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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2017-09-01 19:10:08

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19:10 meeting Meeting started Fri Sep  1 19:10:08 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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19:10 llaske Let's start by GSoC
19:11 walterbender #topic GSoC summary
19:11 We had 9 projects (+1 from Outreachy)
19:11 Coding ended on Monday
19:11 final mentor evals are due on the 5th
19:11 By-in-large, it went well
19:12 a few projects need some final polish, but we got a lot accomplished
19:12 llaske Both students on Sugarizer have done a very good work
19:12 walterbender I want to ack. the mentors
19:12 scg did a great job mentoring the new ASLO which should be on line soon
19:13 a huge improvement in terms of maintainability
19:13 works directly from git, so we will keep in synch much more readily
19:13 we have a new website design that samson mentored
19:14 that is close to landing too.. just a few test cases to resolve
19:14 a new Music Blocks manual, which is really comprehensive
19:14 some new activites
19:14 samsongoddy <samsongoddy!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:14 kaametza hi samsongoddy
19:14 walterbender and most of the core activities are in GTK3
19:14 samsongoddy Hello
19:15 walterbender all in all, a great summer
19:15 llaske +1
19:15 walterbender FYI, I let Outreachy know that SL would not be participating in the next round.
19:15 samsongoddy Too bad
19:16 CanoeBerry How often do Outreachy rounds occur?
19:16 kaametza walterbender, did you found any reference for how the porject selections was made for outreacy?
19:16 walterbender Perhaps we can revisit again in the future, but there was little interest from our fellow SLOB members
19:16 kaametza *project selecyion
19:16 walterbender kaametza, I haven't had time to look
19:16 kaametza *selection
19:16 walterbender but as with GSoC, the project admins handled it with input from the mentors
19:17 kaametza walterbender, it is important to define and share clear procedures for any program where the Sugar Labs brand is used
19:17 walterbender anything else re GSOC?
19:17 llaske Regarding GSoC, we've got 3 invitations for the summit
19:18 but we've got only 2 people
19:18 walterbender kaametza, each project has its own set of procedures defined by the proejct
19:18 kaametza walterbender, not clear please elaborate in the case of outreachy
19:18 walterbender llaske, I though Michael was going to sign up?
19:18 kaametza how did the procedure worked?
19:18 I mean for project selection
19:19 walterbender kaametza, feel free to read the outreach docs which are linked in the wiki
19:19 llaske He will do
19:19 kaametza walterbender, I'm asking you as an administrator od the program
19:19 *of
19:19 you made the selction>
19:19 *selection?
19:20 walterbender kaametza, we wrote up a description of some project ideas and got dozens of applications and then selected a student, who was mentored by myself, devin and cristina
19:20 she completed her project
19:20 kaametza I'm refering to the project selction not the students selection
19:21 walterbender kaametza, In this case, we had a range of project ideas but the projects come from the students
19:21 kaametza what was the criteria Sugar Labs used to select Music Blocks? and how and where was the decision documented?
19:21 walterbender so project and student selection are the same
19:21 kaametza, as I said earlier, I haven't had time to dig up the discussin thread
19:21 llaske We had a sheet for project selection
19:22 And gave evaluation for pair project/students
19:22 All mentor had done the work
19:22 kaametza llaske, can you pls share the link - was there a call to the community?
19:22 walterbender kaametza, I assume from your persistence that you have some procedural issue?
19:23 llaske I think the sheet didn't still not exist
19:23 But all mentors have seen it
19:23 kaametza llaske, sorry I don't understand
19:23 icarito the question is, who wrote this in the Wiki, and why: "We have a number of projects in mind for the summer of 2017 (see the table below), but for Outreachy, we will be focusing on the Music Block projects."
19:23 source: https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Outreachy
19:24 Walter did, https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/ind[…]hy&action=history
19:24 kaametza selecting the beneficiary program for Outreachy (by the logic of the program) should have been an incluse an open community decision
19:24 *inclusive
19:24 walterbender kaametza, believe it or not, when we do programs like GSoC, Outreachy, GCI, etc, we get approval to participatre from SLOB and then let the admins and mentors -- drawn from a call to the community -- make any further decisions
19:25 if you are suggesting we make all of the decisions at the SLOB level, then I think we are going to be incapable of doing anything
19:25 kaametza walterbender, I just missed any link or procedure from the program administratots with such a "call to the community"
19:25 icarito "drawn from a call to the community" +1 we should do more of this
19:26 samsongoddy I believe we make projects
19:26 walterbender Are you implying that we did not engage the community around GSoC and Outreachy?
