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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2017-10-06 19:00:31

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19:00 meeting Meeting started Fri Oct  6 19:00:31 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
19:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
19:00 walterbender Before we begin, I would like to say a few words.
19:01 (Given that this as likely as not my last chance to speak with you as a member of the Sugar Labs oversight board, I hope you will indulge me.)
19:01 We are a a critical juncture as an organization; there are many ways forward and lots of opportunities. These are the topics to which we should be devoting our time and the reason we have a community.
19:01 But we are mired in the weeds.
19:01 (One could argue that the purpose of the oversight board is to deal with the details so that the community can proceed with its own work unencumbered. But I don't think that we are doing our job.)
19:01 We are driving away a large and productive portion of our community with our bickering, our undignified behavior, and our shortsightedness.
19:01 Unless we begin to turn our sights to the topics that brought us together as a community: developing great FOSS tools in support of a powerful pedagogy, we are nothing.
19:01 We are here to facilitate, not deter. The metric for our actions must always be, how does this impact learning.
19:02 It is time we do our job. This board must change and will change.
19:02 Thank you for your indulgence.
19:02 One more thing
19:02 samsong +1
19:02 walterbender Before we get to the agenda, I just want to report publicly that I am in touch with our ombudsman and he is investigating the charge of harassment. I do not want to interfere in the investigation by discussing the matter here.
19:02 Today's agenda:  * Code of Conduct * i18n contract for Aymara * Creation of a SLOB shadow mailing list * Discussion of "process" (and "guidelines") for requesting travel advances * Discussion of "guidelines" for external programs such as GCI, GSoC, Outreachy, etc. * GCI participation (further clarification is needed regarding Oversight_Board/Decisions#2017-09-14 * Discussion of proposal to have motions translated into Spanish (an
19:02 kaametza hello all
19:03 walterbender hi kaametza
19:03 samsong Hi
19:03 llaske hi
19:03 walterbender #topic Code of Conduct
19:03 kaametza kaametza hope everyone is having a nice Friday
19:04 walterbender Re our Code of Conduct, at the risk of once again being disparaged for quoting someone: "There is a distinction between the substance of the thing and the procedural overlay." -- Iain McGilchrist
19:04 There is no hard or anecdotal evidence that papering over our problems by proposing more motions, "procedures", or revisions to our code of conduct will have any positive result.
19:04 In my opinion, the problem is not our rules, however flawed they may be. It is us and our inability to look past our self interests to the larger goals of our community.
19:04 There are several proposals for making changes. But I see no evidence that changes will make any difference. I propose that someone present such evidence before we spend more time debating this topic.
19:05 kaametza there is a motion non seconded, I would like to hear SLOBS feedback on my proposal, so far I only have heard Wlater's opinon
19:05 *opinion
19:05 here is the motion proposed http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]tober/020283.html
19:06 llaske I don't see interest to add this to our current code of conduct
19:06 simple is better
19:06 we need good guy more than procedures
19:07 kaametza llaske,  main interest is to define what Sugar Labs community members should understand by "harrasment" and the procedure to follow
19:08 walterbender kaametza: we are engaged in a procedure right now. Perhaps we see how that goes before making changes
19:08 llaske To solve an issue I'm more confident to a guy (Bert here) than to a procedure
19:08 kaametza walterbender, the motion was presented before the process
19:08 thank you llaske
19:08 walterbender kaametza: the process has been in place for many years
19:09 and the fact that it was triggered after your motion does not seem relevant to me
19:09 kaametza walterbender, not sure I understand
19:09 walterbender, I would appriciate if the motion gets to be coted
19:09 *voted
19:10 walterbender kaametza: we are in the process of arbitrating a charge of harassment issued after your motion, but based upon procedures outlined years ago.
