughts
19:39 Hrishi: that page is full of good ideas, but too diffuse for us to accomplish them all
19:39 we need focus, IMHO
19:39 sverma I'll try to send that out this weekend
19:39 walterbender sverma: thx
19:39 any other topics for today?
19:39 CanoeBerry Thanks Walter for researching Ombudspeops.  On the prior topic, by the non-profit standards I work with in many countries, the above-mentioned reimbursement expenditures are excessively high, so I personally vote against (-1).
19:41 samsongoddy $211 is the request
19:41 eohomegrownapps walterbender, just out of interest, did anyone have the time to look into the sugar-web/sugarizer compatibility issue? If not, I should be able to have a look after my exams.
19:41 llaske_ has quit IRC
19:42 walterbender eohomegrownapps: not that I know of. but I think it is an important technical goal for us
19:42 Hrishi will continue with some goals to work on.
19:42 walterbender wow... looking out the window at the wind blowing th snpw around... impressive
19:43 eohomegrownapps ok, I'll try to have a look after my exams then
19:43 Hrishi never saw snow.
19:43 walterbender i saw plenty yesterday... 1/2 meter at my house
19:43 jaskirat <walterbender> would you like to see further any marketing poster ....i could design .....
19:44 Hrishi Okay, I think I am done here. Bye! Later.
19:44 CanoeBerry Substantially more than $1000 total is being requested for a wkd in San Francisco, after Samson's flight from Nigeria was already paid for.  This is wildly excessive in the opinion of many that I work with closely.  Enough said.  We have a very fundamental disagreement on what constitutes prudent and wise spending.
19:45 walterbender CanoeBerry: I don't understand where you are getting your numbers from... but I don't think it is worth arguing about
19:46 anything else for today?
19:47 cristian99garcia I've arrived late to GCI topic, but I just want to say that it has been really a great experience as mentor, and I still learning English, but these instances help me to practice
19:47 jaskirat <walterbender> ah yes... any type of marketing designing help i can do ?
19:47 walterbender cristian99garcia: your participation has been a great help
19:47 thx
19:48 jaskirat i think after the working with  MusicBlocks .......
19:48 kipply I also love doing graphics~
19:49 walterbender jaskirat: samsongoddy had talked bout convening a marktetting team meeting
19:49 maybe we can do that as soon as GCI wraps up
19:49 samsongoddy I have to go now
19:49 walterbender OK
19:49 jaskirat Yes...that should be ...got so much of stuffs for it ....just waiting to implement it
19:50 walterbender thanks everyone for coming today
19:50 samsongoddy jaskirat,  i will work with you on marketing
19:50 walterbender I'll send out an email summary
19:50 kipply @samsongoddy ping me about such a meeting too? Thanks~
19:50 walterbender #end-meeting
19:50 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jan  5 19:50:31 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
19:50 jaskirat <samsongoddy> sure ...waiting to see you ahead
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