19:26 samsongoddy Student selects and bring up roposals
19:26 Mentors select best project and student
19:26 kaametza walterbender, it is a shame community members missed opportunities because of our lack of capacity to make open calls in the Sugar Labs mailing lists
19:26 samsongoddy It is that simole
19:26 *simple
19:26 icarito samsongoddy, that is true for GSoC
19:26 walterbender kaametza, that is an unfounded assertion
19:27 icarito Outreachy had this sign on the wiki page
19:27 samsongoddy Same idea for Outreachy
19:27 icarito for no apparent reason
19:27 kaametza walterbender,  I'm talking about Outreachy
19:27 walterbender icarito, kaametza as I said, it was discussed
19:27 samsongoddy We submit list of projects for outreachy
19:27 And music blocks was chosen
19:27 walterbender and as I will now say for the third time, I have not looked for the documentation of the discussion
19:27 kaametza I did seconded your motion to participate on the program but regret it as I can not understand how the selction could be a private process
19:28 walterbender kaametza, again, your assertion is unfounded
19:28 samsongoddy kaametza, i can clear you..
19:28 llaske I'm agree that we could do better on project selection for GSoC but at least everything was public on the Wiki
19:28 samsongoddy What do you don't understand
19:28 kaametza walterbender, a reference is needed for the Outreachy project selection
19:29 walterbender llaske, and in emails to the community to invite them to participate
19:29 and in this forum
19:29 kaametza, and I will say for the fourth time -- maybe you will hear me this time -- that I have not looked for the discussion thread
19:29 kaametza llaske, +1
19:29 samsongoddy I don't understand why we are arguing
19:29 walterbender but you assume that therefore I did something ?nefarious in the dark of night
19:30 samsongoddy I happen to be a mentor too
19:30 kaametza llaske, documentation is really important and references of everything is a good practice
19:30 llaske +1 kaametza
19:30 icarito walterbender, that is very scary projection, please think happy thoughts
19:31 kaametza samsongoddy, we are not areguing - this a meeting for solving pending issues such as procedures for community's project submissions
19:31 llaske BTW GSoC and Outreachy is not the same thing. Personally I was not favorable to the Outreachy because of cost that it implied
19:31 walterbender icarito, I am getting asked the same thing over and over and my answer is not being acknowledged... hard to smile under those circumstances
19:31 icarito you are not answering how your criteria is not arbitrary, sorry
19:31 but that doesn't mean anyone is implying nefariousness
19:32 kaametza llaske, samsongoddy we have many procedures to discuss and stablish so that project's selction is fair and diverse
19:32 walterbender icarito, I answered that.. I said we discussed it among the mentors and administrators
19:32 samsongoddy If i am right Gsoc took 9 projects
19:32 From that list
19:32 icarito walterbender, it was implied when you said "we" - that's why it was asked to clarify, thanks
19:32 samsongoddy And we could only fund on project
19:32 *one
19:33 icarito Sugar Labs has a policy
19:33 kaametza #action will follow up on the reference for the 2017 Outreachy project selection
19:33 walterbender can we move on or do you want me to tell you a fifth time?
19:33 kaametza #action will propose project call's template for external programs
19:34 llaske May be we could plan to more document the next program where we could participate Google Code In (november)
19:34 kaametza walterbender, let's be polite
19:34 icarito kaametza, I guess meeting bot only listens to chair :-(
19:34 walterbender #action kaametza will propose project call's template for external programs
19:34 icarito it would be nice to use meetbot to send a meeting log to the mailing lists
19:35 kaametza llaske, I volunteer to help out
19:35 icarito or, meetbot is broken :-/
19:35 kaametza walterbender, can you please <kaametza> #action will follow up on the reference for the 2017 Outreachy project selection
19:36 walterbender #action kaametza  will follow up on the reference for the 2017 Outreachy project selection
19:36 kaametza thx you
19:36 walterbender #topic GCI
19:36 llaske kaametza may be you could be co-admin for the future GCI, so you could ensure that everything is clear
19:36 kaametza llaske, I do have some time constrictions but would be glad to help
19:36 walterbender we need to (1) agree to participate and (2) get accepted by Google
19:37 kaametza BTW I do have to run early today, we do have web-programming class :D
19:37 walterbender maybe we can discuss #1
19:37 let's defer GCI then
19:37 #topic election
19:37 CanoeBerry http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]7-2019-candidates
19:37 walterbender kaametza, and anyone else on the membership committee. Anything to add?
19:38 kaametza *Sugar Labs Oversight Board 2017-1019 election update:*
19:38 Elections are already taking place
19:38 <https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/[…]7-2019-candidates>.and
19:38 candidates have started publishing their wiki entries.
19:38 Second call for candidates has been translated and it has been distributed
19:38 to Sugar Labs supported mailing lists (1 day of delay from election's
19:38 calendar because we made it available in 2 languages: Castellano and
19:38 English) .
19:38 Any question related to elections can be made openly to members AT
19:38 sugarlabs DOT org cc to the IAEP list for all candidates to have equal
19:38 access to it.
19:38 llaske Thanks for this kaametza
19:39 CanoeBerry Can we get a reminder of who is on the election committee?  (Tough work indeed!)
19:39 kaametza llaske, looking forward for many great candidates!