19:10 I think it imprudent to change procedures while this action is on-going
19:10 kaametza I have answered your inquiries and lionels  but would also value Sameer's and Samson's
19:10 and Ignacio's of course
19:10 samsong, ping
19:10 ignacio, ping
19:10 walterbender I also will reiterate my opinion that we should look for evidence that changes will have any impact before making them.
19:11 kaametza walterbender, I respect your opinion
19:11 samsong Sorry, i was out for a minute
19:11 walterbender kaametza: and the others are free to speak for themselves
19:11 kaametza The fact that I don't get seconded makes me feel in disadvantage
19:12 also the fact that the bot for translating to Spansih is not working
19:12 elverma I am not in favor due to ongoing arbitration
19:12 walterbender kaametza: it would seem that if the motion s not seconded, it is because there is no other board member who backs it.
19:12 kaametza elverma, thank you
19:12 samsong, would you be on favor of seconding the motion please?
19:13 I'm refering to http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]tober/020283.html
19:13 or if not second please share your opinon
19:13 I proposed the motion before the arbitration request I made
19:13 and it is not related with harrasment
19:14 walterbender kaametza: as I said earlier, I don't see the relevance of that.
19:14 samsong There is an ongoing arbitration
19:14 So we should wait until it is settled
19:14 My opinion
19:14 walterbender I think that we should move on. There are still a few more days whereby someone may second the motion by email and we can vote if necessary.
19:14 kaametza samsong, ok thanks for sharing your opinion
19:15 Ibiam <Ibiam!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:15 walterbender Everyone present has expressed an opinion.
19:15 Moving on
19:15 kaametza walterbender, ok thanks I
19:15 walterbender #topic i18n for Aymara
19:16 I would like approval for contracting Edgar to do $500 worth of translation in support of changes in Sugar and Sugar activities related to the 0.112 Release. Chris Leonard, our i18n manager has already approved the plan.
19:16 kaametza there is another motion pending...
19:16 walterbender, +1 how many strings?
19:16 walterbender kaametza: on the order of 500
19:16 Ibiam hi everyone
19:16 kaametza :D
19:16 hi Ibiam
19:17 llaske Is there an Aymara community today using Sugar ?
19:17 kaametza llaske, yes!
19:17 Ibiam hi kaametza
19:17 kaametza we are happy to serve many Aymara speakers some of who follow closely our community
19:17 llaske Okay, good to know
19:17 walterbender llaske: also, when I last spoke with members of the MEC in Peru (when I was at the Ceibal event) they expressed interest in more i18n work in Peru
19:18 kaametza llaske, there is a need for an updated image to be made
19:18 walterbender let me formulate a more formal proposal
19:19 kaametza teachers are requiring an image with languages and as light as possible for XO 1 working properly on terrain
19:19 walterbender #motion: approval for contracting Edgar to do $500 worth of translation in support of changes in Sugar and Sugar activities related to the 0.112 Release (approximately 500 words).
19:19 samsong +1
19:19 kaametza *On field
19:19 I second
19:19 samsong +1
19:19 llaske +1
19:19 walterbender +1
19:20 kaametza motion passes Aymara gets updated!
19:20 Quozl For your interest, there are no strings untranslated in sugar and sugar-toolkit-gtk3 modules for Aymara.
19:20 kaametza O.O
19:20 walterbender Quozl: yes. I observed that when compiling the list for Edgar
19:20 Quozl walterbender: good, thanks.
19:20 walterbender but lots of activity strings
19:20 Quozl walterbender: yes.
19:20 walterbender a few in core areas
19:21 llaske: would be good to get Sugarizer strings into the mix as well
19:21 moving on
19:21 llaske Sure, it's easy to do
19:21 walterbender kaametza: you said there was an open motion that needed to be discussed?
19:22 kaametza there are many activities that can be translated
19:22 elverma +1
19:22 CanoeBerry +1
19:22 walterbender llaske: if you point me to the PO file, I will add it to the workstatement for Egar
19:22 llaske Okay, translation could be done on http://translate.sugarizer.org
19:22 walterbender kaametza: the motion you wanted to discuss??
19:23 we can come back to it.
19:23 kaametza [Action] To define the strings correspondent to the Aymara contract with Edgar and Chris and Community
19:23 sorry, it was the Finantial Manager motion
19:23 walterbender kaametza: that is already done (except for the Sugarizer strings)
19:24 kaametza: that is already in the agenda for later
19:24 #topic Creation of a SLOB shadow mailing list
19:24 kaametza oh I didn't see that sorry
19:24 walterbender While I agree with James that further fracturing communication in a small community is not ideal, nonetheless, I have a number of requests by community members who would like to see the volume of email unrelated to pedagogy or technology reduced. While I think it remains important to communicate board decisions directly to the community, the intervening discussion could be published in a separate list where people can peruse wit
19:24 kaametza I oposse to this
19:25 llaske We need to create this list to avoid pollution of the list like in previous days with trip issues
19:25 icarito IAEP traffic is only a fraction of what it used to be
19:25 kaametza IAEP means this is a project's list
19:25 walterbender kaametza: can you please explain why
19:25 Ibiam i like the idea
19:25 icarito and it's a Project after all
19:25 Ibiam an educational one not a travel one
19:25 llaske +1 Ibiam
19:25 icarito Ibiam, there's opportunities for learning everywhere.
19:25 kaametza Projects have management and in Sugar Labs Project it should be expected from all members to learn with all procedures that affect the project
19:25 icarito It's important we are transparent
19:26 llaske The new list could be public
19:26 walterbender of course
19:26 llaske so everyone could subscribe to it
19:26 walterbender and we can advertise it
19:26 llaske we could call it management@
19:26 kaametza llaske, shall we subscribe everyone?
19:26 icarito I consider the suggested name inappropriate
19:27 kaametza icarito, agree
19:27 llaske kaametza no. just advertise it
19:27 icarito it just doesn't mean "open for all discussions"
19:27 kaametza maybe like Sugar Labs Project Management
19:27 icarito it means "this is for spying on slobs"
19:27 which it is not
19:28 kaametza llaske, project management is more accurate
19:28 llaske okay
19:28 kaametza SLProjectManagement
19:28 icarito volunteers to admin this list?
19:28 walterbender I don't know how management@ connotes spying. And every list has a short name and a long name
19:29 llaske just project management is enough due to @sugarlabs.org suffix
19:29 icarito walterbender, perhaps you didn't understan, I meant your suggeestion, "slobs-shadow"
19:29 walterbender but I am more interested in the creation of the list than what we call it.
19:29 kaametza motion: to create a Sugar Labs Project Management public list
19:29 I volunteer to manage icarito
19:29 Ibiam +1 walterbender
19:29 icarito kaametza, thanks
19:30 any other volunteers to co-admin, I can create the list
19:30 walterbender we need to discuss how the list will be used
19:30 CanoeBerry governance@lists.sugarlabs.org if such a list is truly needed?
19:31 kaametza walterbender, I understand it will serve as a public list to share all SLOB's management issues
19:31 icarito we should try to make it broad to avoid 'offtopic' complaints
19:31 walterbender I think that we should CC all the lists to say a motion is being discussed on the governamce/manageent/your-name-her list
19:31 but then confine the discussion to that list
19:31 kaametza the need is for those who don't like to read the Project Management issues
19:32 walterbender and finally publish results/decisions to all of the lists
19:32 llaske +1 walterbender
19:32 Ibiam +1 walterbender
19:32 kaametza another option would be to use a Project Management tag in the headline of the emails
19:33 walterbender kaametza: I think it is a bit more subtle: it is more a matter of wanted to separate discussions of process -- which seems to dominate this board's agenda -- from discussions of pedagogy and technical matters
19:33 kaametza all discussions about Project Management need to be publci
19:33 walterbender we are "spamming" the iaep list
19:33 kaametza *public
19:33 accoridng to Sugar Labs principles
19:33 walterbender kaametza: again, no one is suggesting otherwise
19:33 kaametza *according
19:34 results/decisions doesn't include discussions
19:34 llaske the list will be public, so no problem here
19:34 kaametza llaske, thanks
19:34 walterbender kaametza: the results can easiy include a link to the discussion thead
19:34 Ibiam kaametza, discussions don
19:34 't include results
19:34 kaametza Ibiam, don;t understand
19:34 Ibiam like walter said, iaep is been spammed
19:35 kaametza kaametza> motion: to create a Sugar Labs Project Management public list
19:35 Quozl i'm in favour of pushing slobs discussions off sugar-devel@ and iaep@ into a new public mailing list.  it will help to separate the community from the details of discussion, yet they can see the detail whenever they wish.