19:39 walterbender CanoeBerry, as far as I know, it is the membership committee and presumably kaametza as the SLOB rep?
19:39 kaametza samsongoddy, ignacio and kaametza
19:40 walterbender kaametza, in the spirit of your passion for process and documentation, were you ever formally appointed as the liaison?
19:40 CanoeBerry Thanks to all 3.
19:40 walterbender if not, can we do it now?
19:40 CanoeBerry For all 3?
19:40 kaametza walterbender, yes we had two votes on favor
19:41 Samson's and I, if SLOBs requires I can share the email
19:42 walterbender any chance we can get a few non-SLOB members on the committee?
19:42 seems a bit of an inside job
19:42 samsongoddy Yes
19:42 I said ibiam
19:42 walterbender +1
19:42 samsongoddy Ibiam have been showing interest
19:42 But we need to agree on that
19:42 CanoeBerry Also, was there a decision yet on the deadline to register to vote?
19:43 samsongoddy I am going to inform ibiam about it
19:43 kaametza CanoeBerry, Committe have not been able to decide on that yet
19:44 CanoeBerry When will the committee decide?
19:45 kaametza CanoeBerry, at this point I ask the board - I can continue supporting the membership requests
19:46 I proposed Sep 30
19:46 samsongoddy We should extend it
19:46 CanoeBerry Time zones start to matter (annoyingly) so it might be wise to have 24+h separation before the election itself starts.
19:46 kaametza to the Commiitte on our latest email-meeting I shared with the board
19:47 samsongoddy, election period is Oct 1 - 15
19:47 CanoeBerry Ballots need to be issued methodically, not rushed madly/chaotically at midnight :)
19:47 kaametza CanoeBerry, +1 ideal 3 days to document with time
19:48 samsongoddy Some members are not on the list
19:48 kaametza CanoeBerry, Sep 27 sounds better?
19:48 samsongoddy We should get them first
19:49 kaametza samsongoddy, re-send any pendig request to members - we have processed 5 reauqest during July - August
19:49 CanoeBerry If Election/Membership committee can handle getting ballots fully organized in those ~3 days, great.
19:50 kaametza *requests
19:50 CanoeBerry Do specify a time zone if poss, whoever decides this deadline to register to vote.
19:50 samsongoddy Kaametza we should extend the dates for membership registration
19:50 kaametza ignacio, ping
19:51 samsongoddy, the date needs to be before the election - I don't understand what you mean
19:51 samsongoddy Alright thanks
19:51 I was little confuse
19:52 Kaametza, we need a non-slob to be in the community
19:52 kaametza CanoeBerry, I do have to run at 3 sharp so if no objection #action will communicate deadline Sep 27 to community
19:52 Hrishi has quit IRC
19:52 samsongoddy Ibiam showed interest
19:52 And i believe we should decide it now
19:53 walterbender samsongoddy, the committee need not ask SLOB approval for things like that
19:53 just inform SLOB about status
19:53 CanoeBerry kaametza: samsongoddy: thanks for doing this very hard work fo running an election, and seeking new blood (Ibiam etc) where poss.  Plz do specify the time zone of whatever deadlines you pick and post @ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]7-2019-candidates
19:53 kaametza samsongoddy, please post a Motion
19:54 samsongoddy I will via email
19:54 kaametza thx!
19:55 samsongoddy I will make call for register via Social media too
19:55 kaametza hope you liked the colors of the call :D
19:55 samsongoddy Yeah
19:55 CanoeBerry kaametza: Thanks indeed for the election promotion.
19:55 kaametza feel free to share the attached files on SM
19:55 samsongoddy +1
19:56 kaametza CanoeBerry, lots of details!
19:57 CanoeBerry, I'll communicate the 27 Sep deadline and underline the wiki entry requirement
19:57 samsongoddy Thanks CanoeBerry
19:57 CanoeBerry walterbender & all: Are there essential GCI issues we need to squeeze in during our final 2 min?
19:58 walterbender CanoeBerry, nope...
19:58 samsongoddy I like the Idea of GCI.. no reason not compete this year
19:58 llaske +1
19:58 walterbender CanoeBerry, I would like to do it again this year
19:58 CanoeBerry Sounds great if we can.
19:59 samsongoddy +1
19:59 walterbender but apparently we are going to have a new process for such things that kaametza is going to draft
19:59 so no point in trying to discuss it now
19:59 kaametza walterbender, :D
19:59 nice weekend to all
20:00 llaske Thanks, nice weekend to you too
20:00 walterbender OK...
20:00 CanoeBerry Thanks walterbender for running this meeting.  And kaametza for keeping the election on track with her membership/elections team.
20:00 walterbender thx all
20:00 #end-meeting
20:00 meeting Meeting ended Fri Sep  1 20:00:41 2017 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
20:00 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-01T19:10:08.html
20:00 llaske has quit IRC
20:00 meeting Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]17-09-01T19:10:08

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