19:36 samsong +1 Quozl
19:36 walterbender kaametza: I think the motion is not about the creation of a list, but about the resolve to use it as we are discussin
19:36 kaametza <kaametza> kaametza> motion: to create a Sugar Labs Project Management for pushing slobs discussions off sugar-devel@ and iaep@ into a new public mailing list
19:37 looking for a second
19:37 walterbender (with the caveat the discussion topics and results will be published more broadly, along with a link to the discusion thread)
19:38 Ibiam +1
19:38 icarito walterbender, is anyone volunteering to "publish results of discussions more broadly"?
19:38 kaametza there are many topics today I appreciate if we focus on adjusting>approving pending motions
19:38 Quozl however, apart from reducing the noise for some people who are not interested in governance, i don't believe the new public mailing list will achieve any other useful purpose.
19:39 walterbender icarito: we have an obligation as a board to do that.
19:39 Quozl: agreed.
19:39 kaametza if there are no seconds we may should move to the next topin
19:39 icarito I don't think this can be imposed on list admin volunteers, so if the board will commit to that, that would be great
19:39 walterbender but that noise is causing strife
19:39 icarito: that is why I wrote my caveat
19:39 kaametza icarito, the current Board should not make commitments'
19:40 let's wait for after elections then
19:40 icarito exactly, it sounds quite impossible to parse discussions and publish results broadly
19:40 even with best intentions
19:40 walterbender kaametza: and why is that? (channelling Mitch McConnell)
19:40 icarito pulls out wikipedia
19:40 walterbender icarito: either we pass a motion or not
19:40 pretty black and white
19:40 kaametza having a public list for discussion is what you suggested
19:41 icarito I don't see why a motion is needed to make a list, but I'd be careful making statements about future work by volunteers
19:41 walterbender kaametza: not for any discuss
19:41 kaametza walterbender, I'll appreciate you checking there is a motion presented
19:41 motion: to create a Sugar Labs Project Management for pushing slobs discussions off sugar-devel@ and iaep@ into a new public mailing list
19:41 walterbender kaametza: and we have been discussing that motion, which in fact has not been secodned
19:42 kaametza I can see that and there are so many topics for taday...
19:42 walterbender and I had a caveat, which sebastian in other words has also expressed
19:42 kaametza *today
19:42 walterbender kaametza: as always
19:42 kaametza I don't understand what caveat is
19:42 walterbender kaametza: I don't think the motion stands as written
19:42 kaametza walterbender, I have really enjoyed learning from you :D
19:43 Ibiam can we move on?
19:43 CanoeBerry We have about 15min left?
19:43 kaametza we less than 20 minutes and another pending motiin
19:44 *motion
19:44 Quozl if it's not seconded, no need to talk about it or caveat it.  ;-)
19:44 Ibiam +1
19:44 walterbender #motion: create a new public mailing list to host discussions of motions. (each new discussion will be preceded by a notification to the iaep list and when a decision is reached, a link to the discussion thread will also be published)
19:45 samsong Seconded
19:45 llaske +1
19:45 kaametza can we add the project management name please?
19:46 llaske "governance" is better, but the name is not important for the motion
19:46 kaametza I have been the only volunteer so far so please
19:46 walterbender kaametza: volunteer for what?
19:46 kaametza consider Project Management is accurate
19:46 Ibiam what makes it accurat
19:46 kaametza walterbender, for managing the list
19:46 Ibiam *accurate
19:47 kaametza thx Ibiam
19:47 walterbender kaametza: Is that relevant to the motion?
19:47 kaametza yes I think it is
19:47 can you re formulate it please
19:47 Ibiam we all know what the purpose of the list is, what's the fuss about the name
19:47 walterbender can you please explain
19:47 kaametza: ^^
19:47 kaametza we will define the name of the list to be a new public mailing list to host discussions of motions. (each new discussion will be preceded by a notification to the iaep list and when a decision is reached, a link to the discussion thread will also be published)
19:47 <samsong> Seconded
19:48 if you think there is no need to include the name
19:48 I will create it as Sugar Labs Project Management
19:48 CanoeBerry In the past we've written (formalized if I remember correctly?) that email voting had to include iaep@lists.sugarlabs.org to be a valid email vote.  So we'd obviously need to make adjustments here.
19:49 kaametza CanoeBerry, true
19:49 walterbender CanoeBerry: good point... I think that the spirit is still intact: the votes will be public
19:50 samsong 10 minutes
19:50 Left
19:50 walterbender I know.
19:50 kaametza motion: : create Sugar Labs Project Management public mailing list to host discussions of motions. (each new discussion will be preceded by a notification to the iaep list and when a decision is reached, a link to the discussion thread will also be published)
19:50 walterbender Maybe we move on and finish this one by email. We have a seconded motion already on the table
19:51 kaametza walterbender, ok
19:51 samsong +1
19:51 CanoeBerry project-management@lists.sugarlabs.org is way too long of a name..
19:51 Ibiam +1
19:51 kaametza can be PM
19:51 walterbender and of course, it is not project management
19:51 kaametza it is international standar for Project Managemeny
19:51 Quozl the complaint about noise on iaep@ could also be taken as a complaint that the board is fixated on fighting, procedure and apparently trivial matters.  it may be useful to explore the complaints.
19:51 kaametza *Management
19:51 walterbender but that is a separate discussion
19:52 Quozl: +1
19:52 moving on
19:52 and skipping ahead because of the need to be timely
19:52 #topic GCI
19:53 We had a motion (passed) to apply again this year.
19:53 But we have not discussed the details.
19:53 I had planned on writing the application and adminsitering the project again this year
19:53 llaske I can co-admin
19:53 kaametza walterbender, also me
19:54 walterbender llaske: ignacio already volunteered
19:54 kaametza 4 admins is great news!
19:54 llaske okay, no problem Ignacio has more experience :-)
19:54 kaametza tons of work to be done
19:54 walterbender and where as he is perhaps the most dedicated mentor, I think it is best to have ignacio do it
19:54 llaske sure
19:54 walterbender kaametza: there are only 2 admins in this project
19:55 kaametza let's hear it from ignacio then
19:55 Ibiam i think ignacio is off sugar for now, he has a job and a boyfriend
19:55 walterbender anyway, if there are no objections, I will proceed, as applications open next week.
19:55 Ibiam so it'll be better to ask him first
19:55 kaametza anyhing else?
19:55 walterbender not on that topic
19:56 Ibiam objection
19:56 kaametza we skiped travel advances topic
19:56 Ibiam can ignacio really be a co-admin
19:56 thinks he's really busu
19:56 *busy
19:56 icarito +1 Ibiam he has failed to "step down considerately"
19:56 walterbender #topic process and guidelines for providing travel advances
19:56 icarito (ignacio has)
19:57 kaametza Ibiam, llaske, walterbender let's ask Igancio formally
19:57 walterbender Ibiam: I confirmed with Ignacio yesterday his commitment
19:57 Ibiam cool!!!
19:57 kaametza walterbender, I will follow with ignacio on public thx
19:57 icarito "plen air" is not an English idiom but I still think there might be confusion about its meaning
19:58 walterbender re travel advances, I reiterate the position I have taken in the wiki and in email: To me, the key is making it clear when such advances are appropriate, something that I feel the board has been very ambiguous about. The process itself is cookie cutter.
19:58 kaametza about travel exemptions we should be happy Samson got something approved
19:58 samsong, right?
19:58 walterbender I asked what criteria we as a board should use and never got any feedback
19:58 samsong Technically not really
19:59 kaametza walterbender, me neither
19:59 walterbender I proposed available funds
19:59 kaametza we should upstream a formal request to conservancy to explain better the criteria
19:59 walterbender kaametza: as I said, I think we need to have our own consensus and bring that to the SFC
20:00 kaametza Ignacio's rejection may have turn him down from keep contributing for Sugar Labs
20:00 I really ran out of time
20:00 walterbender kaametza: let's please not speculate.
20:00 kaametza I want to share all Board members who have served to Sugar Labs with love and passion
20:00 walterbender Well, I will summarize the remaining topics in an email
20:01 and I will follow up with the open motion regarding the mailing list.
20:01 thanks everyone for attending
20:01 CanoeBerry 2017's complete financials summarized from Sugar/Ledger/sugar.ledger :
20:01 2017-02-13 from 2017-01-17 REV WIRE OUT - EDGAR QUISPE CHAMBI - Undefined Transaction (for Spanish localisation) - 600.00
20:01 2017-01-26 from 2016-10-09 (1898) Artemis Papert (Turtle Art Day 2016) - 1387.78
20:01 2017-04-10 from 2017-03-28 MARTIN DANIEL OESTERREICH WEIBERLEN - Domestic Wire Funds - Debit (for Gurani localisation) - 900.00
20:01 2017-05-05 from 2017-04-13 PAYONEER INC  - PAYMENT - ACH Credit - Google, Inc. - GCI 2017 Funds - 7000.00
20:01 2017-06-21 Outreachy - 2017-05 Sponsorship - 6500.00
20:01 2017-07-02 Ignacio Rodríguez - American Airlines - Budget from search: $1,451 - GCI 2016 - 1350.96
20:01 2017-07-02 Ignacio Rodríguez - M&IE Per Diem - Max $230 - GCI 2016 - 200.00
20:01 2017-08-16 (1942) Walter Bender - for Ignacio Rodríguez - 1550.96
20:01 2017-08-16 Visa - Samson Goddy - GSoC Mentor Summit 2017 - 176.56
20:01 2017-08-16 Visa Agent - Samson Goddy - GSoC Mentor Summit 2017 - 138.08
20:01 2017-09-10 Grand Ibro Hotel - Samson Goddy - GSoC Mentor Summit 2017 - 55.33
20:01 2017-09-11 Samson Goddy - M&IE Per Diem - Max: $367.50 - GSoC Mentor Summit 2017 Visa - 330.03
20:01 2017-10-04 from 2017-09-26 Samson Goddy - Ethiad - Paid by Brett Smith - Sub-budget from search: $1,400 - Budget from search: $2,748 - Budget from Project: $2,000 - G\
20:01 SoC Mentor Summit 2017 - 1279.14
20:01 2017-09-29 Samson Goddy - JetBlue - Paid by Brett Smith - Sub-budget from search: $242 - Budget from search: $2,748 - Budget from Project: $2,000 - GSoC Mentor Summit\
20:01 2017 161.20
20:01 2017-10-04 from 2017-10-03 SAMSON SAMUEL GODDY - Domestic Wire Funds - Debit - 897.73
20:01 2017-10-04 from 2017-08-14 hnaylor@igc.org - Hilary Naylor - PayPal payment (for Samson Goddy) - 708.00
20:01 2017-10-05 from 2017-09-29 Samson Goddy - Arik - Paid by Walter Bender - Sub-budget from search: $257 - Budget from search: $2,748 - Budget from Project: $2,000 - GSo\
20:01 C Mentor Summit 2017 - 120.92
20:01 Also...
20:01 $ ledger -V  -s -S T -d  "T&l<=2" -f sugar.ledger bal '/^(Income|Expenses).*Sugar/'
20:01       $ -305,599.52  Income:Sugar
20:01        $ 230,231.80  Expenses:Sugar
20:01 --------------------
20:01        $ -75,367.72  "Sugar Labs Assets as of today"
20:01 2017 ESTIMATED INCOME TO DATE: $6300
20:01 2017 ESTIMATED SPENDING TO DATE: $11953.67
20:01 walterbender CanoeBerry: thanks for that.
20:01 kaametza Thx CanoeBerry
20:02 I think we have to get this to the wiki :D
20:02 walterbender any other final works?
20:02 kaametza: I can include it verbatim in the minutes
20:02 OK... well, we got through some topics...
20:02 samsong: quick update re the election?
20:03 kaametza [Action] To update Sugar Labs Finance wiki page with Adam's report from Today's meeting
20:03 #Action To update Sugar Labs Finance wiki page with Adam's report from Today's meeting
20:03 walterbender samsong: ^^
20:03 samsong People are still voting
20:04 Over 30 votes already
20:04 walterbender samsong: when does voting end?
20:04 samsong 15th of october
20:04 walterbender OK.
20:04 Quozl Was voting commencement announced on mailing list as well?
20:04 kaametza samsong, we should send a voting reminder
20:04 CanoeBerry What time, and in what time zone does voting end/
20:04 samsong +1
20:04 kaametza Ibiam, would you be able to help with tis
20:04 *this pleasew
20:04 samsong I will confirm
20:04 I am guessing US time
20:05 Ibiam voting reminder?
20:05 samsong But US has alot of time zones
20:05 walterbender So, maybe or maybe not, I will see all of you on 3 November for the next meeting of this board.
20:05 kaametza yes a message to all members to remind them to vote, I'll follow with the Committe
20:06 samsong +1
20:06 Quozl no, not to members, but to mailing lists.  that was what i asked.
20:06 CanoeBerry members too.
20:06 Ibiam +1
20:06 samsong 151
20:06 Members only
20:06 Quozl the risk being junk filing of the vote.
20:06 kaametza walterbender, llaske, elverma, CanoeBerry I hope whatever the results you guys keep an eye on us to help us execute Sugar Labs project
20:06 I appriciate have learned from all of you
20:07 CanoeBerry For whatever reasons, this has been a big problem in the past when members did see/receive ballots, for all sorts of reasons it seems.
20:07 kaametza can you all confirmed you have received your ballots?
20:07 *confirm please
20:07 samsong Me?
20:08 kaametza I received mine :D
20:08 llaske Me too
20:08 samsong I did
20:08 CanoeBerry Yes
20:08 walterbender me too
20:08 samsong Just check your mails
20:08 icarito me too
20:08 samsong I did
20:08 kaametza elverma, did you get your ballot?
20:09 Ibiam, did you receive yours?
20:09 Ibiam yep
20:09 kaametza Committe will work ASAP on a voting reminder
20:10 there was a motion about translating to Spanish all motions
20:10 @walterbender, ^^
20:10 walterbender kaametza: stating the obvious, I think it shouid come from someone not associated with any of the candidates
20:11 do the SLOB members have any more time to continue today?
20:11 we are already 10 minutes past time
20:11 kaametza any pending motions other than the Financial Manager?
20:11 Quozl https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/[…]oard/Next_meeting is the agenda.
20:12 walterbender I think we need to close
20:12 thanks all
20:12 to be continued
20:12 #end-meeting
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